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Ok, so I'm trying to figure out what to do with the 2015 KC Wide Open. Please submit... or resubmit your vote for what you think would be the best way to go. The poll is not going to dictate what I will eventually decide but it will help me understand the local favorite.

Yes I will use Water Works this year so... vote!

Tournaments / Re: East Vs. West 2015
« on: December 17, 2014, 10:08:48 am »
is the rosedale cup a qualifier for team challenge, and replacing kan-u-wyco? I still nominate dresser as captain and would like to see junior and women involved

What do you do when one side can not fill a junior or woman spot? Now that Amanda is in OK, you actually have even less women who want  to play. And Juniors? Ok, so Ben and who against who and who? Why not the best 16 (that qualify) vs. the best 16? Now I do think that if they want to go to qualifiers and qualify then they should, without a doubt, play.

To expand on the woman issue as to not get pegged sexist. Do women really want to play in this event? Has there been women begging to play? No. Not to this point. It is us the captains who are begging them to play. Even though they would rather have social gatherings where it isn't focused as much on competition. Now, I'm not trying to speak for women here, this is just the feeling I get from our local scene.

Again, if they or anyone of any age or sex wants to play, and there is a push on both sides of the state line then let's do it. Let's include everyone, I just don't see it personally.

Also, East side got rid of the women not West side. BOOM!

And Juniors? No one really likes kids, do they? (just kidding... kind of  ;D )

General Banter / Re: DD Baskets
« on: December 11, 2014, 10:25:15 am »
Just glad to see that Mach 3's aren't going in anywhere anymore. 

General Banter / Re: Hidden Valley questions
« on: December 10, 2014, 08:12:48 am »
I was asked to do them but just have not heard back about it. So I would think they will be done. I'll talk with Jack about it again. I have some new stuff that could be a cool option. Though, I think he was going to do some Swope-like signs.

Tournaments / Re: New Years Day Triples at Swope
« on: December 09, 2014, 06:07:34 pm »
Mk, you don't use teepads. you used marked areas left or right of the basket. Literally play it backwards.

Tournaments / Re: New Years Day Triples at Swope
« on: December 09, 2014, 04:02:02 pm »
The biggest problem with the back it out portion at Rosedale is that ... it's at Rosedale. The park is very busy and it can get a little dicey. I guess if you rid of blind holes like 10-9 it would be ok.

The last year we did the back it out roll it over event, Otto, myself, and a few others were practicing it with little to no one at the park and while practicing 10-9, supposedly, I hit a young lady who was standing next to the basket with her boyfriend... who I found out later was Tom Mollencamp. We thought we heard someone yell but never saw anyone and went about our business. A couple years later I was at a club meeting and Tom was there and we were chatting and I brought up the event and how I thought I hit someon and that we thought we had heard someone yelling at us and he said. "That was you?? I was so pissed off at whoever threw that disc. We had to leave..." and blah blah blah. Suffice to say, I apologized and vowed to never throw that hole again.

Great story, I know.

Prairie Center / Who's glowing to PC tonight?
« on: December 08, 2014, 11:27:54 am »
Temps in the high 40s low 50s tonight. Who's glowing?

Water Works / Re: WW Glow League 12-4-14
« on: December 04, 2014, 03:10:47 pm »
You can use my pocket like last week big boy.

General Banter / Re: Memorial Down Under
« on: December 04, 2014, 02:21:06 pm »
Im new to disc golf and played both Rosedale courses about a month ago.  I was wondering what the memorial was on the down under course?

Brock was a great guy who loved Disc Golf and more importantly loved Down Under. He was tragically killed in a Forth of July accident. 2 weeks before he died, he was having a conversation with one of his cousins/friends and told him if he died he wanted his ashes spread in the two places he loved more than anything, the River (where he went on frequent float trips) and Down Under. He father and brother took his ashes and spread them there and created the memorial.

Water Works / WW Glow League 12-4-14
« on: December 04, 2014, 12:22:04 pm »
How about instead of sitting in front of the pooter watching the internet melt, you should join us tonight for some glow dubs 6 pm tonight. Which looks like 40° and light to no wind. Should be a great night for glow.

General Banter / Re: I must apologize and clarify
« on: December 04, 2014, 10:41:11 am »
I wasn't trying to argue. I was only trying to shed light on the league. Tank is... tank.

General Banter / Re: I must apologize and clarify
« on: December 04, 2014, 10:33:24 am »
I really should not get on here and reply but I'm going to ...

I feel that there is less of a problem than you think. Down Under league in general has never turned anyway away for being a woman, old, slow, young, lacking in skills, fat skinny, ugly or weird.

We have Jen Brockman, Susan Taylor, Tavish Carduff to name a few who have played and had a great time at DU league. They even let a 9 year old play.

Now I wasn't there. I only heard what happened from both sides. It sounded more like a typically DU league. Mass confusion, headaches, redraws and late comers.

This is one of the most played leagues in town so many people show up and it is a very hard to manage league. Two people minimum to make this thing happen. That day in particular was a cluster.

They had already had people show up late and one after cards had already started to be handed out. So then they started again. At that point two more showed up, in fact one was a woman. I don't think that had as much to do with it as you think. I would say that the fact two people instead of 1 may have been the factor. If there is a cali and one person shows up then you can just play with whomever draws that card. Pretty easy to do. When two people show up you have to get the cards back and add cards in and start over. Which had already happened prior.

Now again, I wasn't there, but to me this really comes down to the player. If you have never been to a specific league and you do not know the people running it, you should probably show up early so you know the drill. Showing up late to any league causes many headaches for the people running it. These people do not get paid so when things don't go right or are crazy you will see serious frustration from them and it makes for some bad moments, like the one here IMO.

Now I know that they told someone else to tell the director they were coming. But from my understanding this person also knew no one running the league and had not played it yet. This can also be problematic. Especially when the people coming are late. Yes 10 til 1 is late. Sign up is at 12:30 and tee off is supposed to be at 1 pm. Due to before mentioned problems they were still sorting things out when they showed up.

Moral of the story is you should always be on time to whatever league you are wanting to play. Male, Female, dog or kid. (yes, dogs over kids... sorry) Especially if you are going to go there for your first time. It makes life easier and we don't get accusation of sexism and belittlement. Jay runs a great league and is one of the best in town. I hope you and everyone else involved gives it another chance to see that it isn't as bad as it may seem from this one encounter.

I hope this didn't come off wrong I am just trying to spell it out as I see it.

Found and Lost / Re: What to do?
« on: December 03, 2014, 09:23:34 am »
You look around and see if someone just lost it. If no one, keep it or give it away. If someone wanted it back, they would make it easy to return it.

73 Players? So someone can Cali?

Event is sold out at 90.  68 pre-registered.  22 spots left.

Just being nit-picky here but the 2 times I've read this post (here and on FB) I have thought you were saying it was already sold out. You may want to lead with 22 spots left. IMHO.

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