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Prairie Center / 02-26-07 GLOW league
« on: February 27, 2007, 07:27:04 AM »
9 out for a round in calm air, with temps around 37. A shorty layout, short boxes called, and calm air made for some pretty good scores. No ACE hit, (I did skip off the top of #13 chain assembly though) so the ACE fund is at $367. Next week is the final installment of the 06-07 Olathe Monday night GLOW, so come out and empty that ACE fund. We will have burgers and brauts next week courtesy of the Olathe Posse to celebrate another season coming to an end. Chow between 5:20 and 5:50.

Arturro Villareal and Bryan Guthrie  42 for $32
Dave Hemmeline and Heberto Villareal  44 for $18
Tom Butler and Cali Tom  46
Andy Lewis and James Mowery  50
Leo Daprato and John Raich  51

Bag Tags / Re: 2007 What number ya got?
« on: February 26, 2007, 01:03:28 PM »
Must be a far drive if no one intends on going to any other leagues as well from Olathe........


The olathe posse travels and plays around town more than any other crew from the other courses. Must be because we travel en force in the fabulous wonder wagon. hahaha  And furthermore, we'll bring our low tags wit us all over town, and we'll leave with our low tags, or lower.

olathe posse=
Andy L.
Chili dog
Deano U.
Bryan G.
Dave H.
Tom B.

+ canines:
Mr. Gus

I'll be in Negril on the first BV dubs, but will definitely try to make it over there. Sounds like fun.

Club Archives / Re: KCWO 2007
« on: February 23, 2007, 07:39:11 AM »
Pine tree wilt has been killing, and continues to kill many of our trees at Prairie Center. Fortunately for us, the Olathe arborist is constantly planting new trees around the park. Originally, PC had very few trees. Since 1990 approximately 200 trees have been planted in PC by the city.


General Banter / Re: Putting Tournament
« on: February 22, 2007, 07:26:01 AM »
I'm not very good at putting, but I would play a putting game as long as there is beer and wagering involved.

Tournaments / Re: Endicott/JB Open?
« on: February 19, 2007, 03:25:28 PM »
You may want to check the river city flyers web site. Unless you were pre-registered before today, you may be outta luck. It looks like they are full.

Prairie Center / 02-19-07 GLOW league
« on: February 19, 2007, 10:40:56 AM »
11 out on the moist prairie. Very light winds and mild temps made for some good scores.
No ACE so the ACE fund is at $358. Two more Monday GLOWs left. Somebody come empty that fund.

Andy Lewis and Drew Neitzel  44 for $36
Arturro Villareal and Dick Parker  46 for $19
Bryan Guthrie and Heberto Villareal  48
Brad Myers and Cali Brad  49
Leo Daprato and Mark Hogins  50
Tom Butler and Dan Quinn  51

Club Archives / Re: KCWO 2007
« on: February 14, 2007, 03:20:12 PM »
What courses will I, as an advanced sandbagging master be playing, or has that information been determined yet?

It hasn't been nailed down completely, but you will play 2 rounds Friday on one course, 2 rounds Saturday on a different course, and one round Sunday on a yet different course, so you'll get 5 rounds at 3 different courses.  The courses we will choose from will be Swope, Rosedale, Water Works, and Wyco.

Sounds good. Why no Olathe, I mean we have tee boxes, baskets, trees and stuff.

Club Archives / Re: KCWO 2007
« on: February 14, 2007, 07:21:28 AM »
Rope sucks.

Club Archives / Re: KCWO 2007
« on: February 13, 2007, 04:03:50 PM »
What courses will I, as an advanced sandbagging master be playing, or has that information been determined yet? If it hasn't then allow me to offer my wish list......

round 1 Olathe
round 2 Wyco

round 1 Rosey
round 2 WW

only 1 round Swope 
That would be a very kewl schedule for me.

Prairie Center / 02-05-07 GLOW league
« on: February 06, 2007, 07:21:42 AM »
7 players + Cindy and Mr. Gus out on a chilly 23 degree night. Light ENE winds @ 8mph made it not too bad. A couple of big shots last night..... Andy hitting a birdie on the island from 110' and Dave crashing chains off the tee on hole 10. Too bad it bounced out. Almost an ACE, but still no ACE hit so the ACE fund is up to $348. Since it's 100% payout that's like $696 at any other course in town. 4 weeks left....come getcha some ACE money.

Andy Lewis & Arturro Villareal  47 for $25
Bryan Guthrie & Leo Daprato  48 for $10
Tom Butler & Dave Hemmeline  49
Dick Parker & Cali Dick  53

Bag Tags / Re: From D.G. Thuggy - Come and get me beetches!
« on: February 05, 2007, 12:08:03 PM »
You must play in a KCFDC event at least once per month. I wouldn't count on keeping that #1 too long.

General Banter / Re: ICE BOwl-who has the wining Chili?
« on: January 26, 2007, 07:05:23 AM »
Anybody know if there a ping pong party this year at Chris's place Saturday night?

Bag Tags / Re: 2007 TAGS Likely AVAILABLE AT THE ICE BOWL!!!
« on: January 17, 2007, 03:10:34 PM »
What are the official rules for bag tags in 2007?

Prairie Center / 01-15-07 GLOW league
« on: January 15, 2007, 01:57:09 PM »
4 Artic explorers out for a full 18 holes on the 10 degree air temperature, ice covered, frozen prairie. No aces hit. Ace fund is at $329. 3 slip and falls recorded.

Dave Hemmeline & Arturro Villareal  54 for $25
Tom Butler & Heberto Villareal  56   

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