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This should have been worded different. I apologize for any misunderstanding. Let me clarify and explain:

1. We are using these event standards so everyone who plays an event will know exactly what to expect for every event. Our goal is to streamline all our events and make them run as effecently as possible so every player gets an overall better experience with less waiting.

2. The part that says “If you do not have time to stay for the awards, you do not have time to play the event” should be worded differently and will be corrected. It is meant for people getting payout the day of the event via payout from the RV. I run 20-30 PDGA events a year and most of them aren’t in KC where we can offer the choice of receiving payout in person OR at the store. In previous years we’ve ran into people who say “Can I get my payout early?  I have to...”. Making special efforts for this case takes our time and effort away from finishing scores and getting the rest of the players payed out. What ends up happening is we spend 50% of our time after the event getting payout to just 2%-3% of the field. That’s not an effective use of our time and unfair to the other 97% of the field who are waiting patiently to receive their trophies or payout.

3.  We do plan on using PayPal as our main method of payout for Pro divisions. However, if you don’t have a PayPal account we will write you a check. That check will be written after the awards or you can have us mail it out if you choose to do so.

4. In 2018 we will be forming two lines for payout. One line will be for people wanting/needing to leave early. It will also be for Ams wanting to get their payout at DDKC or Pros who simply want their winnings sent via PayPal. You will simply tell us your name and division and the player will be able to leave. The other line will be for people wanting to get their Am payout in person from the RV or Pros needing a check. We hope this will streamline the post event process and provide everyone with an option that benefits them.

Again, I will change our standards to reflect these exceptions for the KC events. If anyone would like to discuss this more or has anymore questions my email is My phone number is 479-264-4469. Reach out to me anytime. I hope this helps clear some of this up.
Great way to introduce yourself to KC as well with these 1st 2 posts....... ??? ??? ???
We may will have to revisit the DD agreement with the club based on this.  This is not the KCFDC way of doing things.  There are quite a few demands that are "new" to this long time BoD member.  Forcing people to use paypal is another example that irritates me.....


Why is this?  If you are doing Pro payouts by PayPal the following Monday, why do you need to stay for Awards? This statement seems a little over the top.
Liberty, MO - Stocksdale Park / Re: BAD ROCK GLOW 2017/2018
« Last post by showmeDoug on February 02, 2018, 12:42:26 PM »
Good call Joosey Kooj! The temp is going to hover around the low 30's this evening - good glow weather for Feb. I'll bring the Fireball.
Liberty, MO - Stocksdale Park / Re: BAD ROCK GLOW 2017/2018
« Last post by EL KUJO on February 02, 2018, 11:41:13 AM »
BRC Cali Singles tonight. tee off 6ish. bring $5 and fireball

Why is this?  If you are doing Pro payouts by PayPal the following Monday, why do you need to stay for Awards? This statement seems a little over the top.
2018 Dynamic Discs Chasin’ The Chains Tour Standards

This document is meant to provide you with all of the information needed involving Dynamic Discs Chasin’ The Chains Events Tour Standards for the 2018 tournament season. This document will cover DDCTC events sanctioned as C tiers and higher by the Professional Disc Golf Association. We at Dynamic Discs want to provide the best tournament experience possible to all competitors involved. We pledge to follow all PDGA rules and regulations as well as enforce them to the best of our abilities. Creating the best possible atmosphere for fair competition is our number one priority. If you have questions regarding any of the tour standards we have put into place, please email  We appreciate our patrons, our supporters, our competitors, our sponsors, and our entire Disc Golf family.

I. Player Eligibility

Any person may compete in a DDCTC event. Competitors must be current PDGA members or pay an additional $10.00 fee to become a temporary member for each event sanctioned by the PDGA. Participants are then eligible to compete in any division for which they qualify based on age, rating, gender and class(professional or amateur). Current PDGA membership is required for A tier events and above.  The $10.00 PDGA fee for non-members is waived for youth competitors in any Junior division for B and C Tier events. 

II. Tournament Registration

Pre-registration is required for all DDCTC events unless otherwise noted.  A competitor is not officially registered for the event until their entry fee has been received in full by DDCTC via cash in hand (when allowed) or via DO NOT CALL OR EMAIL ASKING US TO SAVE YOU A SPOT!!!  All DDCTC events will be linked to for complete tournament registration. By pre-registering before the cutoff date listed on the registration page, amateur competitors will receive the full player’s package for the specified event. The cutoff date will be listed on the Facebook Event Page and

Division caps and availability will be set when registration opens. Openings for each event will be available on a first-come, first-served basis unless stated otherwise before registration opens. Division caps are subject to change.

Tournament Registration Cont’d

All waitlists are managed by and will begin once a division(s), Pool(s), or the event(s) fills. A person on the waitlist whom did not get into the event will receive a full refund minus any fees incurred by Always email the tournament director for any tournament questions. Text/phone/social media messages will not be considered official and may not be received by the Tournament Director in a timely manner.

III. Withdrawals and Refunds

*If you need to cancel for any event, the request MUST be made by email to Cancellations more than 2 days in advance from the event will receive a full refund minus a $5 processing and cancellation fee. Cancellations under 2 days from the tournament date will receive a 50% refund minus a $5 processing and cancellation fee. If you fail to contact us properly to cancel your spot prior to the start of the event, you will forfeit your entry fee for that event. No player’s packages will be given to non-competitors in lieu of entry fees or store credit. While this policy will be in effect for the 2018 season, it may change for specific events.

Once a player begins his/her round, there will be no refunds given for any reason. If a player has to quit due to injury, illness, or an emergency during their round,  a score of  999 will be assessed for not finishing the event as long as the Tournament Director is notified. If a player walks off the course in the middle of their round and fails to tell the Tournament Director or any of the tournament staff, the player will receive an 888. Communication is key so DDCTC can better serve you.

IV. Event Check-In

Competitors are responsible for checking in before the player’s meeting on the morning of each event. EVERY SINGLE COMPETITOR MUST CHECK IN.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!! If a competitor fails to check-in, they may forfeit their spot, player’s pack, and entry fee. While this is not always the case, DDCTC event can, and will exercise the right(when a tournament fills) to allow competitors from an active waitlist to participate.  Additionally,  tournament specific merchandise will be sold once the first round of the tournament begins. If a player does not register in time for a player package, a voucher of equal retail value will be issued to use onsite. Exceptions can be made as long as the Tournament Director has been notified by email ahead of time.

V. Grouping and Sectioning of Divisions

In all cases at C tiers and higher, Professional and Amateur divisions will not be grouped together unless it is completely unavoidable. All players will be randomly grouped within their chosen division. In the instance there are multiple courses requiring the field to be split into pools, we will follow this template in most cases:

A Pool will consist of ALL Professional divisions PLUS Advanced Men(MA1) and Advanced Masters 40+(MA40).
B Pool will consist of all other Amateur divisions plus Juniors.
With three or more courses in play at one time, pool assignments will be based on whatever it takes to balance the players per course.

Players in each division are randomly grouped for the first round. This is not done by name, PDGA number, or rating. Sorting of players is totally random. Once the first round is complete, individual divisions are sorted from lowest score to highest. If two or more competitors have the same score, they will be placed by PDGA number.  If neither player has a PDGA number, they will be placed by order in which they played the first round. For an event with three rounds or more, players in the same division with the same total score will be grouped together in order of who shot the lowest round first, then by the order they started.

Division changes for any division will not be allowed within 24 hours of the event unless dictated by the Tournament Director.
Five-year age based divisions WILL NOT be offered at C tiers. There can be exceptions as long as there are three or more players in MA50, MA55, MA60, or MA65 AND the Tournament Director is notified ahead of time. The following age protected divisions will be offered at DDCTC C Tiers: MA40, MA50, MA60, and MA70.
B tiers and above will offer the MA55 and MA65 divisions automatically.
DDCTC C Tiers with PRO DIVISIONS WITH LESS THAN THREE PLAYERS will be moved to another division. For example: If there are only two players in the MP40 division, they will automatically be moved to the MPO division. If a player chooses not to move, they have an option to take a full refund. There can be exceptions for the Women’s and Junior divisions. If you have questions please email the Tournament Director before the event.

VI. Rules of Disc Golf/Competition

Please refer to the Professional Disc Golf Association’s Competition Manual and the Official Rules of Disc Golf for all sanctioned events hosted by DDCTC. These rules will be enforced to the fullest extent at each sanctioned event. For the safety, fairness, and integrity of the sport, it is necessary that all competitors are accountable for their own actions. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.

VII. Ties Broken

Ties for first place in any division will be broken with sudden-death play involving the players affected by the tie. Sudden-death play will begin on hole one unless otherwise stated by the Tournament Director. If a tied competitor leaves an event before sudden-death play, they forfeit the chance to compete for a first place finish.

In the event the tournament is called due to dangerous conditions, first place ties will not be broken and all competitors currently tied for first place will be considered co-champions assuming there is no option to continue/complete play.

VIII. Distribution of Tournament Winnings

Cash winnings for Professionals will be sent out via PAYPAL OR CHECK ONLY!!! Cash winnings will be sent out to the Paypal address used to sign up for the event (this address will be confirmed during check-in as well) on Monday before Midnight CDT following any Friday, Saturday or Sunday event. If the following Monday is a holiday, payment will be sent on the next business day. If you do not have a Paypal address, we will write you a check after the awards and payout are over OR you can have a check mailed to you. 
Merchandise winnings of any sort can be claimed one of two ways:  1. Merchandise winners can pick their voucher winnings up the day of the event from the Dynamic Discs CTC RV.  2: Merchandise winners can pick up their voucher winnings from the Dynamic Discs KC Store(if the event is a Kansas event) or the Dynamic Discs Northwest Arkansas Store IF THIS IS OFFERED.  All DDCTC merchandise vouchers will expire on Jan 1, 2019. Any winnings not redeemed before Jan 1, 2019 will be relinquished by the player.
All Recreation and Junior Divisions will be TROPHY ONLY with a larger player pack and trophies for the top 5 instead of top 3. 
Trophies - Trophies are typically ordered two weeks before the event. If a specific division has less than THREE players registered when trophies are ordered, the players in that division will not be awarded a trophy. Exceptions may be made for the Junior divisions.


Distribution of Tournament Winnings cont’d

Drop Shipments- Any competitor who wishes to use payout on baskets, bags, carts, or any other item unavailable onsite can request a drop-shipment to their personal address. A drop-shipment fee of $10 will be assessed and deducted from winnings in addition to the cost of the item.
Payout Percentage - Pro payout percentage will be 40% of the field based on PDGA minimum standards. Am Payout percentage will be 45% of the field based on PDGA minimum standards. This template will be reflected at all sanctioned events except for those stated as “Trophy Only” events.

IX.  Tournament Outline for all Dynamic Discs CTC Events

Check-in-  Check-in begins at 7:30 a.m. and goes until 8:30 a.m. 
Player Meeting -  Player Meetings begin at 8:45 a.m.  Every player is expected to attend a short introduction of the event and any last minute changes. . Round one tee time is 9:00 a.m.  If this changes, it is always announced at the player meeting.
Lunch - Lunch is a one hour break (unless otherwise specified) from the time the LAST card of the first round comes in. If multiple pools exist, second round start times will be dictated from the time the last card comes in from each pool. Scores will be tallied and uploaded to PDGA within one hour after the last card is turned in. Second round start times will be announced verbally, via posted signs and via social media through each Facebook event page.  DO NOT CALL OR TEXT THE TD ASKING WHEN THE SECOND ROUND STARTS!!!!
Awards - Scores will be tallied and uploaded WITH payout and standings to within one hour of the last scorecard turned in.  Awards will begin as soon as results can be seen online. 
Payout - Merchandise payout via the RV will be available promptly after awards. Cash payout will be sent via PayPal the following Monday (as long as it does not fall on a holiday) before the end of the business day 5:00 PM-CDT.  If you do not have a PayPal account and wish to receive a check, we will write you a check after payout is complete.  If you wish to have your check mailed to you, you may also do that as well.  ***If you are playing an event where merchandise payout is available through the RV AND a Dynamic Discs retail store, you will have the option to get in a seperate line to confirm you will be using your payout at the store.  NO PLAYER WILL RECEIVE THEIR MERCHANDISE PAYOUT VIA THE RV EARLY FOR ANY REASON. Please see section VIII Distribution of Tournament Winnings for info about expiration of winnings and redemption options.

Dynamic Discs Presents: 2018 Shawnee Mission Frostbreaker
2 Round PDGA C Tier

2/17/18-ALL REC/INT
2/18/18 ALL ADV/PRO

Check in from 7:30 a.m.-8:30 a.m.
Players meeting at 8:45 a.m.
Tee time at 9:00 a.m.

All Pro-$55
All Adv-$45
All Int-$35
All Rec-$25
All Juniors-$20

Registration can be found at

*All Ams will receive a custom stamped disc for their player pack!!!
Tournaments / Re: 2018 KCFDC Events and the surrounding area
« Last post by rhonda on January 30, 2018, 02:19:36 PM »
Please update the Diva Feeva event course to Rosedale.
Swope / Kcfdc pdga Traveling League, Feb 3
« Last post by MK on January 29, 2018, 12:38:48 PM »
After discussion with Jack Lowe, I believe that Swope Park Disc Golf Course will still be in the ground on Saturday, February 3, but may not be on Saturday, February 10.  Don't read into that anything more than that, as a date certain has not been announced for when the course will be pulled.

With this in mind, I am altering the Safari Saturday schedule:

Saturday, February 3, 2018 Swope Silver and Gold
Saturday, February 10, 2018 Lakeside Hills (Birdland)

Saturday, February 3, 2018 at Swope Silver and Gold will be a flex start event.  First cards can go out at 9 AM, last card out at High Noon.  I will make arrangements to get people their payouts - I know people won't want to wait around.  That said, I want to give as many people as the opportunity to play one last singles rated round at Swope. 

The cost is $5 for KCFDC Members, and $6 for non-members.  Add a buck for the ace fund.

I will consult with Dean Gary, and hopefully I can get the Swope to the following course set up - I want to cover every inch of the Swope course:

1.  Long, double mando, par 3
2.  Middle (the long position that's left), par 3
3.  Long across the street, par 4
4.  Long, par 4 - no mando
5.  Long pad, long left par 3
Gold 1.  1092 foot par 5 - no ropes, only street and parking lot OB
Gold 2.  Only, par 3
Gold 3.  Only, par 3
Gold 4.  Only, par 3
6.  Long, par 3
7.  Left - double mando (hey, I want an ace run hole), par 3
8.  Long, par 3 - no mando
9.  Short - mando left of tree, par 3
10.  Long - mando left, retee if missed, par 3
11.  Long pad to long over hill, par 4
12.  Long, par 3
13.  Long pad to cliff (rocks left are NOT OB; street is hazard area), par 4
14.  Long pad to long - mando left of tree, par 3
15.  Short (hey, I want another ace run hole), par 3
15A.  Street behind barricades to peninsula hole, par 3
16.  KCWO Long pad to long left on corner, par 4
16A. 16 short pad to short basket.  par 3
17.  Short (double mando - hey a third ace run hole!), par 3
18.  Long pad to long, par 4

24 holes.  Par 79.

All roads that cars have access to are OB.  If there is paint, use the paint as the OB line.  Benefit of the doubt goes to the player. Over those roads is also OB. 

Any parking lots that cars have access to are OB.

The rock circles in the fairways are OB.  The painted line (assuming I have a chance to paint) marks the OB.  The rocks by the roads are NOT OB markers.  The rocks on 13 are NOT OB.

The clubhouse is OB, including the deck and stairs.

Holes 1 (double), 7 (double), 9, 10, 14, and 17 (double) have mandatories.  DZs will be marked for all holes EXCEPT hole 10 (re-tee with penalty).

Hole 3, the entrance road and parking lot play as a pond/river.  The main road is OB.

Gold 1.  The entrance road plays as a river.  The main road is OB.

The road between 13 and 14 will be a hazard area (play from road, 1 shot penalty).  Both sides of the road are safe on 13, over that road is OB on 14.

Hole 15A must come to rest on the peninsula on your drive.  If you do not come to rest on the peninsula, play from the DZ with a 1 shot penalty.

See ya Saturday at Swope Park, one last time.

Of note: if someone is at Swope with keys when the last card is in, I'll happily move baskets to make it more friendly, or I can come out early Sunday morning to move baskets.  Again, I'll talk to Gary Birge about that.
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