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You might be missing some names but ya know...


See everyone bright and early tomorrow. If you did not "pre-reg" for the event, just show up at one of the two courses (WW or BRC) early enough so we can get you checked in and on a card. Thanks.

Is there an XL document somewhere showing all past champions?  Curious!

There is an XL trophy with all of them.... :)


It's ok. You selected 3 and 4 rounds I'm sure, but this form really was just for those planning on playing the 1st round. It gets us started on the right foot. I do appreciate that you signed him up, although unnecessary. After we get through the bulk of people on Saturday it's all just kind of fly by the seat of our pants.

The Club Championships is next weekend! Holy Crap. Help me out by going to the KCFDC Championships page and registering for the event. It's FREE TO DO. Just let me know what course you are intending to play first so we can be ready to give you a great tournament experience. It's that simple. If you are not current yet, please go over to the Join the Club page and get signed up to also make everyone day go that much smoother. If you want to wait until the day up to sign up for the club... You can, but don't. It would be more simple to just be ready by just simply checking in. Below are all the links that will make this weekend go smooth. Help us, help you.

Thank you to Michael Kreuger for helping out by running the second pool. If you are in his pool, please remember to give him any and all information about what rounds you intend to play so he can make sure you are either on a card or not on a card for the following rounds. The same goes for my pool. Just say, "Hey, I'm not playing the next round, but I'll be back tomorrow morning at Course X" That helps beyond belief. Thanks again for everyone who has done their part and those who intend to this week.

2016 Club Championships link:

Current Club Membership List:

2016 Club Championships registration list:

2016-2017 Join the Club link:

General Banter / Re: The year 3000 disc golf predictions
« on: September 30, 2016, 09:04:11 PM »
In the year 3000, team East Side will win thier 2nd team challenge. Jose will then complain that the first win and second win plaques aren't on the right side.

Thank you very much Dick. Hope the same for the rest or at least middle with a sparse long twisted in, if it is necessary.  ;)

I think it will be all long for people named Doug and short for everyone else.

No. A mix of long and short. This is the A Pool's finishing course.

Lakeside Hills will be short. All short.

Prairie Center / Re: 09-26-16 PC Mini LAST ONE FOR SUMMER
« on: September 26, 2016, 10:02:37 AM »
Yah! I get to play league tonight for the first time this year. Too bad it's the last time too.

While what Kujo says is correct, because we are split between two courses Saturday morning, it will help us tremendously if you pre-register and tell us what course you will start on

Again, what this guy says... It doesn't cost anything anything to sign up online. It's just a way of letting us know your intentions. It helps the process. Those who would like to just show up, that's also fine, but we would rather you do it beforehand.

So are we playing ks. Or mo. First?  Do we just pay and register the morning of the first day or is it pay online .   Havent heard nothing about either one of these.

Saturday is Missouri day.  Sunday is Kansas day.

Please sign up ahead of time on line. 

All the information you need is at

Please follow the link and register.  Pay for the rest of 2016

What he said. I failed to update this forum page. Sorry everyone. The information is listed on the website and also on the facebook page. Do like MK said and get signed up so we know where you are going to be starting. It will make everything run much smoother. Also, check your membership status and make sure you are current so you don't have to fool around with money on the day of. Thanks!

With WW, I want #1 long, #8 short, 12 long right and #17 peninsula. The rest can go wherever.

well looks like ill be a busy bee the next few weeks....

Thank you Kujo for your fine work. To lessen the load a little, you can either leave the settings from the tournament or if you feel froggy, come up with a layout and let me know where everything is here so people will know. I'll leave it up to you. I trust you know the course better than I do. Just make it fun, while still competitive. Thanks.

Also, I just received a note from Tom, that there may be a soccer tournament that weekend. With that in mind, I'm going to have us move over to Lakeside Hills (aka Birdland) for the other course along side Heritage.

Trying to finalize a couple pieces of information before I get to ahead of myself and have to backtrack...

But yes, Bad Rock/WW and Heritage/PC

General Banter / Re: 18 Months...Discuss
« on: September 14, 2016, 06:29:34 AM »
What a joke.  How did Steve Dodge get to this point in his life without the PDGA? Please someone let me know. I'll wait.

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