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Tournaments / Re: 2016 Frostbreaker - Shawnee Mission - Kansas - B Tier Feb 20/21, 2016
« Last post by DDKC on November 20, 2015, 04:44:24 pm »
The official fundraiser dyemax.  These are available during pre registration signup or email me at  These will only be available during registration.  Thank you for the support.

is there a way to check if i paid the $5 for the ace/ctp? i cant remember if i did or not, but if i didn't, is there a chance to still pay for it the day of the tournament or something?
Is it really maxed out to the fullest?  I'm talking 1 long, 3 long, 6 long, 7 SUPER long, 8 long, 9 SUPER long, 11 long, 12 long, 14 long, 16 long, 17 long & 18 long.  I keep telling myself it is going to suck with the weather but I don't think I can miss an opportunity to play the beast to it's full potential.
Found and Lost / Found: Pocket Knife, PC hole 1
« Last post by carlitocal on November 20, 2015, 02:14:36 pm »
Description, brand etc.
Grip Equipment bags are on their way! At least two bags will be given away after the tournament as the Ace / CTP Fund. One will be your choice of a Paul McBeth SE or the AX15 - Camo. The other will be a C14 - black. All bags come with a lifetime warranty registration card.

How do you win one of these awesome bags? Pay the $5 Ace fund during registration or the morning of during check in. If one person gets an Ace, they choose their bag and we do a modified CTP game after second round for the second bag. If two people get an Ace, those two people get a bag. If three or more people get an Ace, those players will do a CTP game after second round. The CTP is a modified CTP in that there is a hierarchy of hits or misses.

Generally the line is 100-150 feet.
 An Ace trumps
 A Chain Out which trumps
 Hitting top band or basket which trumps
 Hitting the pole.
 If nobody hits metal, then it is actual CTP.

The person that hits chains but spits out 20' is higher than someone who slides up to within 1 foot of the pole.

So...are you an aggressive player and go for it, and possible miss all, or do you play safe and slide up to the pole?

As of this post, only 23 total spots are open, 18 pro spots are open.

I think you'll be there solo.

I never said I was going. Just helping Harold Post.
I was expecting a FTL twist.

I think you'll be there solo. Wait! Is there water there? Yeah, I think so, hole 3 or 4, I think. So Nailer will be there. He likes water. ;)
General Banter / Friday Travel League - Big Blue - 11/20 - One Round Only 9AM - 27 Holes
« Last post by Rob H on November 19, 2015, 09:06:53 pm »
1 Round Only - 9am - Blue Valley MO (Big Blue) - Monster 27 Hole Round.
Against the elements for sure: the forecast is for minimum 20 MPH winds all day, gusting to nearly 35 MPH.

Oooohhhhh Nova. Ya had ta spoil it. You're so right. BBM is a warmup to Frostbreaker.

Heck, who knows what else is in planning stages between MK, Rob and DDKC, during the "off-season", if we call it that.  I still remember playing Wyco in a wicked thunder snowstorm. Tyvm Mr Palmer. Tom Palmer, that is. ;)
Shockers have already lost once this week, why watch another?
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