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WYCO / 2016 Wyco League Fridays
« on: April 18, 2016, 12:39:45 PM »
Beckett said he would be posting info.   Maybe he meant on facebook or something.  But FYI, Wyco league is at 6:00pm every Friday. Be signed up by ~5:50.  There is an optional $5 side pot that will pay out the top third of the group that opts in.  This side pot is in addition to the usual league entry/payout structure.

Leagues / Re: 2016 Regular league Season
« on: April 06, 2016, 11:01:14 AM »
Ok, Cade, Utz, and Kujo confirmed. This little table is correct.

Status League Cost    w/Ace pool  w/PDGA    w/Ace pool & w/PDGA   
Club Member  $4 $5 $5 $6
Not Club Member      $5 $6 $6 $7

Note: Status of membership is based on currently paid up dues or not.

Leagues / Re: 2016 Regular league Season
« on: April 06, 2016, 09:27:47 AM »
From Cade's schedule there, league entry went up a dollar?  Last year, 1$ to club, $3 to payout, plus $1 to optional ace fund and $1 if you aren't a club member.  From Cade's post league is $5, I assume $1 to club $4 to payout.  Or is he assuming every entry will elect to pay into ace fund?

Is Cade's post a typo?  If not, where can the "paper trail" for increasing league fees be found.  I looked at recent board minutes and didn't see anything about increase in league fees.

I'm guessing it's just a misunderstanding how to advertise:

If it's like last year and no increase has been approved and we assume you're a club member, then league breaks down as follows.

League Cost is $4 (1$ goes to the club and $3 go into the payout pool)
non-club members pay $1 extra, which goes to the club
plus optional $1 ace pot entry
plus optional $1 PDGA (even if it's a PDGA league, you're not required to participate in that, 50 cents to PDGA and 50 cents to the club, right?)

General Banter / Re: Distance Record Smashed...Again!
« on: March 28, 2016, 02:46:22 PM »
Apparently, Simon Lizotte's distance record of 903 feet, set on Saturday, has been pulverized today by David Wiggins, who reportedly threw a 150-gram R Pro Boss 1,109 feet. WTF?  As the wind may have been howling at close to 60 MPH (on the ground), the naysayers will be back in force.

saying nay!  Sports that legitimately track human efforts of throwing objects have windspeed thresholds to keep the record fair. 

Here's the thing with disc golf disc tossing records.  Someone will eventually put on and event in an area that "can" get hurricanes.  They will regularly schedule the event at that location during the hurricane season.  Then one year, there will actually be a hurricane during the event and the new disc golf disc distance record will be truly obliterated.  Ok, yes that is an extreme case.  But it goes to show how non-legitimate the current records are when wind aided tosses are allowed.  You don't even have to wait for a hurricane, there are many know extremely windy places on the planet that someone wishing to claim the record could simply schedule an event at.

It's cool that a disc remain aloft for over 1100 feet.  But it's natures record, not David Wiggins'.

WYCO / Re: work at Wyco
« on: March 08, 2016, 08:49:09 AM »
Fantastic stuff out there JP3 and L.O.F.T.!

I had an opportunity to play Wyco this past weekend.  Great improvements for erosion control. The crushed asphalt around tees and benches will really help those areas from degrading further.  Nice to see hole #4 in the woods playable again.  Well done on the stairs down to the pin there.  #7 short is a more inviting hole now with the log-cut framed in mulched green. Framed up and asphalt filled step off of #8 tee was also much needed. Mulch on #11 right will be very helpful for those hot incoming up shots. Not sure how long the mulch off the tee on #18 will stick around, as that is a major wash out area. But it will be good for this weekends event for sure.

Thank you John and Mark for getting those improvement projects done!

p.s. Reminder to others reading this, please pick up fallen branches and larger sticks during your casual rounds. Set them by the road, anywhere along the hole, and the Parks Dept. will haul it away.  It's a simple effort that doesn't take anything away from your game. It really does help keep the course aesthetically pleasing, safer and more enjoyable to play.

The posted date conflicts with posted day of the week. Is it on Sunday or is it on Tuesday?

Tournaments / Re: East Vs. West 2016--June 18th and 19th Location TBD
« on: February 10, 2016, 03:10:10 PM »

To simplify matters, it turns out I qualify with no exceptions needed. The rule was to be a KCFDC member and to live within a 50-mile radius from the confluence of the Missouri and Kansas Rivers, right? I'm in there.

Heh. Nice.  Yes, you're in range for this event, Nova. I remember doing that Google maps work to figure out how to get Amanda "in" for East side year one.  I didn't mean to imply that you were out and would have to get a KevMo exemption.  I was calling you out as a valued volunteer and community member. As such, part of the only group I feel should ever be considered for any sort of special treatment.

Tournaments / Re: East Vs. West 2016--June 18th and 19th Location TBD
« on: February 10, 2016, 02:35:33 PM »
The gender, women, is the interest group, :) at 51% (W) vs 49% (M).  But in context of the disc golf community, JoeT is correct. At 8% of PDGA members, women are a special interest group.  I personally hope that percentage continues to climb, because it is sadly low.  Just curious Jack, what are the club membership numbers for women?

In January, when the 2016 event came onto our radar, Jack reached out to me for my opinion about adding women back into the mix.  The crux of my statement to him, Joe H and Zeke was that I don't think any particular group should be entitled to spots on the teams.  I continued that if the captains and TD felt there are enough women truly interested, in the event, that each side would have several players battling for spots, then and only then should they consider adding women back to the fold.  I believe Joe's proposal that spots must be earned by qualifying against others, that those spots are not just handed out to fill a roster requirement, reflects that opinion.

Do I think masters or older men will stop playing disc golf because they are not guaranteed spots on a team?  No.
Do I think the population growth of women's disc golf in the area will cease if they are not guaranteed spots in the KCTC?  No.
Do I think including women in the KCTC is the right thing to do under the right circumstances? Yes.

That all said, Nova, it's club members like you, that put in many hours of their own time to help with club activities.  Those that make the club and its events the successes they are, in my opinion, are the only ones deserving of special consideration for spots in the KCTC.  (another KevMo exception reference.) 

Tournaments / Re: East Vs. West 2016--June 18th and 19th Location TBD
« on: February 10, 2016, 10:09:27 AM »
Just for the record, this event did not start as "the best of the best". It has become an elitist event. Having to play in PDGA rounds to qualify for a local club event is ridiculous IMO. We should have spots for over 50 players and over 60 players. Without them, we wouldn't have the KCFDC. On the shoulders of giants, standing we are. Let's act like it.

E, yes, it is an elitist (that's not a bad word)  event. It was fully intended to be the best of the best, from the beginning. First proposed and organized as best of open, best of masters and best of women.  The Kansas City Team Challenge (that's the correct name of the event), is the only elitist event in the area. There are a plethora of events either directly club hosted or held on club courses that are come one come all.   Take away the elitism, of the KCTC and it just becomes another of many events catering to the masses.  The event would then lose its prestige and luster and eventually just fade away, because there is no prize money or coveted players pack to lure players.

You don't "have" to play in a PDGA event to qualify for this. In fact, there are rules restricting how many players can be pulled from PDGA sanctioned events.  All the other spots on each team come from non-PDGA events. If the spots for the women come from the Diva Feeva, that is probably the right call. As the best of the best women from our area really should be playing in that event.

If we want to recognize, in some way, the giants of our community, in association with this event.  Offer them a Captain spot (player or not).  Not unlike the Ryder Cup does or the NFL Pro Bowl does.   If their team wins, their name will go on the trophy, with the players, to be honored for all time. 

Leagues / Re: 2016 Regular league Season
« on: January 05, 2016, 04:19:43 PM »

WyCo--Looking for help running it this year again, Beckett has stated he will do quite a bit, but looking for those that will help when he can't
Beckett would be great running this league and after the first couple of leagues he will have the backup he needs, and I believe Mark said he would step in from time to time to cover a league night.


I told Mark, at the end of 2015 league season, that I would be willing to help part time, in 2016,  as well. We should be good to continue the tradition of Friday league at Wyco.


Last minute decision, may or may not come out.  But if I do, where is everyone parking?  The little lot for the course certainly isn't big enough. Overflow at Hog Holler?



WYCO / Re: Last league of the year
« on: September 25, 2015, 09:39:31 AM »
Cloud cover is likely to linger, particularly to the West, blocking the setting sunlight.  Daylight will fade fast.  That said, bring a glow light or two, just in case, for the last few holes this evening.  I'll dig up some extras.

General Banter / Re: Why I don't go to Wyco league
« on: July 13, 2015, 10:03:32 AM »
Mark, I've just been busy with other things.  Life happens.  Anyway, I'll most likely be there this Friday.

Barter Town / Re: Ranger or Grip Bag Wanted
« on: June 12, 2015, 10:57:36 AM »

Better yet.

No Lat64CAMO?  It's the KCWIDEOPEN for goodness sake.  Since the players pack may be of less subsistance compared to DD GBO, ante~ up!!!

Better yet, rather than playing disc golf tournaments for the stuff, don't. 

Instead of getting what an event organizer chooses to hand out to you, for your entry fee, go to the disc golf retailers and buy the stuff directly from them.  You'll get exactly what you want and will actually save money doing so.

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