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This article is lengthy and old...from 1997...but I've liked its idea for team golf. However, to my knowledge, no community has ever pulled it off. KC is one of the few towns where we have enough bodies to pull it off, or will in three years, when there will be at least two legend age guys in town.

This is a great article and idea Rick, and I think this is something we need to get started on, but I like the course aspect for teams and the idea of having monthly matches.

The East vs West does not necessarily follow along these guidelines because we play 2 different kinds of doubles and we do a draft before each round.  This allows for strategery by the captains to pair a couple of players with varying talents against a team that looks better or worse, trying to sneak or guarantee a point. 
There are some key aspects of our East vs West that make it a memorable experience that I am hesitant to change this year.
#1 - Qualifying does not mean just showing up or grabbing the only guy/girl left at the course and begging him/her to play.  You have to earn it with your play. (The club provides plenty of opportunities all year long to just show up and play, drink, party, and see if you can finish a round, let alone try to be competitive in it).
#2 - The snake draft.  The players show up to the round (knowing who they're partnered with if you are on my team), but having no idea who you will be matched up against to try to take down.  The draft adds for suspense and excitement when you see who you have to play against. The strategy of trying to win more points than the other team in any given round is not pre-determined by having your best vs their best, 2nd vs 2nd, and so on.
#3 - The Teeing off.  Unlike the idea in this article of starting on every hole of the course, we all tee from the same hole in consecutive order according to the draft.  This makes sure that all players have the opportunity of playing the same holes is sequential order.  And it makes for a hell of a good time watching and rooting for our teammates teeing off before you and waiting for the final cards to come in to see where the points will fall.
#4- 36 players adds to an already large headache of trying to organize 16 players to show up when they are supposed to. 

I know a lot of people wish to play in this event, but IMO the more people we add to this event, the more chance we will need to beg and drag people to show up.  Causing a lack of competition or having to forfeit points because we cannot fill a few roster spots.  And I will not do that to the Kansas team that loves to compete and beat Missouri year in and year out.  It means something to make this team and I do not want to open up 20 more spots just to fill these spots with players because they are there.  They should earn it like the rest. 

So if you want to prove me wrong, show me that there are at least 20 masters, 10 grands, 5 senior grands+legends, 5 women, and 5 juniors for each side that want to legitimately play in the team challenge.  Because there is at least 50+ forty & under players on each side  that are trying for those 16 Open spots.  Opening up 2 Senior Grandmaster spots because there are 2 that want to play just makes everyone else that earned their spot mean a little less.  That is why the women are asked to find at least 3 to compete for one spot/team this year.  And if they find 6 to compete on each side, we will add 2 spots.

However,  I am ready anytime to start putting together Course teams for Last Friday of the Month Match-play competitions of course vs. course.
I do think it would be wiser to start with maybe 16 players/course though to see how the numbers fill.
10 Open
1 Woman
2 Masters
1 Grand
1 Senior or Legend
1 Junior

Start with Olathe, SMP/Wyco, Rosedale, WW, Swope, Cliff/BV, P-hill, Liberty/Wilbur teams.  And see how the numbers fill.  You can play for the course you are nearest in proximity too. If you can't make that team, then put your hat in at the next nearest course.  Start assembling.
General Banter / Re: No Disc Golf carts?
« Last post by showmeDoug on Today at 08:43:34 pm »
I mean motorized - battery powered like.
General Banter / Re: No Disc Golf carts?
« Last post by dickthediscparker on Today at 07:49:12 pm »
I have one. Scott Reek has one. Jeff Waldron uses his...everywhere. They are the future IMO.
Winter Leagues / Re: Wed. Night Glow @ Harmon Park, 79th & Mission
« Last post by white mccoy on Today at 07:34:24 pm »
Wednesday Glow @ Rosedale again this week.

6:15 sign in, 6:30 tee

Cali Singles this week.

$5 to play, $1 for Ace fund, starting at $73.
General Banter / Re: No Disc Golf carts?
« Last post by jteater on Today at 07:26:58 pm »
I've seen it done at Lakeside in Olathe.
General Banter / No Disc Golf carts?
« Last post by showmeDoug on Today at 07:06:34 pm »
Why doesn't anybody use Golf carts when they play DG? Is it because of the costs associated with having a golf cart are prohibitive for most DG'ers or maybe our courses aren't designed for motorized carts? Does anybody have any experience with Disc Golfing from a golf cart - locally?
General Banter / Re:
« Last post by jteater on Today at 05:32:14 pm »
Awesome, thanks Rick and Loomis.
General Banter /
« Last post by Soup on Today at 04:22:20 pm »
Barter Town / Re: Lot of 27 discs for sale.
« Last post by Gregdor on Today at 03:51:30 pm »
Intersted in a few, I'll send. You a message.
Shawnee Mission / Re: Fire at SMP
« Last post by Nova on Today at 02:29:22 pm »
That Honda 750 Interceptor at 0:09-0:11. . .  8)
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