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I know you're referring to the east west thing.  Yes I wanted to know why women were excluded but that's because the kcfdc approved the event with women playing and then changed the format excluding women without going to the board.  But you have never asked my motivation.  You might want to read all the threads about how women were excluded, which was kind of backhanded and then Tracy just said that's the way it is.  Still not sure why the board didn't approve the change in format since it's a kcfdc sanctioned event.

No one is excluded from the East vs. West Challenge. Everyone has the same opportunity to qualify and play. It's OPEN for anyone and everyone.

Tournaments / Re: Wide Open 2016
« on: June 23, 2015, 11:32:07 am »
As for the Leader Board. Yes, everyone is right and I totally screwed the pooch there. I checked them all out the Saturday before the event and realized I couldn't get the crap off. Instead of doing my due diligence of finding someone to help me fix it I went on to the next fire and started putting out those flames and failed to go back and fix the problem. I'm sorry and I know that totally was a bone head move. I should have put that higher on my priority list. Lesson learned for sure. I felt like an idiot during the final 9, trust me.

The lunch/hospitality tent was a HUGE success. I thought there would be more push back by not having a party but my staff and I agree that being able to go to sleep on Saturday night was a gift to us. And we also were able to feed every person (most at least) that played the event, a quality meal 2 days in a row for the same cost as the party. I was so happy that worked out. Now I want to improve on that experience.

Nova mentioned me yelling at the crowds instead of a PA system. I did have one. Sunday was a crappy day for me. I came under an abrupt illness that shut me down for most of the morning/day. I worked through it slowly. At the moment we should have been setting up the PA, it was beginning to rain and I was just coming around to life again. I could barely see straight and I had not eaten since the morning breakfast that did me in. I didn't get my crew assembled and I didn't even know what to do with the rain coming down. I didn't know if it would last and I wasn't going to risk borrowed equipment that I had no room in my budget to replace. Things happen and that day everything seemed to happen at once. Sorry about that too.

As for the courses, I think they were set exactly the way I wanted them. The flow was perfect and everything seemed to go to plan. BV was the only course I was unhappy about. In hind sight I would have scratched that and went with a more manicured and easy to practice/follow course. Lesson learned.

On the outside the event went wonderfully. I saw more happy faces than frowns (other than peoples golf games) and I had more compliments than complaints. <- That is a SHOCKER!!

On the inside the event was one mistake after another. I was unhappy with many things that I planned to shine on. It still bothers me. The stress of running an event like this is something many of you will never understand. I don't expect you too.

I hope that most people saw the good and ignored the bad because what we did do good, we did great. Decisions I made as far as my vision of the event were a bigger success than I could ever of imagined. I'm so glad that everyone walked away feeling as if they were at a Top Tier event that other events should look to as a standard. (Others comments not mine)

Mostly, I have to thank each person that helped. I know I can't do this on my own. At some point in the coming days I will acknowledge everyone of you but for now I have to clean up the mess I have lying on my floor. Hopefully, my lowe message is not to loweish and you read to the end because I have to say this one last thing.

THANK YOU KANSAS CITY! You my friends are the best community in disc golf. You are the reason we are great. You made this happen and you continue to make it happen. If I decide to do this again, I will be better suited but I will still screw it up.

Sorry if someone answered this already, but where can I pick up my voucher from the tournament?

I think you are Shane Diersen. If so, I did try to contact you this evening. Feel free to call me back and I can tell you how to redeem your voucher. Thanks.

Sorry if someone answered this already, but where can I pick up my voucher from the tournament?

Please be patient as I had to work today bright and early and I haven't even unloaded my car. I plan on going through everything over the next day or two and contacting everyone who has something still in limbo with information on what/when/and where. If you do not hear from me by Friday feel free to contact me directly.

The beginning brought some errors in check-ins. If you are playing ADVANCED anything you should have gotten an Innova Players Pack. If you played Int/Rec (anything in the B-Tier) you should NOT have gotten one. Unfortunately, there was some confusion. So if you were in ADV and did not receive your Innova Player Package, please check in at Swope again and let them know you didn't get that and they will give it to you. If you got one and were not supposed to you can either bring it back to us and say hey no worries or you can keep it and well you won the players package lottery.

Flex start, BYOP. 10am-4pm. $40 for Pros=Cash, $30 Ams=Vouchers. Sign up with another team or just with your own team and we will get a card put together.

We typically take it down Sunday after the finals. We use parts of the parks departments area that they use on a daily basis. They only allow us to use it for this week only. So enjoy it while it lasts.

No you are free from any activities at night. Other than the Players Meeting Thursday night at 7pm.

You can check in from 12-6 in thursday or 1 hour before your first round at the course you play. Packages can be picked up at swope when you play there before or after round.


We use part of the land that is used by the Parks & Recreation department. They would rather not have people using that land until the last minute.

Ok, so I will admit that it is worded bad. On my last comment I tried to make it easy because I have more to worry about than one hole.. Or do I?

So here is the official rule and it will be on a temp tee sign on the hole (along with 18 because it applies here as well).

If you go OB before the Mando you will take it out where it went out of bounds. The only way to "miss" the mando would be to go right of the tree and come back in bounds. So if that happens you go to the drop zone. Once you have made it past the mando successfully and go OB you can play it where it went out of bounds. Hopefully that clears it up.

You will have the option of using the shot OB before the Mando if you so choose. I personally would take the DZ...

Hey who would I talk to, to see how long the waiting list is for Intermediate?

There are currently 2 people on the wait list for Intermediate. If you want to get on that list the best thing to do is sign up online and if for some reason you do not get in you will get your money back. Unfortuntaley you will lose out on the fees associated with it.

Barter Town / Re: Ranger or Grip Bag Wanted
« on: June 12, 2015, 08:55:09 am »
No sir. You just have to have cold hard cash.

The plan is to have Swope set up by Tuesday for league that night. With the amount of rain we have been getting it hinges on having a dry spell in time for them to mow on Monday. So cross your fingers there.

As for the other courses, Rosedale will likely get set up today or tomorrow and I'm not for sure when Water Works will be totally set. Most likely this weekend as well.

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