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Tournaments / Re: Ice Bowl - 2008
« on: January 16, 2008, 03:58:00 pm »
how early will you be out there and set up Rick ??

Probably around 7:45 or a bit earlier.

Tournaments / Re: Ice Bowl - 2008
« on: December 29, 2007, 01:20:08 pm »
Please go here— —to download a registration form for the 21st Annual KC Ice Bowl on January 27. As the Ice Bowl is KC's largest annual event, we're not changing it up much—play with your own group the first round (when you can use all the mulligans you care to buy) and then a break for the chili feed (please bring chili) and the CTP contest. (Please bring prizes to donate or hit your favorite restaurant or store up for a gift certificate. Best prizes so far are a DISCatcher Traveler (retails for $125)  and a $50 DGW gift certificate.) There will be a second nine holes for those who want to have a chance at winning a disc and of course, to get their name engraved on the Ice Bowl perpetual trophy. No mulligans allowed during the second round.

We've added a new charity this year. Besides the Bishop Sullivan Center (, which has been our only charity for several years, we welcome club member Dave Emerson's FLHW Foundation ( After discovering that he had a very bad case of prostate cancer, he formed FLHW to help find a cure. Our goal this year is to raise $3300, with FLHW getting 1/3 of the total.

A word about which charities are most appropriate for our Ice Bowl is that we really want to choose causes that are local, which allows us to better integrate ourselves within the community at large. This can have benefits beyond just doing good things. For example, we had the Bishop Sullivan Center on our side when we went ofter PIAC money, which led to both Cliff Drive and Blue Valley.

Although I don't view our Ice Bowl as a competition with the other Ice Bowls who are raising more money than we, I am entirely open to the idea of raising more money. Steve Glover, if you know of a person or company who might be willing to match our donations, please let me know whom to contact. I'll follow up on that right away. I know that St Cloud, which raised an incredible $21K last year, got a nice matching grant, but they work on Ice Bowl all year long as well. As others have mentioned, some Ice Bowls run fund-raising events prior to Ice Bowl to buoy their total. Other Ice Bowls work the business community and generous disc golfer for cash donations. I'll be glad to work with anyone who wants to pursue more sponsorship, but we need to hit the streets soon.

While raising more dough is a laudable goal, I'm remain quite proud of the KC disc golf community for what we've done with Ice Bowl. We have a whole bunch of fun as we play some golf, eat and party, and don't whine. Also, we've managed to get some very nice publicity for the event and our sport as well. Let's do it again! Oh yeah, if it remains icy, we will not go Downunder for the second round. (This might been sixsomes, but no more broken bones!)

As always, the success of this event has to do with lots of people pitching in. Right now we need things such as a generator, more tables, more chili and other dishes (beer?), donations (cash or prizes), judges for the chili contest, a prize for the chili contest, and so on. If you want to donate some time in the running of the event, please give me a call at 816.471.3742. Looking forward to catching up with everyone on January 27. My prediction for the weather is no snow and 48° as a high. (Anyone want to run a weather prediction pool—half going to the winner and the other half to charity?)


Beginners / Re: Disc shapes and weights
« on: December 24, 2007, 11:57:28 am »
What would be good disc shapes and weights for low strength beginners? The promise of "long straight drivers" by the manufacturers is anything but for a novice. Any suggestions?

First of all, please take any advice you receive in disc golf, especially on line, with skepticism, including my answer here. We offer advice at Disc Golf World to people new to the game, and there are more new people all the time.  Before making any recommendations, we first ask about what discs the person is throwing and how they fly. We also determine which hand the player uses to throw and if they are throwing predominately backhands or forehands. The physique and gender of a new player also influences the advice we offer. Sooo, Crickey, let us know what discs you have tried and how you throw them. Generally speaking, it is better to learn to throw with a putt and approach or midrange discs. As to the shape of a disc, keep it round.



Tournaments / Re: Ice Bowl - 2008
« on: December 06, 2007, 12:43:26 pm »

The 21st Kansas City Ice Bowl is, indeed, January 27 at Rosedale.  I'll try to have registration forms and pledge sheets available next week. We are open to the idea of supporting more than one charity this year. Also, there will be a limited number of Ice Bowl hot-stamped Champion Destroyers available for fundraising purposes only. They'll be in the 30 buck range.

Who's bringing chili this year?

More later.

Hey club guys........any idea when the Ice Bowl will be?

Yep, gotta pretty good idea:

Shawnee Mission / Re: GLOW Troubles
« on: November 22, 2007, 03:07:01 pm »
When entering into an agreement with Johnson County Parks and Recreation, the KCFDC agreed to abide by the rules and regulations that govern the Park. I expect that the directors of Club events and leagues at the Park will be educating participants about these rules and discouraging any illegal behavior during these events. That being said, the Club, outside of communicating these rules in newsletters, course boards, and on our web site, cannot ensure what individuals choose to do. From what's been written here, it sounds like the Park Rangers are pretty adept at enforcing the rules, and thus, I don't think a few people getting busted here and there would result in the course's removal.

For more about the Johnson County P & R regulations, go to

Here you will find a set fine schedule for:

2.1.3 Dogs off leash: first offense $50; 2nd $75; 3rd $100.
2.1.6 Alcohol possession: $50; $75; $100.
2.1.13 Curfew violation: $25; $50; $100.

So, if you have a hankering to let Fido run wild on the disc golf course during a late-night round while drinking a beer, it might well be a $125 fine (and they'll probably empty your beer)!

I fully expect this course to be discovered by lots of new players, including families with younger children. With the success of John Theiss' junior tournament and the opening of this alcohol-free course, I think there are immense opportunities to promote the healthful benefits of disc golf in addition to its competitive and social benefits. I can foresee one or two smoke- and alcohol-free tournaments being added to the calendar next year.

General Banter / Re: Water Work-s Day
« on: November 19, 2007, 09:25:18 am »

At one time, the Club owned shovels, rakes, pitchforks, and had some tarps. They are not here in the Club's storage area in the basement.  I've heard that lots of the KCFDC stuff has migrated to the storage area at Swope. Dan C, Jim N, or Jack L can get you there.

Do you have some trash bags. Some of the guys I've talked to wouldn't mind taking care of the trash on a hole or two if they had bags.


Blue Valley / Re: Blue League Time
« on: November 13, 2007, 07:33:24 am »
about 20-30 rounds a week

I'm curious how you ascertained that number and how many RPW (rounds per week) there are at other courses in town.

General Banter / Re: Call for you to HELP-Do you want to make a difference?
« on: November 12, 2007, 12:35:32 pm »
The club certainly needs a secretary in a bad way. I can't even remember the last news letter. There hasn't been many of those in the last 3 or so years.

What's does being secretary involve?  That may be a position I'd be interested in.

The Secretary is responsible for taking meeting minutes (either he or she does it and finds someone do it--thanks Kevin!!). After that, the minutes are written up and sent to the rest of the EC for approval. Once the minutes are approved, the Secretary posts them out here, perhaps through Topica (although that will likely be phased out  next year), and if they are really, really good, to get them posted on course boards.

The Secretary is also the lead person in getting newsletters out, ideally at least four times a year, and perhaps up to 6 mailings a year. Important information to convey includes announcements about elections, general meetings, events, work days, picnics, parties, hangings, etc. To foster better communication, the Secretary needs to be in almost constant communication with the other members of the EC to get them to share in the communication process. Having good writing skills is a big asset for anyone who is Secretary. A Secretary with some internet skills is plus as we'll want to send electronic newsletters when possible to save money and time. Once the NL is laid out, it must be printed, folded, addressed, stamped, and delivered to the post office. Extra copies should be delivered to league directors and DGW. A conscientious Secretary will likely be spending 20-30 hours per month.

General Banter / Re: Corporate Challenge?
« on: November 06, 2007, 12:19:31 pm »
We met with Katie Roder this morning at DGW, who affirmed that disc golf is indeed in the CC this year. The date, pending final approval, is May 3-4 at Swope. The format is doubles: one men's and one women's team per company. We were speculating just how many disc golf entrants we can can expect. How many people on this board work for companies that are in the CC.

All and all, this is a great opportunity to connect with the corporate world as we begin the sponsorship search for the Worlds.


It was, indeed, am impressive day for disc golf in Kansas City. Congratulations to John Theiss and Greg Goodman for all they have done to get the course in the ground, and then, building up so much interest in the game in a very short amount of time. Thanks for letting me be part of it. I'm looking forward to future junior events and seeing which kids are going to represent KC in the Pro-Am-Junior Worlds here in 2009.

Here's an article from the Examiner:


Tournaments / Re: 11th Rosedale Amateur Championship Is On October 14
« on: October 15, 2007, 11:29:02 am »
Thanks to everyone who made the 11th Annual Rosedale Amateur Championships a huge success. We had 69 players out there yesterday, which you may have noticed was an exceptionally pleasant autumn day with temps in the 70s, and enough wind that you had to think about it. There's some new talent on the rise in KC, including the intermediate men's champion, 21-year-old Kevin Simpson, who tallied 107 for the 36 holes, including a 49 on the final round, to edge Tony Dutiel and Justin Starks by three. It was his first-ever organized event. Also playing his first tournament was Danny Craig, who is 15-years old and won over Shane Wickliffe by three, carding a 117. The big story in the advanced division was champion's Cecil Cameron's final round of 44, his best tournament round ever. He jumpfrogged over several players as he came from the second group to nab the win by 8 over Chris Timko with a total of 99. In the women's division, Susan Taylor came from behind to edge Lesli Palmer by one throw. And finally, in the battle of the titans in the masters division, Dan-O Craig (Danny's dad) prevailed in a two-hole playoff for the win over Eric Garberg. There were no aces with $48 going to Josh Query who was closest to the pin in the throw-up. The other $48 is part of the $100 donated to the KCFDC from the tournament

Thanks to everyone for the good cheer and cooperative attitudes (it was almost Ice Bowl-like with the absence of whining). In addition, thanks to John Chapman and Dick Parker for the scoring help, Kelly Warren for the sandwich and securing some beer, Jeff Whorton (who couldn't play) but moved the baskets betwen rounds, and Sean Gibson who brought the "course closed" signed that I had forgotten for the first round. And thanks to all the guys who made loading the car a breeze prior to the first round.

The biggest mistake on the day for me (tournament running that is) was not clearly marking the OB on the island. I apologize for any competitive inconsistencies that this caused. It will be well-marked next year!

Anyway, I've jabbered long enough. Below are the scores.

Thank again for a great day.


11th Annual Rosedale Amateur Championships • October 14, 2007 • Kansas City, Kansas               
Men's Advanced                
1   Cecil   Cameron   55   44   99
2   Chris    Timko   53   54   107
T3   Dennis    Freeman   57   51   108
T3   Rick   MolenKamp   55   53   108
T5   Sean   Eliott   56   53   109
T5   Fred   Netherton   52   57   109
T7   Tracy   Walker   53   57   110
T7   Tom   Demark   52   58   110
T9   Ben   Tayor   53   58   111
T9   CJ   Johnson   53   58   111
T11   John   Chapman   60   54   114
T11   Steve   Harris   60   54   114
13   Dick   Parker   53   62   115
14   Eric   Kolkmeier   65   53   118
15   Josh   Query   61   59   120
16   Matt   Shively   59   62   121
T17   Clay   Chance   62   60   122
T17   Vlad   Wunschl   60   62   122

1   Dan-O   Craig   54   53   107
2   Eric        Garberg   53   54   107
3   Kelly   Warren   55   56   111
T4   John   Buckle   57   56   113
T4   Steve   Glover   59   54   113
6   Mart   Morales   60   55   115
7   Jeff        Hoglund   58   60   118
8   Peter   Brown   62   68   130
   Rick    Rothstein   65   DNF

Men's Intermediate               
1   Kevin   Simpson   58   49   107
T2   Tony    Dutiel   53   57   110
T2   Justin    Starks   55   55   110
4   John   Welty   55   56   111
T5   Matt   Taylor   57   57   114
T5   Brian   Welty   59   55   114
7   Jacob   Bellm   58   57   115
8   Brian    Palmer   58   58   116
T9   Andre   LaBruyere   60   57   117
T9   Jesse    Wallace   56   61   117
11   Cooper   Arnold   59   59   118
12   Elza    Gott   60   60   120
13   Steve   Flowers   61   60   121
14   Marty   Graham   61   61   122
15   Scott   Conner   59   64   123
T16   Chris   Craig   65   62   127
T16   Mike   Gardner   63   64   127
18   Ryan   Oldham   69   64   133
19   Roger   Lamb   66   68   134
20   David   Daniel   70   72   142

Women's Intermediate               
1   Susan   Taylor   73   72   145
2   Leslie   Palmer   69   77   146
3   Linsdey   Keith   78   80   158
1   Danny   Craig   59   58   117
2   Shane   Wickliffe   59   61   120
3   Rob   McClary   64   57   121
4   Sean   Baker   67   60   127
T5   Mark   Hogins   62   66   128
T5   Robert   Walker   66   62   128
T5   Matt   Habinger   65   63   128
8   Scott   Tanner   67   62   129
9   Jed     Baughman   68   64   132
10   Michael    Graham   66   67   133
11   Mikey   Fletcher   68   66   134
T12   Clay   Todd   69   67   136
T12   Ronald Tewrillinger   73   63   136
14   Josh   Heller   72   67   139
15   Mike   Schelp   70   71   141
16   Josh   Easterlund   74   72   146
17   Steve   Rademacher   78   78   156
18   Mark   Cooper   85   79   164
19   Matt   McClary   79   86   165

Tournaments / Re: 11th Rosedale Amateur Championship Is On October 14
« on: September 17, 2007, 01:06:15 pm »
Since I'm a recent resident of the KC area, could somone tell me which pins are the "original" Rosedale settings?

The Original course is the top course. It went in the ground in 1985. The Downunder went in in the mid-90s (maybe).  The pins will be mixed: a little longer the first round, and shorter for the second.


Tournaments / 11th Rosedale Amateur Championship Is On October 14
« on: September 17, 2007, 10:36:44 am »
The RAC XI will be held this year on Sunday, October 14, 2007 at Rosedale Park. As in past years, we'll be playing the Original Rosedale course for both rounds. Please download a entry form at 

You can register online at at

If you have questions about the event or want to explore sponsorship opportunities, please either email me at or call 816.471.3472.

See you there....Rick Rothstein, TD (and possible player in the masters)

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