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So today is Legacy at noon? I'll likely be able to make it.

Barter Town / Re: KCFDC Elections and Swap Meet
« on: November 14, 2013, 10:22:30 AM »
I might bring a box or 2 or some odds and ends... I might have a few gems in there, but mostly just looking to sell/trade throwers.

Lakeside Hills / Re: Practice Basket Stolen
« on: November 08, 2013, 08:32:20 AM »
I noticed there was a warning written on the practice basket saying it is equipped with GPS tracking... I'm aware the warning MIGHT dissuade a potential thief, but I'd imagine it serves more as a label to assure they remember to look for it and remove it.

...just a thought. I don't have any thieving experience but it just kind of seemed odd to me to label something like that.

Lakeside Hills / Re: Props
« on: October 29, 2013, 08:56:47 AM »
The course just keeps looking better! We ran into Tom and Deano the other day moving some baskets around to their NEW HOMES! #11 is now an awesome, somewhat tight ace run with a drop off behind it! There are a couple others recently moved out there, but you'll just have to go check it out to see.

Tournaments / Re: Old Settlers Open 2013 - August 31st
« on: August 27, 2013, 08:35:18 AM »
Lakeside was looking really good last night! Thanks everyone who put in the hard work out there.

Found and Lost / Re: LOST PC
« on: August 26, 2013, 03:39:38 PM »
Cool... I don't even remember losing one. I'll try to swing over as soon as I can.

Found and Lost / LOST PC
« on: August 26, 2013, 11:42:04 AM »
It's a long shot, but I lost a glow Xcalibur on hole 11 with a green tournament stamp. It didn't have my name on it as it was "on trial" for the bag but I miss it dearly already.... No biggie, but pleas keep your eyes peeled for it.

Beginners / Re: Hello and help
« on: August 26, 2013, 11:34:48 AM »
This is a pretty decent video. It illustrates some common problems well.
Driving Instruction- Will Schusterick

General Banter / Re: Olathe League
« on: August 26, 2013, 11:31:19 AM »
I believe that it is Birdland at 5:30... Could be wrong though. I haven't been out there in a while.

Rosedale / Re: Found disc at Rosie
« on: August 15, 2013, 05:22:38 PM »
Haha... there is something unique about this one that the owner would surely know.

Rosedale / Found disc at Rosie
« on: August 15, 2013, 03:01:29 PM »
If you lost a Destroyer on #18 at Rosedale (no contact info on it), tell me a little about it to ID it as yours and you shall be reunited.

Are our rounds ever going to be "official" on PDGA?

Bag Tags / Re: DD tag queston
« on: July 18, 2013, 09:13:53 PM »
I currently have #18. Unfortunately I don't really see many DD tags out there and I believe that this is the lowest one that I have ever played for>

Barter Town / Re: WANTED! Glow Gators and 11x Firebirds
« on: July 18, 2013, 02:54:43 PM »
I might be willing to fork out some cash money for a good one but over $30 is pretty steep for a local pickup for me...  I also have some nice trades if there is anything going you are looking for.
I'd be interested in taking a look at them. 

Barter Town / Re: WANTED! Glow Gators and 11x Firebirds
« on: July 18, 2013, 08:13:42 AM »
I'm still looking for some 11x firebirds... Anyone?

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