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Legacy Park - Lee's Summit / 4/20 LDGL Scores and Highlights
« on: April 21, 2012, 12:44:31 AM »
LDGL Doubles Scores 4/20
1. Jay Cram / Paul Beard                                    58
1. CD / Jake Dady                                              58
1. Brandon Elkins  / John Kimbrell                        58
3. Dalton Punkhaber / Joe  Mangiaracina              49
3. Dan Coffman / Jitt Belcher                               49
6. Slim Belcher / BJ                                            50
7. Matt Hayes - Cali                                            52
8. Matt Fox / Dave Edwards                                 54
9. Sean Chanceller / Bob Walker                          54
10. Matt Perry / Jake Alpert                                 55

CTP Winners
1. CD                                             Buzz Dye Max
2. Joe Mangiaracina                        Blizzard Wraith

High Lights
3 way tie this evening between Jay Cream/Paul Beard, Jake Dady/Jay Cram, Brandon Elkins/ John Kimbrell. We played off at hole one, ended in 3 Par's for the tie; splitting the pot.

BJ Drive was Pin high hole 7, 450ft

Brandon C. drove hole 4, 353ft up hill & hole 8, 410 ft.  John K. finished the holes with around 30ft putts for birdies. These were the only birdies for League on holes 4 & 8

Legacy Park - Lee's Summit / Re: Singles Tonight
« on: April 20, 2012, 08:10:23 AM »
For all those that use FaceBook check out Lee's Summit Disc Golf League.
For all those that use Twitter check out Legacy DG League.
For all those that use Disc Golf Scene check out Legacy DG League.

Legacy Park - Lee's Summit / Singles Tonight
« on: April 20, 2012, 07:08:50 AM »
Singles have arrived. Singles are the last 2 weeks this month 

2 CTP's this evening   holes: 11,TBD 
Division play
Ace pot
$6 toplay
$5 pay division out

$1 ace fund

Legacy Park - Lee's Summit / LEGACY DISC GOLF LEAGUE
« on: April 07, 2012, 10:57:47 AM »
LDGL Home Opener

It was a great night at LDGL (Legacy Disc Golf League), temperature was 68-60F, winds 12-7mph. We had 24 players for Dubs, lots of new guys showed and of lots of veterans as well. The course played 6,770ft. We had quite a bit excitement out there: Slim hit the top of the basket off the tee on hole 3 (362ft), Brandon Elkins blew up the chain's from 60ft out on hole 5 to finish out the Bird, & Jose Ignacio Ossa Blasted the pole off the tee on hole 17 (353ft). All in all scores were pretty good. After the round we held the moon head light CTP challenge off tee pad 10 to basket 11, Dan Coffman was just shy of Slim by inches for the Win; Slim picked up a Disccraft Zone donated by Dynamic Disc... I want to thank everybody for spreading the word for a great kick off for the LDGL season, hope everyone had fun see you all next week.

                  LDGL DOUBLES SCORES

       1   Slim/Jose Ignacio Ossa      45       
       2.      Jake Bowen/Matt Crutcher      48       
       3.   Brian Palmer/Brandon Elkins   49       
       4.      Paul Beard/Jestin Lentz      50
       5.   Dan Coffman/John Kimbrell      51
       5.   Dustin Siebert/Adam Jones      51
       7.   Jitt/Bob Walker         54
       7.   Cory Lucas/Dave Edwards      54
       9.   Joe Mangiaracina/Jim Seago   55
     10.   Ron Clampitt/Jordan Parnell   57
     11.   Jake Crutcher/Tim Anderson   60
     12.      Travis Petovich/John Causey   62   

Legacy Park - Lee's Summit / Re: 3/30 League?
« on: April 06, 2012, 02:28:57 PM »
:D Hey All,
Legacy League Stares this Friday 4/06/12 5:30pm..... The weather looking pretty good 68/48F; average wind speed 12mph. We have fun summer ahead Dynamic Disc will be donating a disc a week, cash prizes for the winners, switching pin placements and out of bounds monthly, Singles will be the last 2 Friday of the a month 4/20/12, 4/27/12 5:30pm (DIVISION PLAY & KC CASH ).... I will be putting a monthly flyer out with the calendar so we have clarity. We will have a Facebook, Twitter, Disc Golf Scene page and KCFDC Forum ….coming soon. Your scores will be posed and calendar will be available on the pages above, these pages will be open for your suggestions. I want to pervade you with the best service available as your League coordinator.  I will have more for you soon. Hope to see this Friday 4/06/12 5:10-5:30 at the shelter house by the playground….. Double will and Singles play will very monthly depending on turn out.... O Bag tags are in effect 

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