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Tournaments / Re: 16th Rosedale Amateur Championships Is October 14
« on: October 11, 2012, 09:31:58 am »
Thanks to Bob Ward, it is set. The second round will be shorter with 4-6 holes moved...1, 4, 8, and 18 for sure.

Is Rosedale currently set for the first round? I assume it will be by Saturday, which is when I'll first be able to practice anyway.

Tournaments / Re: 16th Rosedale Amateur Championships Is October 14
« on: October 10, 2012, 02:58:16 pm »
We're now at 67 players, which means room for 23. Still hoping to fill. Here's who is in:

Chris   Buckley   Am 1
Peter   Bures   Am 1
Jeff   Campbell   Am 1
Tony   Dutiel   Am 1
Edwin   Hart   Am 1
Ryan   Keck   Am 1
Eric   Kolkmeier   Am 1
Kyle   Lander   Am 1
Kevin Manning  Am 1
Drue   Allison   Am 2
Eddie   Colbert Jr   Am 2
Brandon   Deerr   Am 2
Rob   Hoesly   Am 2
Derrick   Holt   Am 2
Ben    Patterson   Am 2
Joe   Pavlecich   Am 2
Michael   Quiroga   Am 2
Jordan   Ramey   Am 2
Bill   Shinoski   Am 2
Brian   Van Biber   Am 2
Kyle   Alumbaugh   Am 3
Jed   Baughman   Am 3
Chris   Behrens   Am 3
Chris   Blevins   Am 3
Brent   Cady   Am 3
Brent Cakebread Am 3
Matt   Dixon   Am 3
Lloyd   Edwards IV   Am 3
Preston Frasch  Am 3
Jared   Finley   Am 3
Bryan   Hardin   Am 3
David   Jenkins   Am 3
Caleb   Laird   Am 3
Robert   Lawson Jr   Am 3
Tyler   Mattoon   Am 3
Kevin   McAdam   Am 3
JJ   Miller   Am 3
Corey   Owens   Am 3
Jake   Peterson   Am 3
Carl   Pledger   Am 3
Jim   Ramey   Am 3
Daniel   Starr   Am 3
David   Steeby   Am 3
Justin   Trent   Am 3
Duane   Waldman   Am 3
Shawn   York   Am 3
Aric   Anderson   Am 4
Bobby   Dietzel   Am 4
Robert   Fite   Am 4
Jason   Hern   Am 4
Wyatt   King   Am 4
Greg   Mattoon   Am 4
Joe   Teater   Am 4
Ed    Gonzales   G-Masters
Bill Hecht  G-Masters
John "P-3"    Park III   G-Masters
Dennis   Smith   G-Masters
Bob   Ward   G-Masters
Caleb   Beil   J16
Cameron   Beil   J16
Brandon   Christensen   J16
Jack   Rebel   J16
Tanner   Webb   J16
Eric   Garberg   Masters
Marty   Graham   Masters
John   Hauk   Masters
Bob   Slonka   Masters

Tournaments / Re: 16th Rosedale Amateur Championships Is October 14
« on: October 08, 2012, 01:18:10 pm »
How many have signed up so far?

48. Will post names in the next couple of days.

Tournaments / 16th Rosedale Amateur Championships Is October 14
« on: September 11, 2012, 05:13:45 pm »
Hoping to field the field with 90 players. Last year, several people didn't get in because they didn't register early enough. So register early and often.

We thank this year's sponsors: The Westport Tomato Company, Innova Disc Golf, the Kansas City Flying Disc Club, and Eagle Products. We are currently in discussions with other sponsors.

You can download a registration form/flyer at

But here are the words found in the flier:

Disc Golf World, in cooperation with The West Plaza Tomato Company
and the Kansas City Flying Disc Club, presents the 16th annual
Rosedale Amateur Championships
A Trophy Only, Non-PDGA Event
Sunday, October 14, 2012
Rosedale Park • Kansas City, Kansas

Field is Limited to 90 Players. The event has sold out the last
three years. Please pre-register & GET your spot today!

The RAC is About Fun & Friendly Competition and Learning About the Rules and Nuances of Competitive Disc Golf

       We encourage players who have never played in a disc golf tournament before to play this event, as well as experienced players who enjoy mentoring newer players. We will be explaining the rules and offering other suggestions to help you become a better player. Thanks to the Kansas City Flying Disc Club, there will be several pros on the course during the second round to help with your throwing technique, tournament mindset, and rules questions. Competitors will play the top course only. The first round configuration will be longer than the second.
       PDGA ratings and the tournament director discretion will be used in an attempt to ensure competitive balance in the Am 1, Am 2, Am 3, and Am 4 divisions. We encourage those with PDGA ratings to play the division that befits your rating. PDGA guidelines for pros playing as ams are allowed. If unsure about what division is right for you, please contact Disc Golf World.

*Players’ Pack includes  Tournament-Stamped Innova Premium Disc and Performance shirt, a $10 DGW Voucher, an official rule book, and a mini.

Entry Fee: $35

     Divisional champions, and depending on the size of the division, some runner-ups will win personalized, full-color trophy discs.
       *Please note that the value of the players’  package exceeds the entry fee price. However, we are offering an optional $15 prize-pool ”entry booster” for those who want to win Disc Golf World merchandise vouchers. There will be one pool with a 100% payout to 45-50% to the prize pool field.

8:15 - 9:15: Player check-in. Shelter
9:30: Players’ meeting/tee-off. 
There will be approximately one hour for lunch between rounds
TBA: 2nd round tee-off.

Entry Form for the 16th Annual Rosedale Amateur Championships

Date of Birth:__________________
Phone #:_____________________________   
Address:___________________________________________________________________  E-mail:_________________________________________________

Divisions:   ___Amateur 1 (advanced)   ___Amateur 2 (Intermediate)  ___Amateur 3 (Recreational)   ___Amateur 4 (Novice)  ___ Masters (40 and older)  ___Grandmasters (50 and older)    ___Junior 16 & under    Gender:   ___Male   ___Female.  Three players required for a Trophy Division.
Performance Shirt:  Men’s: ___XXX  ___ XX  ___ X  ___ L  ___ M  ___  S.  Women’s:  ___ X  ___ L  ___ M  ___  S
Disc:  Blizzard Boss 140-169; Star Destroyer 165-175; Blizzard Katana 130-159; Metal Flake Champion Mamba 150, 165-175; Star Sidewinder 150-175;      Star Teebird 165-175; Star Valkyrie 150, 165-175.  Disc Choice______________.  Preferred Weight______________

Pre-registering by 10-1 ensures that you’ll get the shirt size you want. Registering earlier helps you get the disc you want.

   Entry Fee:                          $35.00
   Optional Ace Pool: $3.00      $______
   Optional Extra Prize Pool  $15.00   $______
      Entry Total:          $______

Checks payable to  Disc Golf World, 509 E 18th St, Kansas City, MO 64108. You can also register in person or you may call 816.471.3472 or 1.888.237.6884 with questions or to pay with a credit card or PayPal. No fees will be levied for use of bankcards or PayPal.

Tournaments / Re: Paradise Diamond @ Smithville Lake - 09-28 & 09-29 2012
« on: September 06, 2012, 01:34:03 pm »
Precision in language is not a bad thing. While I'm incredibly delighted that there are "open" women in an "open" women's division because I count myself among those who like the concept of "open" women or even better, a group of them, this doesn't make it correct for disc golf tournaments. While women's open division is better, as it tells us it is "open" to all women, the "open" is rather redundant. This makes "Pro" Women a better choice because it tells us the Women will be playing for money. There is just no such thing as an Open Men's Division or a Men's Open Division, because the open division is just that: open to all players...regardless of age or gender. A masters divisions, by definition, is not "open" at all, you can't play in it if you're younger than forty. Open masters, therefore, is an oxymoron, of which military intelligence is one of my favorites.

quote author=jack link=topic=8101.msg64814#msg64814 date=1346954226]
Open is OPEN to any person, any division, hence the title OPEN division, and it is only in the Open Women, and Open Men categories, every other division is defined by either Pro or Amateur, with the exception of lower divisions, which outside of Jr's, are only Intermediate or Recreational that have no age requirements.

I dare you to find one in the PDGA listing, so thus my confusion as to if this is only for Open Men and Women or if it is meant to be all "Professional Playing" divisions...

Yes it is semantics, but it needs to be correct in the terminology for everyone to understand, because I sir, don't think that a Tomato is a Potato!

Besides that G$ thinks that the Tomato is god's mistake and shouldn't be on the planet anyway!

I apologize for continuing this thread's detour, but Mr BBJon (who are you by the way) implies that DGW charges a surcharge on bank cards for all purchases. This is absolutely false.  DGW's policy for accepting registrations for tournaments that ARE NOT DGW productions includes charging 4% , which cover the credit card fees and the time it takes to handle the transaction and the subsequent payment to the organizers. It's neither excessive nor exploitative. And of course, NO ONE HAS TO PAY WITH A BANK CARD. Players can pay with cash or checks with no fee being charged. As a point of information, DGW absorbs the bank charges on entries for DGW-produced tournaments, such as the upcoming Rosedale Amateur Championships. Now, please let's go back to having fun at what is shaping up to be the best LDO ever.

Well, in a word, Yes.  It does bother me.  I could take the time and piece together all the previous posts, but to be honest I don't feel like working that hard this morning.  I am, however, in just foul enough of a mood to keep beating this horse until It's sufficiently dead. 

1) if it's not a store sponsered event, why are cc payments being accepted at DGW for 4%?
2) I know it's not a club event, never said it was
3) just trying to shed some light on the fact there are cheaper ways to accept CC.
4) you don't think banks get hacked

I could go on and on, but I wont.

General Banter / Re: Anyone playing today?
« on: August 15, 2012, 10:56:50 am »
No, just flip your disc over or use a different disc to mark your lie, no one will care and if they do, tell 'em to go kick rocks. :D

Just in case you might want to play in a tournament some day where the Rules of Disc Golf apply, you should know that you can leave the thrown disc where it is and play from behind it. Flipping a disc or using another disc to mark a lie is not legal.  This should not diminish your fun in any way. Also, establishing a routine for putting is important for becoming a very good, or even a great putter. Remember that putting will get through times of no driving better than driving will get you through times of no putting.

To complete my pedantry this morning, here's the rule:
After each throw, the thrown disc must be left where it came to rest until the lie is established by the placing of a marker. This can be done by placing a mini marker disc on the playing surface between the hole and the disc, directly in line with the hole, on the line of play, touching the thrown disc. A player may instead choose, without touching or repositioning the thrown disc, to use the thrown disc as the marker. The marker may not be moved until the throw is released. A marker inadvertently moved prior to the throw shall be returned to its correct location. For the rest of the marking your lie rule, visit:

Tournaments / Re: Discraft Ace Race
« on: August 09, 2012, 10:42:06 am »

The Eagle, which was quickly re-tooled into the Aero landed in the Spring of 1983 (although the list below indicates an earlier date of approval). At that time, it was just a disc; there were no putters, mids, or drivers. It wasn't too long before this disc, that would someday be called a "putter," set a new distance record in the 500's. The Aviar came after the Aero, and then then the Aviar XD (extra distance). Below I've listed all Innova Discs that have been approved by the PDGA. The first disc that we can now call strictly a driver was the Phenix. It was tooled using the Aero mold, and the Aero went away for several years before its return as a "putter." The Phenix, thrown by Sam Ferrans, set a world record as well. Subsequent "drivers only" were the larger-diameter Barracuda and Scorpion, followed by the even-bigger Jaguar. The Viper with a 21.7 cm diameter was the first driver that was the same size as the existing midranges as the Shark, Stingray, Roc, Cobra. It wasn't until 1992 and the Whippet that a smaller (21.2) diameter driver showed up. Since then, most drivers have been close to this size.  I think it was in the first half of the 90s that companies started designating discs as drivers, midranges, and putters.

Eagle (old)   01/01/82
Aero   01/01/83
Aviar   01/01/84
Aviar XD   01/01/84
Coupe   01/01/85
Classic Ace   01/01/86
Aviar Putter   01/01/87
Hammer   01/01/87
Roc   01/01/87
Stingray   01/01/87
Cobra   01/01/88
Phenix   01/01/88
Shark   01/01/89
Aviar XD (retooled)   01/01/90
Lynx   06/21/90
Barracuda   09/16/90
Scorpion   09/16/90
Birdie   05/13/91
Birdie (retooled)   05/13/91
Condor   05/13/91
Jaguar   11/05/91
Viper   12/03/91
Whippet   02/07/92
Zephyr   07/06/92
Panther   07/26/93
Griffin   09/22/93
Piranha   10/28/93
Classic Roc   01/01/94
Cobra Classic   01/01/94
Pole Cat   01/05/94
Dolphin   02/21/94
Python   02/21/94
Gazelle   03/08/94
Ram   04/01/94
Gopher   08/09/94
Raven   11/10/94
Apple   08/10/95
Super Nova   08/10/95
Cheetah   10/10/95
Moray   10/02/96
Pegasus   03/21/97
Banshee   01/14/98
Cheetah (retooled)   07/28/98
Rhyno   11/09/98
Wolf   02/14/99
Eagle (new)   03/12/99
Puma   04/05/99
Thunderbird   05/03/99
Leopard   05/12/99
Gator   01/21/00
Firebird   03/21/00
Valkyrie   08/28/00
Spider   01/19/01
CE Leopard   01/29/01
CE Eagle   02/07/01
CE Valkyrie   02/25/01
Dragon   03/24/01
CE Aviar   06/02/01
CE TeeBird   06/02/01
CE FireBird   06/12/01
Archangel   08/21/01
Ace   11/27/01
CE Aero   06/05/02
CE Spider   08/12/02
Beast   12/02/02
Monster   01/26/03
Starfire   05/08/03
Viking   06/02/03
ORC   01/25/04
Hydra   05/10/04
Bulldog   07/08/04
Hero Disc Type 235   07/08/04
Sidewinder   11/24/04
Coyote   06/07/05
Wraith   08/15/05
Roadrunner   08/27/05
Goblin   03/06/06
Tee-Rex   03/06/06
CRO   06/21/06
Skeeter   07/08/06
Max   09/21/06
Firebird L (FL)   01/17/07
Kite   02/11/07
Teebird L (TL)   03/08/07
Gremlin   06/05/07
Starfire L (SL)   06/21/07
Destroyer   06/26/07
Sonic   09/19/07
XCaliber   03/13/08
Pig   05/20/08
Monarch   06/02/08
Pulsar   06/02/08
Boss   08/26/08
Groove   12/05/08
Dart   02/18/09
Mako   09/18/09
Katana   10/18/09
Wahoo   11/19/10
Vulcan   12/09/10
Wedge   12/09/10
Ape   02/18/11
Archon   03/09/11
TeeDevil   08/14/11
Lycan   11/13/11
Dominator   01/22/12
Mamba   01/22/12
Krait   05/02/12

Were they considered putters back then? Or just discs? 

General Banter / Re: Worlds Picks 2012
« on: July 17, 2012, 08:58:36 am »
Open: Feldberg (Johansen)
Women: Stanhope (Hokom)
Masters: Climo (Mcrae)
Wom Masters: Burl
G Masters: Mela (Hosfeld)
W Gmasters: Kreml
SGM: Beaver (Shirai)
Legends: Shive

Tournaments / Re: 30th Kansas City Wide Open
« on: May 27, 2012, 11:00:05 am »
Just got word from the Photo Editor at DiscGolfer magazine that they will hold the press for the Wide Open to see if we can come up with a riveting action or emotion-laden photo of the eventual open and/or open women's champions. We have to deliver to the photo by Monday morning. Think cover...vertical orientation. If it makes the cover by itself, they'll pay up to $100. If you're interested and have the equipment to produce a very high-resolution photo, please call me.


Tournaments / Re: 30th Kansas City Wide Open
« on: May 27, 2012, 10:07:55 am »
It a typo, but may want to clarify via email that the final round Sunday is at 8:10 am and not pm

Typo's been fixed. Also have added that B-Tier check in is at Rosedale.

Tournaments / Re: 30th Kansas City Wide Open
« on: May 27, 2012, 10:07:03 am »
As I'm officially an "Out-of-Towner" now, completely stoked to be making the trip up there for this!  8)

Question though, and I'm pretty sure I know the answer but, I'll be traveling up there either Thursday evening or EARLY Friday morning and wanted to make sure that check-in for me to get the players pack and what not would be possible before/at the first round?....giggity...


We intend to have players package at the course for those unable to check in on Thursday. If you get there earlier enough (30 minutes or so before the meeting), we should be able to get it to you before the round. After the round, for sure.


Tournaments / Re: 30th Kansas City Wide Open
« on: May 27, 2012, 10:04:41 am »

I was under the impression that round 5 for the NT would be on tee times. Is that not the case? (I saw the approximate time for the top cards but other than that it was unclear.)


Tee times were never a consideration after we decided to go with a LOT of golf AND a final 9.


Tournaments / Re: 30th Kansas City Wide Open
« on: May 26, 2012, 04:06:10 pm »
Here's the official schedule. It's part of a letter that has been sent to registered players. Please note that we are now limiting the NT to 72 players, the A-Tier to 144 players, and the B-Tier to 72 players. The registration list at is updated as of 4:00 on May 26.

Scheduling Information
There are actually two schedules below: the first includes all events and times and the second shows the disc golfing schedule only, broken down by PDGA Tournament classification and pools and times. Look at the second schedule for which courses you will be playing. Please note and share this information to people who are still considering whether to play or not, that we are now limiting the NT to 72 players, the A-Tier to 144, and the B-Tier to 72. Current registration for each is: NT—54 in, holding spots for 5 players—13 left; A-Tier—125 in, holding a spot of one player—14 left. B-Tier—42 in—30 left.

As you review the playing schedule, A-Tier players please take note that as we move towards our 144 capacity, that we might have to switch up some divisions to make sure that each pool has roughly the same number of players in it.

Schedule of Events for the 30th Annual KC Wide Open
Thursday, May 31 – Swope Park
Noon-6 pm:     NT/A-Tier Check in. Triple X Games Registration and Early Competition. Camping registration.
1:00 pm-3 pm:    Youth Clinic Presented by Fade Gear and Innova Disc Golf
3:15 pm-3:30 pm:    Jeff Sheetz & Team Towzer Disc Dogs
5:15 pm-5:30 pm:    Jeff Sheetz & Team Towzer Disc Dogs
5:30 pm-6:30 pm:    Opening ceremony and welcome to Kansas City.

Friday, June 1
8:10 am:       First Round players meeting
8:28 am:       First Round two-minute warning
8:30 am:       First Round tee-off
12 pm-6 pm:    Rosedale: B-Tier check-in and late registration
1:00 pm:       Second Round players meeting
1:18 pm;       Second Round two-minute warning
1:20 pm:       Second Round tee-off
1:20 pm:       All courses – tee-off
5:00 pm:      Enjoy Kansas City. Fun at the Frisbee Mountain Campground.

Saturday, June 2
8:10 am:       Third round (NT, A-Tier), First round (B-Tier) players meetings
8:28 am:       Third round (NT, A-Tier), First round (B-Tier) two-minute warnings:   
8:30 am:       Third round (NT, A-Tier), First round (B-Tier) tee-offs
1:00 pm:       Fourth round (NT, A-Tier), Second round (B-Tier) players meetings:
1:18 pm:       Fourth round (NT, A-Tier), Second round (B-Tier) two-minute warnings:
1:20 pm:       Fourth round (NT, A-Tier), Second round (B-Tier) tee-offs
4:00 pm:       Swope Park Main Bandstand: DJ Cyrus D. Triple X competition for non-KCWO players
5 pm-9 pm:    Swope Park Main Bandstand: Saturday Night Soiree  featuring dinner starting at 5:30, DJ Cyrus D, XXX games, KCWO Champions Recognition.

Sunday, June 3
8:10 am:       Fifth round (NT, A-Tier), Third round (B-Tier) players meetings
8:28 am:       Fifth round (NT, A-Tier), Third round (B-Tier) two-minute warnings:   
8:30 am:       Fifth round (NT, A-Tier), Third round (B-Tier) tee-offs
12 pm:       Rosedale: A-Tier and B-Tier Awards Ceremony

Swope Park
12 pm-1:30 pm:   Lunch, free time, DJ Cyrus D
1:30 pm:       Final 9 for top 4 open players and top 3 women’s open players
3 pm-3:15 pm:    Flying Disc Dogs Demo — Jeff Sheetz and “Team Towzer”
3:15 pm-4 pm:    Awards and Closing Ceremonies
4:00 pm-4:15 pm:    Triple X Games Finals in Accuracy, Speed-Putting, & KC Hold ‘Em
4:20 pm-8:30 pm:    Free Concert in the Swope Park: Featuring Counter Culture,” KC’s favorite jam-band!
Playing Schedule for the 30th Annual KC Wide Open
This schedule is based on registration numbers on May 25. Pool A and Pools D will not change. Depending on final registration numbers, there might be some divisional switching in Pools B and C. Also, round 2 start times are subject to slight alteration.

KCWO — NT   Pool A – Divisions: Open & Women’s Open
Friday 8:10 am   Round 1: Wilbur Young Park 
Friday 1:00 pm   Round 2: Blue Valley Park 
Saturday 8:10 am   Round 3: Rosedale Park
Saturday 1:00 pm   Round 4: Water Works Park 
Sunday 8:10 pm   Round 5: Swope Park
Sunday 1:15 pm   Final Round for top 4 men and top 3 women: Swope Park

KCWO — A-Tier   Pool B - Divisions: Pro Masters, Pro Women Masters, Pro Grandmasters, Pro Sr Grandmasters, Advanced Grandmasters, Adv Senior Grand Masters
Friday 8:10 am   Round 1: Blue Valley Park   
Friday 1:00 pm   Round 2: Wilbur Young Park 
Saturday 8:10 am   Round 3: Water Works Park
Saturday 1:00 pm   Round 4: Swope Park 
Sunday 8:10 am    Round 5: Rosedale Park

KCWO — A-Tier   Pool C - Divisions: Advanced Men, Advanced Women, Advanced Masters
Friday 8:10 am   Round 1: Swope Park   
Friday 1:00 pm   Round 2: Water Works Park 
Saturday 8:10 am   Round 3: Wilbur Young Park
Saturday 1:00 pm   Round 4: Rosedale Park 
Sunday 8:10 pm   Round 5: Blue Valley Park

KCWO — B-Tier   Pool D - Divisions: Intermediate Men, Int. Women, Recreational, Novice
Saturday 8:10 am   Round 1: Swope Park 
Saturday 1:00 pm   Round 2: Blue Valley Park 
Sunday 8:10 pm   Round 3: Water Works Park

Address questions to:
Rick Rothstein 816.471.3472 or 816.914.0094
Crazy John Brooks: 913.220-0591
Dan Cashen (camping): 913.638.6399
Also, visit for updates.

Tournaments / Re: 30th Kansas City Wide Open
« on: May 23, 2012, 05:57:43 pm »
You playin the KCWO Mr. Otter?

How about you Tom?

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