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Jack and I met with the Gary Salva, the new director of the KCK/Wyandotte Parks Department, and one request he made of us was photos of the courses—Rosedale Up Top and Down Under and Wyco. This will be a good weekend for Rosedale. Here's the shots he wants:

As just a reminder, please send us any digital photos that you have of players and/or tournaments.
 Both closeups and wide shots would be desirable.



Club Archives / Re: Waterworks
« on: May 12, 2008, 09:41:39 am »
Having cars park diagonally on both sides of the upper parking lot is the first thing to do. This means a staff person must be there to direct traffic first thing in the morning. The lower parking lot can be opened to accommodate more cars and there is room for a few more cars near the main street entrance. When all these spaces are filled, people start parking on the park road. In the past, we've gotten permission from Farmland to use the parking lot directly across from the Park entrance. Of course, Farmland is now gone, but maybe we can find someone at Cerner (hint! hint!) who can get permission for us to do that again.

Before a massive storm canceled the final nine scheduled for Water Works in 2005, we had a huge crowd there. The traffic, admittedly, was a bit chaotic, with cars parked from the entrance all the way to at least the 18th tee (maybe further), but we managed. It was a vicious storm that came in, which solved the traffic problem as well as canceling the final nine.


Someone asked me this question this weekend, to which I had no answer:

If the final round is going to be at Waterworks, where are spectators going to park, let alone the entire Open field?  We had 70 people at the Mighty Mo this weekend, and there wasn't a lot of space left to park.  Do you park on Main St at the west end of the park and walk in?

Rosedale / Rosedale League 4-30: Doubles!
« on: April 30, 2008, 11:03:40 am »

John Chapman has been carefully tracking all local scores this year, and by using the PDGA ratings formula has created local ratings for all who have played in leagues or tournaments. We will be using these numbers to determine pools from which partners for best-shot doubles will be drawn. Two divisions are offered: Open and Am. Open will play for cash, while ams will play for KC Kash. Both divisions will be seeded by local ratings to form two groups, from which teams will be made.

REGISTRATION CLOSES AT 5:45. You may call 816.914.0094 or 816.547.6148 if you are running late, but you must be there by 5:55 to draw partners. As we are not allowing any single (California) teams, we are reserving the right to disallow any late registrants (after 5:45) to play.

One of the prettiest spots in Kansas City in the early morning is the Swope Park Disc Golf Course. Although cool, the weather for the Swope Spring Renewal Pairs Championships was beautiful with party cloudy skies and generally light winds. All told, 110 players competed in a variety of divisions, including the Corporate Challenge men's and women's divisions as those players tuned up for their Corporate Challenge disc golf competition on May 3 & 4.

The competitive highlight of the day was the performance of Otto Spiers (throwing right) and Todd Henry (throwing left) in the open division, where they wrote only 2s on their second round scorecard for a Swope doubles course record of 36. This propelled them to a come-from-behind five-throw win over Fred Fortson and Bobby Villarreal, who nabbed the ace pool by throwing a Star Orc into the chains on his drive on #17.

The 100-Year Division was introduced for the first time in Kansas City. The oldest team (105 years) of Dan Cashen (46) and Rick Rothstein (59) prevailed over the younger teams of Bob Feild and Jim Burcham (102) and Duffy Carduff and Tavish Sanders, a father-daughter duo who just qualified (Duffy at 60 years 11 months and Tavish at 39 years and 7 months).

In the large am division of 19 teams, Jeff Whorton and Tom Mollenkamp won on the strength of a 13-under 41 in the second round for a come-from-behind win over first-round leaders (with Matt Fox and Eric Garberg) Cooper Arnold and Kevin Simpson. The mixed division was taken by the mother-son team of Becky Stebbins and Jon Stebbins. The student division was populated exclusively my members of the Shawnee Mission North Disc Golf Team, with Nick King and Ben Hilleary prevailing over Brian Coons and Zach Watkins.

The Kansas City disc golf community gave a nice welcome and some helpful hints to the Corporate Challenge competitors, most of who were either new to disc golf and/or disc golf competition. Not suprisingly, teams with experienced disc golfers prevailed in the afternoon round with Team Cerner's Chris Timko and Paul Reeter edging Team Kiewit's Tom Butler and Rand Watney. Stacey Clifton and Liz Borg-Bowman from Harley Davidson won the women's division.

Speaking of the Corporate Challenge, we need volunteers for spotting on May 3 (10-5) and May 4 (7-6) when 99 women's teams and 152 men's teams will be playing a round of disc golf at Swope Park as part of the 2008 KC Corporate Challenge. If you can help (even for an hour or two), please call 816.471.3472 or 816.914.0094.


Swope Spring Renewal Pairs Championships            
Swope Park Disc Golf Course • Kansas City, Missouri            
April 26, 2008

1   Todd Henry/Otto Spiers   46   36   82
2   Fred Fortson/Bobby Villarreal   46   41   87
T3   Steve Dresser/Jim Muzic   47   44   91
T3   Terry Adams/Ken Hotstetler   47   44   91
5   Elza Gott/Justin Starks   49   43   92
T6   John Chapman/Brad Merys   48   45   93
T6   Brian Aylward/Terry Euston   45   48   93
8   Paul Eklund/Steve Harris   52   43   95
100-Year Division            
1   Dan Cashen/Rick Rothstein   51   47   98
2   Jim Burchan/Bob Field   57   53   110
3   Duffy Carduff/Tavish Carduff   57   54   111
1   Jeff Whorton/Tom Mollenkamp   49   41   90
2   Cooper Arnold/Kevin Simpson   48   45   93
3   Aaron Johnson/Bruce Wehling   50   44   94
4   Travis Berndt/Brett Boyer   51   44   95
5   Matt Fox/Eric Garberg   48   48   96
6   Bill Neenan/Brian Neenan   53   45   98
7   Tim Becks/Mio Sillings   50   49   99
T8   Tim Noicky/Kyle Dudley   52   48   100
T8   John Riley/Caleb Walker   49   51   100
10   Aaron Gabrielse/Stephen Gunn   54   47   101
11   Dennis Freeman/Jim Sherwood   50   52   102
12   Nick Menses/Phil Brandt   55   48   103
13   Brian Palmer/House   54   50   104
T14   Tim Cox/Chad Ware   53   52   105
T14   Elliot Hicks/Frosty Hickes   54   51   105
16   Andre LaBruyere/Dylan Thomas   56   53   109
17   Craig Workman/Eric Handy   60   53   113
18   Travis Roth/Bobby Canfield   61   57   118
19   Kable Butterfield/Jeremy Crossland   63   58   121
1   Becky Stebbins/John Stebbins   57      55      112
T2   Kaylee Kincaid/Mark Nelson   60   56   116
T2   Brent Burgess/Tiffany Ohmes    63      53      116
1   Nick King/Ben Hilleary               65      50      115
2   Brian Coons/Zach Watkins   69   60   129
Corporate Challenge Men - First Round            
1   HNTB Men 1: Travis O'Dell/Walter Bleser   58      58
2   ATK: Peter Hokanson/Tim Coller   62      62
3   HNTB Men 2: Wes Owen/Jeff Simon   70      70
Corporate Challenge Men - Second Round            
1   Cerner: Chris Timko/Paul Reeter      44   44
2   Kiewit: Tom Butler/Rand Watney      46   46
T3   HNTB: Travis Odell/Leslie Palmer      54   54
T3   ATK: Peter Hokanson/Tim Coller      54   54
5   DST: Steve Reed Bill Jones         59   59
Corporate Challenge Women - First Round            
1   Harley-Davidson:Liz Borg-Bowan/Stacey Clifton   74      74
2   HNTB Women: Sarah Maun/Sara Henderson   79      79
3   UMB: Karen Brice Susan Davison   90      90
Corporate Challenge Women - Second Round            
1   Harley-Davidson:Liz Borg-Bowan/Stacey Clifton      69   69
2   ATK: Valeria Williams/Kimberly Merchant-Wirtz      70   70
3   H & R Block: Rikki Hannold/Rebecca Stotts      71   71
4   EPA: Patricia Reit/Rebecca Ladewe      76   76
6   DST: Jennifer House      100   100
Ace: Bobby Villarrreal--Round #2, #17, 254'.            

Final Pre-Registration List shows 39 teams. Registration opens at 8:00 and closes at 9:15 at Swope on Satuday, April 26. We've room for 15 more teams.

Call 816.914.0094 for further updates or questions.


Dan Cashen/Rick Rothstein   100
Jim Burchan/Bob Field   100
Craig Workman/Eric Handy   Amateur
Travis Berndt/Brett Boyer   Amateur
Aaron Gabrielse/Stephen Gunn   Amateur
Nick Menses/Phil Brandt   Amateur
Brian Palmer/House   Amateur
Travis Roth/Bobby Canfield   Amateur
Cooper Arnold/Kevin Simpson   Amateur
Tim Noicky/Kyle Dudley   Amateur
Tim Becks/Mio Sillings   Amateur
Jeff Whorton/Tom Mollenkamp   Amateur
Aaron Johnson/Bruce Wehling    Amateur
HNTB Men 1: Travis O'Dell/Walter Bleser   CC Men
HNTB Men 2: Wes Owen/Jeff Simon   CC Men
Harley: Matt Fox/Yalin    CC Men
ATK: Peter Hokanson/Tim Colyer   CC Men
H & R Block: Paul Power/Bryan Allen   CC Men
DST: Steve Reed Bill Jones   cc men   CC Men
DST: Jennifer House/Ron Schroeder   cc men   CC Men
Kiewit: Tom Butler/Rand Watney   CC Men
Cerner: Chris Timko/Paul Reeter   CC Men
Patricia Reit/Rebecca Ladewe   CC Women
HNTB Women: Sarah Maun/Sara Henderson   CC Women
UMB: Karen Brice Susan Davison   CC Women
ATK: Valeria Williams/Kimberly Merchant-Wirtz   CC Women
Harley:Liz Borg-Bowan/Stacey Clifton   CC Women
H & R Block: Rikki Hannold/Rebecca Stotts   CC Women
Brent Burgess/Tiffany Ohmes   Mixed   Mixed
Becky Stebbins/John Stebbins   Mixed   Mixed
Kaylee Kincaid/Mark Nelson   Mixed
Steve Dresser/Jim Muzic   Open
Elza Gott/Justin Starks   Open
Terry Adams/Ken Hotstetler   Open
Paul Eklund/Steve Harris   Open
John Chapman/Brad Merys   Open
Todd Henry/Otto Spiers   Open
Nick King/Ben Hilleary   Student
Brian Coons/Zach Watkins   Student

Tournaments / Re: Mighty MO DATE CHANGE-Saturday May 10
« on: April 24, 2008, 11:57:57 am »
Jack Lowe
300 Spruce
KC MO 64124

Or take to John Chapman at Disc Golf World, only cash and checks will be accepted there, though, and please make the checks payable to KCFDC.



You can also mail your entries to KCFDC c/o DGW, 509 E 18th ST, KCMO long as you mail it before May 6.


General Banter / Re: What's your least-favorite hole?
« on: April 24, 2008, 11:55:33 am »
Rosedale #18 Middle has been beating me up for years. Trying to sneak that mid-range upshot between the tennis courts and the tree line. So many fours...

Well, as of yesterday, that fence around teh tennis court is GONE.

Gone for now, but will be back. Talking with Pat Guilfoil who said that they're resurfacing the courts, getting a new net and fencing, painting the light poles, creating a concrete path from the tennis court to the parking lot, and adding a concrete slab for another picnic table. Not sure when it will all be finished.


UPDATED 4-23-08. Pre-registration is still coming along nicely with 27 teams, or half full. Call 816.471.3472 to pay with a credit card. Same day registration is from 8-9:15.  Bee there! An email will go out to the CC divisions tomorrow with more information.

Dan Cashen/Rick Rothstein   100
Jim Burchan/Bob Field   100
Craig Workman/Eric Handy   Amateur
Travis Berndt/Brett Boyer   Amateur
Aaron Gabrielse/Stephen Gunn   Amateur
Nick Menses/Phil Brandt   Amateur
Brian Palmer/House   Amateur
Travis Roth/Bobby Canfield   Amateur
Cooper Arnold/Kevin Simpson   Amateur
HNTB Men 1: Travis O'Dell/Walter Bleser   CC Men
HNTB Men 2: Wes Owen/Jeff Simon   CC Men
Harley: Matt Fox/Yalin    CC Men
ATK: Peter Hokanson/Tim Coller   CC Men
H & R Block: Paul Power/Bryan Allen   CC Men
DST: Steve Reed Bill Jones   cc men   CC Men
DST: Jennifer House/Ron Schroeder   cc men   CC Men
Patricia Reit/Rebecca Ladewe   CC Women
HNTB Women: Sarah Maun/Sara Henderson   CC Women
UMB: Karen Brice Susan Davison   CC Women
ATK: Valeria Williams/Kimberly Merchant-Wirtz   CC Women
Harley:Liz Borg-Bowan/Stacey Clifton   CC Women
H & R Block: Rikki Hannold/Rebecca Stotts   CC Women
Brent Burgess/Tiffany Ohmes   Mixed   Mixed
Becky Stebbins/John Stebbins   Mixed   Mixed
Steve Dresser/Jim Muzic   Open
Nick King/Ben Hilleary   Student
Brian Coons/Zach Watkins   Student

Bag Tags / Re: 2008- What number ya got?
« on: April 16, 2008, 01:11:43 pm »
#9 still is mine!

Been too long in the triple digits, although on the way down (150 to 132 to 123), and a shot at yur #9 would be nice. Rosedale league tonight? I'll be there.


As luck would have it, the weather really sucked for a full weekend of fun and golf at the seventh (and third "Final") Redbud Open. Actually, the weather kind of sucked for the two rounds of golf on Saturday, although the weather hardly dampened the good spirits of the 37 players who posted scores. The good news, weatherwise, was that there was snow and sleet, but never rain. The wind stayed pretty steady during the day, although there was relief from it in the woods. (And, of course, there are plenty of woods at Ted's Dread.) My guess is that the temperature never got out of the 30s for this springtime event. Oh yeah, nary a Redbud was in bloom and don't even think about mushrooms.

For the most part, the competition was close, with Fred Smith carding a 55 on the last round for a come-from-behind win over Dave Hemmeline by a single throw in the open division. I believe this might have tied the tournament record. Fred's round included no bogeys (as 1, 3, 14, and 15 are par 4s) and birdie 2s on 2, 6, and 18. (Short tees and pins were used.) Tavish Sanders won easily in the women's division. Andy Jewett, playing on the second advanced card, eased to a three-throw win in a competitive advanced field. Kyle Roadcap easily won the intermediate division and would have won the advanced division as well. Ryan Muenkes took the novice title by six over newcomer, 52-year-old Jeff "Blue" Donnelly.

Even though the weather put the kibosh on camping and glow doubles, Ted's tasty barbecue and a couple of kegs of Boulevard did wonders to ease the "frostiness" of the day. As to the future of this event and this course, no one really knows. The land is still for sale, as are the baskets. There is definite interest in the baskets at this point. Stay tuned...maybe the fourth final Redbud will return next April...but on the third weekend of the month!

Thanks to everyone who played and helped, and of course, to Ted Kubicki, for letting us hang out at his home for the day. Those private-land tournaments are always the most fun!

The Redbud Open
Ted's Dread Disc Golf Course
Kansas City, KS
April 12, 2008

1   Fred   Smith   61   55   116
2   Dave   Hemmeline   57   60   117
3   Arturo   Villarreal   63   61   124
4   Bobby   Villarreal   65   60   125
T5   Matt   Claflin   67   61   128
T5   Mike   Schoenhofer   65   63   128
7   Cecil   Cameron   61   69   130
9   Rick   MolenKamp   68   65   133
1   Tavish   Sanders   69   70   139
3   Angie   Biondo   86   79   165
2   Becky    Stebbins   90   95   185
Advanced Men               
1   Andy   Jewett   68   64   132
2   Brad   Damico   67   68   135
T3   Chris   Timko   67   69   136
T3   Chris   Davis   71   65   136
5   John   Theiss   67   71   138
6   Rick   Rothstein   67   72   139
7   Mio   Sillings   74   72   146

Intermediate Men               
1   Kyle   Rodecap   64   67   131
2   Tony   Dutiel   74   69   143
3   Kenny   Kullenski   70   74   144
4   Steve   Glover   73   73   146
5   Dan   Kubicki   79   69   148
6       Mike   Rogers   77   78   155
7   Jared   Fehring   77   84   161
8   Derek   Jones   84   78   162
9   Pat   Mulholland   81   84   165

1   Ryan   Muenkes   76   73   149
2   Jeff   Donnelly   79   76   155
3   Jonathon   Bourgeois   76   84   160
4   Robin   Nigh   87   81   168
5   Chris   Harrington   92   78   170
6   Mike   Cummings   94   89   183
DNF   Austin   Lange   80      DNF
DNF   Derek   Heneray   103      DNF
Also played:   Dick Parker-65, 1st rd only. Ted Kubicki-63, 2nd rd only.            


This revised flyer mentions that onsite registration is from 8:30 - 9:30 with tee off around 10.

I talked with Ted today, who is out of town through Friday. The course will be open for practice on Friday.


General Banter / Re: Oceans of Fun
« on: April 08, 2008, 09:54:15 am »
Hey Rizbee,

From what I could determine from talking with the Ocean of Funs rep at the Missouri Parks and Rec trade show about 5 years ago was that the baskets were most likely trashed. Ouch!

Please do try to make it for the KC Worlds. It will be a very good one!

Trivia: KC folks should know that Rizbee put together the first Course Directory back in 1985 or 1986 or one of those years.


I know there was a course in Oceans of Fun or Worlds of Fun at one point.  I'm assuming it's gone, since it isn't listed on the forum.  Any info on when it went away, why, where the baskets went?


PDGA #1752
San Marcos, CA

BTW...Rizbee Jr. and I played Waterworks on our drive to Milwaukee this past summer - one of my all time favorites.  Hope to be back next year for Worlds!!

General Banter / Re: Corporate Challenge?
« on: April 08, 2008, 09:49:20 am »

Here's what is known. The 99 women's team will play Saturday, May 3, with the first group going off at 10 a.m., followed by groups at 8 minute intervals. The 152 men's teams will start at 7 a.m. on Sunday. The scheduling was done by the other disc golf captain Kyle Piedimonte (Chappy and I are the other captain) with the Division A teams going off first. They were paired in alphabetical order. Thus,  Cerner, an A-division team, tees at 7:08 (men) and 10:08 (women). The men play with the City of Kansas City and the women are paired with Children's Mercy Hospital. I believe that all this information will be sent you to the team reps soon, perhaps as early as today. If anyone else wants to know their company's tee time, let us know.

The course configuration was selected by Chappy and me, and measures just over 5800 feet (see below). All the short tees will be used, the rocked off areas will not be OB, and #1 and #10 will have mando's in effect. The KCFDC is hosting this event, and Jim Neal, Dan Cashen, Nathan Fishback, Dan Coffman, and Tavish Sanders, have all offered to help. If you want to help (spotting, making sure there's water on the course, making the course clean before the event, etc.), let us know.

Here is the course we're using. The course will go to these positions for the last round of the Swope Spring Renewal, which means the exact course that will be used will be available for practice nearly a full week prior to the event. Oh yeah, DGW is offering a special $30 starter kit (leopard, shark, putter, starter bag, and mini) to CC competitors.


   1   331   BLUE
   2   287   RED
   3   393   BLUE
   4   438   ORANGE
   5 SHORT   306   WHITE
   6   309   RED
   7   306   WHITE
   8   273   BLUE
   9   365   RED
   10   300   RED
   11 SHORT   279   BLUE
   12   300   RED
   13 SHORT   280   RED
   14 SHORT   395   WHITE
   15   394   BLUE
   16   278   ORANGE
   17   254   RED
   18 SHORT   315   BLUE
   TOTAL FOOTAGE:  5,803

If there are questions, please ask away.


I'm going to try to get some info soon, but the KCCC people are not exactly the most forthcoming about information.  I tried to email them to get some info at the end of last month, and got no response.  Maybe Rick will have better luck.

The divisions tee time will all be dependent upon how may teams signed up.  I was out Sunday with a friend of mine who was playing with her company, and I saw 2 other company's out there.  So it looks like we've generated some good buzz, and will have quite a few participants.

General Banter / Re: Ace Report 2008
« on: April 01, 2008, 08:03:55 pm »
Dean Uhlman Hole #8 at Rosedale in the stump during the Ice Bowl 1-27-08

Dan Coffman Hole #12 at Pleasant Hill on 2/3/08

Cooper Arnold Hole #2 at Prairie Center on 3/1/08

Justin Starks Hole #2 at Rosedale on 3/19/08

Cool. I wanted to start including all aces in Chain Mail. To make the report fuller, we could include the disc thrown (model and weight), the hole length, and witnesses.


Here's an entry form for Ted's Dread:

Here's some of what the flyer contains:

The Third ”Last” Redbud Open
Ted’s Dread Disc Golf Course
April 12, 2008 • Kansas City, Kansas

Ted Kubicki cordially invites you to play, perhaps for the last time, Ted’s Dread, the course he planted on his property over six years ago. Times change and the property is for, this might be the last time to test your skills on this very challenging layout. Your entry fee includes free tent camping, two meals featuring Ted’s award-winning barbecue, beverages, and lots of fun! The field for this event is limited to the first 72 who pre-register, so don’t delay. You don’t want to miss it!

      â€¢ Two meals on Saturday
      â€¢ Free camping—camping set-up opens at 2 p.m. Friday, April 11th
      â€¢ Beverages provided
      â€¢ Not playing but want to eat? Only $12!
      â€¢ Friday night glow doubles
      â€¢ Sunday fun at Ted’s Dread—format to be determined
2008 Redbud Open Entry Form

Name___________________________________________ Date of Birth_________________

Mailing Address______________________________________________________________



Divisions (check one):  Open Pro____$45; Pro Grandmasters___$30 (born before 1959);  Advanced Men___$30; Advanced Masters (born before 1969)___$30; Intermediate___$30; Recreational/Novice___$30; Women*__$25.
*To open a specific division for women (advanced, pro, intermediate) requires three entrants.

Entry fee includes lunch, and dinner for the entrant only. Please add $12 for each extra dinner for your guests.

Entry summary:

Division fee:   $________________

Ace Pool $2.00:   $________________

___Dinners @ $12.00   $______________

Total:   $_________________

Please make checks payable to Ted Kubicki and mail to Disc Golf World, 509 E 18th St, Kansas City, MO 64108. To pay with credit card or PayPal, go to or call 816.471.3472.  A processing fee will be charged.

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