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Tournaments / Re: 2015 Ice Bowl
« Last post by jack on January 22, 2015, 07:04:26 pm »
I see the double errors on Blue Springs, but I am not fixing it tonight folks, I am leaving to go and start the Chili I need to.
Tournaments / Re: 2015 Ice Bowl
« Last post by jack on January 22, 2015, 07:00:16 pm »
So this is what I have so far.  Yes Kearney is still missing, but we have 178 scores.  The SMP scores and Liberty were TOUGH to read, so if you can guess your name  based on your score, go ahead and let me know what the correct version of your name is!  :-)  Getting closer, this is a good start though for heading into what appears to be a GREAT looking weekend!

Thanks all for the help so far, just a little more needed!



Bowen SeiterSMP37
Kevin ManningLiberty40
Eric EastwoodP-Hill42
Steve TimmeschSMP42
Jake RileyLiberty43
Jake RileyP-Hill44
Jamie "Danger" BerryLiberty45
Ryan PateP-Hill46
Matt DixonP-Hill46
Vince ComoP-Hill46
Jordan HinkP-Hill46
Andrew PresnellP-Hill46
CJ HuckeLiberty46
Bowen SeiterBlue Springs47
Bowen SeiterBlue Springs47
Harold BerciunasSMP47
Tracy WalkerPC48
Matt FoxP-Hill48
Jeff SheetzLiberty48
Justin LoweSMP48
Joe TeaterSMP48
Darren ShackeSMP48
Aaron ShanahanP-Hill49
Demian VelaLiberty49
Stephen BlowersLiberty49
Brian PalmerLiberty49
Duane "CD" SteinerLiberty49
Jeff WaldronSMP49
Marc LienemannSMP49
Mark WisbyPC50
Matt JenkinsPC50
Shaun AndersonLiberty50
Terry SeekLiberty50
Mark MillsLiberty50
Joe HestingSMP50
Bryan ThomasSMP50
Warren EverertSMP50
Anthonty MorellaSMP50
Duane WaldronSMP50
Tom VerstraateSMP50
Brian PalmerBlue Springs51
Travis TroberP-Hill51
Derek BrookardP-Hill51
Andy PortwoodP-Hill51
Brian PalmerBlue Springs51
Jeff CampbellSMP51
Joshua KoemerSMP51
Anthony BirchfieldSMP51
Scott ReekPC52
Ryan PateBlue Springs52
Jordan HinckBlue Springs52
Dan ZinkP-Hill52
Matt CroweP-Hill52
Jake TasoulasP-Hill52
John TheissLiberty52
Paul EhrhardtLiberty52
Ryan PateBlue Springs52
Jordan HinckBlue Springs52
Chris TimkoSMP52
Bill NevilleSMP52
Anthony PuryearPC53
Andy LewisPC53
Jake BowenBlue Springs53
Jake RileyBlue Springs53
Jordan HippensteelP-Hill53
Dustin HudsenP-Hill53
Jake BowenP-Hill53
Jason McEwenP-Hill53
Tony BurnettLiberty53
Rob HoesleyLiberty53
Jake BowenBlue Springs53
Jake RileyBlue Springs53
Jake BowenSMP53
Steve KeithleySMP53
Tom ButlerPC54
Kevin StrykerP-Hill54
Chris PortwoodP-Hill54
Nate ZierP-Hill54
Carl AufnerP-Hill54
Mike LockwoodLiberty54
Danny RodriguezLiberty54
Steve KeithleySMP54
Zech JohnsonSMP54
Tyler StevensSMP54
Brandon ForbesSMP54
Brian PahlsSMP54
Pete CashenPC55
Joe MangiaracinaBlue Springs55
Jordan RenezlmanLiberty55
Russel BillingsLiberty55
Joe MangiaracinaBlue Springs55
Joe TeaterSMP55
Tony ToddSMP55
Lee RyherdSMP55
Ben LutsSMP55
Chaz BowlesBlue Springs56
Mark AndersonP-Hill56
Scott VurvelLiberty56
Jed PoughmanLiberty56
Chaz BowlesBlue Springs56
Matt CrutcherSMP56
Kevin PikeSMP56
Bryle DorterSMP56
Dean UhlmanPC57
Harold BerciunasPC57
Doug KeehlerP-Hill57
Austin AndersonP-Hill57
Earl JohannsenLiberty57
Blind RobLiberty57
Dale "?"Liberty57
Rick GurgkiSMP57
Dan HowardPC58
Robert Scott ThompsonLiberty58
Steve CornagleLiberty58
Mike AlfaroSMP58
Jimmy GreenleePC59
Ben WhiteselP-Hill59
Michael KruegerSMP59
Luke HannanSMP59
Phillip BriceSMP59
Doug ChrittonSMP59
Nate ZierPC60
Caleb BerciunasPC60
Jim RameyPC60
Ed HolbrookPC60
Travis RitchieLiberty60
Doug OswaldLiberty60
Rebecca LeachSMP60
Kent KellySMP60
Dan ZinkPC61
Ted KeithLiberty61
Aaron StevensLiberty61
Ed GonzalezSMP61
Aaron MillerSMP61
Eric HallstromSMP61
George RousisPC62
Matt CrutcherBlue Springs62
Ben CrosbyLiberty62
Matt CrutcherBlue Springs62
Brian SkallaSMP62
Jon CauseySMP62
Colin FordSMP62
Brian PhalsBlue Springs63
Amy CroweP-Hill63
Rhonda CrosbyLiberty63
Brain PhalsBlue Springs63
Scott BaldwinSMP63
Pat StollbaumerSMP63
Bob FiteSMP63
Brad BerveSMP64
Jason TalleyPC65
Jeff KelleyLiberty65
Leslie PalmerLiberty65
Amy CroweSMP66
Jeff LangdonSMP66
Adam KichterSMP66
Gary McKinneyLiberty67
Sean VolentineLiberty67
Robert MaggardSMP67
Jordan RameyPC69
Eric TaylorPC69
Randy RenzelmenLiberty69
Crispian PaulSMP69
Stephen KrauseSMP70
Suzie ZellPC71
Adam WiseSMP71
Tiffant VerstraateSMP71
Liz Borg-BowmanSMP73
Brandon WeisnerSMP73
Matt AlbrightLiberty74
Ryan VinegeLiberty76
Scott QuadeSMP76
Mike LambertLiberty80
Matt EkerLiberty83

Ice Bowl weekend three.  Ace fund is $345
General Banter / Re: Friday Traveling League
« Last post by hberciunas on January 22, 2015, 02:52:07 pm »
9am Rosedale top.  1pm down under.
Winter Leagues / Re: Glow
« Last post by ekolk on January 22, 2015, 02:41:29 pm »
1/24 5:30 Swope Park  Doubles, going to mix it up a bit and do random draw this month.  $5 per person.  I'll have hot chocolate and cider ready for you!

Bump! Sounds great!
Tournaments / Re: East Vs. West 2015
« Last post by Tracy on January 22, 2015, 02:26:08 pm »
Hey Tracy

Did we figure out a good weekend to run the Team Challenge?  Does June 6 & 7 work again?

I figured I'd let this weekends festivities pass before beginning the push for Team Challenge. But yes, the BoD put the Team Challenge on their event calendar for June 6/7.   That's when it will be held.

I will get a set of the rules posted by Feb 1.  That will be coupled with a final call for East Side Captain.   
General Banter / Friday Traveling League
« Last post by Bill the TD on January 22, 2015, 01:49:44 pm »
Harold, is the going to be a FTL this week?
Tournaments / Re: 2015 Ice Bowl
« Last post by matty on January 22, 2015, 01:03:56 pm »
I'd pay $2 to ball dick parker (or others, he's just better at taking a joke)
Water Works / Re: Course Issues
« Last post by jack on January 22, 2015, 10:53:57 am »
I took them to DGW as I figured that was better than in my car....
Found and Lost / Lost flashlight at Old Pike
« Last post by Utz on January 22, 2015, 10:06:54 am »
Last I remember using it was on the "knotty hole"

It's a Coast HP7 flashlight. It's dang near a half-pound and 8 x 4 x 3 inches, black.

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