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It's on the slider and calendar now.
This is a club sanctioned event.  Please put in rotation on front page.  Thank you.
Liberty, MO - Stocksdale Park / Re: BAD ROCK GLOW 2017/2018
« Last post by EL KUJO on Today at 08:42:56 AM »
10/20 glow @ BRC

JT & forbes 43 $30
Kooj & Brando 44 $25
Gabe & Andy 48 $10
Chris & Keith 50
Wade (cali) 51
Joe & Pops 52
Ian & Scott 52

No official Kooj ran glow this week but feel free to get together

Next week were heading north for Jesse James Glow Dubs on the 3rd!
A Pool check in at board by1:30 pm. Swope park. Tee time TBD
Ok, here are the results from Day 1 along with Pool Assignments! Please make sure you are at your course and checked in BEFORE 9 AM!!!
Congratulations to Frank Weaver III for making the rest of us look silly today. geebus! Please let me know tonight if you are not going to make it tomorrow morning! Mainly if you are in a flight so we can straighten that out in the morning.
Working on inputting all the scores right now. If you shot 119 or better, you will be playing your first round at Water Works. If you shot 120 or higher, you will start your round at Swope Park.
I'll post scores and pool assignments hopefully by 9 tonight.
Thank you to everyone who helped make today run as smooth as butta. Michael Krueger, Scott Reek, Brent Siemers, Patrick Smith, and countless other volunteers who helped out in some way to get this day one rock.
Now... back to work.
Round 2 will start at 1:30. Please check in at the course prior to going out.
General Banter / Friends and I took a pic...
« Last post by TheViolator on October 20, 2017, 04:26:46 PM »
Thought it turned out pretty good.

Water Works / Re: Course Issues
« Last post by EL KUJO on October 20, 2017, 12:56:07 PM »
UPDATE for the CC

WW course issues end of 2017 edition:

hole 1 - needs timber at pad replaced rock in place, middle hole is clogged fixed
hole 2 - need to locate the longest pin FOUND!
hole 3 - longest pin is clogged fixed
hole 4 - need to locate the longest (middle) pin, looks to have been run over by mowers, found PVC fragments in the area. - still looking
hole 5 -now the short middle placement had the chain mowed over and needs replaced - FIXED
hole 6 - short left pin is clogged, timbers on the "star" need replaced replaced with rock. lower ring on the basket is still missing.
hole 7 - middle AND RIGHT pins are clogged fixed, would like to build retaining wall in front of the left pin pending construction...
hole 8 - stolen castle rocks needs replaced, would like to work on more erosion control here also. NEW POST THIS WEEKEND! middle pin hit by mowers replaced pin
hole 9 - would like to dig up the left and right pins that aren't being utilized and create a new short middle placement where the old concrete pad was sitting. still looking to do this
hole 10 - GOOD replaced middle pin after being hit for 2nd time in 2017
hole 11 - castle rocks have been stolen and need replaced
hole 12 - long right pin may have been ripped out from construction?
hole 13 - short pin is clogged, now it is completely destroyed from the mowers fixed and replaced chain
hole 14 - short pin needs a chain chain added
hole 15 - needs walls built to control erosion near the pins. longest pin lost its chain to the mower replaced chain
hole 16 - short left pin - found, currently set! built a wall on right setting to control eroding hillside
hole 17 - need to locate the short left pin - new pin set, arrowhead built and mulched in
hole 18 - need to locate long right pin. - FOUND!
Water Works / Re: Pin Movement At Water Works
« Last post by EL KUJO on October 20, 2017, 12:52:17 PM »
course is set for the Club Championship

1 left
2 short
3 middle
4 peace
5 middle
6 star
7 left
8 short
9 middle
10 middle
11 right
12 short
13 short
14 long
15 left
16 right
17 short right
18 long left
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