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General Banter / Re: The 'Official' ACE Thread!
« on: March 18, 2015, 08:58:30 pm »
It was a great ace to witness Brad. Congrats!

Maybe you need to work on "over the water" more Nailer and let the other stuff alone for now.  ;)

He gets over the water fine in the winter....

They are aware of the programming possibilities with JoCo for certain.  We (KCFDC) have a long historical effort of working on development and plans for the courses there as well as success in their parks.  I know initially I believe myself and Jake were at the initial planning meetings for the 2020 plan-2002- (Heritage Park disc golf development to be included on the Master Plan-The course Scott is working on) and the current scenario of the disc golf course on SMP makes them very aware of the continued year round support the course receives.  They are aware of the growth we bring, and yesterday there was a clear indication of the acknowledgement that disc was high on the radar.  Many noticed as myself and Dirk were out throwing my discs on the golf course for certain.

Bottom line be positive in your communication with the goals.  Realization that the land available may not be enough to have a "championship length", but that is ok.  A well designed course that encourages participation at all levels is just as needed as the continuation of these "long" courses that deter the newer player from enjoying.

Not everyone wants to play on holes that average 350'-500'.  So the balance act of the land truly available for the use (if approved) plays a much more pivotal role in the size of the course, and ultimate the needs of the community.  I would venture to say that a smaller, challenging, well designed course can be just as advantageous in the neighborhood as a bomber course.

I agree Jack, I work for OP and live in south Johnson County, selfishly I just want a course close to work. Growing the game is more important for sure.

Although... since I am graduating with my BA in Business in May, anyone feel free to offer me a new career path that has an office next to WW or in Downtown so I can play Cliff at lunch. Might be open to Sporting offering me a Turf job as well near WyCo... balls in your court people!

Bad thing about it though Andy... We still do not have a "Championship Length" Disc Golf Course in OP. There will be 3 in Olathe once Scott is done at Heritage Park, and one in Lenexa. I hope the meetings went well, I wish I could attend as well, but JOCO P&R always has my support!

On a similar side note. For those who may like other forms of the game of golf, there might be a Foot Golf course going in around the OP area in 2016. I will give details when I know more.

The Frostbreaker will be meeting at Shelter #1 which is across from the parking lot near Hole #7 and #8.  You must checkin in between 8am and 8:45am.  Please spread the word to your friends who might not see this.

Also based on previous years, there is a good chance that we will have less than a 1 hour lunch so be prepared for a shorter lunch time.

For those who do not know, take a right when entering the main entrance off of Renner Blvd., as opposed to a left that you would normally take to get to the first hole. You will run into it no problem.

General Banter / Re: New "frisbie golf" course in south Johnson County
« on: January 06, 2015, 08:37:15 pm »
According to the City Manager, this is supposed to be the biggest development ever for OP. So much so, they have already projected jobs for planners, public works people, parks people ect. They just call it "Frisbee golf" because they don't understand our sport, but see the increase in popularity. Much like the "Ultimate" player walking by us in PC the other day saying "It's a great day to throw the Frisbee" looking at the disc's in our hands. Since OP put into it's CIP that they would build a Disc Golf Course, this might be the compromise since they seem to not want to find the land and space to do it anywhere else. Having access to all the parks maps, I see so much potential, but because of the precious bike/hike trail they so desperately do not want to intrude on, it would make sense that they build one out there.  Although I imagine it will be a flat, open disappointment. I guess we will see.

Prairie Center / Re: Theft and vandalism reported at the course!!!
« on: December 03, 2014, 11:01:38 pm »
Hey Utz... It's very evident that you want to pursue a side bar dialogue in every post, and frankly it's not very impressive or becoming of someone who is supposed to represent our Disc community. In fact it's very childish. I do not know why you feel the need to continue to stir the pot, and all you are doing is trying to get back at someone who did absolutely nothing to you. Furthermore you are taking away from an important conversation, and insinuating that you do not care that the parks that you play at are being vandalized. If you are truly this angry and upset, it cannot be because of one comment or one post. You might need to rethink how you are acting and find a way past what is truly troubling you within your life. Though I am sure my words will be completely wasted, ignored, or threatened I will say the very few times I have met you, you NEVER acted this way until recently.

Furthermore, these forums are supposed to be about helping each other, finding information, and connecting as a community. Sarcasm is very hard to read over the internet, and sometimes words can be misunderstood. The bottom line is that we are all people and deserve respect, at least until we become disrespectful to others. We play Disc together for fun, to meet new people, for competition, and to enjoy the outdoors. Lets continue to focus on that moving forward.

Found and Lost / Re: What to do?
« on: December 03, 2014, 10:29:20 pm »
I usually toss it in the pond at PC....

In all honesty I try my best to return it to the rightful owner, or post it here. Here's my outlook on it though. If I don't mark a disc, I don't expect it's return. If the disc found looks unique or rare, and I can't locate the owner, I'll take it to one of the disc shops in town, after posting it here and asking the local course league director. If its a max weight champ boss I'll throw it. If its a beat up DX midrange starter pack, Ill donate it. Hopefully that covers all answers.

General Banter / Re: KU Disc Golf team needs help!
« on: November 22, 2014, 12:00:15 pm »
Yeah, so all i have to do is click "Support" and give the relative info and you get donations from Verizon. Pretty simple...and Free. Do it people! (and i would do it for an MU team as well, as long as it was Disc Golf....)

General Banter / Re: Disc Vending Machine
« on: November 22, 2014, 11:54:47 am »
If there was a "Like" button D. I would have hit that a sh1t load of times...

General Banter / Re: New match play format suggestion.
« on: November 16, 2014, 08:27:13 am »
Jamie, if its multi-bracketed for only 32 players, then yes I agree.

If this is only a 32 player event, then you need to talk to the 32 best players and leave us hacks out of it. Just call out tag #1 and go down the line.

I was thinking a 64 person true match play. Ryder cup would be fun as well. Maybe Rob should put on the AM East vs West for a fun event, and let the Big Arms battle at another course for bragging rights.

General Banter / Re: Non DG player need winter coat
« on: November 14, 2014, 08:38:39 pm »
Maybe this is something that the KCFDC can get behind in the future. Hold a charity tournament in November. The entry fee is a youth coat. I bet that some of the local stores, and big disc companies would gladly donate prize packs, and it would do nothing but give great publicity to a growing sport, as well as our fine organization. Just a thought. (plus charity work always allows me to have a pass from the wife to spend the day outside the house). KCFDC Coats for Kids Charity Disc Golf Tournament.

General Banter / Re: New match play format suggestion.
« on: November 14, 2014, 08:33:26 pm »
That... hurt my brain to read. As a former (very good) ball golfer, the best way to do a match play format (64 players), is at 7am send off 1 & 64, then repeat 32 times, as the first two groups come in, they head right back out (the two winners of the first two matches). Since Disc, played typically, is about exactly half of the time to play a round compared to ball, you fit in 3 matches on the first day, then 3 on the second (because match play ends faster than 18 holes typically, unless it's the top 64 in the world).

That is just a two day tourney, probably better suited for a summer weekend. You are welcome, and yes I am open for job inquiries.

Bag Tags / Re: 2015 Bag Tags
« on: October 31, 2014, 10:04:48 pm »
It also doubles as protection for those late night glow rounds at Cliff...

Tournaments / Re: 11/01/14 - Winter Glow Doubles
« on: October 31, 2014, 09:58:53 pm »
Weather for Olathe: 6 PM CST on November 1st. 46 Degrees, Winds 10-12 mph, gusts up to 18, wind chill 38 Degrees.
                                 8 PM CST: 42 Degrees, Winds 8-10 MPH, Gusts to 14, Wind Chill 35.

If I can con The Nailer, D Craft, or Ace Daddy out of their warm comfy homes i might be there...

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