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Yeh, me too wondering.

General Banter / MLB playoffs
« on: October 08, 2015, 02:53:12 pm »
Let's Go Royals !

Season over for the loser Pirates... they were whiny sore losers in the Dougout too.  ::)

Leagues / Re: Olathe Glow
« on: October 06, 2015, 03:58:16 pm »
The first night of season 11 of Olathe GLOW will be Monday, October 19. We draw partners at 6:00 sharp. If you are late you probably don't get in. I will have lights for sale and duct tape for trade...tape for ale... we will be at P.C. all season, unless we have a special holiday edition at Birdland sometime. All are welcome. It is random draw for $5. Fun times in the dark!

Prairie Center / Re: 09-21-15 PC MINI
« on: September 21, 2015, 02:04:16 pm »
Wow!  8) thanks! ACE run city tonight.

Prairie Center / Re: 09-21-15 PC MINI
« on: September 21, 2015, 08:31:19 am »
Could always use some help. I'll be there bout 4:15ish.

Prairie Center / Re: 09-21-15 PC MINI
« on: September 21, 2015, 06:00:45 am »
We need to leave 11 in the middle until the soccer players are done for the year. I will come out early today and move 1, 3, 6,  and 8.
12 I would rather stay long or left. Moving the 4 I mentioned gives an average player (me) ACE runs at, 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,15,16,17, and 18 if we go from all short boxes.

Tournaments / Trilogy Oppna-Emporia
« on: September 18, 2015, 10:58:34 am »
Still a lot of space left...E-town is a fun place to play, and J's burgers alone is worth the drive.

Smithville is a true multi course park in the KC area.  ::)

 I wanted to thank everyone that worked to make the 6th Old Settlers a great tournament and day.

 Pete Cashen is a class act and we here in KC are fortunate to have him here promoting and working to advance the game. Josh Harvey continues to make the DD tournament experience and the DD store top notch. Scott Reek, although unable to attend was behind the scenes making sure the show came off flawlessly.

 There were many KCFDC volunteers working to make the courses look amazing in the weeks leading up to tourney day.

 My wife Cindy and daughter Amy, along with one of my daughter's friends, Coty Beaman helped me put down a LARGE amount of wood chips at both courses. Gary Harvey, Rob Haney, and Pete Cashen did substantial, heavy weed eating. Michelle Palmer de-thorned 100s of Locust trees. Matt Jenkins swept off all tee boxes at both courses. Andy Lewis and Drew Neitzel handled water for both courses. Nova Politte spotted on 13. Mike Petrin worked vending and payout. The City of Olathe Parks and Rec are awesome, and the pride they take in these parks shows in how beautiful they have made them. I'm sure I missed somebody, but to everyone that worked the event, THANK YOU!

 When Ned Smethers and myself first started developing and playing Prairie Center in 1987, I always wanted the course (and now Birdland too) to be a special place where Disc Golf could be played on land that is maintained and kept much like ball golf courses. Looking around Saturday at the large field of players and the beautiful parks, I have to say my dreams have been realized.

 Lastly but most importantly though, I would like to thank all the players that came out to play. We did it all for you.  :)

 If anyone would like to tell us about things that went wrong and things that went right, or things we might be able to do to make it better next year, please pm me or Pete, or Josh, or Scott, so during planning for next year we can improve the player's experience.

 Again, THANKS EVERYONE for making the 6th Old Settlers Open a success.  8)

Prairie Center / Labor Day
« on: September 07, 2015, 09:22:27 am »
The rain should be gone, and league will be going on today. The course is still set on the Ole Krusty setup, so come give it another try, or if you couldn't play the tourney, see how you might have faired. Be at the shelter around 5:00ish for sign-up. I think Cade said 5:30 tee.

Saturday's weather forecast is for partly cloudy with a high near 90. Southwest winds at 10 to 20 as well.

Check in at P.C. between 8:00 and 8:45. Players meeting will follow check in.

It's the 6th Old Settlers Open eve!

My love, my darling, my husband of five years (as of tomorrow), Matt Jenkins, has forgotten his password to the forum, but wanted me to let Tom and the crew know he swept off the teepads at both courses tonight after work, as promised.  Hopefully they stay that way. No rain is predicted at this time, which should help. :)

I was out at both courses tonight working on a few problem areas and noticed the tee boxes looked really clean. Good job Matt! Good job on 5 years tomorrow too to ya both. I'll share part of me and Cindy's story real quick wit ya all... we were born in the same hospital less than 24 hours apart....met when we were 16 while cruising the main drag in our hometown, got married at 19, and next May will have made it to 35 years married.

Oh well, thread drift at it's finest.

The courses were mowed today and look exceptional. If anyone is out tomorrow, please pick up any trash you see lieing around. The DD RV is gonna be at PC Saturday along with a big crowd of Disc Golfers too. Check in between 8:00 and 8:45 at PC. Players meeting will be immediately after check in. The weather is looking good and the chains are waiting.  8)

The drop zone is mowed and painted on hole 15 pc. It is 315' to the pin and the water's edge is approximately 297'. The field is filling up...will we hit capacity?  8)

There will be water on each course, but with a forecast high of 91, savvy golfers should bring plenty h2o themselves.

Hole 15 at P.C. measures 315'. The water's edge tonight was 18' from the basket.

I will find out this eve. The tee sign says 261'... I can measure it and post the distance as well as have it shown in the tourney program.

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