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General Banter / Re: Old Pike Update
« on: June 04, 2010, 11:01:31 AM »
Ted's Ace was thing of beauty!  Old Pike has the potential to be a beautiful 18 hole course with a good mix of long holes and "down under" type holes.  The course is looking great and we hope to add the knotty hole and another hole in the forrest this week! 

We also are encouraging OP to order two more baskets this week by spending the annual budget allocated for the course.  We will still be three baskets short for 18 and we will be out of funds for course improvements.  So, please come out and play doubles on Tuesdays!  We have only had one Tuesday league and already have $64 in the basket fund.  But, we can't count on Ted hitting a black ACE and everyone donating their $5 to the basket fund every week.   

OP does not expect to make money on the course and is considering establishing a non profit entity specifically for the course.  We have asked them to set up a donation box to support the maintenance and allow additional improvements to the course.   

OP is happy to see the traffic and they appreciate the improvements we have made.  But, they don't want this to turn into a public park (with trash, graphitti, etc.)  Please remember that we are their guests and keep the course beautiful!  We got them to put out several trash cans; so, please pitch in.   


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