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Legacy Park - Lee's Summit / Glow rd. after league. 7/18/14
« on: July 18, 2014, 01:23:14 pm »
Anybody interested - if so bring yer lights.

Blue Valley / Kids league
« on: December 30, 2013, 03:23:20 pm »
A new, kids league will be started this Spring at Baby Blue (nine hole course) on Thursday nights. The only cost will be $1 dollar that goes to the club. Hopefully, some of the better players around town will take an interest and come out to share some of their knowledge. Also, when the kids outgrow Baby Blue we could migrate over to Little Blue. If you don't have kids - bring your niece/ nephew/ younger siblings/ or even neighborhood kids .This is an opportunity to grow the sport and play some more golf.

Blue Valley / Earn your Green Frees.
« on: December 04, 2013, 07:52:43 pm »
Hey everybody, I am having a Help Beautify Your Course round this Saturday 12/7 @ 11:00. We will play a normal round of golf, but as we play we will pick up the trash on the course. If a few people play it shouldn't take us hardly any extra time. I will provide one ice-cold 12 pack of Boulevard IPA for the crew. More workdays will follow as the weather turns warm again, but I want to get started getting this course to be as nice as any in town. Please reply so I know who to expect.  Bag Tags will be in play. Come out and enjoy your course with some fellow do-gooders.

Swope / Swope got a haircut today.
« on: December 04, 2013, 03:24:13 pm »
Parks and Rec. cut down at least 10 trees today. With no leaves and less trees it sure plays different.

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