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Prairie Center / 12-10-07 GLOW
« on: December 11, 2007, 08:36:11 am »
27 hours prior to GLOW I was playing in St. Petersburg, Florida where the temperature was 83, with light easterly breezes, in a green and palm tree filled park beside the ocean. Quite a contrast to GLOW on the prairie last night where five of us humans and one small dog braved the steady freezing rain and frozen precip already on the ground.

Dave Hemmeline & Brain Guthrie  46 for $20
Tom Butler & Andy Lewis  50
Cindy and Mr. Gus  (wet & cold)

No ACE hit, so the fund remains un-struck and grows to $443.
Good job to Brian G. in clearing the tees from this weekends frozen precip.

Prairie Center / 12-03-07 GLOW
« on: December 04, 2007, 06:06:54 am »
10 discers out enjoying some nice Kansas fall evening air last night. All teams reported under par scores, but, STILL NO ACE.

Dave Hemmeline & Deano  43 for $32
Bryan Guthrie & Bob Hayett  46 for $18
Tom Butler & Cooper Arnold  47
Dan Coffman & Jarad Garren  49
Andy Lewis & Andy Arnold  51

ACE fund grows to $439. 12 more Monday GLOWS left. 18 more days til Winter begins, and the days begin to grow longer. 

Prairie Center / 11-26-07 GLOW
« on: November 27, 2007, 08:35:23 am »
11 players out in quite nice conditions for a round last night. Finished before 8:00, so several headed to Fred P Otts for 75 cent tacos and multi grain liquid nouirishment. No ACE hit so the fund swells to $429.

Tom Butler & Bryan Guthrie  44 for $38
Dave Hemmeline & Dick Parker  45 for $22
Jarad Garren & Kevin Simpson  49
Andy Lewis & Andy Arnold  50
Deano & Ben Taylor  52
Cooper Arnold & Cali Cooper  55

13 more Monday GLOWS. Who will ACE?

Winter Leagues / Re: Winter League on Saturday????
« on: November 26, 2007, 01:51:08 pm »
 There is a Thursday night random draw GLOW dubs each week at Waterworks park (6:00 pm draw partners). Ted Keith runs it and usually has lights available for purchase.

 There is  Saturday morning random draw dubs at Prairie center park in Olathe each week at 11:00.

 There is Saturday random draw dubs at Rosedale down under at 12:30.
 There are gatherings at Blue Valley park and Pleasant Hill on Sundays. Check our discussion board out for more info.

 Yes, we play in the snow and ice. Rain sometimes hampers us, but that is about it. Post on here when ya might wanna play that week during the daytime and there will prolly be some locals (or locos) that would meet up with ya to guide ya thru.

 Do ya know a guy that goes by Fig there in NC?


General Banter / Re: Call for you to HELP-Do you want to make a difference?
« on: November 26, 2007, 09:23:29 am »
Can anyone give an update on when/where the club elections might be?

Prairie Center / 11-19-07 GLOW
« on: November 20, 2007, 06:17:42 pm »
Warm weather and breezy air greeted the 15 discers that came to the Prairie for a round last night. I must apologize for the unusually late posting today, but I just finished the round a little while ago. I'll have a bat or hammer with me next week, and if I try to send out any groups larger than 4, somebody please smack me upside the head. No ACE hit so the fund increases to $418.

Matt Hays and Bryan Guthrie  52 for $37.50
Kevin Simpson and Kory Tyler  52 for $37.50
Tom Butler and Dick Parker  53
Andy Lewis and Tavish Sanders  54
Ben Taylor and Dan Coffman  56
Kevin Montgomery and Deano  57
Cooper Arnold and Andy Arnold  57
Bob Hayett and Cali Bob  63

Kevin and Kory were paid. Bryan and Matt left, so, Cindy and I say thanks for dinner tonight guys!

Shawnee Mission / Re: GLOW Troubles
« on: November 20, 2007, 11:04:19 am »
I doubt I will , but, if I ever want to play a little night disc golf in SMP, and I can be driving out of the gate at 7:45, I probably will. I do not plan on ever getting fined for being in the park after hours or consuming alcho beverages. I have been paying quite substantial property taxes in Johnson County for over 20 years, so, I feel if I wanna use the park following published rules, I can.

Prairie Center / Re: Pin placements for glow
« on: November 19, 2007, 09:59:44 am »
Temps in the mid 60's and winds around 11 mph are predicted for this evening. ACE fund is at $403. Draw partners at 6:00. Come on out and try the new pin settings on 10 and 11.

Blue Valley / Re: Blue League Time
« on: November 13, 2007, 07:50:02 am »
I dunno bout that, but Chuck Norris has counted to infinity, twice.

Prairie Center / 11-12-07 GLOW
« on: November 13, 2007, 07:47:01 am »
The cloudy skies and 30% chance of rain didn't keep 11 of us away last night. The wind was non-existent and mild temps allowed the H & H wrecking crew to make easy work of the Prairie last night, demolishing the course with a 42.

Dave Hemmeline & Joe Hesting  42 for $36
Deano & Dick Parker  47 for $19
Andy Lewis & Dan Coffman  48
Tom Butler & Andy Arnold  50
Mark Albers & Cali Mark  54
Bob Hayett & Cooper Arnold  56

Several close runs but no ACE hit so the fund grows to $403. Come out next week. Only 15 more Mondays left before daylight savings time again. We will not play Christmas eve, but I'm thinkin we will have GLOW on New years eve, weather and numbers permitting.

Winter Leagues / Re: Mondays Rosedale GLOW
« on: November 13, 2007, 07:31:38 am »
I know i will does any one have lights for sale or should i goto wallyworld first...

Sorry Dennis. I was just trying to help a brother out with some lights, a $400+ ACE fund, and a chance to get teamed up or play with some of the top players in town. (Arturro, Hemmeline, etc.)     

Lights at wally world: $2.99 ?
Lights WW or Olathe GLOW : $2.33

I can understand it's a long drive for some. Hope your Rosey Monday's GLOW well, and I'll stay off your thread in the future.   

Winter Leagues / Re: Mondays Rosedale GLOW
« on: November 12, 2007, 10:06:48 am »
Come to Olathe GLOW. I have lights for sale, and, we have a rather large ACE fund....

General Banter / Re: Call for you to HELP-Do you want to make a difference?
« on: November 09, 2007, 10:50:30 am »
Hmmmm. Isn't that the infamous warrior from the Olathe Posse, Dances With Yorkies who laid waste long ago to the rebel bandits? I have heard of him, and think I have seen him once or twice at Wyco. Isn't he the guy in the picture with all the cuties by the pool too?   

To answer your question: I do not recall, senator, and I did not inhale.

General Banter / Re: Call for you to HELP-Do you want to make a difference?
« on: November 09, 2007, 05:20:50 am »
 Greetings and salutations to the KCFDC members!

 The club president, Jack Lowe, suggested on this thread to post why one feels qualified to take on the responsibilitys of an elected club officer. I have been asked, and nominated to run for the position of Vice President for the Kansas side of the KCFDC. I accept the nomination and would like to now write a little about why I feel I will make a good officer.

 My KCFDC club member number is 210. I first joined the club around 1991. I played a significant part in the construction and installation of the Prairie Center Disc Golf course. I helped with the installation of Wyco and have helped on workdays at several other courses as well. I have run league multiple times at PC and Wyco, and am in the third season of running a GLOW league at PC. I am a PDGA member (#22969) and have played Disc Golf, tournaments and courses in 8 states and one foreign country.

 I will do my best to ensure that the membership, visitors, and all players on our courses have the best Disc Golf experiences and fun here in Kansas City, and that the membership obtains the best value possible for their dues.

 I will strive to maintain and build upon the relationships the club has with the park departments and governing parties, as well as establish new relationships with parks departments where needed. 

 I will do my best to coordinate with the Course Coordinators, and with the Missouri VP to make our weekly mini tournaments (leagues) as consistently ran as possible.

 I will always be available to listen to you and help make the Kansas City Disc Golf Club a good and fun organization to belong to.



Pleasant Hill / Re: Pleasant Hill Glow
« on: November 08, 2007, 12:36:40 pm »
This is from the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization website. Although this incident happend over 14 years ago, I wouldn't say it's impossible to see a sasquatch playing GLOW at the lake.......

YEAR: 1983

SEASON: Spring

STATE: Missouri

COUNTY: Cass County

LOCATION DETAILS: Cass County, Missouri. Approx. 1 mile east of 7 Highway, 3 miles south of Pleasant Hill. Unknown distance south of gravel road.

NEAREST TOWN: Pleasant Hill

OBSERVED: This wasn't experienced by me, it was experienced by my father. He related the story to me either later that night or the next day, I don't remember. He and his best friend, Gordon Johnson, often went fishing and (morell) mushroom hunting in the woods near Gordon's house which was just south of town. Gordon had 40 acres, but it was sparsely wooded, and had no fishing ponds. I can't remember whether they were headed for some fishing hole Gordon had heard of or if they were mushroom hunting, but I suspect the latter. The woods they were traveling through were very thick, almost impassible. If I remember correctly, my dad had a machete to hack through the brush. I remember he said that he was having an argument with Gordon, along the lines of "Where the heck are you taking me!" After traveling south from the gravel road they'd left my dad's pickup on, he said he found a trail, or at least a spot where the brush wasn't as thick. They started across this spot (I ! remember he said he couldn't tell if it was a trail, or just a cleared out spot) and said they heard a sound that stopped them in their tracks. There had been an eccentric individual that had lived near Gordon who had, a year or so before, let his exotic animal collection loose, which included a lion and lioness. It made all the papers. Despite the fact that all animals had been accounted for, the fact that this sound my father and Gordon heard was a definite roar of some large creature got their attention. In that part of Missouri, bears are unheard of. Forests are pretty much small trees and brush, not the hardwood areas bears like. Same with bobcats, and pretty much any other big game. We have deer and coyotes, and not too many of those. My dad said this was a cross between a lion and a bear, but that it ended in what he described as a high-pitched shriek, like a monkey. Gordon is a pretty superstitious guy, so he totally froze. My dad was more down to earth, he started looking around. They were then hit by a very strong smell, my dad said he almost vomited, he said he was glad he hadn't eaten lunch yet. They heard brush moving (but didn't see anything) and then another howl, just like the one before, but definitely closer. That was enough for them, they turned about face and hauled out at full speed, following the path my dad had cut as best they could.

My dad had some nicks and cuts to back up this part of the tale of plunging through the brush (brambles on his clothes and such). They emerged almost 1/2 a mile from where they entered, that's how fast they were running. My father was a construction worker, and just not afraid of much, especially with a machete in his hand. He was also NOT a storyteller, at ALL. If something scared him, he was more likely to lie and say he WASN'T scared, he was quite the macho type. Also, every time he drove past that section of woods to Gordon's house, he always sped up. I could tell something back there got to him. He passed away a few years ago, or I'd call him and get more details for you.

ALSO NOTICED: Nothing that I know of.

OTHER WITNESSES: No idea. Gordon may have had a beer or two, but my father was sober by that time. That was what struck us: if he was still drinking, we would understand, but this was quite some time after he'd been on the wagon completely.

OTHER STORIES: Again, nothing that I know of. As far as I know, no other human's even wandered through there, like I said, it was nearly impassible underbrush.

ENVIRONMENT: No landmarks to note, just very dense brush/trees, typical of northern Missouri. There is a small highway I'd say about a mile to the west of the site, maybe more, and a gravel road some distance (no idea how far) north.

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