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teater - same thing happened to me and I had awesome insurance, but trying to recover the $1000.00 deductible was fruitless, even though allstate said they would subrogate the claim against the uninsured. legal processes are certainly frustrating, and I blame myself for not nipping on the heels of the douchy driver out there. so my response to your daughter's plight would be keep fanning the flames of the legal process, because when the embers die, the fire is forgotten. I am glad that the guilty driver in your case still gets to keep his vehicle, and he should be reminded to pay up the costs he is responsible for. sounds like the embers are dead in your case, but it's not too late to complain to wyco sheriff about injustice, illegal seizure, and the senseless killing of buzzes at rosedale park. silence in this case is not owning up to the gas, and soon the methane will permeate all that you wear and you will never acknowledge the stench.

barry - so let our daughters get screwed or be a captain of genocide, I can't believe there is not an option between those two

Y'all need to learn how to use the quote function..


(goof afternoon Utz)

and I can't spell, I told you it isn't nice to make fun of old people

when I park at rosedale park, I assume now that the authorities ARE out to get me. as an old school American peace veteran, my car is my freedom of mobility, for some it is their living or their home or their prized possession. at least by making your voice heard, the wyco hall can look into any kickbacks from the tow company and resume fair practice in that deteriorating region of the metro. park rangers should be conducting horticultural tours or cleaning restrooms in addition to their vehicular inspections.

Hi Jamie, I have answered your real life question. Answer mine. 4 years ago my 27 year old daughter was hit in Kansas City, MO. The other person said it was their fault. They didn't have proof of insurance and when she looked their tags were expired. She called it in and the police said get the make and model and license plate number and bring it in beacuse there were no injuries. She only had liability insurance because that the most she could afford and the least she had to have to still be LEGAL. She was out $1200 and lost her, freedom of mobility, her prized possession, and made it hard to make a living. Why does she get screwed just because they shouldn't look for people with expired tags in crowded placed. Like apartment building, parking lots. etc. What should be done, nothing.

That sure isn't me. And I can't figure that quote crap out. I'm old you know.



to say the least no one towed my car, and no one suggested that my car should be towed. I paid the dmv and was on my way. lack of tags, no drivers license, and no insurance - send me a bill, speeding - put it on my tab, double parking at the apothecary - sue me, I can afford the fines, but don't take my car!

You make a pretty good argument. I'm glad your car didn't get towed. Thanks for not calling me names.


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Quote from: jteater on Today at 10:34:48 AM

By the way, I am far from a Statist, I gladly break the law and defy authority daily.

Ya know, I kinda figured that, given the forum here. Which makes your cheerleading of the State that much more despicable. I'm sure, however, that your breaking of the law and defiance of authority is just as victimless as the OP's. So I ask, what do you think "SHOULD" happen to others who break the law and/or defy authority in the exact same fashion as you? Judgmental much?

You have called me a POS and despicable, and I'm judmental. That's funny. I'm far from a cheerleader for the state. Unlike you I just don't always assume they are out to get me. Not always, just most of the time. I break several different laws and defy authority several different ways, so a blanet statement of what I think should happen is hard to answer. Some laws I break, you get a ticket. And that's what I think should happen, until the stupid laws get fixed.


someone razor cut my tags and others at work a few years ago, teater : what should be done, If you only know a couple of tow drivers?

If everyone inputs their problem I will answer them one at a time. I don't know Jamie, I don't have enough information. When you found out your tags were razor cut what did you do. Do you go with proof that you had them and get new ones. That's what I think should be done. Did you get pulled over by a cop. Do you show him proof that you had purchased them. If you did, did he let you go with a warning and tell you to go get them. That's again what I would do.

Sorry, you mis-understood something. I don't know any tow truck drivers. But, I don't just assume they are bad.

Sorry, I think everyone with expired tags, expired drivers license, or no insurance should have their cars towed.

Statist POS.

I guess everyone that disagrees with you is a POS. I didn't tow anybodies car, I was simply stating my thoughts.
By the way, I am far from a Statist, I gladly break the law and defy authority daily. When I get caught I don't ask everyone on this forum to help me. People without tags are usually the people who don't have insurance. Get your car hit and the other person has neither and see if you want something done about it.

Just my thoughts you POS.

Sorry, I think everyone with expired tags, expired drivers license, or no insurance should have their cars towed.

I will be there for the 9 am round. I will play whatever. Don't think I can stop Jose three-peat.

General Banter / Re: Glow round Wednesday, 12/18/13
« on: December 18, 2013, 09:02:33 am »
I could play SMP.

Sounds like early is better. I will be ready to go at 9.

There is never any cold, wind, or rain at Wyco. So I am good with noon. :)

You don't have the day off if you have to work at 4. ;D

How about Dec 6th for Wyco, I'm not sure I will get to play the day after Thanksgiving.

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