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Tournaments / Re: Ace Race - August 29, 2015
« Last post by ekolk on Today at 08:25:53 pm »
A big thank you to all the volunteers today. You made this happen as much as Nate and I. KC shows up to help again.

Well it looks like 225 or so players today. I'll work on the accounting and post results in the next couple days.

I can say with confidence that Cecil Cameron won with 17 points.

Thanks to all who came out today.
I was out there today and I agree, the courses look great.  One question, on hole 2 at P.C. the short tee box was mulched, not the long tee.  Will we be playing from the short tee to the island hole? 
Found and Lost / Found at MWSU - phone
« Last post by Nova on Today at 05:35:20 pm »
If you lost an AT&T-branded ZTE Z830 phone at MWSU DG, go to the AT&T store at the Shops at the North Village to get it back. That's where I turned it in, because they can look at the IMEI number on the phone and determine which subscriber it belongs to.
I was at Prairie Center this morning and a huge THANKS goes to Tom Butler and Gary Harvey the course is looking fantastic! Also Rob H came out all week and weed eated, Thank you! Michele Palmer Dethorned the Trees in fairway's 12,13 and 14! that is a lot of work to get don Thank You Michelle and thank you all for helping! 
General Banter / Re: Heritage Park
« Last post by kruzerkamp on Today at 04:34:06 pm »
I"m game to help as well.  I live right next to the park.  I'll contact you after labor day.
Tournaments / Re: Ace Race - August 29, 2015
« Last post by ekolk on August 28, 2015, 10:59:57 pm »
Okay! So if it is more convenient for you to drop a basket at DD or DGW, that has been cleared for take off. Thursday is cut off though so we can get them picked up on Friday. Please label your basket in some way and thank you!

Please bring your basket. Start from 9-4.
Tournaments / Re: Ace Race - August 29, 2015
« Last post by Marc Johnson on August 28, 2015, 09:03:49 pm »
Are baskets still need? I apologize, but I didn't recall seeing or hearing about what to do with them if you had one to lend. I'll bring it anyways, in case they're still needed.
Barter Town / FS: Judges
« Last post by Gregdor on August 28, 2015, 02:46:03 pm »
Two Judges for sale- $10 apiece, very limited trade list below. Both are new this year and so are in pretty good shape, ink on the inside rim only. I'll be at Swope League on Tuesday nights in Sept, or I work close to DD/Rosedale and I could meet there around lunch time most days during the week.

Fluid Judge 172g
Lucid Judge 175g

Trades: Lat64 Claymore 167-169g or Lat64 Pure 170-172g  Both in Opto level plastic or better and some shade of Yellow, Yellow/Green, or White.
Tournaments / Re: Ace Race - August 29, 2015
« Last post by jhinck2 on August 28, 2015, 01:56:04 pm »
Is this a true flex start?  If so, what's the latest you can tee off? 
Tournaments / Re: Ace Race - August 29, 2015
« Last post by ekolk on August 28, 2015, 01:43:37 pm »
Bump! This is tomorrow. The weather is going to be perfect. Thanks to the 100 folks who pre-registered. We still have 150 packs available. See you tomorrow!
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