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Ace fund is over $300. Get some.
And on an even lighter note......It's HOT down here!  ;D
I wish to thank all of the players, volunteers, sponsors, and especially Bill Stueck, for a very successful and fun tournament Saturday.  The tournament was a blast, everyone seemed to enjoy the play and atmosphere, and it came off very well.  Again, thank you for all of your support.
Shawnee Mission / Re: A Gem of a Course
« Last post by mjohn1981 on Today at 12:32:54 pm »
Shawnee Mission is a beautiful course. My favorite baskets to throw at are #2 and #11, with the view of the lake. I just wish I could play league more, but I have classes from 6-8 this summer. Oh, the price of an education!
I have always wondered something though...
Why isn't there a summer tournament at SMP? I read that the KC Wide Open first played here and there's the awesome Frostbreaker, which I would never want to take away from. I was just curious as this course plays so much differently in the summer winds. Just wondering...
Shawnee Mission / Re: A Gem of a Course
« Last post by MK on Today at 10:46:49 am »
Glad that you liked it!  Everything or almost everything is short right now for league tonight where the tall grass will be OB.  We try to change about half the course every week just to keep it fresh.  Hope you get to enjoy the course more!
Tuesday June 30

Come make an ace run!  Go bird hunting!
21 holes all short....  but to make it interesting  all tall grass is OB.  Par 63.  Less than 6000 feet.  All of this is reported to the pdga and part of the final ratings.  The preliminary ratings are based on propagators.  The number of holes and distance is all accounted for.

Sign up starts at 530 cards out at 600.
$5 for kcfdc members $ 6 for non-members
Add $1 for ace fund.  Ace fund starts at around $475.

The cost is the same for everyone.  It is too much of a pain for me to keep track if people don't want to do the pdga thing.  And there are payouts at the end of the 10 weeks for those that contribute.  I tried to do it last week and was hopelessly lost so contributed a few extra dollars to those that wanted to opt out of the pdga.  Ace fund optional, not the pdga stuff. 


1.  258
2.  281
3.  330
4.  301
5.  215
6.  267
7.  334
8.  308
9.  341
10.  272
11.  258
12.  340
13.  303
14.  324
15.  252
16.  317
17.  234
18.  333
19.  170 (temp)
20.  235 (temp)
21.  245 (temp)

Tall grass OB comes into play on many holes, specifically 1, 3 (under trees to right), 4, 5, 6 (under trees), 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, & 18.  Short grass is always safe unless you're on another fairway.  Use common sense there.  Path to pads ok, bluebird cutouts ok, other fairway not ok.

Regular OBs also in play.  Creek and over on 2, road and over on any hole, parking lot and over on any hole, path and over on any hole (beware of paths on holes 4 left and 6 long especially).  The path in front of 6 tee is a river but the path and over behind 6 basket is OB.

No mandos, no islands, no drop zones.  Stay in the fairway and get birdies!
Pleasant Hill / Donated Ace Fund
« Last post by Steve the Quiz Berry on Today at 09:57:42 am »
  I got a almost new Disc..  that I would like to Donate... (can I use this as a tax right off?) to anyone making an Ace at the New Players League. .on Thursday at Lakeshore Disc Golf Course.., . The Disc is a Innova Shark.... 
I might have to try and make it out for that
General Banter / Re: KCFDC noob question
« Last post by jack on Today at 09:13:57 am »
wow....close to #2000 for the club, Geez Louise ;D
General Banter / Re: KCFDC noob question
« Last post by Nova on Today at 09:13:01 am »
Takes a few days, but you will get a # soon!

Just came in the email. I have the pleasure of being the 1860th member of the KCFDC, an easy number to remember.
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