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A new, kids league will be started this Spring at Baby Blue (nine hole course) on Thursday nights. The only cost will be $1 dollar that goes to the club. Hopefully, some of the better players around town will take an interest and come out to share some of their knowledge. Also, when the kids outgrow Baby Blue we could migrate over to Little Blue. If you don't have kids - bring your niece/ nephew/ younger siblings/ or even neighborhood kids .This is an opportunity to grow the sport and play some more golf.

I'll come out for this to help. Give us a heads up closer to the time..

Awesome, I need to get some details ironed out with the club's BOD , but I think that this is going to be a great time. I will post more details in the near future.

BTW, the BoD has advised to not collect a dollar for the youth league and Rick has been in contact with Doug about some considerations and support for this endeavor.
Thanks Doug!

I see this as more of a Summer league, I will post more about this as other kid events (soccer, baseball, etc.) come to a close and everybody has a little more free time.


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