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Tournaments / Club Championships 2009 - Oct - 24th & 25th
« on: October 13, 2009, 11:56:15 am »
For those who want to know:

Saturday - Rosedale / Swope
Sunday - WaterWorks / Cliff

IF YOU PLAY ALL 4 ROUNDS, Your position you finish in will be the Bag Tag you start the new season with.  Due to time constraints  we will have the tags ready to distribute at a later date.  I hope everyone plans to make it out this year.  The Club Championships is a good time, AND it's free to all club members.  So come out!!

Last I looked Dave was shredding the course in round 2.   Lets bring the ring to KC baby!!

Prairie Center / Random act of violence on our wonderful course!
« on: October 07, 2009, 12:46:03 pm »
So while out at PC on Monday night, it was brought to my attention that someone had vandalized hole #14's Tee Sign.  To me it looks like the person didn't like their shot and kicked the sign from behind splitting the wood but not completely removed the sign.  I think it is a shame that we as club member put our heart and sole into these courses for them to be smashed apart by some idiot who thinks the P&R just can pay for more.   I know there isn't much for us to do but fix the problem.  Luckily the damange looks to be a simple replacement of the back piece of wood.   I hope that if anyone ever sees someone do something like this you will educate them about who and where these things come from.   

I really believe that if these kids knew more about what we as a club do for them they would be a little more respectful of our courses.  I may be a little optimistic there but since I'm in a pessimistic mood I will look for any one silver lining.  Anyway.  I don't really have a point for bringing this up other than to b1tch about it.  So I'll end with a poem.

whoever did this...


Ok I would like to get some people to help me this Saturday at 9am to help bring up all the trash from down under.  If anyone is available please reply here or call me or email or PM me.  I need everyone I can get.  There is not a tournament close by and nothing really happening so I could really use your help.  At 12:30pm we will be meeting on hole #1 to play doubles.  10 bucks random.  You do not have to work to play but if you come out and work you will be a better human being.  If you have not put any work into our local courses or want to just add more time to your karma chart this is the day for you.  Bring work gloves and a Quad if you have one :)

Ok this isn't the funniest thing in the world.  But it's funny enough to post.  be warned.  The song is called "wrong hole"  so....

I found this to make me smile.  If you ever forget how horrible the 80's were...   enjoy:

Rosedale / 09-16-09
« on: September 17, 2009, 04:40:17 pm »
21 people out for a beautiful night of disc golf at Grassdale Park.  Unfortunately there was no one there to run league.  ALAS, who could be brave enough to take on such a task?  Who you ask?  Well...

Justin Bagwater Failure 48
Herberto "Scorpion" Villarreal 49
Dick Parker 51
Mike Murphy 52

Kevin Simpson 53
Tony Deeeeee 53
Slim Daddy Mac 54
Matt Shively 57
Cooper Arnold  57
Jason Pool 61
Parker Gross 62
Matt Eklund 63

Mike Thomas 52
Bill Neenan 53
Steve Harris 53

John Johnson 54
Miles 55
Danny Knox 55
Hans Wedding 57
Jim Sherwood 60

Ben Hansen will be taking over league from here on out until the end I think unless John gets Wednesday free.  Either way, League WILL BE STARTING AT 5:30pm next week and within two weeks I'm sure that will change so please stay informed so you don't miss out on league!!!


Check out who made the top 100

David Hemmeline 75th in the WORLD

Arturo Villarreal 46th in the WORLD

Nice job guys!!

WYCO / WYCO League results! aug-14, 2009
« on: August 15, 2009, 10:02:57 am »
28 people out for a beautiful night for disc golf at WYCO.  If you haven't already heard... The ACE was hit!!!  Cecil Cameron hit hole #10 off of a skip shot.  Nice job.  I think he is making just enough to claim it with taxes?  :)   Dave Hemmeline showed what he was made of shooting a salty 48.  Destroying the field by 6 strokes.

Dave Hemmeline 48
Dick Parker 54
CD Steiner 54
Cecil Cameron 54  (ACE hole #10)
Nick Alteri 54
Rick Mollenkamp 55
Justin Krueztner 55
Sean Gibson 55
Josh Warner 57
Chad Larson 59
Sonny Miller 59
Luke Anderson 60
Pete Cashen 61
Andy Lewis 62
Tavish Carduff 66
Dean O 66

Brian "Game On" Gammon 59
Dan Coffman 59
Mark Martin 61
Jeff Hogland 64
Doc N 65
Tony Todd 66
Charlie Tull 71

Dave Beadenkopt 56
Nate Hoffman 61
Jason Sternberg 66
Joe Green 75

Sooo... I assume there will be beer at WYCO next week.

Ok so every once in a while I run into videos I just love to share.  I went threw a lot of this guys songs and had a problem deciding which one to post, but I think this is my favorite.  You have to go back to watch the first song and the one about the crew as well.   Very funny. 

p.s. No it is not me :)

Here ye Here ye.  For those of you who missed out last year!  AND THERE WERE PLENTY OF YOU.  This year will be 10x's better IF YOU SHOW UP!!!  The blues band will rock you the golf is awesome the mini golf will blow you away and the fun will only dry up as quick as the kegs do.  But we have a replacement for that as well.   GET OUT AND SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ALCOHOLICS!!!!

Club Archives / WORLDS Payouts!
« on: August 01, 2009, 09:41:44 am »
I just looked online and the AM payouts have 1st place listed at 375 bucks and 2nd at 500.  Pays NOT to win?

Rosedale / Pictures of Down Under. Now with Radioactive Baskets!!
« on: July 20, 2009, 06:39:17 pm »
Here are some shots I took Today before the rain hit and after we landscaped all of the baskets.  Thanks to Mike Kiezer for showing up and speeding up an already quickly moving job.  The man.  Only if he could have been there to stop my from smashing my left pinkie finger between two rocks.  argh. 

Rosedale / On my way to Rosedale DU to WORK FOR WORLDS!!!
« on: July 17, 2009, 02:19:45 pm »
Are you coming with me???

Ok so we have alot of work to do on Saturday.  I need as many people with as many resources as possible to get whatever we can get done, DONE!  I will be down there off and on this week doing what I can to survey what needs to be done and try my best to move some down trees to the sides and make fairway barriers.  If anyone wants to help with that call me tommorrow and find out what time I will be down there.  Other than that here is what Saturday will most likely consist of.

1. Remaining litter and trash (This is something we can all do this week on our owns to make this not an issue for Saturday)
2. Tee Pads.  1-7 need the most sand but all 18 need sand.  I would like to make sure there is a Visible end to each Tee Pad. Weather that be limbs or Rocks.  Preferably Rocks but this is an undertaking so Whatever you can find just make it look decent.  As far as the sand goes we have plenty of it.  Lets not stop filling until these things are nice and full.
3. Downed limbs.  Again something we can all do this week to just make things nicer. 
4. RePaint and Label Arrows for Next Tee.  This will only take a second and I may do that this week.
5. Make #8's bridge safe and crossable.
6. Weed WacK .

I know there are plenty more things to do but we are running out of time and resources so I will be focusing my efforts here.  Anything else you can do to help will rock.

We will need LOTS of Wheel Barrows and buckets.

Dan (lefty 2) Can you bring out the ATV and Trailer to haul sand down?.  Please reinforce the bed if you haven't already so we can get as much down as possible.

Send me a PM if you can help.  Please dont litter this thread with non helpful items to make sure people see what needs to be done.  Thank you and I'll see you DU!!!!

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