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General Banter / Leagues
« Last post by mikendall on March 21, 2017, 09:20:28 AM »
Is there a list of leagues in the area somwhere that I'm just not finding?
Clover Dell Park - Sedalia / Impromptu Work Day this Saturday, March 25th
« Last post by Kevin Montgomery on March 21, 2017, 08:51:43 AM »
Anyone on the east side that wants to get down and dirty working on a neglected disc golf course that desperately needs some TLC has a golden opportunity this Saturday at 9am. I'll be out there with tools and a truck to haul off downed trees remaining from the fall work day along with other tasks needing done. There a lot to do and I'll do it all myself if I have to. The list includes:

1. Hauling off those remaining trees.
2. Cutting and hauling off at least three more key trees to open up #5 and #18.
3. Removing a downed tree on the bonus hole and opening it up some more so we can use it to supplant #17 until it the original hole is available again.
4. Moving tee signs for #16 and #17 for the temporary redesign until dirt work on original #17 is done.
5. General repair of tee signs throughout the course.

This will be a good start to getting this course back in shape. Flags are on order but won't likely be in by Saturday but they will be getting replaced as soon as they come in.

Questions? Let me know, PM or email or just reply here.

Leagues / Re: KCFDC pdga league wandering Wednesday
« Last post by MK on March 19, 2017, 08:31:35 PM »
Rosedale up top this week. 

445 sign up, tee at 515.

We will play the nickels.  The only OB is roads and over, parking lots and over, tennis court, any ball fields, skate park, etc.  No mandatories. On hole 9, if the paint is still there from the Rosedale Cup, use the paint, which is inside the rocks.  I will check.

See ya at Rosie by hole 1 on Wednesday!
Water Works / Re: Pin Movement At Water Works
« Last post by kujo on March 17, 2017, 08:39:08 AM »
MARCH MADNESS IS UPON US!!!! par 56 layout.

1 long
2 left
3 middle road
4 peace
5 long left
6 longest par 4
7 left
8 longest par 4
9 middle
10 middle
11 long left
12 long left
13 long right
14 long road
15 long middle right
16 long
17 long left
18 long left
Leagues / Re: KCFDC pdga league wandering Wednesday
« Last post by kujo on March 16, 2017, 02:33:43 PM »
we should have a nice sampling of barley soda next week
Liberty, MO - Stocksdale Park / Re: SUMMER LEAGUE 2017
« Last post by kujo on March 16, 2017, 02:27:00 PM »
northside, southside, you pick. we play singles, they play doubles

only a few come up from that way and I don't think they play Legacy much.

most of our attendance comes from Gladstone/Zona/Liberty/Kearney/Excelsior
Leagues / Re: KCFDC pdga league wandering Wednesday
« Last post by MK on March 16, 2017, 10:36:28 AM »
And the first night of the KCFDC Wandering Wednesday is complete.  28 out to test the Battle of Blue Valley layout.

Kevin Zane aced hole 2 of the Battle of Blue Valley layout.  Matt Crowe aced hole 7 of the Battle of Blue Valley layout.  Hole 2 is a temp pad to hole 1 long, and hole 7 is exec course 4 to 5 basket. 

That's some start to the season!

Congrats to both of the guys who hit aces (oh and they both shot 50, prelim rated at 1002.  Smokin'!).



Kevin Zane 50 $9
William Corporon 56
Ben Lutz 57


Matt Crowe 50 $8
Danny Rodriguez and MK 59 $3.50
Brett Siemers 62
George Rousis 63


Melissa Horst 72 $5 KCKash
Amy Crowe 74 $3 KCKash


Tommy Johns 55 $12 KCKash
Jeff Waldron and Doug Keehler 60 $8.50 KCKash
Justin Lowe 62
Bill Shinoski and Kevin Pike 63
Brendan Egan 64
Kujo 65


Ran Mullen 55 $10 KCKash
Jordan Mullen 57 $8 KCKash
Jordan Ramey 60 $7 KCKash
Doug Steckline and Jimmie Greenlee 61 $4.50 KCKash
Paul Hirt 64 $2 KCKash
Tommy O 65
Dave Herbert and Tim Horst 67
Rodney Mullen 69


See y'all next week at Rosedale up top!
Tournaments / Re: Pace of Play
« Last post by SteelerDoug on March 16, 2017, 09:34:55 AM »
Tournaments / Re: Pace of Play
« Last post by Nova on March 16, 2017, 09:16:59 AM »
As someone who moves with a purpose, I could rant about this topic for hours. Dawdling, not having one's sh1t together, spending excessive time counting on one's fingers (and toes) when tallying scores, and the like drive me quite insane. 
Edit: Winston Wolf's wisdom on the topic of moving fast:
Young Park - Blue Springs / 3-15 work day
« Last post by john theiss on March 15, 2017, 08:00:37 PM »
7 hours of invasive removal
-honey suckle
-russian olive
-multi-flora rosa

Thanks to all that came out.  Great work.
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