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Found and Lost / LOST: WyCo Hole #12 White Misstamp Beast
« Last post by KCDeadhead on Today at 02:33:42 pm »
Went in the brush on right like halfway...could have sworn that saw spot went in but it is hiding. Name and number on disc.
Barter Town / Upper Park - Shift Bag
« Last post by jhinck2 on Today at 10:08:47 am »
I have a brand new shift bag from Upper Park for sale.  I bought it thinking it would be good to dial back my disc usage and quit carrying so much crap in my bag when I'm playing.  Well, turns out the idea didn't sit so well with me after a few rounds of golf with it.  It's been used for 3 rounds tops and is still in perfect condition - rainfly included.  I paid $140 for it including tax and shipping, but would be willing to let it go for $125.  The re-stocking and shipping fees didn't make it worth it for me to return it. 

If anyone has one of the new DD Commander bags and would be willing to trade straight up I would be more than willing to do that as well so long as it is fairly new.  Below is the link to the bag if you'd like to see it; I have the lime green and black version.

PM me with any questions!
Barter Town / Re: for sale
« Last post by Dan Z. on Today at 10:03:01 am »
...and the target is sold. GBO Commander is still up for grabs-130$
Young from the shorts sounds fun to me. I'll be there.
Barter Town / Re: for sale
« Last post by SteelerDoug on Today at 10:00:13 am »
Your as good as the guy that says "Sell me this pen." DanO. ;)
Barter Town / Re: for sale
« Last post by Kevin Montgomery on Today at 09:36:04 am »
I've got one and really like it. I use it a lot. Someone will be getting a sweet deal here.
Barter Town / Re: for sale
« Last post by Dan Z. on Today at 09:07:48 am »
......and the traveler portable target drops to $100. Brand new, real chains, with case
If it ends up being something centralized we should definitely do Cliff since it will be short and we haven't played superclass there yet...
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