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Tournaments / Re: D.U.I. "Down Under Invitational" March 22, 2009
« on: March 24, 2009, 01:05:59 PM »
How about to get better?  And from your first score of 58 you were ONLY 1 stroke off of the guy who took last cash in the AM division.  Maybe I should have played AM instead of OPEN.  I would have taken 2nd place there. But instead I paid $40 and got nothing.  It's called competing.  NO if you don't want to compete you have no reason coming to a tournament.  Leagues are only 5 dollars.  1 round.  Maybe you should just stick to those.  

And just to humor your other point for a second.  I could have put you with the Junior boys.  They were the only other division to really choose from.  They ended up playing AM with no complaints.

Being the fact that it is DOWN UNDER there is really no need for more than one division per group.  pro / am , Pro masters / AM Masters , WOMEN.  The course is no more than 200ft per hole in most cases.  Anyone can win any division at any time, YES even you.  Jack Lowe won the OPEN one year.  JACK LOWE!  

I really don't think your point is well heard being the fact most of us here have donated our money to many of divisions over the years and walked away with a lot less than you got.  A beautiful day, good people, and fun golf.  


Tournaments / Re: D.U.I. "Down Under Invitational" March 22, 2009
« on: March 24, 2009, 07:30:07 AM »
AMs got paid out in merchindise.  All the cash you paid in went back to your division ONLY and was paid out in plastic.  So you are not paying 25 dollars for a scorecard.  But as an AM you can not win cash.  Just merchindise.  Which John from DGW brought a couple boxes worth and then the winners could pick from there and exchange what they got for equal value at disc golf world. 

$25 dollars is a pretty cheap amount for a tournament.  When I took this over 2 years ago it was $30 for AMs.  I dropped it for that reason. 

Cliff Drive / Re: Cleaning up the park
« on: March 23, 2009, 05:17:32 PM »
Oh Jack.. You and that memory of yours.

Cliff Drive / Re: Cleaning up the park
« on: March 23, 2009, 04:14:30 PM »
I think when the Teepads go in and enough GOOD disc golf traffic starts rolling through there this course could be listed along side Water Works if it isn't already.  I was one of the few to have seen the ORIGINAL setup and the amount of work a few handfuls of eager disc tossers have done over time and I can say... Cliff Drive is SO MUCH better than just 5 years ago.  Not only in design but cleanliness.  Aside from the dumping and graphitti. (Which I still believe our only way around that is destroy that road and make bike and walking trails.)

Tournaments / Re: Little Apple Open Manhattan, KS May 16th PDGA C-tier
« on: March 23, 2009, 04:05:51 PM »
Its a C-tier Jeremy.... Play Open!  Geeze

Tournaments / Re: D.U.I. "Down Under Invitational" March 22, 2009
« on: March 23, 2009, 07:59:55 AM »
So was KU and I was there.  I guess you didn't have faith in your team so you had to watch.

Tournaments / Re: D.U.I. "Down Under Invitational" March 22, 2009
« on: March 22, 2009, 06:01:06 PM »
Absolutely BEAUTIFUL day for Down Under Golf.  I'm sure most people can complain about hole #18 the second round but no one could hate the day.  We had 42 people out today which bested last years total by 7 I believe.  So Thank you to everyone who participated. Here are your results...


1  CD Steiner 45-48=93
2  Arturo Villareal 45-49=94
3  Bobby Villareal 45-52=97
4  Bruce "Deuce" Hudson 48-50=98
5  Brian Guthrie 44-55=99
6  Dick Parker 50-53=103
6  Jack Lowe 49-54=103
8  Steve Dresser 54-53=107
9  Mike Murphy 51-57=108
10 Otto Spiers  52-57=109
11 Poop Whorton 55-57=112
12 Pete Cashen 50-65=115
13 Fred Smith 55-62=117


1 Brian "GAME ON" Gammon 48-53=101
2 Ted Kieth 48-56=104
2 Dave Z 50-54=104
4 Hal "Baby" Kurz 52-54=106
5 Bill Neenan 51-57=110
6 Jamie Danger 53-57=110
7 John Buckle 54-56=110
8 Jay Rivard 56-55=111 <-  ACE Hole #4 2nd Round (notice the 111 score?)
9 John Chapman 61-68=129


1 Tavish Carduff 53-62=115
2 Lindsey Kieth 62-69=131


1 Nick Winkelbauer 45-54=99
2 Greg Richards 51-53=104
3 Matt Shively 49-62=111
4 Eric Kolkmier 55-58=113
5 Brandon Card 53-62=115
6 Steve Thimmesch 57-58=115
7 Bobby Domsch 56-61=117
8 Ian Schmidt 56-62=118
9 Mio Sillings 52-68=120
10 Ash Lawrence 58-65=123
11 Frosty Hicks 67-59=126
12 Riley Sears 59-73=132
13 Matt Hood 55-DNF
14 Spencer DNF

AM Masters

1 Elliot Hicks 52-60=112
2 Steve Glover 57-62=119
3 Jeff Sheetz 58-61=119
4 Steve Hoog 59-66=125

AGAIN THANK YOU for coming out and playing in the D.U.I. 2009!

Good Night!

Tournaments / Re: D.U.I. "Down Under Invitational" March 22, 2009
« on: March 21, 2009, 07:26:57 PM »
Last check of the weather reports...

75 degrees and WINDY 15-25 mph gusts.  (which doesn't effect DU to much)
NO RAIN.  Maybe a spot or two after 3am but nothing for the day. Should be a perfect DUI day!  Jack Lowe is even coming...

Tournaments / Re: D.U.I. "Down Under Invitational" March 22, 2009
« on: March 21, 2009, 08:45:07 AM »
Well for those of you who care.  The KU game is at 1:30 and the MU game is at 4pm.  I will bring out a radio and set it up DU with the game on in the afternoon for people to catch scores if you would like.  I am going to TRY to get the tournament finished fast so please show up on time so we can get started right at 10:15am

Rosedale / DOWN UNDER DOUBLES at 12:30pm today!
« on: March 21, 2009, 08:42:02 AM »
League maybe over but Double down under isn't.  As always we will be meeting at hole 1 DU at 12:30pm.  $10 entry Random draw.   And ALSO don't forget to attend the DUI tomorrow morning.  The weather report shows RAIN AT NIGHT not during the day so we should have a nice day for the tourny. 


Kate and I did some work in our yard and piled tree limbs and shrubbery into a 7 foot teepee.  WITH or WITHOUT you the fire will happen.  NOW the question you have to ask yourself...  Do I want drink beer play mini golf and watch fire?  Well IF the answer is yes and you know me rather well get ahold of me soon.  Or respond here.

When : TODAY 6:30pm til I kick you out
Where : Stilwell, KS my house
What : BYOB and Bring your own MEAT.  We'll cook it for you on the grill.  Well Kate will...  Also bring some minis.  There course has a new hole ... just a hint... The basket is not touching the ground.   

I also have a big screen to watch the games.

Did I mention there was going to be FIRE????

Tournaments / Re: D.U.I. "Down Under Invitational" March 22, 2009
« on: March 20, 2009, 01:46:35 PM »
I am from nebraska. thinking of comeing to this need to know how to get there if someone please give me a call   ;D

I believe you just take I-29 S to 635 S to I-35 N , Get off on the Southwest Blvd / Mission Rd EXIT and continue RIGHT at the FORK towards MISSION RD and go up the hill.  Stay in Right Lane turn right at park Entrance at top of hill.

Tournaments / Re: Doubles Disc Golf Tournament - May 9th
« on: March 20, 2009, 12:45:48 PM »
In y0 face!

General Banter / Re: Possible new course at Perry Lake
« on: March 20, 2009, 10:57:58 AM »
I upload to .. You don't even need an account.  Then just copy and paste the link for forums 1

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