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Share the flyer on the club FB page, too. This is a cool idea. Unfortunately my husband will be working that day.

Juniors Disc Golf / Ankeny Juniors Classic
« on: April 04, 2018, 06:42:02 AM »
Sunday, April 22 in Ankeny, IA (just north of Des Moines). There is alsoa women only tournament that Saturday. As an added bonus, spring is forecasted to turn up by then!

Juniors Disc Golf / Lesson 1: Safety!
« on: April 17, 2017, 02:50:06 PM »
Kids are enthusiastic. I mean living in the moment, nothing else in their mind, loving life enthusiastic. So lesson 1 is In adult terms, safety is a large part of etiquette. We want to teach kids 2 things during that first lesson: farthest out throws first, and wait until everyone has had their turn before you run up to your disc and throw again. Of course, that second part isn't always how things play out, with low throws, trees, etc. But kids are used to the concept of taking turns, and it will help them learn to be aware of other players and to stay behind the thrower.

Juniors Disc Golf / How to Kid Around (author credit in body of post)
« on: April 15, 2017, 08:53:47 PM »
Taken from the article "How to Kid Around" by Scott Papa, Disc Golfer Magazine, Spring 2016 Issue, Number 29
(This article was written with kids ages 4-10 years in mind.)

By being the instructor helping kids in your neighborhood, at your local course, or even in your own home become the next generation of disc golfers, you will be giving back and helping the sport to grow. The great thing about more kids getting into the game is that disc golf will become more and more a part of North American sports culture.

Kids are excited and ready to find out about everything, and disc golf is one very small part of that. The biggest challenge you're going to face is that the whole world is just out there waiting to call to them. They haven't made the decision [to try disc golf and] forego everything else; they just see it as a new thing to try. Be ready to be a teacher for a long time, a short time, or both or neither.

For the littlest tykes, 15 minutes is great, and 30 minutes is a marathon. Kids in the 6-8 year old range may go for an hour.

For those just starting, don't expect them to play the entire length of every hole, or any hole. No need to keep score or have them throw out of bushes or [be particular about footing]. Those things will come later. Watch for signs of doneness, and don't pressure anyone to keep playing. The more that you can make the first outings positive and fun, the more they will want to come back again!

Kids have much more fun when they can actually get a disc to fly for some distance and are therefore more likely to play for longer and learn more. Keep it simple with straighter flying putters and mids anywhere from 100-150 grams. Once they start getting those down, then step it up to a driver, but again, try to keep it low-speed and control oriented. Not only will it be easier to control, but a shallow, narrow rim is easier for small hands to hold.

A casual jog to the first hole and back and a few stretches will get everyone ready to play. Warm muscles are stretchy and flexible and less prone to injury than just jumping out of the car and throwing.
Keep it fun. The more that you can keep it light and a gamelike atmosphere, the more they will be drawn to what you are doing.

Be positive and reassuring. Whether it is the greatest throw or the worst, there is something to learn from both.

Juniors Disc Golf / Welcome to KC kids disc golf!
« on: April 12, 2017, 04:09:26 PM »
I am glad you found your way to this board! My goals for this page are:

Direct communication.
Parents need a way to communicate about kids disc golf without sorting through all the other club or women’s stuff. We are busy people; we need easy access to the information we need when we need it.

Finding friends.
We have a community of kids in KC who are beginning to experience dg in a way that makes them want to learn more, but they want and need to find other people to play with who are like in kid bugs and creeks and whistling with an acorn top while they throw their round.

Fair comparisons.
When I started playing 6 years ago, I only threw with my husband. Shocker...he was way better than me. It was frustrating and discouraging. The first time I went to Divas league, I saw that there were people who played like me and scored like me. It helped me to start comparing myself to myself, rather than to other players. It allowed me to see my own progress. It was the thing that really got me hooked.

Passion & vision for the future.
No one in KC could have created the KC Diva Spring Feeva except Rhonda Crosby. She has the magic combination of passion and know-how that produced a women only event that surpassed expectations in its very first year. I don’t want every TD or LD trying to run a big juniors field, but some of us can. No one knows where the next Scott Reek or Paul McBeth or Pete Cashen or Paige Pierce is going to come from. They excel at what they bring to disc golf, and someone, somewhere got them hooked. Kansas City has a group of adults and juniors with the passion to grow the sport for kids.

Tournaments / 2017 Diva Spring Feeva
« on: March 05, 2017, 03:30:14 PM »
The 2017 Diva Spring Feeva will be held on Saturday, May 13 in Swope Park. On Friday, we will have a check-in party with player's pack pickup and Launchpad BYOP Doubles. You should expect the same awesomeness in player's pack swag and at least as much fun as you had in years 1 and 2! As I type this, registration is 51 out of 90.
To register:

Good morning, brave February tournament players! KC Disc Golf Divas will be at Frostbreaker serving up a taco bar lunch on Saturday and Sunday. This is a fundraiser for the 2017 Diva Spring Feeva, and suggested donation is $5.

Tournaments / Re: Kansas City Juniors Open- Oct 1st, 2016
« on: September 06, 2016, 09:40:49 AM »
Our 7yo decided this weekend that he wants to go to worlds next year. He has to play at least 1 pdga event before the end of this year. This event won't be sanctioned, will it?

Found and Lost / Re: pink destroyer at cliff #12
« on: June 22, 2016, 03:39:07 PM »
the ace disc wasn't an orange star roc with stamp worn off, was it?

The Divas will be at tournament central in SMP this weekend, offering soup & sandwiches for a suggested $7 donation toward this summer's Diva Spring Feeva. We're great cooks; you should definitely stop by.

Tournaments / Re: East Vs. West 2016--June 18th and 19th Location TBD
« on: February 05, 2016, 04:16:33 PM »
Assuming women are in the competition, would they compete against one another, or would they be in the mix to be pitted against anyone?

Tournaments / Re: East Vs. West 2016--June 18th and 19th Location TBD
« on: February 05, 2016, 12:47:27 PM »
I would be willing to hear his argument in favor of point number 1, if there is one. But clearly, point number 2 is meant to be nothing except a dig. Please join me in letting that rolllllll off our backs!

Tournaments / Re: East Vs. West 2016--June 18th and 19th Location TBD
« on: February 05, 2016, 12:40:47 PM »
I want to summarize some thoughts that have been shared this morning and start a discussion:

For a tournament that is designed to showcase KC's "best of the best," it's important that women earn a place (by defeating other women), and not get there by default." Having a qualifier/qualifiers is totally reasonable. But 3-5 women is a decent showing, even for a large local tournament, and that's from the metro as a whole. Setting a requirement of six women from each state feels like we're being set up to fail. From the most recent PDGA demographics report, the membership was 92% male, 8% female. Using the teams of 16 men as a starting point, that means that adding just one woman to each team, and a qualifying event of 2-3 women would be more likely to succeed, particularly in the shadow of last year's drama (that last fragment is completely my (Amy's) opinion).

Perhaps a better starting place would be 3-4 women minimum (per state) competing for 1-2 spots on each side, with 1 getting the alternate spot. This would convey a sincere interest in opening the event to women, and therefore are encouraging more women to try and qualify.

Lastly, I would remind anyone reading this that I said my intent is to "start a discussion," not to demand rule changes.

Tournaments / Re: 2015 Kansas City Juniors Open- Oct 10th
« on: October 09, 2015, 09:32:54 PM »
I'm bringing a 6-yo and a 9-yo. I heard younger kids aren't playing 18? Can you give me some details about the layout? Thanks! PS... they are SUPER excited to play their first tournament. :D

Swope / Re: Swope League 2015
« on: September 29, 2015, 10:18:01 AM »
I'm sure everyone else understands this, but... Are we allowed 2 discs only, or could we carry, for example, 3 Leopards and 2 Judges, because they're multiple versions of 2 discs?

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