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What:  3rd Annual Flippin' Sweet Memorial Disc Golf Tournament for the Prevention of Suicide.  ALL FUNDS GO TO THE JOHNSON COUNTY SUICIDE PREVENTION COALITION
When:  June 18, 2016  8am registration / 9am start
Where:  Thornfield Disc Golf Course, Stilwell, KS
Who:  Players who want to see a reduction is teen suicide and to enhance depression awareness.
Why:  Because the disc golf community thinks ahead and does preventative stuff
HOW:  Sign up

Wow!  Singles open tournament on Thornfield?  Don't see that very often.  This is two 18 hole rounds, one in the morning, one in the afternoon.  Great DD custom tourney disc, disc golf towel, and DOZENS of prizes.  Ace pool, multiple rings of fire.  Cool stuff like two Nut Sac disc golf bags:

Royals tickets, T-Bone tickets, Schlitterbahn ( ! ) tickets, custom discs sent to us to help support our fundraising for suicide prevention.  Seriously, merchants have donated so much stuff, there's a good chance you'll win a cool prize.

And, like last year, Miller Coors has stepped up with beer for your players, probably enough for 3-4 beers per player.  The traditional Miller Light / Coors Light will be there, but also Blue Moon, Redd's Apple Ale, Strong & Forge, and other tasty beverages.  We'll be serving treats in the morning, have lots of water and the new Under Armour drink that competes with Gatorade.  We should have a sponsor for koozies by it's pretty much a turn key deal.  $50 gets the rounds, the free disc and towel, lunch, a few beers, and everything in between.  We'll also have Cheatin' Craig doing our DJ work, so you know the tunes will be good. 

Where does the money go and what does it do?  Well, 100% of the proceeds go to the Johnson County Suicide Prevention Coalition, which is a coalition of 170 organizations dedicated to the identification and treatment of suicidal individuals--I bet you don't hear about that very often.  They have two FANTASTIC programs that your player entry fee will pay for.  Let's talk about their ASIST program (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training).  The coalition sponsors trainings of people in the community that encounter a lot of people each day, like teachers, clergy, guidance counselors, police officers, well you get the idea.  This training is for these people to recognize suicidal indicators in people, and guide them voluntarily into counseling and treatment.  It costs over $100/person to do this training, and the coalition recently lost their only funding through a grant.  Help us restore that funding, and get these ASIST trainees scattered throughout the community.  Your participation will actually make a difference.  Will your player fee pay for that high school teacher trained to recognize suicidal tendencies in a student who saves that student's life?

The coalition also does suicide awareness programs across high schools in Johnson County, where there is a disturbing number of teen suicides.  HELP US SLOW OR STOP THIS.

Your money will be well spent.  None of it will be for any salaries or overhead, it will just fund those programs to help stop this problem.


Found and Lost / Champ Thunderbird
« Last post by benlutz on May 14, 2016, 03:30:24 pm »
Left a yellow champion thunderbird on #14 at Longview. Reward if returned. Name and number on it.
General Banter / Re: GARAGE SALE
« Last post by jwaldron on May 14, 2016, 12:25:25 pm »
Also, tons of Mary Kay products...30% off...
General Banter / Re: Word of the Day: *CLASS
« Last post by The Nailerâ„¢ on May 13, 2016, 11:31:47 pm »
The only thing that makes them pros is the fact they get cash prizes.  To be fair, they can throw very well too.  Set the prize money for 1st Place at $100K in a tourney and you'll change this sport forever and its image forever.  You'll weed out the sketch and players will take their chit much more seriously. 

Keep throwing them $1500 bones and you'll get Spicoli starting on hole 4 along with Slater as Woodson's caddy and a couple of dudes who got the day off from Jiffy Lube to fill the card.

Seeing some drunk hippie barefoot telling his buddies he's going to get sponsored is more of a comedy act than it is a demonstration about the caliber of players it can bring on board.

Bottom line is, a jackass is a jackass and there is the potential for a far better player than anyone mentioned in this post to come forward when someone has the balls to up the ante and make it a payday and not just a bone.
General Banter / Re: West Side Team Page (2016 Qualifier announcement)
« Last post by white mccoy on May 13, 2016, 08:58:48 pm »
Kansas (West side) Men's & Women's Qualifiers include:

Tuesday, April 19th - SMP League - 2 spots + ties

Friday, May 13th - Wyco League - Kelly Babbit 56, Jake Lazzo 58

Monday, May 16th - Lakeside(Olathe) League - 2 spots (ties will be sudden-death playoff)

Saturday, May 14th - KC Diva Feeva - 2 Women's spots (1 starter, 1 alternate) (Ties will be sudden-death playoff)

Wednesday, May 25th - Rosedale League - If needed, 2-3 spots at most.

4 Captains Picks (Do not lose hope; I will be selecting 2 Captain's Picks of my choosing...the other 2 spots will be competed for.  I will invite 8-10 Kansas players that have expressed interest on making the team and have showed up to other qualifiers, and they will play it off for those last 2 spots) - by June 1st

Qualified Players: 11 total
Joe Hesting
Arturo Villareal
Chris Clemens
Isaac Heinen
Cooper Arnold
Peter Bures
Marc Wisbey
Kaleb Martin
Kevin Zane
Kelly Babbit
Jake Lazzo

2 more studs qualified in the Wyco Winds.
Tournaments / Norman Pro/Am Next weekend
« Last post by Shaunmmartin89 on May 13, 2016, 06:31:40 pm »
hello everyone my name is Shaun Martin #42535. I am going down to Norman, Ok next weekend for the tournament. it is a A-Tier Pro event and a B-Tier Am event. I have reserved a hotel and will be playing adv. Looking to see if anyone wants to ride down and split the costs. There are about 65 spots left, I have played it before and it has been a lot of fun. It would be best if we are in the same division, but I'm sure we can work it out as the courses aren't to far apart. you can email me @ or text/call 913-534-1929.

ps I am looking to leave early Friday morning/afternoon so I have time to walk the courses before the tournament on Saturday.

Tournaments / Re: Maverick Disc Golf Schedule 2016
« Last post by robm on May 13, 2016, 04:15:34 pm »
Updated tournament listings in original post.  Added new tournament - Limestone Classic in Cottonwood Falls, KS.  About 18 miles west of Emporia.  New course designed by Eric McCabe.
General Banter / Re: West Side Team Page (2016 Qualifier announcement)
« Last post by Tracy on May 13, 2016, 03:03:03 pm »
Looks like lightning and rain this evening -- hopefully not.

It looks like the storm will push on through by 6:00.  Maybe a slightly delayed start, but get out and battle for a spot on the Best Side.
Tournaments / Re: The good bad and the ugly of the 2016 KCWO
« Last post by jack on May 13, 2016, 12:54:11 pm »
keep them coming please.
General Banter / Re: West Side Team Page (2016 Qualifier announcement)
« Last post by KB on May 13, 2016, 10:40:58 am »
Looks like lightning and rain this evening -- hopefully not.
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