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I teed off around 11:00 and the "throw from the woods OB" was not discussed.  The importance of the 3 minute rule and the pace of play was discussed.

I'm really curious as to why Loomis was giving the Sunday cards such a hard time.  I didn't see any of that on Saturday. 

It was a safety decision and ruled the same the entire day due to the tireless efforts of Pete Spotting down there.  You are correct in the rule interpretation, HOWEVER, this was conveyed and done the same manner so all the affected players in all the affected pools played it the same way.

SAFETY FIRST was clearly the motto on this rainy day and hence the immediate change.  It makes sense on that one.  Safety is first, it was really more of a position that created a fictional OB/optional line.  Similar to what I do at Cliff Drive on hole #12, where the player option on the hole can go to the drop zone (+1 stroke) instead of trampling down the hill for safety.  Makes sense, and speed of play improves.

Hmmm.  So a TD (or course coordinator) can designate a drop zone if a disc goes into an inbounds treacherous area, AND the player has the option to throw from their lie (if they can find it), or the drop zone?  A potential issue with this would seem to be the player who is determined to find their disc and play from their lie, regardless of the danger of the hill.  After 3 minutes of searching, is their disc considered lost, with the required throw from their previous lie plus one stroke?  Or can they still go to the drop zone after the 3 minutes have passed?  Or do they need to time the search and declare after 2 minutes and 59 seconds they are throwing from the drop zone (since that would be advantageous over re-teeing)? 

I have no problem taking safety into account, but I wonder if this "new" OB along the woods on hole 3 at WW was played the same way on Sunday .  For instance, if someone went 75' into the woods, they were probably happy to be throwing 3 from a meter outside of the woods.  However, if someone went 1' into the woods, did they have to option to play from their lie?  It just creates an odd situation where one player throwing might take a meter in from a fictional OB line and throw, then the next player throws from an area that was considered OB on the previous throw. 

I think free relief from dangerous lie was implied for the safety of players and taken by rec players in the rain at ww. it was tough spotting down there, and dangerous sidehills made for some messy muddy situations. also since billy nelson did not win his division he should stay an am until he does.

Ok I'm confused.  I know you can take optional relief with one penalty stroke, but I thought this had to be along the line of play, with the line of play being a straight line from your disc to the basket.  If you threw 50' down into the woods on hole 3 at WW, it seems the line of play would continue to extend back into the woods, with the exception of the open area that looks down into the KCMO water plant.  Optional relief isn't moving horizontally back into the fairway.  So here, if you threw into the woods and you didn't want to throw from your lie (or were unable to), it seems like your only option would be to re-tee throwing 3 (assuming that was where you threw down the hill from).  Am I missing something here? 


As for Loomis comments, I have already addressed them, I have never be as embarrassed about disc golf in Kansas City as I was on Sunday listening to him spew misinformation about the rules.  I have never ever in my 30+ years of playing ever heard someone go off on their own agenda with no consideration for the actual rules of play.  I know that Scott and DD have addressed it, and I talked with them about it directly.

What exactly was said here? 

What are the rules if a player misses his tee time?  Can he rejoin his card mid round after he missed that tee time?  I think this happened today.

If a player misses his tee time he can rejoin the card at any time.  However, the player will receive a score of par+4 on every hole that they miss.  Once everyone on the card has driven and is walking off the teepad, the late player cannot join the card until the next hole.

Thanks to Scott Reek and DDKC for putting on a great tourney, and thanks to all the volunteer staff and spotters as well.  I'm sure running a tourney with almost 300 people at two courses with rain delays was a real challenge, but you guys did a great job creating a tournament with a professional atmosphere.  I had a great time and the players pack was great, so thanks again for all your hard work. 

General Banter / 2014 Worlds
« on: July 31, 2014, 07:38:59 PM »
Did anyone see there's a GRAND LEGEND signed up for Pro Worlds?  And he's rated 880.  I hope I'm not taking at dirt nap at 90 and this guy is still ripping it. 

Found and Lost / Lost at WaterWorks Hole 1
« on: July 29, 2014, 06:06:08 PM »
Threw a thumber with a clear red Stiletto from the temp 1A tee to 1's long pin at Waterworks.  Thought it layed down by the hole, but it must have stood up and rolled.  Could be somewhere in the brush by 2's tee or 7's tee. 

Rosedale - Par 58
(All DZ are played if Mando is missed, If shot goes OB, then play from last place in bound)

1 - 495ft - Tennis Courts, Skate Park, Parking Lot (Long Left)
2 - 397ft - OB Line Left (Long Left)
3 - 304ft (Long Right)
4 - 436ft - OB Line Left (Par 4) (Long Far Right)
5 - 329ft (Long Right)
6 - 295fr - Over Fence (Long Straight)
7 - 361ft (Long)
8 - 515ft = OB Line, Play Drop Zone if shot goes OB, If shot from DZ goes OB, replay DZ. If shot goes OB from the Island, play from last place in bounds. (Par 4) (Long Island)
9 - 379ft - OB Line Left, Fence (Long Right of Stairs)
10 - 328ft - Road and over, Mando Right (Long Straight)
11 - 351ft - Road and over, Mando Left (First Long Left)
12 - 380ft - Road/Curb and Over (Long Right)
13 - 504ft - Road and over (Par 4) (Long)
14 - 301ft - Road and over (Bottom of Stairs)
15 - 363ft - Road and over/Fence (Long)
16 - 421ft - Fence (Long)
17 - 529ft - Road and over/Fence (Par 4) (long)
18 - 647ft - Road and over/Fence (par 4) (Long Practice Basket to Right)

Waterworks - Par 58
(All DZ are played if Mando is missed, If shot goes OB, then play from last place in bound)

1 - 338ft (Short Left)
1A - 268ft - Mando Left (Near Circle drive to #1 Long)
2 - 432ft - Road/Curb and over (Par 4) (Long over hill)
3 - 351ft - Fence, Mando Left (Long)
4 - 595ft - Fence, Terrapin Station Walls and In (Par 4) (To #5 medium pin)
6 - 390ft (Long)
7 - 381ft - OB Line, Mando Left (to #10 long)
8 - 531ft - Curb and over/Mando Left (Par 4) (Long)
9 - 288ft - Curb and over (Long Right)
10 - 240ft - OB Line (Short right)
11 - 309ft - OB Line (Long Left)
12 - 381ft - Curb and over/Fence/Mando Left (Long Right)
13 - 365ft - Between OB Line (Long Left)
14 - 485ft - Over wall, touching road and over/Mando Left/OB line (Long)
15 - 322ft - Over wall, touching road and over/Mando Left (x2) (Long Right)
16 - 377ft - Over wall, touching road and over (Long)
17 - 627ft - Over wall, touching road and over/Between OB Line/Mando Left (Par 4) (Long Right to #12 Penisula hole)
18 - 312ft - Curb and over (Long Left)

Disappointed the layout isn't a little more challenging.   :o ;D

Water Works / Will the course be set up in MAC
« on: July 17, 2014, 12:31:35 PM »
Will the course be set up in MAC configuration for league tonight? 

General Banter / Re: WaterWorks Hole 17
« on: July 16, 2014, 04:33:57 PM »
Is there a map of the new config out at Cliff Drive?  If so, I would love to see it. 

I have a question for anyone who has ran a tournament or set one up. Why do holes have to be added and the course changed around. Waterworks is a well know course and a place people want to visit to play. Then they get here and it is a whole different layout.  I understand for pros and open players, but this is for an amateur championship.

It sounds like the WW layout will barely be changed at all.  4 and 5 will be combined, and 17 will play to 12's basket on the hill, that's it.  Every other hole will be at a standard setting, with the exception of the two temp holes, which are just a bonus in addition to the standard layout. 

On another note, I want to say thanks to Scott for both putting some thought into unique hole configurations for this event, and also for having Rosedale set up well in advance for the opportunity to practice.  Thanks!

I won't be able to make this league, but I'm pumped to play this temporary set up for the MAC!  4 to 5 basket should be a great hole, as will 17 to 12 on the peninsula. 

Do you know what the pin settings will be yet for each course? 

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