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Swope / 8/9 League
« on: August 11, 2005, 09:26:06 AM »
Another near perfect night at The Gully. Big Open turnout as well as two of KC's top Grandmasters.
The grass was mowed to an average of 5.1875 cm, the trees are still there and the rocks were OB.
An informal survey has shown that size, or in this case the lack of, does matter so for the next couple weeks the holes will be set ALL SHORT!
The five best scores will be engraved on a plaque and displayed on the marquee through the winter.
We are currently negotiating with Sound Advice, a consulting service that specializes in not for profits, to install cameras at strategic locations around the course to provide live video feed. This way everyone with internet access can check course conditions, pin placements, how many people, etc. right from the comfort of your own computer. Watch here for future details.


57  TJ Ring         $7 KC
60  Jason Lyon    $5
63  Brian Woodson
66  Jim Sherwood

Advanced Master

61  Carl Potts       $5 KC
65  Duffy Carduff
66  Dan Coffman


67  Angie Plitsch    $5 KC
83  Becky Stebbins


49  LaRon Harris     $29
51  Mike Davis        $17
52  Arturo Villareal  $13
53  Carwson Wilson  $9 won playoff
53  Otto Spiers
53  Kevin Corbett
54  PT Cashen
54  Ryan Hanger
54  Nick Potts
55  Bobby Villareal
55  Goober Geauzinier
56  Jack Lowe
60  Beckett Carduff
66  Scott Salazar

Thanks again to all who come out to support league and everyone who enjoys the course every other day.
We appreciate recycling, especially aluminum cans. There is a basket by the clubhouse that is routinely emptied by several different concerned citizens who help keep your course cleaner.



Swope / 8/2 League
« on: August 03, 2005, 09:26:31 AM »
Another fine evening of golf played by those who put hand to plastic rather than sit and type about the finer points of doing so.
Atmospheric conditions were perfect; hot and humid with just a mouse poot of a breeze.


54  Sandy Dan Coffman     $9 KC
59  Karl Potts                    $7
61  Flyin Brian Woodson     $5
62  Jim Sherwood              $3
63  Bryan Harrelson
64  Kelly Warren
66  Duffy Carduff
68  Lyn Warren


63  Suzette Nance             $5 KC
70  Angela Plitsch


47  Clark Phartin               $24
49  Carson Wilson             $11  Welcome back Carson!
49  LaRon Harris               $11
50  Otto Spiers                 $5
55  Ryan Hanger
56  Mike Murphy
57  Nick Potts
58  Beckett Carduff
58  David Tull
58  Mark Stiles
59  Dick Parker

The ace fund is now up to $128 at one of the most ace friendly courses in town.  The course was mowed 8/1 and looks great, the course is set with a variety of holes and will have more swapped around next week.
Many thanks to all the support we get from the league players as well as all the folks who come out with their kids and friends who have never played Swope before.


General Banter / PDGA Worlds
« on: July 28, 2005, 10:30:23 AM »
Anybody out there watching KCFDC's own Tavish Sanders' results at the Allentown PA tourney? I heard she was in 14th place out of 24 as of last night.
Tav is an amateur playing against the pros and doing pretty well.
Go to and click on the tour icon. That will hook you up with the schedule and you can watch Tavish move up.

m richard

Swope / 7/26 League
« on: July 28, 2005, 10:09:32 AM »
A brave group of 6 who ignored the wind, rain, and repeated airhorn warnings to cease and desist. The evening was dedicated to Debacita Spiers who pointed out what a wonderful evening it would be to cool off after the intense heat and humidity of the previous week.

One division, no money:

55  Dick Parker
55  Otto Spiers
55  Mark Stiles
56  Beckett Carduff
57  Duffy Carduff
58  Deb Spiers


Prairie Center / Big O next weekend?
« on: July 22, 2005, 09:46:16 AM »
Hey Olathe golfers!
Chris Smith of the KDGA and Keb Montgomery of the KFDC contacted our office about TDing the Big O. Have they exhausted all the other potential volunteers I'm asking myself?
I was forced to decline as we are holding a seminar in advanced torque dynamics. Now is the perfect time for someone to step up and help out at his or her home course.


Swope / 7/19 League
« on: July 20, 2005, 09:50:52 AM »
Another perfect day for golf at Swope. We played the rings of rocks as ob and got a clarification from d cashen his own self; the rocks were first placed to keep the mowers out of the low lying areas on the south end of the course to allow vegetation to establish a roothold as well as define what has become known as Geauzinier Gully. The rocks surrounding the northern waterway serve much the same purpose and are designed to accommodate a boat ramp in the near future. Plans are being made to enlarge Cashen Creek to the size of Brush Creek to allow greater drainage from Elmwood and the Parks Dept maintenance area and boat rides up and down the creek.
All that aside here are the scores in another individual thread. I wish I had more time to spend figuring out how to post the scores of the attending players every week in a better form but the course and my game need so much work I'd rather send the energy there instead.


53  Sandy Dan Coffman       $7 KC cash
59  Carl Potts                      $5
60  David Tull
60  TJ Ring


62  Suzette Nance               $5 KC cash
66  Angela Plitsch


49  Otto Spiers (tie)       $18
49  LaRon Harris            $18
53  Mike Murphy            $7
53  Nick Potts                $7
54  Bobby Villareal
54  Mark Stiles
55  Jamie Barry
55  Arturo Villareal
56  Jack Lowe
57  Dick Parker
63  Fred Fortson

Thanks again to all you who make it possible to have such a great league experience each week. Judging from the number of casual golfers playing on a daily basis people are beginning to discover the Gully is where your game really takes off.

m richard

Swope / 7/12 League
« on: July 13, 2005, 01:08:25 PM »
Another gorgeous day at the Gully Golf Course with the humidity once again exceeding the highest score. Mike Davis and Mike Murphy gave a clinic despite a custodial error on the scorecard regarding the 5th hole.
They settled it like the true sportspersons they are and thankfully didn't chide the bonehead in charge more than necessary.


54  David Tull    $12 KC kash
56  Jay Rivard   $5
57  Carl Potts    $3
58  TJ Ring
59  Bryan Harrelson
61  James Arnold


47  Mike Davis     $23
48  Mike Murphy   $12
51  Otto Spiers     $6
52  Nick Potts
53  Kelly Babbit
55  Big Disc Parker
59  Javier Geauzinier
61  Jack Lowe
65  Suzette Nance

Thanks for everybody warming up for the City of Fountains this weekend.
If you can't play please come out to Cliff Drive in the morning or Blue Valley in the afternoon.

Swope / 7/5 League
« on: July 06, 2005, 01:29:46 PM »
Beautiful summer day for the first league of July. 17 golfers taming a tough course.


59  Brian Woodson     $8 KC cash
60  David Tull
60  Bryan Harrelson    Played off for $7 KC
61  Carl Potts
DNF TJ Ring (due to injury) please keep him in your thoughts


61  Tavish Sanders    $7 KC cash
67  Angela Plitsch       $5
70  Suzette Nance
89  Beck Stebbins


50  Dirk Hacker        $20 real money
51  Mark Stiles         $10
52  Mike Murphy       $6
53  Ryan Schulze
53  Dan Cashen
55  Otto Spiers
58  Nick Potts
59  Jack Lowe

We realize that the course layouts have been somewhat difficult this year and may challenge a player's game more than she'd like. Judging from the level of play of the devoted souls that make swope happen and the feedback of the casual golfers a mixture of holes seems favored over a pitch and putt course.
Thanks to all of you who make the trip worthwhile.


Swope / 6/28 League
« on: June 29, 2005, 08:48:00 AM »
Hot, humid, almost wind free. Ten golfers braved the elements for the last Tuesday of the month.


52  LaRon Harris         $12
53  Todd Henry           $6
60  Bryan Harrelson
63  Fred Fortson


65  Suzette Nance
68  Angie Plitsch
76  Kim Harrelson  (first complete 18!)


51  Mark Stiles             $14
53  Mike Thomas
58  Dan Coffman

If you get tired of dodging bottle rockets at rosie come out and enjoy the gullies of Swope.
Many thanks to all who work and play to support swope and make it the best course in town!


Swope / 6/21 League
« on: June 23, 2005, 10:22:21 PM »
Truly a night for some great golf. Hardly any breeze, near rain forest humidity and Nick Potts aces number 11 at the top of the hill. Thrown  perfectly, it spun in the chains a bit before dropping in the basket. Deb Spiers was watching from the #10 picnic table. Good for $25 from the group, probably less than that from the ace fund thanks to Beckett (twice) and Arturo.

50  Todd Henry        $20
52  Arturo Villareal   $10
53  Nick Potts           $6
54  Mike Schupp
54  Otto Spiers
55  Mark Stiles
57  Mike Murphy
59  Fred Fortson

63  Suzette Nance   $5 KC cash
82  Becky Stebbins

58  Nick Parks     $8 KC cash
60  TJ Ring          $6
61  Carl Potts      $4
66  Jason Lyon
69  Jon Stebbins
69  David Tull

Thank you everyone!

Swope / 6/14 League
« on: June 23, 2005, 10:06:57 PM »
Post WFO, those left standing included, but were not limited to:

62  Jason Lyon  $5 KC cash
65  John Chapman

Advanced Masters
63  David Tull  
63  Carl Potts       don't know who won the playoff

68  Suzette Nance  $5 KC cash
72  Angela Plitsch

48  Arturo Villareal  $20 won playoff  Aced #7 on first throw of the night
48  Jake Bowen       $12
51  LaRon Harris
53  Todd Henry
54  Nick Potts
55  Carson Wilson
60  Fred Fortson
DNF Otto Spiers

52  Dan Cashen  $9 hard cash
55  Dan Coffman $5 in nickels
57  Mark Stiles

Swope / 6/7 League
« on: June 23, 2005, 10:00:20 PM »
Pre Wide Open, course set longish.

59  Lesli Demark   $7 US currency
67  Angie Plitsch    $3
68  Suzette Nance
82  Becky Stebbins
56  Doc Norby  $8 KC cash
57  Ken Hosteler  $5
58  David Tull      $2
63  Jason Lyon
65  Carl Potts

52  Dick Cashen    $9
53  Mike Thomas   $5
56  Dan Coffman

47  Mike Murphy      $27 won playoff
47  Steve Brinster    $16
50  LaRon Harris      $12
52  Beckett Carduff  $8
53  Carson Wilson
53  Otto Spiers
54  Joe Hesting
54  Tom Palmer
55  Brad Merys
55  Chris Ruzich
57  Ryan Schulze
57  Dick Parker
58  Mike Schupp

Thanks for choosing Swope.

Swope / 5/31 League
« on: June 23, 2005, 09:42:38 PM »
49  Otto Matique $18
51  Mike Schupp $9
55  Dirk Hacker
55  Tom Palmer
59  Fred Fortson
61  Dickoi Parker
67  Tavish Sanders  $6 KC cash
71  Angela Plitsch    $3 KC cash
82  Becky Stebbins

56  Bryan Harrelson  $8 KC cash
57  Ken Hostetler      $6 KC cash
59  Jason Lyons        $4
60  Will Love          
61  House Miller
72  John Stebbins

Advanced Masters
57  David Tull  $6 KC cash
58  Paul Eklund $3
60  Dan Coffman

Sorry for the delay in posting, technical difficulties entirely within my control.

Swope / 5/24 League
« on: May 25, 2005, 09:38:00 AM »
Perfect night for golf in the gullies.


54  Brian Harrison    $8 KC Kash
55  Brad Ford           $6
58  Ken Hostetler      $4
65  Jason Lyon
65  TJ Ring
65  Jason Rollins

Advanced Masters

59  David Tull           $6 KC K
61  Tony G               $3
66  Carl Potts


67  Angela Plitsch     $5 KC K
72  Suzette Nance


49  Otto Spiers          $25
50  LaRon Harris        $13
51  Bobby Villareal     $7
52  Kevin Corbett      
52  Arturo Villareal
53  Mike Schupp
53  Ryan Schulze
53  Jon Osgood
53  Brad Merys
54  Ben Hansen
55  Nick Potts


50  Mike Thomas      $10
53  Dan Cashen
53  Mark Stiles
54  Dan Coffman

As always we appreciate everyone who comes out and supports league and works to make Swope a better place to play golf.

Swope / Swope League 5/17
« on: May 18, 2005, 01:28:47 PM »
Will the winds ever die down? 15-20 mph for the 4 Adv Masters, 13 Open some Masters and the one and only Angela Plitsch. Beckett Carduff aced (again!) this time it's number 10. Last week he brought 5 six packs of beer for the first ace. He carried over 2 miles under his arm in a brown paper grocery sack on his bicycle. Thank goodness he was too tired to ace last week. His accuracy has his club dues paid to the end of this decade and now he should probably bring 2 cases next week for draining the ace fund.

Adv Masters

58   Carl Potts  $7 KC Play Money
62   Dave Hoglund $3 KC Kash
73   Juan Geauzinier
999 David Tull


73   Angela Plitsch  $150 KC Kash


51   Beckett Carduff  $27 Aced #10  2 aces in 3 leagues
52   Otto Spiers         $15
53   Brandon Baker    $10 won playoff
53   Jon Osgood          $7 second in playoff
53   Chris Ruzich        
54   Arutro Villareal
55   Todd Henry
57   Brad Merys
59   Dick Parker
61   Fred Fortson
61   Dan Youngblood
62   Shelby Alred
62   Mike Schupp


52   Dan Coffman   $10
55   Mark Stiles       $ 7
56   Dan Cashen
56   Wes Yusim

Thanks for golfing with us!


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