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The bunker rule is stupid.  Make a dropzone and call it OB.  When I was watching them play 17 I watched a guy throw 5 shots and then have to go down and pick up all of his discs just to return and throw again.  It is unfair to that player and the other players who have to wait that much longer to let their minds play tricks on them before they throw an already hard hole. 

Pleasant Hill / Re: Pleasant Hill League
« on: October 11, 2009, 09:02:28 AM »
Anyone thinking about league today?  I might if there are going to be some bodies there.

Thank you to : Dan (lefty2), Dan (sully) Zink, James, Ash, and Buckle for helping get some sand on the newly built boxes on 3, 5, 7, and 8.  My shoulders need a rest but the beer, wine, and steak are helping.    This course, in a few years, will look considerably different than what you are use too.  I hope everyone likes the subtle repairs. 

Remember!  Volunteering at your local course makes a difference you can be proud of!

I will be at Rosy around 9am.  Please come out and contribute to the course.  12:30 is the doubles round, so if it is somewhere between 9 and 12:30 you should come out and maybe lend a hand.  Even if for just an hour.  Just come out.

Prairie Center / Re: Random act of violence on our wonderful course!
« on: October 10, 2009, 07:52:35 AM »
So it's basically a complete framework replacement for the damaged sign?  I can make a replacement, no problem.

Also. someone has been yanking off all the nice new flags at Wyco. To tear them off, they have to pull and hang against the stanchion so hard that those are also getting damaged.

After looking at it.  I think you just need to replace the back piece.  The frame is fine.  Luckily the person didn't go so far as to kick it the whole way off. 

Thats fine.  Like I said everything we are going to do will be pretty easy to load into a truck and take to a point and drop it off.  We are playing DU at 12:30 random doubles in the mud baby.   I am going down this afternoon to post an update on the mud.

2nd place!!! WOW.  I know it won't be that when the rest of the scores come in but that is some serious golf!

Last I looked Dave was shredding the course in round 2.   Lets bring the ring to KC baby!!

That is why I have dogs.  Well if you can't .  At least try to come out if you can.  I can use the extra bodies.  I will need buckets and flat rakes and shovels.  Buckle will be out there too so hopefully we'll have a truck or two. Fortunately the holes in question we can just take a truck and drive the barrels close and walk them down from up top.   

Found and Lost / Re: putter found at PC...Dick
« on: October 08, 2009, 01:33:11 PM »
I'm not mad.  I don't know about tomorrow.  But I will probably be at PC. Worst case give it to someone there to give back to me.  Thanks again.

OK... The work day is still on.  It is going to need a QUAD.  Dan, I am still waiting for you to let me know if you can make it.  Here is what has been done and here is what we will need to do.  SO IF YOU PLANNED ON HELPING OUT PLEASE.   I NEED YOU!!!!

What has been done:

Trash.  All of the trash has been removed from the course as of this week.  Thanks to Brad Breeve, Steve Hostettler, and Graham.  Thanks for your hard work.  I guess a few other people just playing down there helped out as well bringing up trash. 

Also These three fine gentleman have created some new Tee Boxes out of big boulders and rocks.  They are apart of the crew that hooked 16 up with a new box so I know they will be good.  There are 4 boxes that need Gravel and Sand.  I need People, and Quad, Buckets, and Shovels. 

The four boxes that are going to be worked on are 3, 5 (right), 7, and Long 8.  Not going to be hard to do but will need as much help as possible.  BRING BUCKETS AND SHOVELS PLEASE!!!   


We are playing a doubles round at 12:30 for 10 bucks.  It is random draw and will be fun.

Found and Lost / Re: putter found at PC...Dick
« on: October 07, 2009, 09:49:49 PM »
I saw the ball but couldn't see anything else.  I knew it was right around me I just couldn't see anything. Thanks.

uhhh... no

Hopefully I'll have it all done Saturday but keep your eyes peeled here because if it doesn't all get done I will post another plea.  Though I want it done Sat.

Prairie Center / Random act of violence on our wonderful course!
« on: October 07, 2009, 12:46:03 PM »
So while out at PC on Monday night, it was brought to my attention that someone had vandalized hole #14's Tee Sign.  To me it looks like the person didn't like their shot and kicked the sign from behind splitting the wood but not completely removed the sign.  I think it is a shame that we as club member put our heart and sole into these courses for them to be smashed apart by some idiot who thinks the P&R just can pay for more.   I know there isn't much for us to do but fix the problem.  Luckily the damange looks to be a simple replacement of the back piece of wood.   I hope that if anyone ever sees someone do something like this you will educate them about who and where these things come from.   

I really believe that if these kids knew more about what we as a club do for them they would be a little more respectful of our courses.  I may be a little optimistic there but since I'm in a pessimistic mood I will look for any one silver lining.  Anyway.  I don't really have a point for bringing this up other than to b1tch about it.  So I'll end with a poem.

whoever did this...


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