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Tournaments / Re: 2015 Kan-U-WYCO March 14th-15th
« on: March 08, 2015, 08:54:44 PM »
What does the players pack consist of?

Tournaments / Re: 2014 Discraft Ace Race - Sept 14th at Swope Park
« on: September 07, 2014, 07:08:34 PM »
How do we pre register??

Is this tournament still going on? Haven't seen any updates.

Thanks a lot for everyone that showed up and played Wind Water and Woods!!! Have an awesome time and got a lot of really good feedback on the new holes in the woods and on the Dam. Thanks again to Mile North Disc Golf for helping take on this first time event and helping make it a success!!! Trying to track down the sheet that has everyone's scores on it so we can post those.

These guys are working hard to put this event on, nice job Sean, Narin, Fox, Boyd, and a few others I don't know. I will come out tomorrow to caddy or spot a few holes or drink some beer. See yall in the morning. Gonna be a hoot tomorrow.

Mmmmmm.  Something is wrong here


Thanks man, that would be a HUGE help!!!i know some guys (me included) will be out there a good part of the day doing some final touch ups and painting some OB!!

Winston knows a guy looking for a partner. I think his name is Pearce. I'll see of I can get some info on him.

Just picked up the shirts. We did order extra shirts, so if you haven't registered yet, we can still get you one! First come first served until they run out!!! Weather is supposed to be 65*+ and sunny

We now have the possibility of a "mixed" division. There is 1 team already signed up for it, but it WILL require a minimum if 3 teams to be a division.

This is a MUST PLAY event!! Great course, great tourney and GREAT CAUSE!!

Is there a current list of teams?
The "fairly current" list of teams is on page 1.

Eastwood.....does that make you a Grip Bag Hoarder?

Gotcha Eric! Thanks man!

Shirt order for the Wind, Water and Woods Tourney has to be turned in this weekend!!! If you have not registered yet, do so before this weekend and you will be guaranteed a shirt at the tournament!! Also, a couple more sponsors on board. A TON OF GREAT PRIZES!

Thanks Vince!....Disappointed you're not the "Italian Stallions".

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