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Cliff Drive / Re: pulling the course
« Last post by Bill the TD on Today at 01:43:26 PM »
I would be interested in helping but I need to know when it is scheduled.  Your earlier post left it open and to look forward to more information forth coming. I am not going to commit to something unless I know that I a available.
Cliff Drive / Re: pulling the course
« Last post by jack on Today at 01:25:36 PM »
62 views on asking for help in expanding the comments.  So obviously no one wants to help, if we can't help the course, then why battle as I have been.  I can see it is time to pull it based on the lack of communication is what I am saying.

I don't think that anyone has done more to try to work on moving the course than myself.  I installed it, and I guess I will pull it.  It appears to me to be that simple.

I am already feeling as though we have too many courses in the area to clearly "control" as a club.  Trash is unkept in many, workdays are rarely attended except by a few staunch individuals, and the goals of well.....I gotta play a tourney have taken over in KC.

I started to love KC in the 90's because the courses looked great, people cared about it, and they showed up to help.  I haven't seen that, and as such the behind the doors meetings that many of you don't know have happened, the lies by others to me about things within the course and the sheer disregard for comments about the expansion and the need for help generating absolutely any interest leaves me with a screw it attitude.

I have worked and given a lot over the years to help disc golf in KC.  I will work as hard as I ask anyone else to ask, if not more, but I am tired of the lack of support and dedication (with the exception of a few, and you know who you are in my book) to do things in town by many within our community.

Bottom line, there are quite simply too many courses and not enough people willing to do work to keep us at the top from volunteers.  I am not talking about disc golf companies vested interest in their local course, but rather the drive and desire to help within the club to support courses and work to build on making them great, not only your game. 

We have too many users and not enough care takers, as such the time has come in my mind to pull the course and utilize the land for other activities and not worry about it, and have those that do give work within the area that they live instead of driving many miles away to help.

I think it is quite simple, and it should free up others to do more on another course to hopefully help it become better.
General Banter / Re: Independence Disc Golf Day - 10/25
« Last post by jhinck2 on Today at 01:09:50 PM »
They haven't told me that they wanted to remain anonymous...EPIC church in Independence is graciously donating the discs for distribution.
General Banter / Re: Independence Disc Golf Day - 10/25
« Last post by john theiss on Today at 01:08:52 PM »
Is the donor remaining anonymous?   
Tournaments / Re: 2014 KC Mini Series
« Last post by DDKC on Today at 12:49:07 PM »
The 2014 Kansas City Mini Series has come to an end and overall i think it was a success.  I hope everyone enjoyed the season and I am always open to opinions good or bad on what I can do to improve the series and events.

I want to congratulate the winners of each of the qualified divisions

Open - Joe Hesting
Masters - Chris Claring
Grand Masters - Marc Wisbey
Advanced Men - Justin Starks
Intermediate Men - Zach Zweig
Recreational Men - Brad Cross

Duane Waldman and Jeff Waldron were the only two players to play in all eight of the events.

Total Players = 832
2 Aces on the Year

Thank you again and the 2015 season will once again start in February for the Frostbreaker with a starting Ace Pool of $594
Cliff Drive / Re: pulling the course
« Last post by dickthediscparker on Today at 12:15:16 PM »
I really don't understand the sentence either. I'm guessing you are saying you are going to pull Cliff Drive because...
Cliff Drive / Re: pulling the course
« Last post by Bill the TD on Today at 12:06:35 PM »
I'm not sure reading this post what you are speaking of.  I am not trying to be funny, I'm just not sure what you are telling us.
Tournaments / Re: Tournaments outside of KC/MO area.
« Last post by jack on Today at 11:27:08 AM »
We are very spoiled in the area.  We have also helped to facilitate others to enjoy that type of environment and watch as they "mirror" them accordingly and grow.

We are very spoiled in the area as a whole, and this expands to the Iowa areas as well.  Des Moines, CR, Quad Cities regionally all put on good events as well.
Cliff Drive / pulling the course
« Last post by jack on Today at 11:23:38 AM »
Expanding it allowed people to talk yet nothing to anyone else was said, so I guess it is just simply time to pull it.  I will work with P&R to let them know.
Tournaments / Re: Paradise 54
« Last post by hberciunas on Today at 09:46:35 AM »
Note edit: WE WILL START AT WOODHENGE parking lot.   8am  cards go as soon as filled.

Make your travel plans now.  Don't forget $5 ffor parking.

If youwwant to play withyyour buddiesmmake sure you get there together
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