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I am going to be there TODAY at 1:30pm.  PLEASE SHOW UP and help me get these rock circles built.  It will take 10 minutes a hole.  Bring something to carry rocks.  I am starting on 1 and going around the course. I"ll be at the last hole without a circle. 

I would agree.  If you have never played Down Under or it has been a year or two, THIS is the best time to go play it. While the temperature is low at least.   I believe the course is in the best shape (especially for June) than it has ever looked.  Please take time to enjoy this little gem.   

Actually, yesterday while we were working I noticed on a couple of occasions people posing next to the baskets for pictures with their friends.   I think we have a new tourist attraction. 

COME ONE COME ALL .  COME AND SEE THE CRRRAAAZZZYYY NEON BASKETS.  WARNING:  You must wear sunglasses while putting directly at them.

Well for this work day we only had 2 people.  Myself and Drew.  We worked from 9am this morning till 4pm.  A BIG THANKS to Drew for all the work he put in the last two days.  Without him I would still be out there lugging buckets around.  Here is a list of things you may notice that have been done this weekend. 

New sand and forms on every pad.  They are not perfect but they are done.
Weed wacking and trimming on almost every fairway.  We lopped a bunch today as well.  Mainly basket to teepad on a few holes and the path leading out.
Moved plenty of down trees
fixed 8's bridge
repainted arrows to help get you around course. They match the baskets.
moved tee signs on hole 4 and 5 to keep consistency
cleaned up #12 green.  very nice
Mulched the bottom of every pin

There is a couple things I need to do this week other than teesigns to get the course ready.  I am looking for a few helpers 1 evening this week.  Where I have put mulch around the pins I would like to create a bed of rocks to hold the mulch so it doesn't wash away.  I did one on #14 and it is nice.  I would like to finish this week.  What we will need: Something to carry rocks around.  Backpacks, buckets, whatever.  Please PM me ASAP if you can help.  I am thinking Wednesday before league or Thursday Night.  I would like to do this before we get ANY rain. 

No worries Dan just get better. 

Thank you to everyone who showed up to help today.  We had 16 people out for an almost perfect day.  I would have probably rather spent it playing golf all day but the end result was well worth the labor.  We started at 8:00am and worked until 3 pm.  A lot done but not done.   Myself and Drew will be out tomorrow around 9am to do some more work. I would appreciate any "fresh" or not quite done bodies to help out.  We will meet on hole 12 Down Under around 9ish.

Here are the list of people that helped:

John Buckle
Rick (John's buddy)
Jack Lowe
Dave Emerson
Rich (Dave's buddy)
Spencer Weatherholt
Chris Timko
Nick Winklebaur
Gary Harvey
Steve (Gary Bro-in-law)
Billy (New in town from Texas)
Ed Gonzales
Drew Nitzel
Steve Hostettler
Danny Knox

There was at least 2 other guys there helping whom if you are reading this thanks.  I hope everyone enjoys the work we have and are still putting in to make Down Under a very memorable Course.  For the Good and the Tree you'll hit.

Remember TOMORROW MORNING WORK EXTRAVAGANZA.  Just come out and put in a couple hours if you can.  I just have little tasks that can be accomplished by one or two people.  Other than Drew and myself.

Rosedale / On my way to Rosedale DU to WORK FOR WORLDS!!!
« on: July 17, 2009, 02:19:45 PM »
Are you coming with me???

Dave: I will try to be there around 3:30ish.  No later than 4.  Meet up top.  I would like to open up the path to the stairs to start. And then go to hole 2 and continue. 

Dan:  I hope so :).   There are people who said they will show up.  BUT then again saying and doing are two different things.  We will have what we have.  I suspect we will have 12 .  *praying*

I can pick the 2 up in storage and bring them out.  If we have 4 people with 4 wackers we can accomplish a lot in a little amount of time.  As I see it there is about 14 holes and a couple walk ways that need trimming.  Not all of them are horrible but there are bad spots on all of them for sure.  Anyway.  I have Jack / Dick / Dave E for Friday.  Can I get 1 more person to show up and help.  If more would like to show up I'll put the extra people to work forming Teepads and getting dead wood to the sides.

Do you have the Metal Blade Weed Wackers Jack?  I called Cashen but he said he only had 2 and they were string.  I would like the metal.

I will be there earlier if you want to join me at 7:30am?

Actually if anyone can help me Friday afternoon around 4-6 we can weed wack as many holes as possible and then go to Jacks and do baskets. That way we can focus on Teepads Saturday morning.  I am looking for 2-3 people for that friday afternoon!!!!

Whatever works for me. Just let me know.

No offense on your awesome atv/trailer combo.  I'm sure we can get some plywood to put down.  I will be at Rosedale Park at 8ish.  Or as early as I can get there.  Again Wheel Barrows would be appreciated and buckets would be appreciated so we can get as much sand down as possible.  Anything you can do this week would also help.  I will be down there this afternoon to do a walk through TODAY so if anyone wants to come and help move some brush before league meet me there around 3-3:30

Ok so we have alot of work to do on Saturday.  I need as many people with as many resources as possible to get whatever we can get done, DONE!  I will be down there off and on this week doing what I can to survey what needs to be done and try my best to move some down trees to the sides and make fairway barriers.  If anyone wants to help with that call me tommorrow and find out what time I will be down there.  Other than that here is what Saturday will most likely consist of.

1. Remaining litter and trash (This is something we can all do this week on our owns to make this not an issue for Saturday)
2. Tee Pads.  1-7 need the most sand but all 18 need sand.  I would like to make sure there is a Visible end to each Tee Pad. Weather that be limbs or Rocks.  Preferably Rocks but this is an undertaking so Whatever you can find just make it look decent.  As far as the sand goes we have plenty of it.  Lets not stop filling until these things are nice and full.
3. Downed limbs.  Again something we can all do this week to just make things nicer. 
4. RePaint and Label Arrows for Next Tee.  This will only take a second and I may do that this week.
5. Make #8's bridge safe and crossable.
6. Weed WacK .

I know there are plenty more things to do but we are running out of time and resources so I will be focusing my efforts here.  Anything else you can do to help will rock.

We will need LOTS of Wheel Barrows and buckets.

Dan (lefty 2) Can you bring out the ATV and Trailer to haul sand down?.  Please reinforce the bed if you haven't already so we can get as much down as possible.

Send me a PM if you can help.  Please dont litter this thread with non helpful items to make sure people see what needs to be done.  Thank you and I'll see you DU!!!!

« on: July 10, 2009, 07:27:38 AM »
Now, if they would only come out with a CPU version.  Some of us don't have a Wii or a Playstation.

It is only for the Wii.

Club Archives / Re: Donations Needed!
« on: July 09, 2009, 01:50:45 PM »
Just the fact that you posted in this forum means some poor woman just got pregnant!

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