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General Banter / Meeting Really is on Wednesday, November 8
« on: November 03, 2006, 04:40:31 PM »
Please note that I made a mistake on the postcards that were sent to about 230 people yesterday. It was written that the meeting was November 8, which is correct. However, I also wrote that it was Tuesday, which was wrong. So, for the record, the meeting is Wednesday, November 8.



Tournaments / Rosedale Amateur Championships Results
« on: October 29, 2006, 01:30:22 PM »
With temperatures soaring into the 60s under sunny skies, and generally light winds, it was a great day for a disc golf tournament at Rosedale Park. Good spirits and sportsmanship abounded at the 10th version of the Rosedale Amateur Championships where seven people earned championship titles, including four women, five junior boys, and for the first time, a junior girl. Over half the field won something. For the most part, the divisions were competitive. Erik Kolkmeier was the big cash winner on the day, collecting the ace pool of $80 for acing #1 during the second round. Eric, along with Bill Neenan, Bill Wade, Jared Arnold, and Leslie Palmer each won a 12 pack of Boulevard Pale Ale in the second annual closest-to-the-beer contest.

Thanks for everyone who played. There was absolutely no negativity all day, which is kind of rare when people gather to compete. A big thanks to Tammy Morrison who, besides helping with scoring and getting things organized, was there all day, which allowed me to play in this event for the first time. Also thanks goes to Sean Gibson for moving the baskets between rounds, John Chapman for helping with scoring, and Dan Coffman for keeping things moving during the first round and getting things started the second round.

While things did go really well, I definitely bogeyed in not explaining the drop zone on #8 for round 1, and not having some kind of CTP for the junior divisions. I apologize for these oversights.

Disc Golf World ran four events this year: the Swope Spring Renewal, the H2 Open, the Big O, and the RAC. It's our intention to be back with these events next year, and are thinking about adding  events at Cliff Drive and Wyco, connecting all the events by creating the Disc Golf World Series of Kansas City. Stay tuned!

Partnering with the KCFDC, the next event for DGW is the Ice Bowl on January 28. This is the event that cannot be postponed because of weather, and there are no wimps or whiners allowed, nor any excuses for not showing up. As the Ice Bowl is our charity fundraiser, we're hoping to find at least one "big-ticket" item to spice up the closest-to-the-pin contest. If you're interested in helping out with the Ice Bowl, please let me know.

Rick Rothstein
Disc Golf World

10th Annual Rosedale Amateur Championship
October 28, 2006 • Rosedale Park • Kansas City, KS
 1 Sean  Gibson 50 51 101  
 2 Brian Gammon 53 50 103  
 3 Luke Winkelbauer 54 53 107  
 4 Derek  Metcalf 56 53 109  
 5 Dick Parker 55 55 110  
 6 John Friend 55 57 112  
 T7 Ken Hostetler 60 53 113  
 T7 Eric Minton 57 56 113  
 T9 NicK Parks 60 54 114  
 T9 Narin Clouse 56 58 114  
 T11 Eric Kolkmeier 60 55 115  
 T11 Terry Euston 60 55 115  
 T11 Jeff Whorton 60 55 115  
 T11 John Chapman 59 56 115  
 15 Matt Shively 60 56 116  
 T16 Vlad Wunschl 63 58 121  
 T16 John Theiss 67 54 121  
 18 Tim Becks 64 59 123  
 19 Clay Chance 64 61 125
Men's Advanced Masters    
 1 Tim  Duffy 56 57 113  
 2 Bill Neenan 61 54 115  
 3 Kevin Montgomery 64 56 120  
 4 Jim  Sherwood 58 53 111  
 5 Kurt "House" Miller 59 62 121  
 6 Rick  Rothstein 63 58 121  
 7 John Johnson 63 60 123  
 1 Bob Slonka 61 51 112  
 2 Roy Nestlerode 63 53 116  
 T3 Dan Busenbarrick 61 56 117  
 T3 Bill Wade 61 56 117  
 5 Michael Crosswhite 63 55 118  
 6 Dan Quinn 65 55 120  
 7 Steve Harris 62 61 123  
 8 Ken LeBeau 68 58 126  
 9 Elliot Hicks 66 61 127  
 10 Brad Damico 67 61 128  
 11 Bud Stump 71 60 131  
 12 Mike Spady 91 91 182  
 DNF Ryan Muenks 68 DNF  
Men's Recreational      
 1 Jared Arnold 64 62 126  
 2 Derek Jones 61 65 126  
 3 Brian Palmer 62 67 129  
 4 Aron Otto 66 64 130  
 T5 Ben Hollon 66 65 131  
 T5 Nathaniel Reed 65 66 131  
 7 Mark Hogins 73 59 132  
 8 Ryan Oldham 69 65 134  
 9 Larry Southard 66 70 136  
 10 Bill Shinoski 71 66 137  
 11 Jeff Wise 68 70 138  
 12 Cory Wilton 87 74 161  
 DNF Chris Hobbs 77 DNF  
Women's Recreational    
 1 Angie Biondo-Busenbarrick 68 67 135  
 2 Becky Stebbins 78 79 157  
 3 Leslie Palmer 82 83 165  
 4 Corinna West 85 83 168  

Boys 16 & Under  
 1 Luke Smith 79 70 149  
 2 Stephen Rogge 84 71 155  
 3 Eric Moore 85 79 164  
Boys 13 & Under    
 1 Frosty Hicks 72 61 133  
 2 Brandon Elkins 77 76 153  
Girls 13 & Under    
 1 Bailey Wilton 123 110 233

Tournaments / 10th Annual Rosedale Amateur Championships is October 28
« on: September 28, 2006, 02:36:36 PM »
Hi Everyone,

I'm pleased to announce the 10th Annual Rosedale Amateur Championships, which will be played at the top course at Rosedale on Saturday October 28. This link will hook you up with a entry form for the event:

The contents of that flyer (minus this year's logo) are printed below. We're hoping for a field that exceeds 70 people this year. As a bonus, those who register by October 12 will receive a $5 Disc Golf World Gift Certificate. Hoping for a another good turnout for this traditional event.

Give me a call with any questions.

Rick Rothstein

Disc Golf World
816.471.3472 (phone)
888.237.6884 (toll free)

Be There for The RAC #10, Rosedale Park, Saturday October 28

If You’ve Been Thinking About Playing in a Tournament, choose THE RAC!

We especially encourage those players who have never played in a disc golf tournament before to play the novice, intermediate, or junior divisions.

We’ll be playing the top course only.

Saturday, October 28 — Rosedale Picnic Shelter
Registration: 8:15 - 9:15 a.m.
Players’ meeting/tee-off: 9:50 a.m.
2nd round tee-off: TBA
FFI or to register with a Credit Card, contact Disc Golf World
 816.471.3472 • 1.888.237.6884 •

Entry Fees
Advanced: $33.00. Intermediate & Masters: $28.00. Novice:  $23.00. Junior: $20.00. (KCFDC members deduct $2.00).

• Pre-register by October 12 and receive a $5.00 Disc Golf World Gift Certifcate.

• Entry includes a custom golf disc and a mini. Optional: $2.00 ace pool. All aces split the pool. If there are none, half the pool will go to the winner of a closest-to-the-pin shootout and half to the KC Flying Disc Club.

Personalized trophy discs (delivered AFTER the event) in all divisions where there are at least three people playing. Also disc golf prizes and/or DGW Dough, redeemable for disc golf merchandise on site and at Disc Golf World will be awarded to nearly 1/2 of the field.

Though not a PDGA event, we will be using PDGA player ratings as a guideline to help to ensure the fairest and most competitive play within each division. We will also use the PDGA guidelines that allow pros to play in amateur divisions. Give us a call to discover your player rating and/or to discuss which division is the best fit for you.

Advanced Men: Required if rating is above 914 for ams, or below 955 for pros. Intermediate Men: Rating cannot exceed 914 for either pros or ams. Recreational (novice) men: Rating cannot exceed 874.  Masters: (40 and older or turn 40 in 2006). Rating cannot exceed 924.

Advanced  Women: Required if rating is above 799 for ams or below 850 for pros.  Intermediate Women: Rating cannot exceed 799 for either pro or ams. Recreational (Novice) Women: Rating cannot exceed 749.

Boys: Under 19, Under 16, Under 13, Under 10

Girls: Under 19, Under 16, Under 13, Under 10

Three Players Required to Open a Division

Entry Form for the 10th Annual Rosedale Amateur Championships

Date of Birth:
Phone #:

Divisions:  Men:  __Advanced   ___Intermediate   ___Recreational  

Boys:  ___<19 ___<16   ___<13 ___<10

Women:  __Advanced   ___Intermediate   ___Recreational.  

Girls:  ___<19___<16   ___<13 ___<10

 Entry Fees: Advanced—$33.00. Intermediate & Masters—$28.00. Novice—$23.00.  Junior—$20.00. (Deduct $2 if active KCFDC member.)    Ace Pool __$2.


Checks payable to  Disc Golf World, 509 E 18th St, Kansas City, MO 64108
or call 816.471.3472 or 1.888.237.6884 to pay with a credit card or FFI.

Tournaments / Big O Update and Course Configuration
« on: August 03, 2006, 01:47:11 PM »
The weather has moderated a bit for this Saturday's Big O's event. It should be a fine day for some golf.

Please note that I left some important information from the flyer:

Registration will be from 8 to 9:30. We hope to get going shortly after 10. There will be a players meeting for novices, juniors, and anyone who needs a refresher course on rules at about 9:55. We'll take an hour for lunch before playing the second round.

Below are the holes we will be playing, which tee pads, and the OBs. We'll be handing this out to each person as they register.

If you have any questions or want to pay by credit card, don't hesitate to give me a call.


Rick Rothstein

Placements, OBs, Etc. for the Big O

Round #1.
Hole #1: Left
Hole #2: Use short tee. Island. The street is OB. Add one throw for OB. Play
from drop zone when drive goes OB. Otherwise, play from where last inbounds
per the rules.
Hole #3: The sidewalks and beyond are OB. OB is determined if entirely
surrounded by concrete. Touching a blade of grass that goes beyond the OB
line does not make a disc inbounds.
Hole #4: Straight long. Sidewalk left and beyond  is OB.
Hole #5: Short. Street is OB.
Hole #6: Use long tee. Straight long. Street is OB.
Hole #7: Straight middle
Hole #8: Use short tee. Left.
Hole #9: Right. Street is OB. Use best judgment to determine where a disc
went OB.
Hole #10: Long
Hole #11: Short
Hole #12: Short
Hole #13: Long. Beyond fence is OB.
Holes #14: Left. Beyond fence is OB.
Hole #15: Short. Water and ball field are OB.
Hole #16: Short: Water and ball field are OB.
Hole #17: Left. Street and ball field are OB.
Hole #18. Use long tee. Short. Sidewalk on right and beyond is OB.

Round #2 Changes
Hole #1: Right  
Hole #2. Use long tee.
Hole #4: Short.
Hole #7: Short
Hole #9: Left
Hole #12: Middle
Hole #18: Long

Disc Golf World
509 E 18th St
Kansas City MO 64108

816.471.3472 (phone)
888.237.6884 (toll free)
816.471.4653 (fax)

Tournaments / The 2006 Big "O"
« on: July 26, 2006, 11:42:00 PM »
Those events were Olathe Opens and run by Ned Smethers. He had a beer sponsor and somehow transported a big ole tub of beer around a short fun course that we played twice. It seems like I played in at least two, and maybe three of those events after moving here in 1992. We held the regular tournament (at least one was a C Tier) at Prairie and then set up the nine holer at Oregon Trail to be a little less in the public eye. One year in particular is memorable when Sam Ferrans, Gregg Hosfold, and Crazy John played.  I remember Bruce H bobbing for beer in the tub and smackedhis forehead hard on a beer was stacked perfectly on top of another. I'm fuzzy on this but there was some kind of playground equipment like monkey bars out there. Hosfeld was doing something on them (like hanging upside down) with a frisbee and Harvey Barger of Ocoberfriz fame offered him free Fruz  entry if he could do it. He gave me a free entry just for trying it. But I can't remember what it was or if Gregg could do it. I know I couldn't.

Anyway, Ned eventually moved and the Olathe Open stopped. I came up with the name Big O in 1996, in honor of Olathe, what else? Ahem. I found a flyer from 1997 announcing the 2nd Big O.

Quote from: "Tom"
I think the original big "o" was in 1990, or 91. We used Prarie Center and Oregon Trail parks. Oregon Trail had a temp 9 hole course put in for the tourney, and at least one year we had drunken dubs after the tourney there.

Tournaments / The 2006 Big O in Olathe on August 5
« on: July 26, 2006, 10:29:26 AM »
Andy is on the ball! Beat me to it. Wanted to get the link to the flyer before posting. Many of you will be getting the message below sent to you directly. If you want to get on the Disc Golf World tournament announcement list, please send me your name and address to rick@discgolfworld.

Please see the contents of a flyer below announcing the 2006 Big 0, a
two-round KDGA Oz Tour event that will be held Saturday, August 5. This is not a PDGA sanctioned event, although PDGA rules will be in effect. The 2006 Big O is a Junior Targeted Tournament, so if you are under 20 or know of some kids under 20 who have wanted to play in a tournament against others of the same age, this is an attempt to gather them for one event.

Please go here to download an entry form:

Hope to see you there.

Rick Rothstein
Disc Golf World
509 E 18th St
Kansas City MO 64108

816.471.3472 (phone)
888.237.6884 (toll free)
816.471.4653 (fax)

The 2006 Big O
A 2-Round KDGA Oz Tour Disc Golf Event

Saturday, August 5, 2006 • Prairie Center Park in Olathe

We’ve uncovered buried historical documents proving that first Big 0 was held in 1996, but we’re not sure if this is the 11th annual or not. Because of the increasing number of junior (ages 19 and under) players who have come into Disc Golf World during the last year, this year’s Big 0 is a JUNIOR TARGETED TOURNAMENT. What this means is that we are encouraging juniors (ages 19 and under) to play, learn, and have fun. Towards that end, we will be mixing the divisions for the first round and will have a clinic after the tournament. In addition to the $10 Disc Golf World prize voucher, all juniors will receive a mini and rulebook. While this is not a PDGA sanctioned event, PDGA rules will be in effect.

Adult Pro Divisions: Open $44; Pro Women $24; Pro Masters (born 1966 or earlier) $24; Pro Grandmasters (born 1956 or earlier) $24.
Adult Amateur Divisions (Men & Women): Advanced: $29; Amateur Masters (born 1966 or earlier) $24; Intermediate: $24; Novice: $19
Junior Divisions (Boys & Girls) $17: Ages 17-19 (born 1987 or later); Ages 14-16 (born 1990 or later); Ages 11-13 (born 1993 or later); Ages 10 & under (born 1996 or later).
    Junior-aged players may register for adult divisions. All amateur/junior players get a $10 DGW voucher players’ package. There will be plenty of merchandise to choose from. Call before the event with special requests.
    Cash prizes for pros. Prizes for ams include merchandise and/or DGW vouchers. In addition, personalized disc trophies will be mailed after the tournament to the winners of the amateur divisions with at least 3 entrants. $2.00 of each entry goes to the Kansas Disc Golf Association. Active Kansas City Flying Disc Club members may deduct $2.00 from their entry.
    Ace Pool is $2.00. If no ace is hit, there will be a closest-to-the-pin contest for half the pool. The other half goes the KDGA Oz Tour’s roving ace pool. KDGA members who hit an ace, not only get the Big O pool but half of the ongoing pool as well. For more about the KDGA and the Oz Tour, go to

Field limit is 90 players. Please help by pre-registering, or at least,
calling ahead.

Phone #:

Your division:

Entry fee for your division. Deduct $2 if KCFDC member. $

Ace pool $2 Y/N_____. Total of entry: $___________

Checks/money orders payable to Disc Golf World o 509 E 18th St o Kansas City, MO 64108. For more information or to pay with a credit card, call 816.471.3472 or 888.237.6884 or Rick Rothstein is this year’s Big O’s tournament director.

Tournaments / The 3rd H2 Open Was A Fine Day in the Park
« on: July 24, 2006, 10:13:50 AM »
Wow! What a great day at Water Works on Saturday, when 69 players in seven divisions participated in the 3rd H2 Open and Celebration. The competition was spirited in most of the divisions. It came down to a playoff in the open division between the Kevins: Babbit and Corbett. With everyone pulling for Kevin, the men played the middle short #1. Kevin made his 25 footer for the win while Kevin C left his drive left and couldn't drain his birdie attempt. KC's most prominent pro player, Tavish Sanders, held off Kathy Betcher, who traveled from Rock Island Illinois, to win by two. Grandmaster Bruce McQueen, who played in the masters (rated under 940)/grandmasters division had the only sub-par round of the day in that division for a comfy 6-throw win over Tim Elder and Virgil Nunnery. A good friend of Water Works (FOWW), Ken Hostetler, played perhaps the two most steady rounds of his life, shot par for the two throw win over Jack Lowe and Ben Taylor. Proving that consistency and control mean more than distance, another huge FOWW, Brian Woodson triumphed in the am masters, edging a friend of all disc golf parks, Mark Morales, by four throws. In the intermediate, Matt Shively shot the most consistent two rounds to win by two over House Miller and Clay Chance. And finally, newcomer John Riley, playing in his first and last novice division, won easily over another new tournament player, Arbrie Kovacs by 12.

A big thanks to everyone who played and helped. There was no whining whatsoever. A bit thanks goes to Bill Neenan, who sat out the event and kept things going while everyone else played. Kelly Warren and Paul Eklund, assisted by Lynne Warren and Matt Eklund provided some extremely tasty BBQ, which fed everyone. Jack Lowe and John Riley helped set the course on Friday.d Ben Taylor and Pauly Cross unlocked the baskets during practice on Saturday morning. The experiment to get groups to move baskets as they finished their last hole of the first round worked perfectly. Thanks to everyone who toted the pins. Thanks to John Chapman for leading the way on scoring with an assist to Dan Cashen. I'm sure I've forgotten to thank someone, but I hope not.

Next year's H2 Open will definitely be happening in the same time frame. We'll be limiting the field to 72 players and like this year, we will be sending out invitations to those who have played in the first three events prior to opening it up the public.

Thanks again to everyone for a great day in the park. It was a blast.

The next DGW event is the Big O in Olathe on August 5. More on that later today.

Rick Rothstein

 3RD H2 OPEN • WATER WORKS PARK • JULY 22, 2006    

 1 Kevin Babbit 49 48 97 $150 + $100 sidebet  
 2 Kevin Corbett 47 50 97 $100  
 3 LaRon Harris 50 49 99 $70  
 4 Mark Martin 54 46 100 $50 + $60SB  
 5 Bruce Hudson 48 54 102 $40 + $40 SB  
 T6 Bryan Guthrie 54 50 104 $15  
 T6 CD Steiner 55 49 104 $15  
 8 Tracy Walker 53 52 105  
 9 Otto Spiers 54 55 109  
 T10 Fred Smith 53 57 110  
 T10 Pete Cashen 56 54 110  
 T10 Beckett Carduff 56 54 110  
 T13 Bobby Villarreal 57 54 111  
 T13 Brian Gammon 56 55 111  
 15 Joe Hesting 59 54 113  
 16 Sean Gibson 56 58 114  
Women (5)        
 1 Tavish Sanders 59 64 123 $65  
 2 Kathy Betcher 63 62 125 $40  
 3 Lynne Warren 67 65 132 $20  
 4 Becky Stebbins 77 76 153 $15 DGW  
 5 Kris-Ann McKenzie 91 77 168 $10 DGW  

Masters (9)        
 1 Bruce  McQueen 56 53 109 $100  
 T2 Tim Elder 58 57 115 $60  
 T2 Virgil Nunnery 58 57 115 $60  
 4 Dan  Coffman 59 57 116 $40  
 5 Paul Eklund 58 59 117  
 6 Rick Rothstein 63 62 125  
 7 Kelly Warren 65 65 130  
 8 Duffy Carduff 71 64 135  
 DNF Hal Kurz      

Advanced (13)        
 1 Ken Hostetler 55 53 108 $90 DGW prize voucher  
 T2 Jack Lowe 56 55 111 $65 DGW  
 T2 Ben Taylor 58 53 111 $65 DGW  
 4 John Theiss 57 55 112 $50 DGW  
 5 Tom Mollenkamp 60 55 115 $40 DGW  
 T6 Dick Parker 58 58 116 $25 DGW  
 T6 Vlad Wunschl 57 59 116 $25 DGW  
 8 Will Love 63 56 119  
 T9 John Chapman 58 65 123  
 T9 Matt Hays 65 58 123  
 11 Jose Torres 61 64 125  
 12 Mike Rogers 66 62 128  
 13 Sean Elliot 71 66 137  

Am Masters (5)        
 1 Brian Woodson 55 54 109 $60 DGW  
 2 Mark Morales 56 57 113 $45 DGW  
 3 John Johnson 59 58 117 $35 DGW  
 4 Danny Souder 63 61 124  
 5 Bill  Turner 68 67 135  

Intermediate (14)        
 1 Matt Shively 58 57 115 $80 DGW  
 T2 Kurt "House" Miller 60 57 117 $65 DGW  
 T2 Mike  Porter 60 57 117 $65 DGW  
 4 Clay Chance 62 56 118 $50 DGW  
 5 Steve Harris 61 59 120 $45 DGW  
 T6 Joe Zucht 63 59 122 $30 DGW  
 T6 Joe Takens 61 61 122 $30 DGW  
 8 Mike Krueger 61 63 124 $20 DGW  
 9 Mike Gardner 67 60 127  
 T10 Pat Cassity 64 64 128  
 T10 Pauly Cross 63 65 128  
 12 Matt Eklund 72 59 131  
 13 Andy Akers 64 68 132  
 14 Nick Mense 70 63 133  

Novice (7)        
 1 John  Riley 64 57 121 $50 DGW  
 T2 Abrie Kovacs 67 66 133 $40 DGW  
 T2 Derek Jones 69 64 133 $30 DGW  
 4 Jon Stebbins 72 66 138 $25 DGW  
 5 Mark  Hogins 74 72 146 $20 DGW  
 6 Chad Vulgamott 82 76 158 $15 DGW  
 7 Alex Tate 95 83 178 $10 DGW

Tournaments / H2O Update
« on: July 21, 2006, 02:40:40 PM »
The H2 Open is shaping up nicely. The pins we'll using the next round are in
place, and Kelly and Paul are cooking up the barbecue. If you still want to
play, there's room. You can call here to pay by credit card or registration
opens tomorrow at around 8:15 and closes at 9:15. And of course, the weather
tomorrow should be ideal...clear and mid-80s with winds not over 10 MPH.

The placements for round #1 are:

1. Long
2. Middle left
3. Long
4. Short
5. Long right
6. Straight ahead
7. Right
8. Short
9. Short behind tree
10. Middle
11. Long left
12. Long left (not hard left)
13. Long left
14. Long
15. Short
16. Short right
17. Peninsula
18. Long left.

The projected  pin placements for round #2 are.

1. Short middle
2. Long
3. Middle
4. Short
5. Short right
6. Short right
7. Left
8. Short
9. Left
10. Long
11. Long left
12. Sharp left
13. Short
14. Short
15. Short
16. Short right
17. Peninsula
18. Short right.

See you there.


Disc Golf World
509 E 18th St
Kansas City MO 64108

816.471.3472 (phone)
888.237.6884 (toll free)
816.471.4653 (fax)


The Big O is, of course, August 5.

Please note that the next Disc Golf World produced event will be the Big O at Prairie Center Park in Olathe, KS on Saturday, May 5. This is a JUNIOR PLAYER (UNDER 19) TARGETED EVENT. We would like to create competition for these younger players. If you are a junior or responsible for one, please let me know ahead of time if you are interested in playing.>>

Details of this event will follow shortly.

Rick Rothstein

Disc Golf World
509 E 18th St
Kansas City MO 64108

816.471.3472 (phone)
888.237.6884 (toll free)
816.471.4653 (fax)

« on: July 15, 2006, 01:07:27 PM »
Uh, you putting the baskets back in for this?


Quote from: "superq"

Tee off is at 10 a. m. at Crestview Park in Topeka KS.

We're holding the 3rd H2 Open and Celebration at Water Works Park on Saturday, July 22. As always, this event is for "Those Who Truly Love Water Works Park" as we will be gathering to play and socialize on one of the most enjoyable disc golf courses on the planet.

The field is limited to 90 players (there are about 65 spots left as I type this), and this event has historically always filled. If you're going to play, pre-registration is a good idea.

I hope you can join in this celebration event as it always a blast to play some disc golf with friends at such a beautiful venue. If you think you're going to play, please let me know beforehand. Thanks.  Rick

3rd H2 Open - For Those Who Truly Love Water Works
(not a PDGA sanctioned event)

Saturday July 22, 2006
Water Works Park
Kansas City, Missouri

One Day - Two Rounds

•Ace Pool
•CTP for each division
•Barbecue for lunch
•Soft drinks provided
(Please consider bringing a side dish or dessert to share.)

8:30 a.m.—late registration opens.
9:15 a.m.—registration closes
9:45 a.m.—player’s meeting. Tee off to follow.
Lunch: Around Noon
Barbecue and soft drinks will be provided.
Please bring sides, chips, and desserts to share if you care or you choose.
2nd round tee off—to be announced.
Awards around 4:00 p.m.
Doubles to follow?

Field Limit is 90 players. Please Help by Pre-registering!
Saturday morning sign-ups might be assessed a $2.00 late fee

Entry Fees (includes lunch)

Open: $32 plus optional $20 Big Boy side bet
Women: $32 (we'll create pro or am divisions depending on turnout)
Grand Masters or Masters rated 940 or under (Pro): $32
Advanced: $32
Advanced masters: $32
Intermediate: $32
Novice: $32

Active Kansas City Flying Disc Golf Club may deduct $2 from entry fee. Non-members will be donating the $2 to the Club.

Ace Pool: $2.00. All aces will split pool. If no ace, a CTP for 1/2 the pool will be held. Other 1/2 will be donated to the KCFDC

Cash awarded to pros, prizes or Disc Golf World gift certificates to ams.

Please contact me at: 816.471.3472 or Credit card registrations are accepted. Registrations may be mailed to the address below. Please make checks payable to Disc Golf World.

Please note that the next Disc Golf World produced event will be the Big O at Prairie Center Park in Olathe, KS on Saturday, May 5. This is a JUNIOR PLAYER (UNDER 19) TARGETED EVENT. We would like to create competition for these younger players. If you are a junior or responsible for one, please let me know ahead of time if you are interested in playing.

Details of this event will follow shortly.

Rick Rothstein

Disc Golf World
509 E 18th St
Kansas City MO 64108

816.471.3472 (phone)
888.237.6884 (toll free)
816.471.4653 (fax)

Please pass this message to any professionally-oriented disc golfers who live in Missouri or close to Missouri.

As the PDGA State Coordinator for Missouri, I get to fill one spot at the United States Disc Golf Championship. For you who have never qualified through a regular qualifier like the KC Wide Open, here is a chance to play in the toughest tournament field on one of the truly great disc golf courses. Because of the large entry fee and sponsorship support, the purse is one of the biggest each year as well.

Because the interest in this event has historically been low in Missouri, I'm not running a competition for this one spot. Rather, I'm curious to see if anyone wants to play. The tournament will consist of one round a day on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (October 15-17), and a final round on Saturday for the 150 or so players who make the cut. The entry fee (I think) is still $225. The event is held on the campus of Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC, which is about 45 minutes from the airport in Charlotte, NC.

My first preference is to have someone who lives in Missouri attend the event. However, I would like to award the chance to play to someone, even if not a Missouri resident.

If you are serious about wanting to play, which means understanding that there is a severe financial requirement to do so, please call or write me soon. Whoever is going, must have their entry fee paid before August 1.

Thanks for your interest.

Rick Rothstein
PDGA State Coordinator

Disc Golf World
509 E 18th St
Kansas City MO 64108

816.471.3472 (phone)
888.237.6884 (toll free)
816.471.4653 (fax)

General Banter / Re: Designer Info
« on: February 10, 2006, 08:54:48 AM »
Down under: James Wallace and John Buckle, with assists from Jay R and others.

Water Works: Jim Kreeger and Ace Mason.

Rosedale: Ace was the primary guy I think, but likely there were others. Before my time here!

Swope: originally designed by Tom Ingle. Dan Cashen is most reponsible for the current design.

I think you're correct on Olathe (Tom Butler knows this story better than I) and Wyco. Jack has been the chief designer at Cliff, but has listened to many along the way.


Quote from: "eupher61"
I need information on who designed each course here in KC area.

I know WyCo  Mike  Wesley, Jake Carmack, and Kevin Montgomery  Rosie--Ace Mason   Down Under--Jay (right??)   Cliff--Jack L mostly  Olathe--Ned Smethers et al   BV Jim K and Dan...but, who should be credited with Swope?  Water Works (Ace?  Hal??)  

If this info isn't right as it stands, please correct!


Tournaments / Pro World Invitations
« on: February 10, 2006, 08:46:04 AM »
The PDGA Pro Worlds will be in Augusta Georgia in August. These are all the players from Missouri and Kansas who were invited. For more information, including how to get on the wait list, go to:

FPO Tavish Sanders
MPM Mark D. Martin
MPM Bryan Guthrie
MPM Bruce Hudson
MPO Eric McCabe
MPO Christopher Smith
MPO Kevin Babbit
MPS Jerry R Robbins Sr

FPG Lynne Warren
FPO Kristin Cherry
MPM Ron Klein
MPM David McCormack
MPM LaRon Harris
MPO Justin Bunnell
MPO George R. Smith

Tournaments / World Championships - Pro and Am
« on: February 07, 2006, 07:36:55 PM »
Congratulations to the following PDGA members from Missouri and Kansas who have earned invitations to the 2006 Amateur World Championships that will be played in Tulsa in July. To get on the wait list for this event, go to for further information. Invitations for the Pro Worlds that will be held in August in Augusta Georgia will be announced at the end of this week.

FM1 Robin Reimer
FM1 Becky Stebbins Vaughan
FW1 Miranda Fulton
MA1 Dick Parker
MA1 Brad Merys
MA1 Nathan Martin
MA1 Tracy Ruder
MA1 Dirk Hacker
MA1 Joe Hesting
MA1 Ben Taylor
MA1 Robert Hammersmith
MA1 Travis Downing
MG1 Robert Decker
MJ1 Nick Parks
MJ1 William Fagan
MJ1 Trenton Martin
MJ2 Logan Reimer
MM1 Paul Eklund
MM1 Tom Butler
MM1 CJ Johnson
MM1 Don Mordecai
MS1 Charlie Bauersfeld

FM1 Angela Plitsch
MA1 Andrew Klaasmeyer
MA1 Jason Hopkins
MA1 Bradley Chadwick
MA1 John Chapman
MA1 Ryan Schulze
MA1 Aaron Chadwick
MA1 Jack Lowe
MA1 Chris Belpulsi
MJ1 Nikko Locastro
MJ1 Kip Smith
MM1 Ron Robertson
MM1 Chris Lang
MM1 Chris Kinsella
MM1 Mike Thomas
MM1 Ray Vuichard
MM1 Shawn Hopkins
MM1 Randy Mahon

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