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Tournaments / Re: KC's FIRST EVER ACE RACE!!!!
« on: September 16, 2009, 03:59:58 PM »
It is a fairly stable putter though so you should be able to get it that far without it getting too squirly.  What was that birdies name dick?  IF it's true, they already started... hope it aint true though.  If so, hope you guys like stable, stabler, and stablest.

Just a quick note about the band that will be playing at our players party saturday night....

Josh Vowell & the Rumble
They have won quite a few blues competitions and most recently won a competition that is sending the to the national blues competition. Basically, we are lucky to have them play. They are booked for nearly two months out, nearly every night, so are in high demand. If you can't make it to the tournament, you are still more than welcome to come to the party, eat some food, drink some beer, play some mini golf, hang out with friends, and enjoy some AWESOME music! The party will start as soon as the second round is over, but the band won't start until 6p. They will play til 10 or 1030. Look forward to seeing everyone there!

Do a quick search on Josh Vowell and the Rumble and check them out!!

Just got confirmation from our good friend Dick Parker, and he will be hosting the mini golf tournament at the players party saturday night at the party.  Not sure of the amount of holes, or the layout yet, but I am sure it won't dissapoint!  Remember you will recieve $5 off for pre-registering so be sure to let us know asap if you will be attending.  Hope to see everyone soon!

Pencil me in guys  :D (Pro Master #2883)

Got ya CD.  We will see you soon.

« on: September 11, 2009, 03:03:01 PM »

Just to add to what is already on the flyer, we will have a recreational division and a casual division which whill be the same price with the only difference being that the casual division won't have to pay the $10 pdga fee. PDGA members won't be allowed in this division. The casual division also won't be posted on the pdga results page after the tourney. Everything else, will be the same.

The Saturday night party should be a blast with a live jam band lined up, food and drinks! I am thinking the party is going to cost $5+- a head which will include a gold rimmed custom pint glass, dinner, drinks, and band... definately worth the money just with dinner and the band! You won't be dissapointed! The party will be within walking distance to the lake shawnee campgrounds which is a plus. We are looking to set up mini golf for the party as well with prizes being given to the top finishers. The sign-up, 1st/2nd round, and party will all be in one location at lake shawnee.

All ams will recieve a players pack that will include...

Tourney Stamped dry fit shirt
Tourney stamped disc
Tourney stamped mini
LSDiscs Koozie
Schwag donated by Visit Topeka
Custom Printed Players manual with maps of all 4 courses
and more!

Here is a link to the campgrounds website...

We are in the process of getting a hotel lined up, but being in late september... it should be perfect camping weather (fingers crossed!) We are also looking at getting some deas on lunches for both days and will post on that when we get the info. For more info...

Bren Nordgren- 785-608-8688
Lars Nordgren 785-220-1226

Tournaments / Re: KC's FIRST EVER ACE RACE!!!!
« on: August 25, 2009, 10:29:00 PM »
Groups of 6 are no problem at all.  I think you could even get away with groups of 8 if needed.  We had groups of 5 last year and had the rounds in less than an hour.  Beer... dj... great work!  Hope I can make it!

« on: August 25, 2009, 01:03:31 PM »

« on: August 21, 2009, 07:31:31 PM »
What:  2nd Topeka Ace Race.  36 holes, 1 shot per hole and move to the next (3 points for ace, 1 point for metal hit).  Most points win prizes. 

When:  September 5th, Registration from 10:30-11:50, Tee-off 12pm.

Where: Crestview Disc Golf Course

How Much:  $25 per person includes 2 discraft ace race discs (like a wizard) 1 esp, 1 pro d... 1 hat and 1 mini.  $3 side ace pool. 

Players packs alone are worth $25 so hit up all the ace races you can.  The rounds go real fast leaving you with plenty of time for socializing.  If you can't make it, let me know and I should have plenty of players packs for the same price if anyone is interested.  pm me with any questions.


Tournaments / Re: KC's FIRST EVER ACE RACE!!!!
« on: August 21, 2009, 07:21:39 PM »
This years ace race disc is a discraft Wizard... not really what it is called, but it sure feels and looks like one to me.  The pro d ones even feel and smell (yes... smell) like a wizard.  Almost identical mold.  Haven't thrown one but assume they fly similar.  I was told it is a challenger bottom and a magnet top... creating... a WIZARD!  Last years was a smaller diameter buzzz... not as much carry and a little more stable.  They haven't run them production yet... not sure why.  I still have some from last year if anyone wants any.  I would suggest not using the teepads at whichever course you play, just put temp teepads marked with flags between 80 (more technical shots) and 175 (more open).  Wouldn't get too much longer than that since it is a putter, and you want to make sure everyone should be able to reach it.  Just my .02.  Either way, these are a lot of fun for everyone, and fast pace, which will get you finished with plenty of time for extracurricular activities. 

Club Archives / Re: RAIN
« on: August 03, 2009, 10:44:58 PM »
Thought I should clarify that wasn't a complaint just thought it was interesting.  All of the courses did look great, and the cordinators were really good at what they did.  Everything was organized, centrally located, and well run.  Only thing I wish they would have had was bag tags like they did 2 years ago.  That would have been fun.  Everyone I spoke with had RAVING reviews of cliff drive.  Great work with the pads.... they looked great! 

Club Archives / Re: RAIN
« on: August 03, 2009, 10:38:02 PM »
Funny story...

First of all, course cordinator for shawnee mission showed up late for the first round (n pool) while everyone was standing around wondering what was going on.  But here is the best part...

It may not be that great but coming from a ball golf background, I thought it was pretty funny for the caliber of tourney we were at.  The course director informed everyone before the round that if there was a rain delay, you would have the option of marking your disc as it lie when the horn sounded... or... replay the hole.  Yes, I double checked with him and he confirmed that if one was to throw a disc out of bounds, the horn sounded to stop play, they could replay the hole... basically... take a mulligan and erase the bad throw.  Wouldn't even have to pay extra for the privilage of a re-do as there often are in the 4-man golf scrambles you are accustomed to seeing them in. 

In his defense, I was told that back in the day in the dg rulebook, this was actually a rule?  Can someone confirm this?  Just seems to me that that would qualify as a mulligan that would completely put other pools at a disadvantage...

Tournaments / Re: 2009 Sunflower State Games presented by LSdiscs
« on: July 08, 2009, 02:25:39 PM »
Just opened up a SSG players pack and was pleasantly surprised that this years t-shirt is made of a DRI FIT MATERIAL.  Very nice.  Also included were some food coupons and other literature.

Tournaments / Re: 2009 Sunflower State Games presented by LSdiscs
« on: July 08, 2009, 02:13:45 PM »
I spoke with the state games cordinator about this and you are correct that their policy is to only allow kansas residents in their events.  I spoke with him though and he agreed that it would be fine to allow people outside the state play in this event, get a players pack, and get paid out as everyone else does.  The only difference would be that if a person outside the state were to place in the top three in one of the divisions, their names would be excluded from the official results posted on their website.  I will post the results exactly how they end up on this site though.  I wouldn't think that would be a huge issue but that is the only difference.  I met with the games coordinator about an hour ago to pick up all the supplies and he said that this was the largest amount of pre-registered participants that they have ever had so should be a good time.  At this point we will be playing the normal crestview layout, but if I can find time, or find a volunteer, we might set up the gold course. 

Everyone that has pre-registered will recieve a shirt and any other coupons or goodies that came with the games players pack (haven't opened one to look yet) as well as a tourney stamped discraft disc of choice.  People signing up the day of the tournament will definately get a disc, and LIKELY get a games shirt and rest of pack.  He sent me with extras for people signing up the day of and I think we should have enough.  He said, in the event that we run out of extra players packs... the participant may visit their offices and pick one up. 

Hope to see everyone this weekend!

Tournaments / Re: 2009 Sunflower State Games presented by LSdiscs
« on: July 02, 2009, 06:46:25 PM »
Want to clarify something as I just noticed it.  This will be an am only event.  Open players are welcome to come but need to know it will be a merchandise payout only.  I couldn't convince the games to let us do a cash payout for open players. Anyway, please call me with any questions.

Bren Nordgren 785 608 8688

General Banter / Re: Frisbee AND Camping
« on: July 02, 2009, 11:28:25 AM »
We are working on getting on installed at lake perry that will be an absolutely killer course.  Trying to set up the next work day and will post on here when it is set.  The first work day went great and we got a ton done.  It has camping right by the course.  There will be tunnels, huge elevation, water, mach 3s with flags, more elevation, wooded holes, open holes, annys, hyzers, thumbers, rollers, low leo shots, high heddy shots, par 4's, par 5s, wildlife, 8x12 sno cone tee pads, tee signs, practice basket, and much more.  Did I mention there is a bar right next to the first tee??  Haven't been in it, and it looks a little backwoodsy, but fill it with disc golfers and it could quickly change. 

We need help installing it.  Again, I will post on here when we have our next work day and would love all the help we can get.

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