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Tournaments / 2011 Ozark Mountain Fall Harvest - Oct 22-23
« on: October 13, 2011, 08:54:07 PM »
I've never played this event but have heard that the courses are tough and the camping is fun.

October 22nd & 23rd IN VICHY, MISSOURI
All players will receive a custom stamped disc, shirt, mini and sticker
On 2 of the most challenging and scenic disc golf courses in the world Ozark Mountain par 72 Akitas run par 54
COST 1st RD SAT. 2nd RD SUN. 3rd rd Tee off
Open Men = $50 OZARK 12:00
OZARK 9:00 Akitas Run 2:00
Pro Masters = $40 OZARK 12:00
OZARK 9:00 Akitas Run 2:00
Adv Men = $40 OZARK 12:00 OZARK 9:00 Akitas Run 2:00
Adv Women = $20 OZARK 12:00 OZARK 9:00 Akitas Run 2:00
Adv Master = $30 OZARK 12:00 OZARK 9:00 Akitas Run 2:00
Rec/INT/Jrs = $30 OZARK 12:00 OZARK 9:00 Akitas Run 2:00

PLEASE CALL (314)-487-5204 OR (314)-303-1488 OR
CAMPING is HIGHLY Recommended
This is private property and a private course, if you plan on playing the 2 courses any other time besides and event,, please call first 314 487 5204.

General Banter / What I Was Thinking 17 Years Ago
« on: September 30, 2011, 01:10:20 PM »
I wrote this article for Disc Golf World News #32. Please note that when it was written in December of 1994, the masters age was still 35, there no such thing as ratings existed, and Ken Climo was establishing his rep as the best disc golfer ever with his sixth straight world championship title. I believe it's relevant to some of the discussions we have has had out here this year concerning leagues (pro, pro 2, masters) and rewards at the KCWO, but its intent was to make top-level tournaments more marketable. Love to hear what people think. Warning, it's Loomis-like long!

Looking at Pro Golf—Risk, Rewards, Divisions
by Rick Rothstein

   Most competitive players look at disc golf tournaments as a place to meet and compete, ideally in a division where the competition is fair; where there is a chance for reward.  A sports-minded onlooker, or fan, views a disc golf competition differently; to find out “who’s the best player out there that weekend.”  This relates to the most primal reason that people started to gather for tournaments in the first place: to discover “who’s the best man?” or “who’s the best woman?” I think that the proliferation of playing divisions and how we reward these various divisional winners have diluted our competition.
   Some tournaments these days offer so many divisions they should call it a birthday tournament. “We’ll form a division for the people who were born on the date of your birth.” Seriously, we have been adding divisions so quickly, with little or no foresight, that sometimes there might be four men shooting the same score for four rounds who never played each other because one was open, one was master pro, one was advanced, and one was am master. This isn’t right. Players of the same skill level should be playing in the same division.
   Relatedly, how the entry money is distributed is often not correct. I think that the best player should get the biggest reward and then the divisional runners-up should get correspondingly lesser rewards. It’s not unusual these days to see an advanced player, who might have made $80 as an open player, walk away with 30 discs with a street value (and discs are easily sold) of over $200. Similarly, a master might win his division with a score that would have netted him $100 in the open, but instead takes home two or three times that amount. I don’t think this is right either.
   My reference here is to our most competitive tournaments; the ones we would like to showcase to the public, and to sell to sponsors. It’s at these events where most of the players are in the pro divisions, but also to be found is a sizable core group of amateurs who are playing with a pro-like goal: to win as many prizes as possible. For pure amateur golf, I think it’s healthy and desirable to offer lots of divisions in order to provide positive reinforcement to as many players as possible. For example, it would be great to see junior divisions for 8- and 9-year olds, 10- and 11-year olds, 12-13, etc. Or for adult amateurs, playing primarily for the experience, there could be age divisions at five year increments such as 20-24, 25-29, etc.
   Most people would agree that creating divisions by gender is legitimate. So, for the rest of the time here, I will be focusing on men’s golf.
   I think there’s general agreement that it’s proper to create divisions in professional disc golf based solely on age, but there is disagreement about what age is correct. Should a “senior” division be created at 35? I think not.
   Before giving the reasons why I think that 35 is too young, I want to examine what players make up the masters division. I see four distinct groupings. There are the long-time players who came up before there were amateur divisions, who proudly, if not too successfully, toiled for years in the open as pros. With anxious anticipation, they look forward to joining what they perceive as the less-competitive masters division. In fact, some of these players view gaining entrance into the masters as a well-earned “right”. Once there, some often do experience some success for a year or two. That is until the players who were keeping them out of the money as pros, turn 35, and start playing masters. The second group consists of somewhat newer players to the game, who matriculated as amateurs. They often have experienced some success as ams, but because they never tested themselves in the strongest field, they don’t know how they stack up. Most of these players are similar in ability to the first group and will experience some initial successes. The third distinct group are the players who were having, and in some cases, are still having, very successful careers as open players. These players will play open one week and play masters the next, and as often as not, will cash every time out. The fourth group are the guys who seldom had any luck as either ams or as open pros, and things haven’t changed that much as masters. They tend to view disc golf more in recreational terms. They don’t mind “donating” their money for the fun of the event, and prefer the camaraderie that exists on the fifth or sixth card of the masters more than competing in the advanced or amateur divisions, where they may, in fact, be more competitive. Thus, as most of the players in the masters division consist of secondary pros or advanced players, it is in fact, a secondary pro division.
   Now, I personally believe that disc golfers do not suddenly become less-skilled when they turn 35. If you were average at 34, you’ll still be average at 35. If you were a world class player at 34, you’ll still be great at 35. I’ll concede that distance off the tee may start to diminish slightly around this age, although advances in plastic technology have tended to counteract this to some extent. I also concede that it’s a known fact that an aging body takes longer to heal when injured. But a true professional competitor who takes pride in what he does, will take care of his body, and if that means working harder to stay competitive, he will do it. What an older player might be losing in distance and vulnerability to nagging injuries is compensated by the experience of many years of playing. It’s only with experience that a player learns to deal with adversity, course management, strategy, mind games, etc. I’d say the age of 45 would be closer to the age when a player‘s sharpness begins to decline more rapidly, largely due to age. Golf’s seniors division begins at 50. Runners are “old” at 40. Tennis does have a 35-year old division, but it’s not featured with the best players.
   My argument here is based on the assumption that we want to develop pro disc golf as a marketable commodity; one with the potential for drawing people out to watch, and to be entertaining enough for television. To provide this product, I think it’s necessary for our most competitive players to be in the same division, and the rewards should be commensurate with their performances.
   So here’s a somewhat radical, but simple proposal, that by allowing players, to a certain degree, to choose what they want to play for, should result in larger, fairer, and more competitive fields. The basic tenet of the proposal is that the top rewards should go to those who risk the most, with the assumption that the best players want to prove they are tops. “A” players pay the highest entry fees, expecting at least 100% back. “B” players pay lesser entry fees, with about 80-85% of the fee back to the purse. “C” players, playing for prizes, expect 100% retail value for trophies and merchandise received, regardless of the cost to the tournament. There would also be emphasis on trophies and rewarding a larger percentage of “C” players.
The “A” players compete in the pro division, the “B” players in the semi-pro division (pro 2?), and the “C” players in the advanced division. Let’s say it’s a big pro tournament with entry fees of $60 for pros, $35 for semi-pros, and $20 for amateurs. Pay about 33% of the pros and 45% of the semi-pros with a flatter scale than the open. Added money would go only to the pro division. Then, add 15% of the semi-pros entries to the pros. There would also be a seniors division and, at 45, would become increasingly interesting as more of the legends of the sport became eligible. Its entry fees would be somewhere between pro and semi-pro, with 100% paybacks.
   If the PDGA were to endorse this idea, then all players would be PDGA members, paying the same dues, and would be considered professionals, in the sense that they are knowledgeable about the rules and show respect for the game and other players. Rules to control divisional switching by cash-winning pros and semi-pros would be necessary. It could be something like this: If a pro or semi-pro wins cash once, he would have to be out of the money for his next three tournaments before exercising his option to return to a lower division. Cash again and add another three weeks. However, a player who cashes consistently probably wouldn’t want to move back anyway, because he would generally be winning more where he was, but we would have this safeguard anyway.
   There it is. While this scheme, by itself, would not erase “sandbagging”, it would make it less lucrative. With the advanced division emphasis on trophies and rewarding many of its competitors, the top prizes would not be that great. Players who play to win as much as they can would have to risk more to win more. Except for the cash-winners, there would be total choice. Feeling strong or lucky? Then play pro. Feeling hung-over? Play semi-pro. Low on cash that weekend? Play advanced.
   Probably half of what we now call advanced, and some am masters, would gravitate to semi-pro. I know that lots of these guys, who are new to the sport, would like to play for money, but really don’t feel ready for the top division. Also, some players, both current pros and ams, who just don’t have the time to practice to feel competitive at the top, would go semi-pro. Some long-suffering pro players and half of the current masters or more would play semi-pro. The masters who are motivated by the larger risk for the greater reward would play pro.
   Semi-pro competition would help develop players faster. Up-and-coming players would be playing with some experienced master-aged players. These younger or newer players could learn valuable lessons from many of the experienced pros (whose games may have reached a plateau because of lack of time to play) about course management, trouble shots, strategy, and more. Also, it would be hoped that some of the more easy-going atmosphere of the masters division would permeate this new division. Our current system generally denies newer players a nurturing process where they can learn from more experienced players within their range of skill.
   The most obvious problem with this scheme is how does a TD know who has cashed at the previous tournaments. While tournament reporting has improved in recent years, it’s naive to expect that we could get TDs to fax or download the results to PDGA headquarters within 48 hours, although it is possible. Initially, we would have to depend on the honesty of our players. If a player did lie about some recent winnings to play in a lower division, as the results from his previous tournaments became known, his lie would be exposed. Also, other players would exercise some control in keeping each other honest.
   And then, there is the Climo factor—that’s when players claim that they are staying am or going masters because they can’t beat Ken Climo. This is definitely not an age thing, because, players of all ages have been trailing Climo. Well, if there are not enough players out there who don’t have the burning desire to “bring down” the man who has been awesomely dominating the sport, then I’d have to say we are pretty much doomed in any attempt to sell professional disc golf. A skilled player who takes this defeatist attitude should be playing semi-pro, where the risk and rewards are not as great.
   One other thing to remember is that sponsorship money remains the key to get more good players playing on a more regular basis. Assuming for a second that even a small amount, say $1,000 to $2,000 could be added for the best events, they would begin to fill with “A” players and seniors. At that point, the semi-pro division would be held on a space-available basis.
   As the semi-pro and pro divisions begin to swell to capacity at many of the other tournaments, am-only tournaments would become the norm. A similar payout scheme (but with less difference between the divisional entry fees) could be devised for the two divisions of amateurs. An entry level amateur division with even lower entry fees could be devised.
   What about women’s golf? The numbers of women players at most tournaments is usually so small that this plan may not work. Also, there seems to be a greater diversity in skill levels amongst women golfers. However it can only be beneficial to devise a system in which at least the women’s pros and the more advanced amateurs would be competing. Using only two divisions might be the answer. And of course, if it should come to pass that 40 or 50 women begin to show up for tournaments, then women-only events would begin. (Or maybe if someone ran a women-only event, 40 or 50 women would show up.)
   And there you have it. It’s really quite simple: you risk more by paying a higher entry fee and you have the chance to win more. If you lack the confidence or skill for the big risk, then you would lower it and with it, your potential rewards. Most importantly we will have returned to that primal urge for competition: to find out who’s the best man. Not the best 35-year-old man; not the best advanced man; but simply, the best man.

A registration form for this traditional fall tournament can be downloaded at Or you can stop by or call Disc Golf World. Last year this tournament filled with 90 players, so register early and often. I've reprinted the results from the 14th RAC below.


14th Annual Rosedale Amateur Championships                     
September 19. 2010 • Kansas City, Kansas                     

Am 1 (Advanced)                     
1   Matt   Hummell   52   49   101   T   pp
T2   Chris   Timko   53   52   105   T   pp
T2   Spencer   Weatherholt   55   50   105   T   pp
T4   Jon   Benedick   53   53   106      
T4   Bobby   Domsch   55   51   106      pp
T4   Andy   Lewis   55   51   106      pp
T4   Seth   Wolzen   56   50   106      pp
9   Dan   Quinn   52   55   107      
10   Greg   Lewis   55   53   108      pp
11   Kevin   Simpson   57   52   109      
T12   Ryan   Keck   60   51   111      pp
T12   David   Valdiviez   56   55   111      
13   Tracy   Walker   57   56   113      pp
14   Steve "Odie"   Karpovich   61   58   119      
15   Eric   Kolkmeier   67   55   122      pp
1   Sky   Nidiffer   73   71   144   T   
2   Becky   Stebbins   78   71   149      
1   Steve   Harris   56   50   106   T   
2   Mark   Mills   55   57   112      
3   Andre   Labruyere   58   56   114      
4   Dennis   Smith   60   62   122      
5   James   McLaughlin   65   64   129      
1   John   Johnson   59   57   116   T   
2   Bob   Ward   65   53   118      
3   Ray   Kinnett   60   65   125      
4   Charlie   Tull   70   63   133      
5   Dave   Edwards   70   64   134      
Am 2 (intermediate)                     
1   Zach   Kirby   55   53   108   T   
T2   Pauly   Cross   60   57   117   T   pp
T2   Nic   LaHue   60   57   117   T   pp
3   Tim   Mika   63   57   120      pp
4   Dan   Kubicki   62   59   121      
5   Adam   Cossette   61   61   122      pp
6   Chris   Buckley   61   63   124      
T7   John   Murphy   66   59   125      
T7   Neil   Roth   69   56   125      
9   Connor   Mitts   69   57   126      
T10   Josh   Kenney   66   61   127      
T10   Chase   Cooper   73   56   129      
12   Kent   Turpin   69   60   129      
13   Kristian   Harmon   66   64   130   
T14   Matt   MacFadden   67   64   131   
T14   Jon   Stebbins   73   58   131   
16   Seth   Miller   73   62   135   
17   Vlad   Wunschl   55   DNF   DNF   
   Bryan   Horst   DNS   DNS   DNS   

Am 3 (Recreational)                  
1   Bill   Shinoski   62   55   117   T
T2   Travis   Daetwiler   59   58   117   T
T2   Ben   Patterson   61   56   117   T
T4   Albert   Boetcher   62   56   118   
T4   Juan   Hernandez   62   56   118   
6   Edwin   Hart   65   56   121   
7   Granville   Hare   67   56   123   
8   Nick   Zipf   64   61   125   
T9   Mark   Komoroski   63   63   126      
T9   Ryan   Nibert   65   61   126      pp
T9   David   Vowiell   63   63   126      
T9   Bob   Walker   62   64   126      
13   Steve   Dickman   66   61   127      
T14   Jed   Baughman   70   62   132      
T14   Van   Spratford   69   63   132      
16   Jared   Carlson   66   67   133      
T17   Jason   Talley   69   65   134      
T17   Shawn   Cox   69   66   135      
T17   Jason   Porter   71   64   135      
T17   Cody   Sarras   67   68   135      
T17   Adam   Witt   72   63   135      
22   Shane   Whitaker   70   66   136      
T23   Matt   Burkhart   73   64   137      
T23   Tim   Burkhart   70   67   137      
T23   Andrew   Cox   71   66   137   
T23   Justin   Rodgers   71   66   137   
27   Jim   Ramey   74   65   139   
28   Josh   Thomson   69   71   140   
29   Kent   McCluskie   72   70   142   
30   Barry   Jarwick   74   69   143   
31   Max   Vertsch   74   70   144   
Am 4 (Novice)                  
1   Andrew   Bussone   76   59   135   T
2   Bill   Beregi   76   63   139   
3   Timothy   Vertsch   76   68   144   
T4   Ryan   Johnson   80   66   146   
T4   Colby   Matthews   77   69   146   
T4   Jakob   Nelson   78   68   146   
7   Josh    Stanley   83   64   147   
T8   Julian   Garcia   80   68   148   
T8   Mauricio   Garcia   81   67   148
10   Brian   Schmid   79   71   150
11   Zach   Fargo   81   71   152
12   Bob   Harte   87   84   171
   Marc   Mason   83   DNF   DNF
   Joe   Bristow   78   DNF   DNF

No aces: Bob Walker & Charlie Tull were 1-2 in the throw-off               

Note: there was no Am 4 offered, however, the TD decided to create               
the division to keep interest further down the ranks. Thus, anyone in                
Am 3 who shot 76 or higher in the first round, became the Am 4 division               
Next year, we will offer all four am divisions.               

T-Trophy. PP-Participated in the optional prize pool.               

This coming Friday, August 5, Disc Golf World will once again be open until 9 p.m. to take part in First Fridays at the Crossroads Art District near Downtown Kansas City. For those of you unfamiliar with First Fridays: On the first Friday of each month, the Crossroads Community's art galleries, studios, and restaurants open their doors to showcase local and national artists. Much like the already established First Friday’s of Phoenix and Houston, Kansas City’s version hosts a free evening of art entertainment where people gather to enjoy local and national art, the company of others, and even a free glass of wine.

Disc Golf World is located on the eastern border of the Crossroads.

Here's the basic plan:

1. Outdoor Swap Meet. There is no charge to participate. Bring your discs and a blanket or table or something to put them on if you want.

2. Mini contest. No charge to participate. A prize for shooting the best round.

3. Dan Howard will be selling his very cool dyed discs. He'll be chiming in soon with images of some of his latest creations.

4. On Friday from 5-9 only,  DGW will trade store credit for used discs. We reserve the right not to take any disc. Please note that no more than $3 possibly $4 will be traded for any disc.

5. From 5-9, all discs are a buck off and all apparel items are 30% off.

Give us a call or email with questions.


Tournaments / Results from the 6th H2Open
« on: July 07, 2011, 07:06:18 PM »
The 6th H2Open will be held at Water Works on Saturday, July 23. This is mainly a celebration of Water Works for those who truly love the course, but we’re going to play two rounds of golf, keep score, and bestow prizes anyway. The $32 entry fee includes two rounds of golf, a BBQ lunch prepared by KC disc golf cooking guru Kelly Warren, soft drinks, and a custom tee shirt. The field, which is nearly 1/3 full already, is limited to 72 players. If you're interested in a low-keyed, fun, non-PDGA event for players of ALL skill levels, then consider the H2Open. To get signed up, give me a call at 816.471.3472 or 816.914.0094 to pay with a bankcard, or stop by Disc Golf World, or mail a check with your registration form.

6th H2Open Flier/reg form:

Below is what the flier contains, except that the players meeting will be a 9:30 am.

See you there.


Tournament: 6th H2Open
Date: July 23, 2011
Entry fee: $32 (includes a tee shirt and bbq/soft drinks, chance to win cash and/or prizes, and a $2 donation to the KCFDC for course maintenance and improvement)
Ace Pool: $3
Big Boy Side Bet: $20

Pro Divisions:
Sr Grandmasters
Am Divisions:
Advanced Men
Advanced Women
Advanced Masters
Advanced Grandmasters
Intermediate Men
Intermediate Women
Rec Men
Rec Women

Three to open a division, but when it comes to celebrating Water Works, we're flexible.

General Banter / 9 DISCather Pros for Sale
« on: June 17, 2011, 02:08:50 PM »
Ted Kubicki is wanting to sell nine of the DISCather Pros that were used sparingly for two or three years at Ted's Dread. He is asking $2500. Contact Ted at 913.530.3312.

Water Works / Workday at Water Works May 29 at 9 am
« on: May 19, 2011, 02:09:54 PM »
It's that time again to get the crown jewel of Kansas City courses ready for the Wide Open. Tasks include getting chips down, deadwood and trash collection, cutting back honeysuckle, and some other trimming. We might have to clean the drain again on #9. We will have some tools there, but feel free to bring your own and gloves as well.

In addition, Bill Neenan will have trash bags for hole adopters. Please feel free to begin the clean up of deadwood and trash prior to the workday. Actually, it's good karma to always leave the course cleaner than you found it and its double-good karma to have helped get the course ready when you play the Wide Open!

We're still looking for people to adopt holes. Here's what I think has been claimed:

#6: Dustin Hudson
#8: Rick Rothstein
#11: Mark Mills
#12: Jamie Barry
#14: Jason Poole
#15: Ian Stone

For the most part, the work involved is emptying the trash and bringing the bags to designated areas, removing deadwood and trash, and some trimming. Please contact me if you can lend an hand.

Water Works / Be Part of the Solution—Adopt a Hole
« on: April 07, 2011, 07:54:04 PM »
Adopt a Hole at Water Works
Water Works Disc Golf Course is one of the most beautiful disc golf courses in the World. Its care is entrusted to the Kansas City Flying Disc Club and the Kansas City Parks and Recreation Department. The newly recreated Water Works Course Care Committee is looking for volunteers to adopt a hole. Here are the responsibilities:

1. Monitor the trash can on a weekly basis. When the trash can gets over half full, replace the bag (which will be supplied) and bring the bag to the curb for Parks Department pickup.
2. Keep the hole clean of dead wood and trash.
3. Chip bare areas as needed.
4. Suggest other improvements for the holes. Funding requests must be approved by the KCFDC Board of Directors.

Bill Neenan and Rick Rothstein are heading up the committee and will be announcing work days for bigger projects. Please contact Rick at 816.914.0094 or or Bill at 816.868.1977 and let them know what hole(s) you want to adopt.

2011 Maintenance and Improvement Goals

Please let us know what projects—short term or long term—that you would like to undertake. The KCFDC has funds for course improvements. Below are some projects we would like to finish this year.

1. Build a bigger marquee. Maybe not as big as the one at Rosedale, but we need at least twice the surface area than  the current marquee.
2. Build stairs from 5 to 6.
3. Trim the hedges back on the right side of hole 4.
4. Plant grass seed where the temp tees were during the water main construction and other areas as needed.
5. Remove the deadwood (tree trunk)  from 18 fairway.
6. Remove the old tee signs.
7. Eradicate honeysuckle.
8. Plant flowers and perhaps bushes.
9. Plant trees. Hole 4 especially needs some help.
10. Keep the slough clean on hole 9.
11. Count carefully all volunteer hours because:
    a. It's important that the Parks Depart ment knows how much free labor we provide. This helps us bargain with them in getting support for our projects.
    b. Rick wants to beta test some kind of rewards program at Disc Golf World where discounts would be given to volunteers who put in “X” amount of volunteer hours. The committee would help determine what the "X" amount should be.
   c. Relatedly, we'd like to come up with some article of clothing—probably a shirt—that would go to those people who put in a large number of hours. What this large amount would have to be determined. The design for the shirt would have to be  determined as well, but we'd want to acknowledge that the wearer was indeed a Friend of Water Works Disc Golf.

Tournaments / Swope Spring Renewal Pairs Championships - April 23
« on: March 31, 2011, 04:15:23 PM »
We've tweaked the divisions just a little bit again this year. However, the only age based division remains the 100-Year Division, where the sum of the partner's age at tee off must be at least 100 years. We have added a women's division and a parent-child division (with no age restrictions).

A registration form can be downloaded here:

The contents of the flyer are below, followed by the results from the last year's SSR. Hope to see everyone back again for this fun event.


Disc Golf World, in conjunction with the Kansas City Flying Disc Club and Gateway Disc Sports, Missouri’s premier disc manufacturer, presents the
Swope Spring Renewal Pairs Championships

Saturday, April 23 • Swope Park Disc Golf Course • 2 Rounds of 18 Holes
This is not a PDGA-sanctioned event.
••• Pre-register by April 22 and receive a tournament-stamped GDS putter and a GDS mini. •••
 â€¢â€¢â€¢ The tournament can accommodate 54 teams. Please pre-register to guarantee your team’s spot. •••

Divisions and Entry Fees:
Open: $64 per team (cash payback)
100-Year—the combined ages of the partners must be at least 100: $44 per team (cash)
Amateur 1 (adv): $44 per team (prize payback)
Amateur 2 (int): $34 per team (prizes)
Amateur Women: $34 per team (prizes)
Mixed—one male and one female: $34 (prizes)
Parent-Child: $34 (prizes)
Junior 1—must be 18 or under: $30 (prizes)
Junior 2—must be 18 or under: $30 (prizes)

Minimum of two teams required to open a division. Entry fee includes a $4 per team fee to the KCFDC.
Ace Fund (optional): $4.00 per team. If no ace, money will got to the top 2 teams in a C-T-P throw-off.

On Site Registration: 8:15 am - 9:15 am
Players’ meeting: ~9:50. Tee off to follow.
2nd Round Tee: To Be Announced (probably 2ish)

Call or stop by Disc Golf World, 509 E 18th St, Kansas City, MO 64108, 816.471.3472 for more information


Swope Spring Renewal Pairs Championships            
April 24, 2010 • Swope Park • Kansas City, Missouri            
1   Leo Daprato/Cecil Cameron   46   40   86
2   Arturo Villarreal/Bobby Villarreal   45   41   86
3   Otto Spiers/Todd Henry   49   47   96
4   Andy Lewis/Mike Davis   54   42   96
5   Drew Neitzel/Chris Timko   53   46   99
6   Randy Kempke/Zach Hennigan   59   50   109
1   Lee Killian/Sabrina Killian   59   45   104
2   Tom Verstraete/Beth Verstraete   57   51   108
3   Kaylee Kincaid/Brian Horst   58   52   110
4   Kristie Svejda/Tom Mollenkamp   62   48   110
5   Jen Brockman/Ed Holbrook   63   51   114
7   Matt Fox/Liz Borg-Bowman   59   56   115
8   Becky Stebbins/John Stebbins   61   55   116
9   Ben Crosby/Rhonda Crosby   68   57   125
Am 2            
1   Mark Mills/Jason Rollins   55   47   102
2   Juan Hernandez/Cecil Freeze   54   49   103
T3   Chris Cossette/Adam Cossette   57   52   109
T3   Rob McClary/Matt McClary   57   52   109
5   Landon Coons/Daniel Gammon   58   52   110
6   Rob Hoesly/Ben Hemphill   59   52   111
7   Ben Patterson/Bruce Harbord   55   57   112
9   Doogan Brown/Dan Hillaker   59   54   113
9   Ken Francis/Greg Francis   62   52   114
10   Will Love/Scott Foga   61   55   116
11   Bill Brauer/Brandam Hamel   64   56   120
Am 1            
1   Cooper Arnold/Kevin Simpson   47   44   91
2   Caleb Coffman/Eric Mnton   46   44   90
3   Joshua Query/Zak Al-Shawish   51   44   95
4   Caleb Walker/Jame McLaughlin   52   45   97
5   Bryan Gaskill/Jon Parson   53   47   100
6   Steven Beadenkopf/Doug Kroll   54   47   101
T7   Rand Matney/Brent Wardlow   56   46   102
T7   Dennis Freeman/Matt Shively   54   49   103
T7   Frostie Hick/Eliot Hicks   55   48   103
10   Steve Weatherford/Anthony Puryear   54   49   103
11   Grant Dalbey/Matt Gallion   56   50   106
12   Brian Palmer/Dan Busenbarrick   62   52   114
1   Dan Coffman/Tom Butler   50   44   94
2   Crazy John Brooks/Rick Rothstein   50   47   97
3   Rob Miller/David Emerson   55   53   108
4   Steve Flowers/Dennis Smith   57   53   110
5   Danny Hawkins/Chris Hawkins   65   55   120

Tournaments / Looking for High-Res Photos from the 2010 Wide Open
« on: January 19, 2011, 12:22:24 PM »
The Wide Open will be included in the new NT Guide that is being produced as we speak. The art director is looking for high-res action photos, ideally of the winning players, from the 2010 Wide Open. Can anyone help?


Bag Tags / 2011 Bag Tags to Be Picked Up
« on: December 05, 2010, 11:49:56 AM »
The following 2011 bag tags are at Disc Golf World waiting to be claimed by their rightful owners:

2   CD Steiner
3   Brian Gammon
6   Nick Winkelbauer
13  Shawn Mcanaw
16  Jon Mcanaw
20  Brian Taylor (also D-Flight Club Championship plaque)
21  Eric Garberg
23  Steve Thimmesch
31  Lee Sarvis
48, 49, 51   Michael Taylor, Anthony Puryear, and Steve Harris (first come first selected)
56, 57. 58. 59: Rusty Scheiterle, Rizzloe Jones, Chris James, Steve Wasko, Angie Biondo (ooops, 5 names for 4 tags. If one of you has their tag, please me know.) (first come, first selected)

There ares still plenty of 2011 tags for sale. The cost is $5 to active KCFDC members.

Mark Ehlert from the Columbia Disc Golf Club asked me to let people know about this event:

Please pass the word in KC about our Huckin' Against Hunger event in Columbia. We have made arrangements with Columbia Country Club (off old Highway 63, between Business Loop and Broadway) to play 18 holes on their ball golf course.  We get to have registration starting at 10 in a nice heated club house with TVs and a cash bar and the course is fun to play.  We'll do a shotgun start as close to noon as possible.
Registration is $50 and cart rental is an additional $10 per player.  The registration covers the fee we pay to CCC and all proceeds above that fee goes to the local food bank.  Players play for donated prizes and the chance to play on a ball golfl course.  We raised over $800 for the food bank last year and hope to top $1000 this year.
Thanks for helping to spread the word.  If you know of a group planning to come and play, please have them get in touch with Tony Hulen, so he has an idea of how many players may show up.

General Banter / Baskets for Sale, Good Bye Ted's Dread
« on: October 05, 2010, 02:37:15 PM »
Ted Kubicki has 18 portable DISCatchers for sale. They were purchased new in August 2009 and have had probably fewer than 250 rounds on them. You can contact Ted at 913.530.3312. He has sold his house and property and will be out there the last week of this month.

I'm trying something a little different this year with the RAC. We've beefed up the player's package so that its value is slightly more than the entry fee and will be awarding trophies only as prizes, at least for those who pay the base entry fee of $27.

For those who prefer to go for more winnings, we're offering an optional $10 prize pool entry, that will be paid out in prizes. All players who opt to play for the prizes will be in the same pool, regardless of which division they are in.

If you have any questions after reading the flyer, please let me know.

You can download one here:


Found and Lost / Lost and Found at Disc Golf World
« on: July 27, 2010, 12:35:18 PM »
Below is a list of discs that have been returned to DGW in the last several months. We have now called the numbers on all the discs for a second time. Our new policy on returning found discs is that we will hold them for 30 days before they get moved into for sale box. The proceeds of these discs will be used to enhance the 2011 Wide Open.

Here's how we envision how this system works.

1. Return found discs with contact information to DGW.
2. DGW will immediately contact the disc's owner, letting them know that we'll hold it for 30 days.
3. We will enter this information in a spreadsheet.
4. About once a week or so, we'll list the found discs in this thread.
5. If the disc has not been claimed in 3 weeks, we'll attempt to contact the owner again.
6. At 30 days, the disc will be put on sale. Of course, if the owner shows up after that and the disc is still here, they can recover it..

As a point of information, several people do make contact with the found disc's owner, telling them that they intend to bring the disc to DGW. Sometimes they do not do this right away. Thus, until you hear from us, it's likely that your disc has not been returned to us yet.

We thank everyone who attempts to get discs back to their owners. Just remember that the good karma you're earning sometimes takes a while to come around. One of the strengths of our disc golf community is that we have way more people of good will, who try to do the right thing, than mean-spirited people.

Name:    Disc Description   Color
Aaron   TeeBird Champion   Red
Aaron   Arcturus   Blue
Adam   Cyclone Elite Z   Purple Dyed
Adam Foga   Buzzz Pro D   Yellow
Alan   Aviar DX   Orange
Andrew   Valkyrie Star   White
Ben Hilleary   Buzzz Pro D   White
Ben Jangerlys   Wraith Pro   Purp/Yellow Dyed
Brian   Archangel DX   Red
Brian Neenan   Orc Champion   Blue
Brian Newman   Super Drive XL   Green
Brian Taylor   Destroyer Star   Pink
Cap'n Crush   Roc KC Pro   White
Chris Harrington   Viper DX   Red
Chris K.   Demon Glow   Glow White
Clayton   Katana Pro   White
Connor Callahan   Boss Champion   Pink/Yellow Dyed
Dan Forster   Orc Pro   Blue
Dan Fultz   ?? Bird Artwork   Clear
Daty   Orc Champion   Red
David King   Aviar JK Pro   White
Derek N.   Orion Sirius   White
Dustin Leibach   Monarch Champion   Green
Everett   Valkyrie Star   Blue
Ian Chinn   Avenger SS FLX   Red
Jake D.   Avenger SS Elite Z   Blue/Green Dyed
James Baldwin   Beast Champion   Maroon
Jeremy Wade   Flash Elite Z   Yellow/Red Dyed
Joe Dale   Buzzz Elite X   Red Dyed
John   JLS   Yellow
Josh Lawson   Katana Star   Blue
Josh Taylor   Monarch Champion   Red/Blue Dyed
Justin Pickens   Wraith DX   White
Kaylee Drew   Shark DX   White
Kelley   Valkyrie Champion   Blue
Kristian Harmoon   Boss R-Pro   White
M. Fatty   Orc Champion   Blue
Matt   Xpress Elite Z   Red Dyed
Matt Guilliams   Skeeter Star   White
Mike Keizer   Destroyer Star   Pink
Narin Clouse   Buzzz Elite Z   Red
Parker   SL Star   Yellow
Paul Deville   Crush Elite Z   Orange
Philip Elsham   Sidewinder Star   Blue
Rusty   Cyclone Elite Z   Yellow
Rusty   Sidewinder Champion   Yellow
Ryan   Wraith Star   White   XL Elite X   Red/Blue Dyed
Tiger B.   Roc Echo   Black
Tim Richter   Roc KC Pro   White
William Solcolaski   Archangel DX   Red
Willie Woods   Orc Champion   Yellow

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