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Lakeside Hills / 10-21-13 Lakeside Hills GLOW
« on: October 28, 2013, 04:12:49 pm »
Thirteen players out for some fun times playin disc golf in the dark.
It was 57 degrees with West winds at 9mph.

B.J. Font & Steve Thimmesch                53 for $32
Andy Lewis & Leevarn Sarvis                53 for $32
Brian Taylor & Bryan Guthrie                 54
Mark Albers & Dan Zink                        55
Tom Butler & Gary Harvey                    57
Beckett Carduff & Cali Beckett             57
Brian Corneilius & Deano                     59

No ACE hit so with all in the fund grows to $132.

On the 28th we will be playin some new pin locations. A few of us know where they are.  ;D

Lakeside Hills / 10-14-13 Lakeside Hills GLOW
« on: October 28, 2013, 04:05:09 pm »
Ten players out for some good ole disc golf in the dark.
It was 60 degrees with south winds at 19mph.

Tom Butler & Steve Thimmesch           57 for $25
Mark Albers & Leevarn Sarvis              57 for $25
Brian Taylor & Dan Zink                        58
Bryan Guthrie & Brian Hilbers               58
Brian Corneilius & Harold Berciuans     62

No ACE hit so with all in the fund grows to $119.

Lakeside Hills / 10-07-13 Lakeside Hills GLOW
« on: October 14, 2013, 06:27:32 am »
Season nine of GLOW on Monday in Olathe kicked off on this night. It was a pleasant 66 degrees with SW winds at 5 for the nine attendees.

Brian Taylor & Dan Zink                   53 for $22.50
Bryan Guthrie & Beckett Carduff      53 for $22.50
Tom Butler & Greg Seher                 58
Mark Albers & Cali All Bears             60
Brian Corneilius & Deano                  63

No ACE hit so with all in the fund increases to $109.

Lakeside Hills / 2013-2014 Olathe GLOW
« on: October 06, 2013, 08:05:56 pm »
I've ran an organized dubs GLOW gathering every Monday thru the Fall/Winter months at Prairie Center since Halloween of 2005 (8 seasons).

This year we will start it up again, but we will begin at Lakeside Hills, tomorrow, Monday, October 7th at 6:00. The ACE fund was hit on the last night last year by Cade Garrelts, who put $100 back in, so we start the season with $100 in the ACE fund.

I do not have lights on hand to sell yet, so if you are coming, please have some lights, and please have some DG skills too.  ;D

Please be signed up by 5:45. We will draw partners at exactly 6:00 and if you are late, it's entirely possible you will not get in.


Prairie Center / 09-23-13 PC MINI
« on: October 06, 2013, 07:53:47 pm »
The final daylight KCFDC league in Olathe was on this night. Thanks to all the players that came and played this year.

There were twelve players and with all in the ACE fund increased to $433, which is what the ACE fund will be for PC in the Spring of 2014.

OPEN (eight)

Bryan Guthrie        49 for $12
Beckett Carduff      56 for $4
Mark Albers            56 for $4
Brian Taylor            56 for $4
Jose Ossa               57
Brian Hilbers           59
Scott Reek              59
Leevarn Sarvis        62

MASTERS (four)

Tom Butler              52 for $8
G-$                         53 for $4
Dan Zink                 58
Deano                     62


Prairie Center / 09-16-13 PC MINI
« on: October 06, 2013, 07:45:16 pm »
There were 10 players. No ACE was hit and all got in so the fund increased to $421.


Bryan Guthrie         52 for $14
Mark Albers             53 for $8
G-Money                 53 for $8
Brian Taylor             54
Tom Butler               56
Dan Zink                  57
Leevarn Sarvis        61
Deano                     63
Andy Lewis              64
Greg Seher              65

Prairie Center / Olathe league(s)
« on: September 30, 2013, 06:36:00 am »
The last daylight league was last Monday.

We will kick off GLOW next Monday (October 7th) at Lakeside Hills. We will draw partners at straight up 6:00. Please be signed up by 5:45.

GLOW starts Monday, October 7th at Lakeside Hills!

Prairie Center / 09-09-13 PC MINI
« on: September 09, 2013, 06:31:03 am »
Fifteen out for a warm, breezy eve of golf on the Prairie. No ACE hit, so with all in the fund increases to $411.

OPEN (three)
Andy Lewis           54 for $5
Beckett Carduff    54 for $5
Mark Albers          63

MASTERS (seven)
Bryan Guthrie       53 for $9
Tom Butler            54 for $5
Brian Corneilius     54 for $5
Deano                   59
Dan Zink               59
Shannan Carson   60
G-Money               60

AMS (five)
Brian Hilbers           61 for $9 KC KASH (first league singles victory!)
Mark Martin            63 for $6 KC KASH
Jeff Ozorkiewicz      65 for $3 KC KASH
Harold Berciuanas  68
Greg Seher             69

Summer and daylight league are nearing their end.... :'(


Prairie Center / 09-02-13 PC MINI
« on: September 01, 2013, 10:11:23 am »
The conditions (wind speed, wind direction, air temperature) were identical to Saturday's morning round.  ???

No ACE was hit so with all in the fund increases to $396.

MASTERS (four)
Tom Butler                54 for $8
Harold Berciuanas    58 for $4
Brian Corneilius        60
Dan Quinn                63

AMATEUR (four)
Mike Petrin               65 for $9 KC KASH
Rob Bitter                 67 for $6 KC KASH
Greg Seher              68
Chris Portwood        74

Next week we will tee at 5:15. Please be signed up by 5:05.

Lakeside Hills / 08-26-13 LAKESIDE HILLS MINI
« on: August 26, 2013, 10:44:27 pm »
Twenty settlers out for disc golf fun. No ACE hit so with all in the fund increases to $177.

OPEN (seven)
Bryan Guthrie            54 for $12
Jose Ossa                  55 for $4.50
Lee Killian                  55 for $4.50 (left b4 payout, catch me Saturday Lee)
Jake Bowen               56
Kevin Zane                57
Steve Thimmesch      57
Ryan Keck                  59

MASTERS (nine)
Gary Lewis                58 for $9
Mike Davis                59 for $6
Gary Harvey             61 for $5
Tom Butler                62 for $4
Tom Palmer              63
Dan Zink                  64
Dan Quinn               64
Deano                      64
Greg Seher              71

AMATEUR (four)
Bowen Seiter          62 for $9 KC KASH (left b4 payout, catch me Saturday)
Bill Shinoski             65 for $6 KC KASH
Jeff Ozorkiewicz      68
Brian Hilbers           74  ::)

Next Monday (Labor Day) we migrate back to PC for a 5:15 start. Please be signed up by 5:05.

Lakeside Hills / 08-19-13 LAKESIDE HILLS MINI
« on: August 20, 2013, 09:22:55 pm »
Fourteen out for Disc Golf fun. No ACE hit so with all in the fund increases to $157.

OPEN ( ten)
Sam Webbers           55 for $14
Tom Butler                 58 for $8
Bryan Guthrie            58 for $8
Dick Parker                59
G$                             60
Mark Albers               61
Matt Jenkins              62
Andy Lewis                63
Brian Hilbers              66
Deano                       66

AMATEUR (four)
Harold Berciuanas     60 for $9 KC KASH
Jeff Ozorkiewicz        61 for $6 KC KASH
Dave Jameson           65
Greg Seher                75

Next Monday will be the final KCFDC weekly mini at Lakeside Hills this season. Come get your Old Settlers practice round in. Tee time will be 5:30, so please be signed up by 5:20.

The first Monday in September (Labor Day) we migrate back to Prairie Center. Tee time will be 5:00, so please be signed up by 4:50.

Lakeside Hills / 08-12-13 LAKESIDE HILLS MINI
« on: August 18, 2013, 08:10:37 pm »
Thirteen players out on a super nice evening. I stayed in the short stuff all night and only collected two Klingons, and no Romulens.

No ACE hit so with all in the fund increases to $143.

OPEN (four)
Matt Jenkins          56 for $8
Brian Taylor           57 for $4
Andy Lewis            61
Mark Albers           65

MASTERS (nine)
Mike Davis              54 for $7
Shannan Carson    54 for $7
Mark Wisbey          54 for $7
Beckett Carduff      56 for $4
Tom Butler             59 for $1.50
Gary Harvey           59 for $1.50
Deano                    62
Dan Zinc                 62
Harold Berciuanas  66

Tee is at 5:30. Please be signed up by 5:20.

General Banter / PC and Birdland workdays
« on: August 15, 2013, 06:57:36 am »
This coming Sunday (8-18-13) we will be doing some volunteer work at Birdand, and possibly at PC as well.

If you have a weedeater, machete, chainsaw, loppers, or some napalm, bring em. Gloves are a good idea as well as large amounts of deet and agent orange.

I'll be working on hole 4 at Bird, starting around 10:30. I want to get the trail redefined on the right. Depending on the crew size and weaponry, we may tackle another task or two while there. We'll play it by ear, but I'd like to migrate to hole 15 at PC after an hour or two at Bird and spend and hour or two getting the pond all mowed and trimmed up.

I met with the City last night and toured both courses. As usual, they were receptive to helping out with more fine tuning of the mow. The extreme rough between fairways on the back nine will be mowed down to 1' prior to Old Settlers. We should also have wood chips delivered to hole 4 at Bird and hole 15 at PC, which we will spread. Depending on the weather, the City will try to re-chip all the tees at PC as well.

Watch this thread for updates, and announced plans for semi-organized work sessions over the next two weeks.  8)

If you have some free time over the next two weeks, and want to go out on your own, just call me, message me on here, or email me, and I can aim you in the direction of greatest need.

Lakeside Hills / 08-05-13 LAKESIDE HILLS MINI
« on: August 06, 2013, 06:46:00 am »
Fourteen out on a SUPER humid evening with temps in the 80s, which also featured a new course singles record being set by Tank, and the worlds largest collection of cling tights. No ticks reported however.

To prevent the elusive sub-50 round being shot, look for newer, more difficult pin settings in the next week or two.... ;D

No ACE was hit, so with all in the fund increases to $130.

OPEN (fourteen)

Ken "Tank" Franks          50 for $15
Kevin Zane                      55 for $10
Andy Lewis                      56 for $8
Matt Jenkins                    57 for $4.50
Bryce Williams                 57 for $4.50
Bryan Guthrie                  59
Peter Bures                     59
Bryan Taylor                    59
John Benedict                  59
Tom Butler                       61
Brian Corneilius               61
Shannan Carson             63
Chris Eggers                   66
Mark Albers                     68

Next week, WE TEE OFF AT 5:30. Please be signed up by 5:20. Come on out and get familar with this tract if you are playin the Old Settlers, cause you don't want to come into Birdland blind.  ;D

Tournaments / Old Settlers Open 2013 - August 31st
« on: July 23, 2013, 08:55:45 pm »
This year is the 4th Old Settlers Open.  8)

We are excited to be using BOTH Olathe courses this year, and everyone will play one round at PC and one round at Lakeside Hills. The courses are only 5 minutes apart, and it should be a great day. You can sign up on-line, or in person on a Monday league, or at any of the DD retail stores.

If you can't play but want to be part of the event, we can use some volunteers spotting and doing water duty to, so just see me sometime in the next few weeks to let me know your availability.

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