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I understand $5 is $5, but especially when the Paradise Diamond is taking place, they really watch how many discgolfers are coming through and that $5 helps keep the course in great condition.

Pre Reg is current, there are about 25-30 spots left in each pool

They were out mowing today

With registration filling up quickly, how many players if the field limited to?

144 Total, 72 per pool

sorry just realized I got this confused with paradise diamond.

The MAC will have 156 in each pool

Pre Reg is current.  The weather is looking nice and cool for this weekend.  Should be another great event at Smithville. 

With registration filling up quickly, how many players if the field limited to?

144 Total, 72 per pool

Players packs can be picked up at Dynamic Discs Kansas City on Friday or at the event on Saturday.

On May 6th I announced the split pools

Less than a week until the Paradise Diamond in Smithville and we are currently at 63 registered players, they are coming in daily, don't miss out!!

Registration is officially Open!!!

Registration will be live on Thursday.  After coming back from the GBO, we are pretty motivated and the ideas are flowing.  Make sure to get registered early to secure your spot

I walked the course last night and this course is simply amazing.  If you have not played it, this is your chance.  Don't wait and get signed up soon if you are planning on playing.  Only a few more spots left.

A slight change as of now.  This could change once/when pre registration picks up but to be safe the pools are as follows.

Pool A (Wood Henge and Black Thorn)
All Open Divisions
Advanced Men
Advanced Women
Amateur Masters

Pool B (Black Thorn and Wood Henge)
Amateur Grand Masters
Intermediate Men
Intermediate Women
Recreational Men

As of today we will not use Beaver Creek unless the registration gets to a point that i can justify using it also.  This also helps with the Ace Fund situation of everyone playing on the same courses.  If you have any questions, feel free to let me know

There will be 2 Pools.  Everyone will play Rosedale on one day and Waterworks on the other day.

Just over a week away, I'm excited for my first FLHW.

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