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Lakeside Hills / Summer KCFDC league
« on: March 25, 2013, 03:10:51 PM »
The first KCFDC Summer league in Olathe will be held at Birdland on Monday, April 1 with a 5:30 tee time. Please be signed up by 5:15.

It's entirely possible there will be ACE beverages there, courtesy of the last GLOW night ACER.

Prairie Center / 03-11-13 PC GLOW season finale
« on: March 12, 2013, 09:32:45 PM »
The 2012-2013 PC GLOW season came to an end on this night. It was  a cool, breezy eve with temps in the low 30's and winds around 9 mph.
I've run the weekly PC GLOW now for eight seasons, and it's been a lot of fun. We'll start it up again in October probably.

The first KCFDC Summer league in Olathe will be on Monday, April 1st at Birdland (Lakeside Hills). We will tee off at 5:30, so please be signed up by 5:15.

Mark Albers & Double Cali All-Bears      44 for $38
Tom Butler & Anthony Pfeifer               52 for $22
Brian Taylor & Bryan Guthrie                53
Greg Seher & Steve Thimmesch           53
Cade Garrelts & Deano                        53
Leevarn Sarvis & Brian Corneilius        56
With all in the ACE fund was at $701 when Cade Garrelts flicked a shot from the short tee into the right basket on hole 2. Cade followed me home after the round and received $701 in cold, hard cash. He immediately peeled off $101 and returned it to the ACE fund, so when GLOW kicks off next Fall, there will be a good start.  8)

Thanks to Brian Taylor for helping run league this year, and to him and Mark Albers and Leevarn Sarvis for moving pins. I think they forgot to move hole 2 before the round though.  ;D

I'll have some season stats to share in the next few days.

I hope everyone had fun this year!  :)

Prairie Center / 03-04-13 PC GLOW
« on: March 12, 2013, 09:08:56 PM »
Eight out for a pleasant walk thru 6" deep snow. No ACE hit so with all in the fund swells to $689.

Andy Lewis & Brett Maasen       53 for $25
Brian Corneilius & Mark Albers   54 for $7.50
Leevarn Sarvis & Brian Taylor    54 for $7.50
Tom Butler & Deano                   56

Prairie Center / Last Olathe GLOW of 2012/2013 season
« on: March 11, 2013, 08:18:27 AM »
It will be more of a day/GLOW round, but since we were snowed out by the great blizzard of '13, I decided to extend the season one week, and will wrap it up tonight.

With that being stated, we also have the option of playing Birdland which is conveniently located just two miles from Prairie Center. If you are coming tonight, think about that option and be prepared to vote which course you want to play at 5:50 this evening. If the majority wants to migrate over to the Lake, we easily can, and still teed off by 6:05. I walked Birdland Friday afternoon, and for the most part it wasn't any sloshier than PC, and may actually be a little fimer and less muddy. It is more physically challenging however.

See ya at PC tonight.  8)

Prairie Center / 02-25-13 PC GLOW
« on: February 25, 2013, 11:02:45 PM »
Nobody out due to the great blizzard of '13 bearing down, and GLOW was canceled. ACE fund remains at $681.

Prairie Center / 02-18-13 PC GLOW
« on: February 25, 2013, 07:43:52 AM »
Ten out in bone chilling wind/cold for some DG. No ACE hit so with all in the fund increases to $681.

Leevarn Sarvis & Jordan Ramey      53 for $32
Tom Butler & Bryan Guthrie            54 for $6
Brian Taylor & Jim Ramey               54 for $6
Steve Thimmesch & Mark Albers     54 for $6
Anthony Pfeifer & Brian Corneilius   55

Lakeside Hills / Lakeside Hills is OPEN!
« on: February 20, 2013, 11:38:30 AM »
On Tuesday, February 19, 2013, the Lakeside Hills Disc Golf Course became complete with the installation of the baskets.

The course is still rough and in it's infancy, but it is playable. We hope to have concrete tees in by the first of Summer.

Although I have acknowledged the folks that made this dream become reality before, with the opening I want to give another shout out....

Brian Taylor-Not only is Brian a long range bomber and skilled player on the course, he is also a superhuman workhorse, who without being along on this endeavor, I would be weeks or months away from where we are today. He has been there at all stages and when there was work to be done, he attacked it. He practically single-handedly mowed several of the rougher fairways out with handtools so that when we did get baskets planted, we could begin play. If you see him on the course shake his hand and thank him.

Andy Lewis- My sounding board and consultant, he has been along the entire journey providing help wherever I needed.
Brush mowing, chain sawing, sleeve sticking, basket assembly, and most importantly, helping me keep it in perspective, Andy was a big help.

Mark Albers and Brian Corneilius-These two guys were a monster wrecking crew during the clearing stage, and then during concrete mixing, they were so fast the rest of us couldn't keep up. These guys were there whenever I asked for help, and
most excellent help they have been.

Deano-He has been with me since the beginning of the project, providing ideas and vision, and keeping what amounts to hard work, fun. His golf cart was a great asset during re-con and design, and during workdays shuttling folks here and there. Let's wish him a Happy Birthday at Birdland!

Cindy-With all we have going on in our non-disc golf lives the timing of the City's request for a design and install couldn't have come at a worse time for Cindy and I. Cindy took on lots of extra work and tasks to allow me the luxury and time to put in the volunteer time it took to make this happen. If you see her, give her a hug and a thanks.

Mr. Gus-He's just a good little buddy that loves going to the park with all of us, and keeps me grounded.

Mike Davis, Leevarn Sarvis, Dick Parker, and Dan Howard all put in some time as well. The City of Olathe Parks and Recreation Department effort led by Paul Hecker and Johnny Brokus made this all go so smooth.

The map below is the preliminary layout I submitted for approval. On later walk throughs and staking, we tweaked it slightly, but this map will get you around until we get a final map finished.

Now, let's all go enjoy it everyone!  8)

Prairie Center / 02-11-13 PC GLOW
« on: February 12, 2013, 09:11:31 PM »
Nine players enjoying global warming. To avoid having a cali we played trips. No ACE was hit so with all in the fund increases to $671.

Tom Butler, Brian Taylor, & Deano                     44 for $45
Mark Albers, Leevarn Sarvis, & Anthony Pfeifer    46
Brian Cornelius, Dan Quinn, & Cade Garrelts       48

Prairie Center / 02-04-13 PC GLOW
« on: February 11, 2013, 05:59:17 AM »
Nine players and one gimpy old coot(me) out on a cool eve for some DG. No ACE hit so with all in the fund grows to $662.

Brian Taylor & Bryan Guthrie             48 for $32
Anthony Pfeifer & Mark Albers           51 for $18
Leevarn Sarvis & Brian Hilbers           54
Steve Thimmesch & Brian Corneilius   56
Tom Butler & Harold Berciunas           58's coming soon.  ???

Prairie Center / 01-28-13 PC GLOW
« on: January 31, 2013, 07:48:33 PM »
It was record warm temperature and a big moon for our weekly walk in the dark. No ACE hit so with all 14 getting in the fund increases to $652.

Leo Daprato and Jake Bowen           46 for $42
Brian Taylor and Bryan Guthrie         47 for $28
Dick Parker and Brian Hilbers             51
Deano and Steve Thimmesch            52
Mark Albers and Joe Hesting             52
Tom Butler and Leevarn Sarvis          55
Anthony Pfeifer and Brian Corneilius   56

More warm weather on the way for next Monday!  8)

Prairie Center / 01-21-13 PC GLOW
« on: January 22, 2013, 05:37:37 AM »
Eight out in the 18 degree tempeature for some fun. With no wind and dry air and ground, it wasn't too uncomfortable.

No ACE hit so with all in the fund increases to $638.

Dan Quinn & Mark Albers                   52 for $25
Brian Corneilius & Steve Thimmesch    53 for $15
Brian Taylor & Leevarn Sarvis             54
Tom Butler & Brian Hilbers                 55  >:(

Just five more GLOWS left in the 2012-2013 PC GLOW season.  :D

Prairie Center / 01-14-13 PC GLOW
« on: January 15, 2013, 06:55:14 AM »
Twelve out. As predicted, even though it was quite cold, since there was no wind it didn't feel to bad at all.

No ACE hit so with all in the fund increases to $630.

Matt Hays & Bryan Guthrie             48 for $38
Mark Albers & Brian Taylor              49 for $22
Dan Quinn & Deano                       50
Andy Lewis & Tom Butler                51
B.J. Font & Anthony Pfeifer             53
Brian Hilbers & Steve Thimmesch     56

There was still light in the western sky as we teed off. It won't be long and the long days and warm weather return.  8)

Prairie Center / 01-07-13 PC GLOW
« on: January 13, 2013, 04:46:13 PM »
Ten out for a walk in the dark. No ACE hit so with all in the fund grows to $618.

Tom Butler & Joe Hesting              48 for $32
Steve Thimmesch & Brian Taylor    50 for $9
Jake Bowen & Dan Quinn               50 for $9
Bryan Guthrie & Deano                  51
Disc Parker & Anthony Pfeifer         54

It looks like there are just seven more Monday GLOWS in this 2012-2013 season. :)......the wheel in the sky keeps turning.

Prairie Center / 12-31-12 PC SNOW
« on: January 13, 2013, 04:38:02 PM »
It was New Years Eve. We played dubs at 2:00. It snowed most the round on us, but it wasn't too bad a temperature or wind.

Double Cali Mike Davis             49 for $45
Andy Lewis & Brian Corneilius    50 for $30
B.J. Font & Connor Mitts           51 for $15
Mark Lienemnan & Deano          53
Tom Butler & Andy Portwood     54
Dick Parker & Leevarn Sarvis      54
Travis Daetwiler & Dan Zinc        55
Harold Bercuanis & Bryan Taylor 55

No ACE hit so with 18 getting in the fund grows to $608.

General Banter / New Years Eve
« on: December 29, 2012, 08:21:29 AM »
The forecast is calling for 30% chance of snow showers and 33 degrees.  :P

Let's play the last league of 2012 Monday at Olathe's Prairie Center!  8) 

I'll be at the shelter doing sign-ups at 1:30 for a 2:00 partner draw. We'll prolly do the normal random draw dubs format, but if the majority in attendance wants trips, or if trips can make for no cali, we can do that.

We'll play for the GLOW ACE fund as well, but since it will be a daylight round, if hit the payout will only be 50%. (the GLOW ACE fund normally pays out 100%)

Let's play the last league/round of 2012! 

Work til noon, get some lunch and head to PC. Please be signed up by 1;45. We'll draw partners at 2:00, and should be done by 5:00-5:30.

Hats, gloves , handwarmers, flasks, maybe a broom and snow shovel, some discs, camraderie and good cheer is all we'll need.   ;D

Happy New Year!  :)

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