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Water Works / Re: outta towner gonna get 1st play on waterworks 6-19
« on: June 20, 2008, 09:57:43 am »
I would like to congradulate you on getting a full round in at BV without getting shot or mugged.

Were you being ironic Leo? If so, that's what the blasted smileys are for. Are you aware of any golfers being shot or mugged at Blue Valley?  (Quiz: At what disc golf park in KC was the only known armed robbery?) While admittedly BV is located in a rougher neighborhood where our presence is improving the area, implying that disc golfers are in peril at this park without backing it up is not only irresponsible, but potentially hurtful to the game. I'm not naive, and realize that because of its location, BV is in a higher-crime area, and would advise all park users to be vigilant when playing and using the park. I would advise this in any public area, however. I'm an urban dweller who knows that the difference between being properly cautious and aware as opposed to being just paranoid.


Tournaments / Re: Solstice Doubles -08
« on: June 16, 2008, 10:37:43 am »
Sure why has nothing to do with the PDGA..

how is it decided who plays where? if both advanced masters and pro masters are playing for cash, what are the criteria to determine who is eligible for each division? as you say, it's not PDGA, so those guidelines don't apply.

Tournaments / Re: Solstice Doubles -08
« on: June 16, 2008, 09:25:43 am »
Your flyer reads" Cash and Merchandise Prizes for all Divisions."

Does that mean ams get paid in cash again this year?

Club Archives / Re: 2008 KC Wide Open
« on: June 11, 2008, 11:54:51 am »
We're a young sport where only a few people, so far, manage to be "pros" in that they can cobble together a living of sorts. I would guess, for the most part, the players that this thread has been talking about...those in the 940 to 970 (and even those on up to 1000) ratings range are avid disc golfers who have jobs, families, and other responsibilities. Just because some one takes money for playing disc golf does not, in my opinion, mean he/she has become a professional. For the most part, we are still playing for each other entry fees, which means we are essentially gambling. The Wide Open added $4K to the pro purse, which means the rest of the purse was entry fees. Mike made one point that I'm in total agreement with: the pro entry fees have gotten WAY too high. I'm not certain what the threshold is for guys like Mike (and eventually Justin) to play open is, but I think an open entry fee in the $90 to 100 range (in a NT, lower for lesser events) might attract more borderline-pro-rated players to try the "big boy" division. (Also, including a disc or a shirt as a player package wouldn't hurt.) Like everyone else in town, I'm applaud Justin's great finish in his first multi-day event. I'm hopeful that he will keep his excellent attitude and continue to get better and better. The other side of the same PDGA rule is that ams can play in pro divisions, and get comped in merchandise if they "cash," and thus can keep their am status and Ams Worlds eligibility alive. Not sure what his plans are, but right now Justin is a definite contender for the Am World Advanced Men's title in 2009.

Club Archives / Re: 2008 KC Wide Open - GO KC!
« on: June 07, 2008, 10:56:53 pm »
The KC Wide Open party tonight at Blue Valley was loads of fun. Kelly Warren cooked burger and brats and veggies for all the players who showed, guests, and staff. Bob Hayett's band was perfect with lots of blues and rhythm and blues. And, of course, the two kegs of Boulevard got emptied.

I just perused the results, and gotta say, GO KC. We've got Justin Starks leading the advanced by 2. His 53 at Rosedale today was rated 995. Ken Hostetler is only 3 out of the lead in advanced masters. KC occupies the top 2 spots in the intermediate men's division, with Steve Harris leading Aaron Johnson by five. With a lead of 20 throws, Lindsey Keith needs to avoid falling into a sink hole to claim her intermediate women's title.

On the pro side, Arturo Villarreal and David Hemmeline are tied for 6th and 11th, respectively in the open. While likely a bit too far down to the leader, Steve Rico, they are both poised to win coveted USGDC invitations. In the "old" divisions, Bryan Guthrie in masters and Mark Stiles in grandmasters are both only one throw out of the lead.

Oh yeah, this is probably the windiest Wide Open in our storied 26 year history. I heard a few of the stories from was not easy for anyone.

Once again, go KCFDC players!

It should be more fun tomorrow at Water Works where all the pros are playing. The lead women's group tees at 12:30 and the top 4 open players go at 1:30. Check the tee times for the pros here: If attending,  please park in the Cerner parking lot directly across from the Park entrance. Spectators may enter a raffle for a Innova Traveler target. There will also be tournament discs and tee shirts for sale.

Just a reminder for those wanting to play casual rounds tomorrow: the ams should be finishing up at Swope and Blue Valley around noonish. Everyone associated with the KC Wide Open appreciates the majority of players in town who have cooperated with the course closures during the event.

.....on the subject of fat lady singing, wouldn't the Open benefit from the National Anthems played prior to the shotgun start?

I've never understood why the national anthem is played at sporting events. They are commercial events. The national anthem is not played at movies or plays and usually, not at concerts or nightclubs. What benefits do you see Jamie?


Rosedale / Re: Workday for the Wide Open May 31st
« on: June 02, 2008, 08:50:05 am »
Nice job everyone. Looking forward to seeing the stairs. Just got off the phone with Pat Guilfoil, who says the mowers will be there late Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday. Wyco is getting done today (I think)>


It was a good day for Rosedale.  The stairs are complete, and man that was a chore!!!!  I'd like to give a big thanks to John Buckle for picking up the lumber on Friday and being there today from start (9am) to finish (6:30pm), he was the man today.  I'd also like to thank Clay Chance, Nick Winklebauer, and Steve Glover for all their help on building the stairs everyone really pitched and put in a good days worth of work.

In addition we had crews out on the course trimming trees, weeds, cleaning up dead limbs and anything else they could, and I'd like to thank them too for their help: Steve Harris, Chris Timko, John Theiss, Brad Myers, KC Hippie and his playing group helped haul some debris as they played through 10 - 11, some other random golfers helped haul stuff too and I apologize for not getting their names. 

I hope everyone will enjoy and appreciate the hard work it took to accomplish rebuilding the stairs and cleaning up the park the best we could in one day, and give these people thanks they all deserve it!

Now if they can just get this course mowed before next weekend it's going to look pretty good.

Thanks again for all the hard work!


Thanks to everyone who helped out yesterday—Terry Adams, Jed Neenan, Jamie Barrie, Dan Cashen, Mike Keizer, Jim Kreeger, Becky Stebbins, Jon Stebbins, Aaron Johnson, Ken Hosteter, Bruch Wehling, Graham Long, Rick Rothstein. (I hope I didn't miss anyone who actually helped.) We moved lots of deadwood, removed low hanging branches to facilitate mowing, removed weeds and saplings growing at the base of tree trunks, removed the mud from Terrapin Station, weed ate tee and basket areas, and chipped several greens (or I think a crew was still going strong when I left at 3). The Wide Open's featured course should be looking great after it gets mowed tomorrow or Tuesday. Nice job everyone!


WYCO / Re: May 23 League???
« on: May 30, 2008, 04:31:41 pm »
i think rick is finally getting this smack talk thing down.

and  how to avoid work at the same time!

Club Archives / Re: 2008 KC Wide Open
« on: May 30, 2008, 04:29:54 pm »
Thanks DAVETV81 for the quick reply.  My question is one of semantics.  I guess I don't know what an "advanced men" is.  I know what "advanced amature" is as well as "advanced masters", but I always thought that advanced masters were also "advanced men."

So, for simplicity sake (cause I'm pretty darn simple), in what pool are the advanced masters?

Your confusion is understandable. We have two broad categories: pros and ams. Ams division include advanced (men and women), advanced masters (men and women), intermediate (men and women), etc. Thus, when the schedule says "advanced men," that's means men who are playing in the men's advanced amateur division. All other amateurs (adv women, adv masters, adv gms, interm men, interm. women are in pool D. Thus, I'm confirming what Dave wrote.

BTW, check in is on Thursday at Blue Valley from 12-8. Also, some pros (Brian Schweberger and perhaps Jay and Des Reading) are putting on a clinic at Blue Valley on Thursday in the afternoon. More on this will be forthcoming. I believe it starts around 4, but that needs verification.


WYCO / Re: May 23 League???
« on: May 30, 2008, 04:19:08 pm »
Any stats for league on the 23rd? Last week...

Just checking to see how much I stand to make tonight on an ace!!  ;D

Based on the relative  humidity, wind speed, temperature, and your history of earnings, my Nostradamus says zilch. But please, prove me wrong, and buy good beer to celebrate.


So... maybe by the end of the day, all courses will be in their appropriate layout for the KCWO?

Terry Adams was doing WW this morning. I suspect he's done. You coming out tomorrow and lending a hand Fred? I hear there's some Karmic return from working on the course that lowers scores.

1. Long
2. Right (by bush)
3. Middle (on rd)
4. Long right
5. Long  right
6. Around the bend
7. Original (left)
8. Short
9. The one with the nice green
10. Long left
11. Far right
12. Original (over the rise to the left)
13. Long left
14. Longest
15. Leftest
16. Longest (and the down tree is now gone)
17. Long right (peninsula)
18. Original (long right)

In the 6250 foot range.

Club Archives / Re: Fund Raising
« on: May 28, 2008, 04:02:05 pm »
What are the constraints of a video production team at the KCWO?

From what I heard, the Marshall Street event lost money and that played a factor in the dissolution of the partnership of Jason Southwick and Steve Dodge, wo used to run the MS Championships (it's not happening this year) and the Marshall Stree Disc Golf web site. (Steve's new website is  Prime Discs.) As a rule,  most DG videos don't make much money, especially if they don't scrimp on production values.

Sly, do you have the skill and experience in making videos and making them profitable or perhaps know of a person or company who might be willing to take a gamble on disc golf?  It might be a bit late for the Wide Open, but there will be a definite opportunity for the Worlds next year. The biggest constraint right now is not having a production team in place.


Several people will be meeting at Water Works on Saturday morning starting at 8 p.m. to bring the course into readiness for the Wide Open. One of the main tasks is to get rid of as much of the deadwood that is peppering the course. Some chipping might need to be done as well. If you have some time, please lend a hand. If you have time before Saturday, please start removing the dead wood. Either pile it in the lower parking lot, or start making piles that we can pick up on Saturday. The city is supposed to be out there today removing the large down trees.

I'll see what the Club has in terms of shovels, rakes, clippers, etc, but if you have your own tools that you can bring, that would be great.

Lunch and beverages will be provided.

Let me know if you can attend, or just show up! Thanks.


Jack and I met with the Gary Salva, the new director of the KCK/Wyandotte Parks Department, and one request he made of us was photos of the courses—Rosedale Up Top and Down Under and Wyco. This will be a good weekend for Rosedale. Here's the shots he wants:

As just a reminder, please send us any digital photos that you have of players and/or tournaments.
 Both closeups and wide shots would be desirable.



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