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General Banter / Re: Course Help???
« on: January 15, 2008, 01:57:39 PM »
Saturday mornings at 11:00 in Olathe at Prairie Center park is a $10 KCFDC dubs round. Saturday afternoons at 12:30 at Rosedale Park Down Under is a $10 KCFDC dubs round. Sunday mornings at 11:00 in Pleasant Hill, Missouri is a dubs round. If your in Olathe, and wanna hit a couple of courses on a Saturday, I'd recommend doing the Olathe dubs, then either going to Shawnee mission park (approx 15 mins away), or going to one of my personal favs, Wyco, which is approx 20 minutes from Olathe Prairie Center.   

Tournaments / Re: Ice Bowl - 2008
« on: January 15, 2008, 11:50:18 AM »
Please bring some Slim Whitman. You never know when we will need it as an alien defense.

General Banter / Re: Course Help???
« on: January 15, 2008, 11:47:00 AM »
I would say if you can only play one day/course, you would want to play Waterworks Park in North Kansas City. If you have time for more than one, we have many options to choose from. Depending on where you are staying, there are courses all around the metro. We have organized mini tourneys each Saturday and Sunday, as well as organized GLOW rounds on Monday and Thursday nights too. All these winter minis utilize a random draw doubles format with a wager of $5 to 10$ per player. If you want to play a certain day/time, post on here and some locals may join up wit ya and show ya around.

Prairie Center / 01-14-08 GLOW
« on: January 15, 2008, 07:39:10 AM »
10 sub-arctic explorers out for a stroll on the frozen tundra that was Prarie Center last night. With very light breezes it wasn't tooooo bad.

No ACE hit so the fund increases to $472. Only seven more Monday night GLOWS left, so, somebody come hit that ACE.

Tom Butler & Dave Hemmeline  45 for $32
Bryan Guthrie & Andy Lewis  48 for $18
Dick Parker & Arturro Villareal  50
Deano & Cooper Arnold  53
Bob Hayett  & Dan Quinn  55

Come out next Monday for a super special Martin Luther King Jr. Day GLOW.

Olathe Prairie Center tomorrow at 11:00 is the place to play. Random dubs. $10 per person. $1 to ACE fund and $1 to club, leaving $8 payout. It may be a little soft in places, but we do have nice large concrete tee pads. Come check out all the new placements. It's not the same ole Olathe yer momma played.

Also, remember GLOW on Monday night.   

Prairie Center / Re: 01-07-08 GLOW
« on: January 09, 2008, 10:10:34 AM »
How do we determine who is a "pro" and who isn't?
I feel, for simplicity, in random draw dubs all are equal.

Prairie Center / 01-07-08 GLOW
« on: January 08, 2008, 08:24:42 AM »
 11 out taking advantage of some great winter weather. Along with the warm air and slight breeze, we were treated to a nice lightning show.

 Last night made it two KC winter leagues in three days that the Cali (paying and throwing twice) smoked the field. 
 Observation: When a good player gets Cali and has himself as a partner it's tough to beat em.

Bryan Guthrie & Cali Bryan  44 for $38
Heberto Villareal & Jarad Garren  46 for $22
Tom Butler & Jud Gruber  51
Dick Parker & Cooper Arnold  51
Deano & Andy Lewis 53 (recipients of the most fun had award)
Ben Taylor & Bob Hayett  54

 We drew a couple minutes early last night, and with a last minute arrival, trying to be fair, we re-drew. From now on we will draw at 6:00 sharp, and no one gets in after we draw.

 No ACE hit so the fund grows to $462. Remember, this is 100% payout.

Winter Leagues / Re: WATER WORKS GLOW
« on: January 03, 2008, 07:22:37 AM »
I dunno bout WW ACE fund, but the Monday night Olathe GLOW ACE fund is at $451 and it's 100% payout. Also, Olathe is around 30 minutes closer to E-town.
Draw partners every Monday at 6:00.

« on: December 28, 2007, 10:59:52 AM »

 What time Saturday would work for ya? 10:00 would be about the earliest I could be there. I may clean off the tee boxes as we go so they are clear and dry for our Monday night GLOW round. This makes for a slightly slower round, maybe 2 1/2 hours. If you read this today and wanna play in the ice and snow tomorrow, give me a call. I can try to get some other members of the Olathe posse out too.

913-829-5912 home after 5:00
913-928-7154 work before 4:00

General Banter / Re: Olathe and Topeka... suggestions?
« on: December 20, 2007, 07:29:19 AM »
Suggestions....? how about practice more. hahaha

Seriously though. When Bob came up with the counter-clockwise course re-alignment, we knew this would be the least liked hole, but Andy and I with our chain saws did not take all the trees in the way out at once. The arborist did not want us to clear it out much. It is slowly becoming more open with the traffic, and, although I really disliked it at first, I now look at it as a challenge and probably 2 it as much as I 4  it. I have also seen several longer arms have much success just going big anny over the top and parking the longer setting.

The short placement is easier, and Bob moves the pins around frequently. It is what it is.

We have considered a shorter, easier setting in front (just to the southeast) of the opening between the 2 larger cedar trees that guard the current middel and long placements. We are always open to ideas and suggestions.

Prairie Center / 12-17-07 GLOW
« on: December 18, 2007, 07:50:11 AM »
8 hearty disc golfing folk played a round last night. No ACE hit so the fund reaches $451.

Next Monday is Christmas eve and we WILL NOT BE HAVING GLOW.

The following Monday is New Years Eve, and WE WILL BE HAVING GLOW. Come out and finish the disc golf year out right by hitting an ACE!

Deano & Arturro Villareal  49 for $20
Paul Pflaster & Heberto Villareal  49 for $20
Cooper Arnold & Tavish Sanders  57
Dick Parker & Bob Hayett  58

Have a great Christmas everybody. Be safe in your travels and have peace in your hearts.

Merry Christmas!

Prairie Center / 12-10-07 GLOW
« on: December 11, 2007, 08:36:11 AM »
27 hours prior to GLOW I was playing in St. Petersburg, Florida where the temperature was 83, with light easterly breezes, in a green and palm tree filled park beside the ocean. Quite a contrast to GLOW on the prairie last night where five of us humans and one small dog braved the steady freezing rain and frozen precip already on the ground.

Dave Hemmeline & Brain Guthrie  46 for $20
Tom Butler & Andy Lewis  50
Cindy and Mr. Gus  (wet & cold)

No ACE hit, so the fund remains un-struck and grows to $443.
Good job to Brian G. in clearing the tees from this weekends frozen precip.

Prairie Center / 12-03-07 GLOW
« on: December 04, 2007, 06:06:54 AM »
10 discers out enjoying some nice Kansas fall evening air last night. All teams reported under par scores, but, STILL NO ACE.

Dave Hemmeline & Deano  43 for $32
Bryan Guthrie & Bob Hayett  46 for $18
Tom Butler & Cooper Arnold  47
Dan Coffman & Jarad Garren  49
Andy Lewis & Andy Arnold  51

ACE fund grows to $439. 12 more Monday GLOWS left. 18 more days til Winter begins, and the days begin to grow longer. 

Prairie Center / 11-26-07 GLOW
« on: November 27, 2007, 08:35:23 AM »
11 players out in quite nice conditions for a round last night. Finished before 8:00, so several headed to Fred P Otts for 75 cent tacos and multi grain liquid nouirishment. No ACE hit so the fund swells to $429.

Tom Butler & Bryan Guthrie  44 for $38
Dave Hemmeline & Dick Parker  45 for $22
Jarad Garren & Kevin Simpson  49
Andy Lewis & Andy Arnold  50
Deano & Ben Taylor  52
Cooper Arnold & Cali Cooper  55

13 more Monday GLOWS. Who will ACE?

Winter Leagues / Re: Winter League on Saturday????
« on: November 26, 2007, 01:51:08 PM »
 There is a Thursday night random draw GLOW dubs each week at Waterworks park (6:00 pm draw partners). Ted Keith runs it and usually has lights available for purchase.

 There is  Saturday morning random draw dubs at Prairie center park in Olathe each week at 11:00.

 There is Saturday random draw dubs at Rosedale down under at 12:30.
 There are gatherings at Blue Valley park and Pleasant Hill on Sundays. Check our discussion board out for more info.

 Yes, we play in the snow and ice. Rain sometimes hampers us, but that is about it. Post on here when ya might wanna play that week during the daytime and there will prolly be some locals (or locos) that would meet up with ya to guide ya thru.

 Do ya know a guy that goes by Fig there in NC?


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