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Rosedale / Rosey League 9-24
« on: September 25, 2008, 10:45:17 AM »
A pleasant enough evening for the 29 players, but there's seem to be a problem with not enough light. As a remedy to this, we'll be out there at 4:45 next weekend, and will send out groups of 3 or 4 on holes #1 and hole #10 as they are formed (yes, you can form your own groups.) No group will go off later than 5:15. The course will be shorter next Wednesday, based on the second round of the RAC. Please alert any non-message board readers of this plan.


This week's results.
1   Bryan Guthrie   45
2   Arturo Villarreal   46
3   Carson Wilson   51
4   Bobby Villarreal   52
5   Matt Shively   54
T6   Jack Lowe           55
T6   Dick Parker   55
T6   Caleb Walker     55
9   Chris Oorlong   57
T10   Mio Sillings   60
T10   Dan Truax           60
12   Hans Weding   61
13   Chris Timko   62
14   Bret Long           63

1   Steve Harris   51
2   Mike Thomas   53
T3   Jim Sherwood   55
T3   Bill Turner           55
5   Ben Hansen   56
6   John Johnson   57
7   Eric Garberg   58
T8   Gary Harvey   65
T8   Rick Rothstein   65
10   Kevin Holy           66

T1   Ken McNickle   58
T1   Chuck Doumitt   58
3   Matt Hummell   59
4   Zazh Kirby           62
5   Becky Stebbins   73

Course Coordinator Bill Neenan's computer is on the fritz, so he asked me to announce next Saturday's workday starting at 9:00 p.m, which is being called primarily to trim trees and bushes, pile up debris, and remove honeysuckle. We'll be creating large piles that will be removed by either the community workers and/or Boy Scouts who will be at the Community Beautification Day the on the 4th. Of course, volunteers are encouraged to work on any of the listed items below.

Saturday, October 4, Water Works Par, Community Beautification Day 8:00 a.m. to noon
            The KCFDC will be partnering with the Northland Community Alliance, KCMO Police Department, KCMO Parks and Recreation, and Local Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts to complete the following projects:

    1. Mulching of walking path from hole #2 to #3 tee, and maybe  some of hole #6
    2. Clean out the drainage area that’s clogged with leave near #9 tee.
    3. Pick up brush and trash throughout the park
    4. Trim trees and brush at the North Oak Entrance
    5. Trim  trees an shrubs throughout the Park to improve sight lines.
    6. Put Toridon on cut parts of shrubs.
    7. Remove honeysuckle by picnic tables. (This has been done!)
    8. Remove poison ivy and Virginia creeper from the base of trees.
            If you truly love Water Works Park, plan now to help out. Give me a call at 816.914.0094 if you want to help or have questions or suggestions. We are not limited to the above items.

Course Coordinator Bill Neenan's computer is on the fritz, so he asked me to announce next Saturday's workday starting at 9:00 a.m, which is being called primarily to trim trees and bushes, pile up debris, and remove honeysuckle. We'll be creating large piles that will be removed by either the community workers and/or Boy Scouts who will be at the Community Beautification Day the on the 4th. Of course, volunteers are encouraged to work on any of the listed items below.

Saturday, October 4, Water Works Par, Community Beautification Day 8:00 a.m. to noon
            The KCFDC will be partnering with the Northland Community Alliance, KCMO Police Department, KCMO Parks and Recreation, and Local Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts to complete the following projects:

    1. Mulching of walking path from hole #2 to #3 tee, and maybe  some of hole #6
    2. Clean out the drainage area that’s clogged with leave near #9 tee.
    3. Pick up brush and trash throughout the park
    4. Trim trees and brush at the North Oak Entrance
    5. Trim  trees an shrubs throughout the Park to improve sight lines.
    6. Put Toridon on cut parts of shrubs.
    7. Remove honeysuckle by picnic tables. (This has been done!)
    8. Remove poison ivy and Virginia creeper from the base of trees.
            If you truly love Water Works Park, plan now to help out. Give me a call at 816.914.0094 if you want to help or have questions or suggestions. We are not limited to the above items.

General Banter / KC Disc Golf News
« on: September 21, 2008, 05:43:40 PM »
Last week, I sent this out to everyone in the KC area who I had a email address for. Jack Lowe suggested that I post it out here as well. If you didn't get that email and would like to get future mailings pertaining to what's happening in KC, please send me your name and email address.

Kansas City Disc Golf News—Issue #1
Here's another once-in-a-while newsletter of what's happening with disc golf in and around the Kansas City area. Starting with this email, we're going to call this the Kansas City Disc Golf News (KCDGN). Even though there have been others before this, this is #1. Oh yeah, if anyone with some presentation chops would like to help out by making future emails look better, please get with me at Also, if you want to write or edit or help in any way, don't be shy. The KCFDC still is committed to getting out an occasional “paper newsletter” for those who don’t go online, but using the “net” is a much more efficient method for getting the word out.
KCDGN is going to nearly 600 people, most of who live and golf in and around the KC area. Hopefully, you'll find these emails to be informative and possibly entertaining. However, it is never our intention to darken your email box with unwanted mail, so if you don't want anymore KCDGN's, here’s how to stop them.
Opt out: Just hit return and put, "please remove me" or some other instruction to that effect as the subject.
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rick Rothstein. I've been playing disc golf since 1980, own Disc Golf World, am currently the President of the Kansas City Flying Disc Club, and a recently elected Board member of the Professional Disc Golf Association. When I ran for President at the beginning of this year, I promised to strive for better communication—not just to KCFDC members but also to everyone who plays the game in our area. While I would invite everyone to join the Kansas City Flying Disc Club because it’s good to have a broad-based non-profit organization representing disc golf in our dealings with the various parks departments, I don’t want the lack of a KCFDC membership to deter anyone from volunteering or offering great or even pretty good suggestions for the betterment of disc golf in Kansas City. A KCFDC membership form is here:

What’s Up at Disc Golf World
Here’s a brief commercial message from Disc Golf Word, 509 E 18th St, Kansas City MO 64108, 816.471.3472, First of all, thanks to everyone for making us Kansas City #1 choice for disc golf supplies and information. We have a wonderful community in Kansas with lots of talented and generous people who have been great to work with in making KC a very desirable community to golf in and a very desirable disc golf destination for visitors. We at Disc Golf World remained dedicated to keeping disc golf growing in Kansas City, both as a sporting activity and a second-to-none fun and healthful pastime.
                  We are systemizing our initiative to be the clearinghouse for found discs in KC. When most players find a disc, they try to return it to the rightful owner. However, even when they are successful in talking with a disc’s owner, the logistics of arranging a meeting to deliver it are often difficult. That is why we are encouraging players to drop off found discs with names and contact information to us. We will call the owner who can pick up the disc when he can. You can drop off discs 24/7 by using the 509 mail slot. The plan is to allow about two weeks after we contact the person the first time before contacting them again. If the disc is not claimed after another two-week period, we’ll donate the discs to the KCFDC.
                  In response to several requests for used discs, we will be experimenting with taking used discs in exchange for store credit. We will not take any discs where the original name and numbers have obviously been obliterated.
                  Disc Golf World supplies and supports these retailers of discs: Oklahoma Joes, It’s a Beautiful Day, Red-X in Riverside, and Nick’s Outfitters in Pleasant Hill. If getting to DGW is a long drive, remember we can ship discs to you for the cost of less than two gallons of gasoline. If you buy over $75 worth of plastic at, the shipping is free. To simulate the in-person shopping experience, you can always email or call us to make sure you get the exactly the discs you want in terms of color and weigh. Speaking of our web site, we’re hoping that the long-awaited update will be launched soon.
                  We want to thank the Warren Family—Gold, Lynne, and Kelly—for holding Gold’s art show at DGW during August’s First Friday in the Crossroads. To add to the fun, we set up a mini course around the building and put a bunch of stuff on sale (still some of that left). There was a lot of traffic into the store both for both art and disc golf with many people learning more about the latter. It was a fun event, and we hope to do other things on First Fridays next spring and summer.
What’s Up with the Worlds
As most of you know by now, the PDGA Professional and Amateur World Championships will be in Kansas City from July 25 to August 1. We will be hosting around 900 players from nearly every state and perhaps from a dozen countries and three continents. While the KCFDC has run two very successful Amateur Worlds Championships in 1999 and 2003 that hosted nearly 400 players, the size of the upcoming Worlds will make it a bit more challenging. I’ve no doubt that the KC disc golf community will be up to this challenge. Tournament Directors Jack Lowe ( and John Chapman ( will be reaching out to just about everyone soon and again to find out how each golfer can help out—be it as a sponsor or finding a sponsor, working on getting the courses ready, staffing the event, helping with the parties, creating art and written materials, and so on. There will be plenty to do. Contact either Jack or John to let them know how you can help. Speaking of sponsorship, we’ll have sponsorship materials by early next week, and the Worlds website, is coming very soon.
Upcoming Events
(LATE BREAKING ANNOUNCEMENT: THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELED BECAUSE OF WAY TOO MUCH RAIN. I’m leaving the information about the event and this event and the P Hill course as hopefully, Dan will bring it back this event next year.) Saturday, September 13. Pleasant Hill Disc Golf Course — Afternoon D'Lite #6 followed by AfterGLOW Doubles.  Tournament flyer:  Contact Dan Coffman at
                  If you have not visited one of Kansas City's courses located at Pleasant Hill Lake, you’re in for a treat. While it is a longish drive for most people, the benefit is a well designed, but still user friendly (lots of shorter holes) course out in the country. The course is well maintained, and on a warm sunny day, let's say it's just "pleasant" to play Pleasant Hill.
                  This weekend's tournament will be the second featuring the two back-to-back events. Last time many people played both events and then camped at the campground that borders the course. In addition, many played the regular Sunday doubles.
Saturday, September 20, 2008. Thornfield Disc Golf Course — Ozanam's First Annual Disc Golf Tournament. Tournament flyer:
                   This charity event is different than any that have ever been held in Kansas City. In will be a four-person scramble with all the proceeds going to Ozanam, which since 1948 has been helping children with severe emotional, behavioral, and learning disabilities to help them to reconnect with their families and communities. The cost is $200 per team that includes lunch.
                  The event is the first ever at the Thornfield Disc Golf Course, Kansas City’s newest private course. The owner of this course is Bill Stueck, a long-time Kansas City area philanthropist and owner of Suburban Lawn and Garden. Ozanam is one of the main charities he supports. Mr. Stueck has no real interest, per se, in disc golf, putting in the course to abet the charities he champions.
                  As a side note, at Ozanam's recent 60th anniversary party, Dan Cashen set up a course on the Ozanam campus and enlisted five or six of us to throw a small teaching tournament for the resident kids who were mainly in their teens. Close to 25 kids played. 
                  I've not played the Thornfield Course, which was designed by Bill Paulson and Dennis Vahsholtz, but toured the property before it was installed. The potential for a very good course was there, and from what I hear, it's an excellent tract that's a real challenge from the tips.
Mini Disc Golf Tournament: RSVP only with Dick Parker: Check out the course:
                  Dick has invited everyone to contact him if interested in playing his new 18-hole mini after the Ozanam event. Here’s what he says, “If after you play the Ozanam's Tournament, you wish you could just play a private Mini Disc Golf Tournament … and I know all of you are. I may just happen to know where one might be happening right up the street from the Thornfield Course. Entry is $5 per round. The rounds go quick. I will have some beverages on site... OR you can BYOB!"
Sunday, September 21. Cliff Drive and Blue Valley, City of Fountains PDGA “C” Tier. Tournament flyer: Contact Jack Lowe: or 913.485.5123. Lots of golf in one day with this event, starting with Cliff Drive before taking on Blue Valley. BV will have some tweaks from its usual layout. 
Sunday, September 28. Rosedale Park. 12th Rosedale Amateur Championships
Tournament Flyer: Contact: Rick Rothstein at or 816.471.3472 or 816.914.0094.
                  Now in its 12th year, the RAC has become the event at which many golfers, who had been curious about competition, played their first competitive event. We make it low key while endeavoring to pass along some information about the rules of tournament play and maybe even a few tips to improve your game. The entry this year ranges from $22 to $32 and includes a tournament tee shirt.

Saturday, October 4, Water Works Par, Community Beautification Day 8:00 a.m. to noon
            The KCFDC will be partnering with the Northland Community Alliance, KCMO Police Department, KCMO Parks and Recreation, and Local Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts to complete the following projects:

    1. Mulching of walking path from hole #2 to #3 tee, and maybe  some of hole #6
    2. Clean out the drainage area that’s clogged with leave near #9 tee.
    3. Pick up brush and trash throughout the park
    4. Trim trees and brush at the North Oak Entrance
    5. Trim  trees an shrubs throughout the Park to improve sight lines.
    6. Put Toridon on cut parts of shrubs.
    7. Remove honeysuckle by picnic tables. (This has been done!)
    8. Remove poison ivy and Virginia creeper from the base of trees.
            If you truly love Water Works Park, plan now to help out. Give me a call at 816.914.0094 if you want to help or have questions or suggestions. We are not limited to the above items.

Saturday/Sunday, October 11-12. Kansas City Flying Disc Club Championships.  Contact John Chapman at or 816.471.3472. Free to club members and thus, it’s a great time to join the Club. Saturday’s play will be at Shawnee Mission and Wyco and Cliff Drive and Water Works on Sunday. This tournament is different than most in that instead of divisions, players are put into competitive flights based on their 36-hole scores. Ideally, the range of scores in each flight is narrow enough that each person has a chance to win their flight. Each flight winner is supposed to get a trophy disc, denoting his or her win. (Note to self: order those trophies from 2007!) The overall winner’s name is engraved on the Traveling Club Championship Trophy.
Other Regional Events
October 18-19—Jefferson City Open C-Tier:
October 18-19—Mighty Shunga Nunga B-Tier:
October 25-26. Vichy Fall Harvest: details and PDGA sanctioning coming soon. Contact: David McCormack at
Annual Club Elections
The annual elections for the Kansas City Flying Disc Club will be held at the general meeting to be held on November 11 with the location to be announced. The following offices are being contested, Vice President of Kansas, Secretary, Sergeant at Arms (2-year terms) and a course coordinator for each course that is in the ground and those that have been funded. There might be a new bylaw having to do with elections. You can download the Bylaws here:

Update on New Courses
Lenexa—Black Hoof Park:  The Parks Department is negotiating with John Houck, who is one of the top disc golf designers in the world, for the design of what sounds like a very interesting course that will feature two tee pads on each of the 13-14 par 4s and par 5s and one tee pad on the remain par 3s. Parks Director Jim Finlen is hoping that once the project is approved that it will get fast tracked with the installation completed by late spring or early summer. More about John Houck:

Blue Springs—Wilbur Young Park: Parks Director Roscoe Righter reports that the first hurdle for a federal grant that will be used to grade the land upon which an 18 hole course will go has been cleared.  Missouri’s Department of Natural Resources recommended this project (along with eight others out of the 43 that applied) to the National Park Service for funding. With very few exceptions in the past, these projects get funded. The course will feature some elevation changes and a pond on each nine. There might be verbal approval for the project as early as November, which could be a course opening next summer. Righter mentioned to me earlier that he’s been trying to get disc golf in Blue Springs now for 20 years, and that he was determined and optimistic that this time it will happen.
Lee’s Summit—Legacy Park: The tee pads have been poured and the baskets and tee signs have been delivered, but the disc golf course installation has been delayed while the Parks Department finishes a new amphitheater. Steve Casey, the Assistant Superintendent of Park Development told me that they are very close to wrapping up that project and expects to get to the minor grading and drainage work on the course. Casey is hopeful that the course will be in this fall, perhaps as early as September 30, but that’s only a best-case scenario. The good thing is that the both the Department and the Park Board are very much behind the project, so there will be disc golf in Lee’s Summit soon.
So Long to Ted’s Dread—But the Baskets Stay in the Area
The course has been pulled. Thanks for the fun times Ted Kubicki. The good news is that the baskets will still be in town. The Ozanam home for kids will get a nine-hole course that Dan Cashen will be designing and the other nine will be going in at the Old Pike Country Club here in KC, where Frisbee golf aficionados have been playing object golf for years. We will have to wait and see if either of these tracts will be open to the general public.
The Missouri River Courses
Of course, we all know how good the Missouri River looks when teeing at Water Works #1. Now by staying on the river, you’ll run into three more courses. The English Landing Course in Parkville is a fun and flat, not-overly long but still challenging nine-hole layout in a very busy park right on the Missouri River. I’ve been working with Parks Director Tom Barnard to refine the course a bit. There are still a few more tweaks to be made after which tee signs and tee pads, probably similar to ones Down Under will go in. The course is in easy walking distance of the Power Plant Brewery and the other interesting shops in downtown Parkville.
                  Keeping north on the River brings us to Atchison, Kansas, where one 18-hole and one nine-hole course are in Jackson Park. They both feature lots of elevation changes. The 18-holer has a good variety of lengths and has many more trees than the long nine-hole track that is longer and more open and includes some very nice views of the Big Muddy. I’ve been pondering holding a late season PDGA C tier there both to expose more people to the courses and as the last chance to get points for 2009 Worlds invitation. Of course, it’s a crapshoot running events in November, when the calendar opens up.
                  Oh yeah, I’d be remiss if I failed to mention the course that Kevin Montgomery developed at the University of Saint Mary in Leavenworth. While not right on the Missouri, it is on the route from Parkville to Atchison. It’s with great regret that I admit that I’ve never played the course, but Kevin reports that the course is a work in process. Please note that USM is a private campus but disc golfers are welcome provided they give Kevin a call to make arrangements. A map of the course along with contact information and other details can be found here:

Rick Rothstein
Disc Golf World
509 E 18th St
Kansas City Missouri 64108

816.471.3472 (phone)
816.914.0094 (cell)
888.237.6884 (toll free)
816.471.4653 (fax)

Tournaments / 12th Rosedale Amateur Championships--September 28
« on: September 07, 2008, 01:39:42 PM »
We'll have a downloadable flyer soon. We might have lunch for sale on site. Also, maybe closest to the beer. Not PDGA sanctioned.

If You’ve Been Thinking About Playing in a Tournament, Choose the Rosedale Amateur Championships!

We especially encourage players who have never played in a disc golf tournament before to play the novice, recreational, or junior divisions. We’ll be playing the top course only.

Sunday, September 28 — Rosedale Picnic Shelter — Registration: 8:15 - 9:15 a.m.
Players’ meeting/tee-off: 9:50 a.m.
2nd round tee-off: TBA
FFI or to register with a Credit Card, contact Disc Golf World @ 816.471.3472 • 1.888.237.6884 •

Entry Fees
Advanced Men or Women: $32. Intermediate Men or Women, Masters (40+), Grandmasters (50+): $27.
Recreational Men or Women, Novice and Junior: $22.  (KCFDC members deduct $2.00).
   Optional: $2.00 ace pool. All aces split the pool. If there are none, half the pool will go to the winner of a closest-to-the-pin shootout and half to the KC Flying Disc Club.

Players’ Package:  RAC 12 Tee Shirt!

Personalized trophy discs (delivered AFTER the event) in all divisions where there are at least four people playing. Also disc golf prizes and/or DGW Dough, redeemable for disc golf merchandise on site will be awarded to nearly 1/2 of the field.

Though not a PDGA event, we will be using PDGA player and local ratings as a guideline to help to ensure the fairest and most competitive play within each division. We will also use the PDGA guidelines that allow pros to play in amateur divisions. Give us a call to discover your player rating and/or to discuss which division is the best fit for you.

Advanced Men: If registered with the PDGA as an am with a rating above 934 you must play advanced. If registered with the PDGA as a pro with a rating below 970, you may play advanced.
Intermediate Men: Rating cannot exceed 934 for either pros or ams.
Recreational men: Rating cannot exceed 899.   Novice men: Rating cannot exceed 849.
Masters: (40 and older or turn 40 in 2008). Rating cannot exceed 934 if you're a PDGA pro masters player.
Grandmasters: (50 and older or turn 50 in 2008). Rating cannot exceed 899 you're a PDGA pro GM registered player.

Advanced  Women: Required if rating is above 799 for PDGA ams or below 850 for PDGA pros.
Intermediate Women: Rating cannot exceed 799 for either pro or ams.
Recreational Women: Rating cannot exceed 749.

Boys: Under 19, Under 16, Under 13, Under 10
Girls: Under 19, Under 16, Under 13, Under 10 

Three Players Required to Open a Division

Register Today!
Checks payable to  Disc Golf World, 509 E 18th St, Kansas City, MO 64108
or call 816.471.3472 or 1.888.237.6884 to pay with a credit card or FFI.

Club Archives / Course Preparedness
« on: August 27, 2008, 01:24:36 PM »
The EC  has been assembling a wish list that includes both what needs to be done to get our courses into Worlds readiness and some wish items as well. Below is what we have so far in a rough format. Some of these were written a while back and may have been addressed by now.

Please feel free to add your ideas here.

Also, we're toying with an adopt a hole program where the adopting player would be responsible for keeping his hole clean, removing dead wood, clearing rough, etc. Thoughts?


-rock ob's: pull the rocs from the short ends so the p and r can get in  and mow these areas. they could still be ob; but the ends would need to be chalked or whatever. .
-stain the deck

-fix drain on 13

-missing a few tee signs
Real tee signs.
Flags & flag sticks for the red baskets.
Steps going up to 14's tee need help.
The pond on the road by 12's pins needs to go. (insects)
Drainage needs to be done west of the gully (holes 9, 10 ) there is aleady basins there but they're broken. There currently is a swamp below the hill 8's pins.
Anything would be better the what is in place for all the rock ob's. Dig them out put some gate valves in and fill them with water. Then big water fountain's spitting water 10 ft in the air.
Power at the shack.
A soda machine.
Drinking fountain by the shack.
Hole 7 needs help as there is only one placement for it.
Hole 17 - bench needs to be reset.

    * Tee signs
    * Create 10 meter greens around each pin to be used for worlds. (seeding, fertilizing, shorter regular mowing)
    * Clear all of the dead wood out of the creek/tree line
    * DR mower the first 5-6 feet along the creek/tree line to facilitate finding errant shots
    * Cut down all low hanging/reachable dead wood from fairway trees
    * Install framed wood chip boxes in front of every tee.
    * For the week of worlds, plant flowers at the front edge of said chip boxes
    * Layout an OB on #13 such that it passes to the left of the 420 foot tree in the center of the open fairway. Make it a permanent thing with grass killer?
    * Rework of layout on holes #6 and #11: #6 would tee off a bit to the NW of 6 short. Shooting to #11 basket. (add a second placement to the left of the wooded outcrop (just north of current tee #6)).  You'd then play #12 along the street (move the right pin to a placement further up the street). Then you'd walk to an area about 60 ft in front of the current #11 tee pad and shoot east toward the current #6 long left. (though the pin should probably be moved a bit north between the trees). Then get back on track at current hole #7.  After #10 you'd go to #13. I suggest these changes to improve the usage of the wooded area and its surroundings on current hole #11 and to shake out the balance of the lefty vs righty issue on the course. To see what people think, I may try the configuration at an up coming league night.
      * Plant a ring of tall Juniper bushes around hole #8
    * Change how all the acreage on the various #14 placements is used?
    * Since it doesn't look like we'll get a replacement bench back for #11, I'd like to take the back off the one at the sign board.  Then, if anyone has some creative welding skills, it'd be great to get a custom back made with "Wyco Disc Golf" framed in as the new back rest there.
Wyco has lots of smallish dead branches on trees that I never see until I hit them.

Down Under
#10 and #11 bridges need rebuilt.
#7 bridge may need looking at as well.
#16 steps have been sorta fixed, but need more lumber.
General trimming would be nice as well, but that can wait.
#4 Tee sign. Get rid of the 4:20 notice and the other comments that have followed.
#6: Get the tee sign off the ground
#5: Plant the tee sign
#12: Replace the bent placement. We now have a few placement ins stock.
Lost of found: repair or get rid. Or take it down while a decision is made to use it again or replace it.
Other board: remove the glass.

Hole 4 - Remove that damn tree on the left of the tee ( that I have smacked while driving several times).
Hole 5 - fairway is a mud pit after any amount of perciptation. There has been an attempt to fix it, but we could do much better. Suggestion dig out and fill with some type of rock, the timbers that are already there and continue that path all the way down the hill. These 2 by's are extremely slippery when wet. Remove them. I also suggest some drainage at the top and bottom of the hill. Then seed the rest of the hill.
Hole 6 - Tee needs grass. Actually the whole area from 5's pins to the tee needs some help with grass.
Hole 8 - Raise the ceiling a little for a clear shot to the island. Mainly the tree line at the ob line.
Hole 9 - gap to long placements needs cleaned up.
Hole 10 - long placement cleaned up.
Hole 13 - some drainage to get rid of the swomp below the old road by the short placement.
Hole 14 - clean up the long placement on the hill.
Hole 15 - same kind of help as 5 but not as severe. Still extremely slippery ( espacially during the winter months with snow on the ground).

Water Works
needs more trimming in places...will start making notes of them
Chips on the path from #2 to #3 tee.
Chips the length of #6? Can grass grow here? If so, I'm not sure if people would enjoy a 17-hole course.
Stairs from 5 to 6.
Can grass be grown on #7. We could use the up the hill placement to give it a chance.

1-clear out the honeysuckle by the sign in area, chop it all off, maybe replace with actual shrubbery.  Prune the trees around the teeing area.
2-clear out the Honeysuckle around the pad to the right, and clean up the teeing area in general.
3-CLEAR OUT THE AREA TO THE LEFT, it is over grown, and needs to be cleaned deep.  This will allow those errant shots on the way down to be more visible.
5-prune trees up, mulch
6-fix stairs up to pad, they need it bad.  throw grass seed all over......
7-address erosion issues all over (more than this workday will do)
11-clear out stumps by road
12-Walnut trees need to be raised all over and have some actual "lines" put in(same with that silly shot way left, trees need cleaned up to give an actual shot, not just a righty hyzer, unfair shots suck.
13-the area to the right of the tee pad to woods needs mown, chopped, etc.  The area up the hill has been cleared out nicely.  We also should think about the far right top of the hill pin, and creat a couple of erosion areas, built up walls, one with the pin, and another about 30' away.
18-plant some trees, really miss that double mando of a few years back, and just clean up the area, as well as possibly replace the old "stairway" to the original top pin.

Prairie Center
needs some major trimming...both high, medium, and low. I guess we're waiting for the walking path to be completed before deciding what design tweaks might be necessitated.
The wish list may change dramatically if we get the OK from Olathe Parks & Rec about the availability of the land west of hole#14 and north of the pond.  I am going to assume that we are NOT going to get this land in time for the Worlds next year.  Here's my current wish list:
1) tee signs
2) moving tee pad and current pin placements for #14 south of the new trail
3) relocating #10 pin placements
4) clearing dead branches and small trees south of long #12 pin placement and opening another narrow opening to allow for a super deep new, challenging pin placement (already have arborist approval and one-man wrecking crew to get the job done)
5) install another pin placement on #16 (will be accomplished soon)
6) many new trees planted throughout the course, possible transplantation of some existing trees, and considerable tree trimming (arborist will call me soon and meet me at PC with details of how many trees, sizes, and species, and also will let me know which trees can be removed and/or transplanted and the extent of tree trimming allowed) 
7) along with the new trees I wish to relocate some existing pin placements to create new challenging locations
8) additional benches and trash cans (I need to contact Parks & Rec)
9) work towards filling in the erosion around some of the tee pads (already got a good start on that-thanks Tom).
10) adding a few new tee pads on a number of holes to create more variety and greater challenge
If we do get word of adding the new land to the west of #14 we may possibly be able to re-design some of the existing holes.  I don't know how many new holes we can create on the new land, but we may possibly add enough where we can alter the number of existing holes and/or change the design of some.  This of course may depend on how much Parks & Rec is able to allocate on $ and labor.

All courses.
Baskets same height and level with flag sticks and flags.
5' circle of mulch around all pins. ( Do we really need grass around them? Cashen pins get end up destroyed when mowers get too close to them.)
Permanent 10 meter circles. I'd say a strip of grass killer would work and be much cheaper then bricks. The Wide Open isn't going away, and after being the one to paint them quite frankly it sucks and is time consuming.
Pins a color scheme ( at least Cashen pins) with a Red (Short), White (Medium) , Blue (Long) and Yellow ( really Long). I personally don't see a point in more than 4 placements for a hole. ( but that's just me. If you think a hole needs to get even longer than perhaps a long tee should be considered. ) That goes back to something Dan Cashen has said in previous EC meetings. Leave the courses alone after they have been designed. 6-8 distances on a tee sign looks ridiculous.

Trash cans and benches for every hole.

Tee's - several at Rosedale need to be resurfaced (i.e. hole 1). Then there's an issue with the grass around and in front of tee's. Like there isn't any. Hole 2 at Rosedale comes to mind.

Perhaps the club should consider a chalk liner of this type for marking OB's and 10 meter circles.

The calcium carbonate used is way cheaper than paint.  A 50lb bag at $6 would cover vastly more footage than a can or two of paint.  When I coached a high school Track and Field program in Cali, I used to have to chalk line a quarter mile dirt track with an 8 hopper contraption to set it up for meets.  IRC, it didn't take more than 5 or 6 bags to do the entire length.  That's about 11,000 feet of lines with around $30 worth of material. As long as it didn't rain every day during worlds, the lines would remain the duration of the event.

Rosedale / Rosey League 8-20
« on: August 21, 2008, 10:16:09 AM »
Thirty six players on a pleasant evening with occasional breezes and one brief rain spitting. The Ace Pool got raided again with Jim Sherwood third (I believe) league ace in two years. It was  hole #1, but I don't know what disc he threw. Pete Cashen said he'd have refreshments celebrating his ace of two weeks ago next Wednesday.

Please note that with the days getting shorter, we need to start at 6:00 sharp. If you can't be there to sign up by 5:45, please call me at 816.914.0094 or John Chapman at 816.547.6148 to let us know you want in and we'll get you on a card.



Open (12)   
Arturo Villarreal   45
Bobby Villarreal   47
Joe Hesting   49
CD Steiner   51
Mike Thomas   51
Tracy Walker   51
Caleb Walker   52
Terry Adams   53
Eric Kolkmeier   55
Sean Elliottt   56
Nick Winkelbauer   56
Kevin Veach   59

Masters (10)   
Ben Hansen   48
Bryan Guthrie   48
Jay Rivard   52
Steve Harris   52
Bill Turner   54
Jim Sherwood   55
John Johnson   56
Rick Rothstein   58
Gary Harvey   61
Kevin Holy   62

Advanced (14)   
Roark Holzschuh   49
Dan Loomis   55
Tony Dutiel   55
Ian Schmidt   56
Mike Bailey   56
Brett Boyer   56
Ken McNickle   56
Matt Hummel   57
Beau Williams   58
Tim Novicky   59
Clay Chance   61
Mike Downs   64
Mike Allen   65
James Chescher   69

Tournaments / Scoreboard Needed at P Hill
« on: August 15, 2008, 02:29:33 PM »
Dan just called about a scorecard, and I discovered that we're missing two scoreboards that were here the last I looked. I think they may have gone to Michigan for some reason. There are a couple or 3 more boards out there. Where are they? Dan would like to have one tomorrow.


Rosedale / Rosey League 8-13
« on: August 14, 2008, 09:48:41 AM »
47 out on a pleasant warmish evening with little to no wind. Pete Cashen aces #4 with a Roc hyzering sweetly into the spot. That's the third league ace in one week—must be something in the air...or short layouts! The Rosey layout was shortish. Best score belongs to Mr Advanced Master Tom Butler who took the cash in masters with a 44. Kevin Hart's 45 led the open.  Last cash in open and masters was 48. Had to give out penalty strokes for a late scorecard.

Not sure how much the ace pool is. All ace checks will go out next week when Chappy returns from the Worlds.

1   Kevin Hart   45
T2   Andy Lewis   46
T2   Mike Murphy   46
4   Todd Henry   47
T5   Otto Spiers   48
T5   Tracy Walker   48
7   Kevin Veach   49
T8   Justin Starks   50
T8   Caleb Walker   50
T8   Jacob Bellm   50
T11   Fred Smith   51
T11   Joe Hesting   51
T11   Eric Kolkmeier   51
T14   John Riley   53
T14   Ben Taylor   53
T14   Dean Uhlmann   53
T17   Elza Gott   54
T17   Matt Hays   54
19   Chris Timko   55

1   Tom Butler   44
T2   Jim Sherwood   47
T2   Mike Thomas   47
T4   Kurt Miller   48
T4   Pete Cashen   48
T6   Steve Harris   50
T6   Gary Harvey   50
8   Terry Adams   52
T9   Eric Garberg   53
T9   Ben Hansen   53
T9   John Johnson   53
12   John Buckle   54
13   Rick Rothstein   55
T14   Steve Hostetler   57
T14   Mo Louis   57
16   Kevin Holy   60
17   Jeff Kelly   65

1   Dan Loomis   45
2   Aaron Gabrielese   50
T3   Tony Dutiel   54
T3   Brian Palmer   54
5   Adam Morrison   60

1   Matt Hummel   54
2   Mike Owens   60
3   Josh Edwards   67

1   Susan Taylor   65
2   Becky Stebbins   68
3   Leslie Palmer   70

Tournaments / 2008 Pro-Am Worlds
« on: August 12, 2008, 09:25:41 AM »
I hope people who are interested in next year's Pro-Am Worlds that are here in KC are paying attention to the 2008 version in Michigan. Here's how our locals are doing through the first day:

Justin Taylor Atwater: tied for 2nd (55<-6>-990 rated) in one of the four advanced pools.
Marshal Wolf: tied for 7th in the same pool (57<-4>-972).
Tattoo Steve Drew and Kevin Crist: tied for 31st (56<-1>-912) in one of the two advanced masters pools. Eliot Hicks (57<E>-901) in the same pool.
Paul "Pablo Klunel" Eklund: tied for 10th (54<-3)-934) in the other advanced masters pool.
Frosty Hicks in 7th (60<+3)>--892) in the 16 and under juniors: 60-892.
Walker Johnson in fifth place (80<+24>-631) in the junior boys 10 and under division. (Walker just turned 8 and is playing his first tournament on a full size course, having played only Yates competitively before.

KC's only pro: Joe Engelman teid for 28th (67<+1>-964) in the B pool of the open division

All ams scores:

All pro scores:

General Banter / Blahhgg Blog Blog: is back
« on: August 11, 2008, 04:29:28 PM »

Hope to be more prolific here now that we're back up. Check it out and let your friends and neighbors, and their friends neighbors know. Thanks.


WYCO / DGW to Wyco Today, August 1?
« on: August 01, 2008, 02:10:12 PM »
I have four coolers that will be needed tomorrow at Olathe that I'd like to deliver to Tom Butler at Wyco this evening. He has volunteered to fill them tomorrow. I will not be at Wyco (so please leave the ace alone for another week) because of the art show/mini golf contest/clearance sale here at DGW. If anyone is in the neighborhood and can take as many of these jugs as possible to Tom, it would be much appreciated.


Would you like to try something different this Friday? Consider coming to the Crossroads in Kansas City for

Disc Golf World’s First ”First Friday” Art Show, MINI Contest,  & CLEARANCE Sale

Starting at 5 will be Golden Warren's (KCFDC #705) "Through the Eye of An Artist" show. The body of his work will displayed in the DGW warehouse. Meanwhile, there will be mini-golf contests around the building at 5, 6, 7, and 8. In addition, all day at Disc Golf World, there will be lots of slow-moving inventory, priced to sell. Check this out 9-9.

And of course, don’t forget the Olathe Open—a 36-Hole PDGA Event on August 2

DISC GOLF WORLD • 509 E 18th • KCMO • 816.471.472 •

Tournaments / Olathe Open is August 2
« on: July 15, 2008, 12:37:34 PM »
Flyers, entry forms, and more information to follow, but registration is now open for the Olathe Open, a PDGA C-Tier. Get those points and earn your way into the the KC Worlds in 2009. Go here:


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