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Bad PC Round
« on: June 28, 2013, 10:11:43 PM »
After a good layup drive on #13 I flick jerked my beloved orange and black misprint DD stamped Boss into the creek about 1/2 way from the bend to the left basket. I didn't have my scuba gear and machete to go get it, so the brave soul who wants to grab it I will either give you a crisp $10 bill or a 6er of your choice.

I also flick jerked my other standard orange blizzard boss in the Shhh on the left of #14 and couldnt find it as well (before the treeline). That one isn't as dear to me, but as you can tell this round wasn't going my way

My next shot on #14 landed my Ape in a tree that took me 15 minutes and one stuck putter to get down, and after yanking 8 ticks off of me I think im going to ice my shoulder and go to bed.