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Saturday's weather forecast is for partly cloudy with a high near 90. Southwest winds at 10 to 20 as well.

Check in at P.C. between 8:00 and 8:45. Players meeting will follow check in.

It's the 6th Old Settlers Open eve!

My love, my darling, my husband of five years (as of tomorrow), Matt Jenkins, has forgotten his password to the forum, but wanted me to let Tom and the crew know he swept off the teepads at both courses tonight after work, as promised.  Hopefully they stay that way. No rain is predicted at this time, which should help. :)

I was out at both courses tonight working on a few problem areas and noticed the tee boxes looked really clean. Good job Matt! Good job on 5 years tomorrow too to ya both. I'll share part of me and Cindy's story real quick wit ya all... we were born in the same hospital less than 24 hours apart....met when we were 16 while cruising the main drag in our hometown, got married at 19, and next May will have made it to 35 years married.

Oh well, thread drift at it's finest.

The courses were mowed today and look exceptional. If anyone is out tomorrow, please pick up any trash you see lieing around. The DD RV is gonna be at PC Saturday along with a big crowd of Disc Golfers too. Check in between 8:00 and 8:45 at PC. Players meeting will be immediately after check in. The weather is looking good and the chains are waiting.  8)

The drop zone is mowed and painted on hole 15 pc. It is 315' to the pin and the water's edge is approximately 297'. The field is filling up...will we hit capacity?  8)

There will be water on each course, but with a forecast high of 91, savvy golfers should bring plenty h2o themselves.

Hole 15 at P.C. measures 315'. The water's edge tonight was 18' from the basket.

I will find out this eve. The tee sign says 261'... I can measure it and post the distance as well as have it shown in the tourney program.

Approximately where would the DZ be at on #15 at PC?
It is on the east bank, about 110' from the basket. There is a mowed in path to it from the walk trail. I will have it painted Thursday night and flagged for Saturday.

Lakeside Hills will play  at  7507’  par 58 (on or across the Lake road is OB)
Hole 1 (long) 618’  par 4
Hole 2 (short) 357’  par 3
Hole 3 (short) 270’  par 3
Hole 4 (short) 241’  par 3 
Hole 5 (only) 318’  par 3
Hole 6 (short) 387’ par 3
Hole 7 (only) 330’  par 3
Hole 8 (only) 291’  par 3
Hole 9 (only) 429’ par 3
Hole 10 (short) 372’  par 3
Hole 11 (right) 381’  par 3
Hole 12 (long) 502’  par 4
Hole 13 (only) 336’  par 3
Hole 14 (short) 456’  par 3
Hole 15 (long) 633’  par 3
Hole 16 (long) 806’  par 4
Hole 17 (short) 450’  par 3
Hole 18 (short) 330’  par 3       

Prairie Center  will play  at  6345’  par 56
Hole 1 (right) 240’ par 3  In playground is OB.
Hole 2 (island) 333’  par 3  Long tee box. If you are OB on any shot other than from the island, you play from the drop. Once you have landed and stayed on the island, normal OB rules apply. (play from last place in-bounds)
Hole 3 (long) 315’  par 3  On or across asphalt walk trail or concrete                             sidewalk is OB. Inside fenced yards is OB.
Hole 4 (short right) 330’ par 3  On or across walk trail or in street is OB.
Hole 5 (right) 324’  par 3  In or across street is OB.
Hole 6 (right) 425’  par 3  Long tee box. In or across street is OB.
Hole 7 (middle) 447’  par 3 In or across street is OB.
Hole 8 (long) 327’  par 3  Short tee box. In or across street is OB.
Hole 9 (right) 378’  par 3  In or across street or walk trail is OB.
Hole 10 (middle) 234’  par 3  In or across street or parking lot is OB.
Hole 11 (left) 363’  par 3  In ball field is OB.
Hole 12 (right) 522’  par 4  On or across walk trail is OB. Fence is not OB.
Hole 13 (left) 552’  par 4  Creek is casual.
Hole 14 (short) 316’  par 3  In pond is OB. On or across walk trail is OB. Fence is not OB.
Hole 15 (left) 261’  par 3  Left box. In pond is OB. On or across walk trail is OB. Shoot from drop or re-tee if OB on drive. Shots taken from other than tee box and go OB are played from where last in bounds.
Hole 16 (right) 288’  par 3  In ball field and on or across walk trail is OB.
Hole 17 (left) 321’  par 3  In ball field, in or across street and/or parking lot is OB.
Hole 18 (short) 369’  par 3  Long tee box. On or across walk trail, roof of bathroom, concrete apron of bathroom, shelter concrete slab are all OB.
Note: OB line at any street concrete curb is the back of curb edge.

All correct except hole 15 at Lakeside is a par 4 and hole 15 at P.C. is 315'.

Picking up trash and sweeping/blowing off tee boxes at both courses would be a big help.

I was out there today and I agree, the courses look great.  One question, on hole 2 at P.C. the short tee box was mulched, not the long tee.  Will we be playing from the short tee to the island hole?

The long tee will be used on hole 2 P.C. for the Ole Krusty's Open.

G$ and I went to Birdland all afternoon and weed eated around every large tree on holes 14, 15, and 16, We also lifted low hanging branches around the tees and cleaned up the formerly small opening on hole 12. The courses look great. We'll play the Old Settlers layout at P.C. league tommorrow.

I moved 5 pins at P.C. and 2 pins at Lakeside to get all baskets into tournament position this evening. The holes with alternate tees will use the long tees except for hole 8 P.C, which will be the short box.

I will try to have the hole descriptions posted in the next few days. The O.B. will be minimal and we will not be playing hole 4 at Lakeside as an island this year. The island hole at P.C. will be the tough, "must come to rest on the island, or throw from the drop zone" rule though.

Both courses are looking incredible. The City has been doing lots of extra work to make them look sharp. The mow is like a well kept suburban lawn, and they will hit it again next week before the tourney. Also, super volunteer Michelle Palmer has de-thorned and cleaned up around almost every tree in holes 12, 13, and 14's fairways.  8)

If you want to play two manicured courses in a PDGA tourney setting put on by a most excellent tournament director/staff/company (DD), get signed up.  :)

General Banter / Re: Work Day on Saturday at Prairie Center
« on: August 27, 2015, 08:43:21 pm »
The City has mowed the pond shore, but it is still a little shaggy. Hitting the drop zone and the green with weedeaters Saturday will help make it look super nice.

If minor, low hanging limb trimming occurs, we need to remove them from the fairways, preferably hauling them either to the dumpster up by hole 17, or out of the park completely.  8) 8)

If time allows another place that could use some touch up is all along the top of the slope on hole 12, at the entrance to the wooded down slope.

If the Friday travelers want to be super nice guys, perhaps they could carry some trash bags with them, and pick up the mexican soccer folks water bottles along the tree line on hole 12, and any other misc trash around the courses?  8)

General Banter / Re: Work Day on Saturday at Prairie Center
« on: August 27, 2015, 08:38:10 am »
The parks guys acting on my request for help have been working on the hole 15 mowing. I'll be out there for a recon and basket move tonight. I will post the status tonight. If the pond is cleaned up satisfactorily, another area that needs weedeater is the entire tree line directly to the north of basket 16, and increasing the green to the east and around the basket to at least 10 meters. Thanks everybody!

Tournaments / Re: Roc Vs Buzzz, Sept 20th, 2015
« on: August 26, 2015, 03:57:55 pm »
If you say so...

but the Verdict is in , and the Truth shall set you  free!  8)

Yes, with the possible exception of hole 15 at p.c., as we will be working on mowing there.

Lakeside Hills / Re: Out of the blue...workday
« on: August 22, 2015, 08:44:05 am »
Approximately 9 cubic yards of wood chips were placed and spread onto the hillside trail between hole 13 basket and 14 tee at Prairie Center this morning. Approximately 14 cubic yards of wood chips were placed and spread around basket 3, along the trail to tee 4, and on the hillside trail down to the 4 green at Birdland. The crew consisted of Cindy, my daughter Amy, and one of her friends.
Also out on the P.C. course making it look awesome, as she has been daily for the past few weeks was Michelle Palmer. The next big task will be mowing the pond shore at P.C. If you have time and something to mow with, feel free to hit the beach. I will be out there
most evenings this week, and if necessary next weekend to finish up the pre-tourney course beautification.

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