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Prairie Center / 02-16-09 GLOW
« on: February 17, 2009, 06:43:47 AM »
16 out for a round in not too shabby weather. Just two more weeks of Monday GLOW left. No ACE hit so the fund increases to $128.

Cooper Arnold & Dave Hemmeline  42 for $42
Bryan Guthrie & Josh Warner  46 for $28
Leo Daprato & Andy Lewis  48 for $10
Mark Hedstrom & Spencer Weatherholt  50
Tom Butler & Mike Allen  52
Dick Parker & Deano  52
Jack Lowe & Anthony Puryear  52
Wes Lubberts & Shane Whitaker  54

Next week, same time, same place.....

When I was just a kid in a small Kansas town my friends and I spent countless summer days playing catch with Whamos. We would sometimes play object golf around the yard, not even aware we were playing Frisbee golf. In the college years my friends, Cindy, and I played even more catch, and then on a whim, Cindy and I drove to the big city (KC) and bought an American Pit Bull terrier pup named Little Max. As Max grew he became a very intense Frisbee dog. My friends and I would get 150' apart and run Max back and forth til he collapsed, which is no easy task considering Max was a purple ribbon bred, highly game bull dog. It was about 5 years out of college when I took a litlle mini-vacation to California to visit one of my old college day Frisbee flingin friends, when I first played golf to baskets. The first course I played was La Mirada. We played another course or two during my visit too. That was in 1986. I still didn't know anything about the KC Disc Golf scene at that time. A year or so later while glancing through the Olathe newspaper I saw a short article mentioning a Disc Golf course was going in a new park in Olathe. I made note of it, and a few days later, after I got off work one Saturday, I drove to Prairie Center, jumped out with a couple of lids, and started going around. Some guy who was working on a tee box bench came walking over and introduced himself as Ned Smethers. Over the next several months, then years, Ned got me more and more involved in playing and working on the course. He took me around town to the other courses as well. I wanted Prairie Center to be the best we could make it, so Ned and I hand dug and formed the second nine tee boxes. I went to Swope and measured the Mach III units and hand built 18 double chain assemblys and installed them. (Some of you reading this may own one.) Around 1995 Ned moved away, I got busy raising daughters and working for the man. Somehow after about a 5 year hiatus I started playing again. What joy this simple toy of molded plastic has brought me over the years. What a wonderful cast of like minded spirits I have met.  :)

General Banter / Re: construction of tee pads-brainstorming
« on: February 12, 2009, 07:00:55 PM »
There design will probably work ok. It's success will be governed by how good a base they build to set the two pieces on. Having a joint across the box at 5' will not be the best scenario. I would think that in time the joint will not be flat across it.

I would recommend they construct the slabs in one piece. I would suggest a single slab 4'-8" wide x 10'-0" long x 5" thick with #4 rebar each way at 7 1/2" spacing w/ 2" clear all sides and top. This slab would weigh approximately 2,850 pounds and would be movable with a front end loader equipped with forks.

A well compacted base is key to the longevity of any slab and/or pavement. Also, when setting the pads, it is always a good idea to set them approx 2" higher than the highest point of grade on any side, and then backfill around the pad after setting. This prevents washover such as we have on holes #2,#5, and #13 in Olathe.

Prairie Center / 02-09-09 GLOW
« on: February 10, 2009, 07:02:20 AM »
12 out on a warm and windy night. A bright, full moon and warm temps made for a really nice round.

Leo Daprato & Mike Allen  49 for $38
Bryan Guthrie & Josh Warner  51 for $22
C.D. Steiner & Deano  53
Tom Butler & Kevin Simpson  55
Dick Parker & Dan Quinn  55
Anthony Puryear & Cooper Arnold  61

No ACE hit so the ACE fund increases to $112.

WYCO / Re: ~Friday the 13th Heartbreaker~
« on: February 09, 2009, 01:31:11 PM »
It would prolly be more interesting if you don't have the teams together. That way on each card you could have multiple teams represented. The tally up at the end wouldn't be too difficult. 

WYCO / Re: ~Friday the 13th Heartbreaker~
« on: February 09, 2009, 07:54:30 AM »
Will there be one team only on a hole?

WYCO / Re: ~Friday the 13th Heartbreaker~
« on: February 04, 2009, 12:59:08 PM »
Or maybe we could have a Kansas vs Missouri thing. Oh wait, that would be too lopsided in favor of the Kansas team.  :P

I like random draw 3 man for $20 per man, ummmm, as long as I get Hemme and Arturro. ;D

Of course if it was singles it could be a bag tag mayhem event.... throw all tags in a bucket and sort em by scores (non-divisional) after it's over. :-\

Prairie Center / 02-02-09 GLOW
« on: February 03, 2009, 06:17:52 AM »
The weather was great, the food was yummy, and the DG was a blast as always. There was trick or treaters walking the sidewalks nearby and some nearby houses were blasting some weird Halloween sounds to make for a real nice ambiance. 7 out for a round of glow dubs on a beautiful Halloween evening.

Bryan "the slasher" Guthrie and
Dick "wolfman" Parker  shooting 45 for $25

Brad "the berzerker" Myers and
Andy "the creature" Lewis shooting 49 for $10

Jack "the pumpkin king" Lowe and
Carson "devil boy" Wilson shooting 51 for $0

Tom "scissorhands" Butler and
cali Tom shooting 51 for zippo.

Come out next Monday for some GLOW. I have lights available for $2, and our ACE fund is up to a staggering $7.00!

 That was the post from the first Olathe Monday night GLOW on 10-31-05. It's taken 3 seasons but the ACE was finally struck last night by none other than Mr. C.D. Steiner making his first and only $1 ACE fund entry. It was on hole 18 with the basket set short and playing from the short tee. CD chose the direct low route and his Mighty Mouse flew practically on a straight line directly into the chains. Witnesses were Dick Parker, Andy Lewis, Cindy Butler, and yours truly (Tom). As Dick said afterward, "I could tell it was in from his hand. I didn't want to watch, but I had to." CD collected $5 from the three players on the card, and directly after the round he recieved the complete GLOW ACE fund of $705 cash. Being the gentleman sportsman that he is, CD then re-started the ACE fund with a Benjamin, and then picked up the taco and beer tab for a gaggle of players at P Otts.

 16 out for a GROUND HOG DAY non-typical round.

Andy Lewis & CD Steiner  50 for $42
Wes Lubberts & Leo Daprato  51 for $28
Tom Butler & Dick Parker  53 for $10
Heberto Villareal & Josh Warner  54
Deano and Dan Loomis  56
Bryan Guthrie & Dan Quinn  56
Cooper Arnold & Kevin Simpson  59
Bob Hayett & Anthony Puryear  61

Come out next week to help re-build what CD wiped out. The ACE fund stands at $100.

Prairie Center / Re: pin placements for glow
« on: February 02, 2009, 01:12:14 PM »
Is there gunna be a Mini hole between 11 - 12?  awesome!

Yes Dick. You guessed it. That's also the hole where the tickets comes into play. :P

Not really.  ;D

Prairie Center / Re: pin placements for glow
« on: February 02, 2009, 12:56:35 PM »
It might be a good idea to light up a mini tonight.  ;)

General Banter / Re: $700.00 ace fund!!!!!!!
« on: February 02, 2009, 11:19:38 AM »
Everyone wants it! That's why they call it, MONEY!

Close to 700 BIG BUCKS worth of disc golf glory for the lucky looper that hits an ace Monday night. That's a 7 with two zeros behind it!!! That's a lot of cash.


It doesn't roll off the tongue when you say it, but it doesn't have to cause it's a lot of cash.

If someone doesn't hit it in the next three weeks, that money disappears until the fall.

Some of the information above is incorrect.  >:(Counting tonight's GROUND HOG DAY GLOW round there are (5) five more chances.

Prairie Center / Re: pin placements for glow
« on: February 02, 2009, 10:18:15 AM »

1-left - Ace-able
2-island - Skip Ace-able
3-short - Ace-able (Groundhog Day Ace by Deano)
4-middle - Ace-able
5-long - Big Ace ....eehhmmm...Leo
6-short - Ace-able
7-short - Ace-able
8-left - Ace-able
9-right - Ace-able
10-short - Ace-able
11-right - Ace-able
12-middle - Lucky Skip Ace-able
13-middle - Ace-able
14-right - Super Duper Arms Ace-able
15-long - Par
16-short - Ace-able (Groundhog Day Ace by Slant)
17-right - Tree Luck Ace-able
18-short - Ace-able

$350 to Dean
$350 to Slant


Winning score tonight at glow = 43 (by Leo & Slant)

It's GROUND HOG DAY. Remember in the movie, how Bill Murray's character had to keep re-living the day over and over? Well, that's what's happening tonight... a little over and over and over safari mix. I typically am a traditionalist when it comes to playing the course as it should be, but, it's GROUND HOG DAY all you wood chuck chuckers and I wanna change it up. I'll explain it all tonight, but be prepared to be annoyed. :P
There will be some ACE possibilitys, but don't get your hopes up thinkin it's gonna be the same ole GLOW round.

Also, since i went down to Texas this past weekend and sandbagged my way to $185 worth of stuff, maybe I'll throw in a CTP somewhere for a Roc or something. :-\

Prairie Center / Ground Hog GLOW
« on: February 01, 2009, 11:05:14 AM »
That's right all you Wood Chuck Chuckers, Monday is GROUND HOG DAY. This is the one time where television really fails to capture the true excitement of a large squirrel prediciting the weather. There is no way this winter will EVER end as long as the groundhog keeps seeing his shadow. Hes got to be stoped. And I'm going to stop him. Your whole life, it's the same thing. Pick up your feet. Stand up straight. Clean up your room. Take it like a man. Be nice to your sister. Don't mix beer and wine, ever. Oh, yeah; don't drive on the railway tracks. This day used to mean something. They used to pull the rat out of the hole and they used to eat it. Well, it's Groundhog Day... again...

Come out and be annoyed with GROUND HOG DAY round. Am I right or am I right? Right, right, right.

What if there was no tomorrow? There wasn't one today.

Watch that first step, it's a doooozy!

Prairie Center / 01-26-09 GLOW
« on: January 27, 2009, 06:43:24 AM »
12 out in some chilly manilly weather for some frisbee throwin.  :o

Wes Lubberts & Bryan Guthrie  46 for $38
Mike Allen & Dan Loomis  51 for $22
Andy Lewis & Josh Warner  51 (Cali Josh lost playoff)
Tom Butler & Bob Hayett  53
Leo Daprato & Anthony Puryear  54
Jamie Barry & Cooper Arnold  55

No ACE so the fund increases to $689. Five more attempts left til next Fall.

Prairie Center / Re: pin placements for glow
« on: January 26, 2009, 04:08:58 PM »
It's really cold, so,  let's go outside and fling frisbees for a couple of hours in the dark.

Long 2 box, short 6, 8, and 18 tonight.

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