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1/19 Sunday Random Doubles at Young


1/19 Random Sunday Dubs at Young
$5-all paid out
$1 ace fund (optional) ---$51
tee of at 12:45 (to be safe now)
going to be a nice day temperature wise, it's looking like. will probably be windy. hope to see you out there.

12 of us out on a really nice, really windy afternoon.
 Jake B./Joe H. - 47 - $36
 Dan C./C.D. - 49 - $24
 Paul B./Pearse H. - 51
 Brian P./Jose O. - 52
 Roland/Charles B. - 53
 Dan Z./Doug K. - 56
10 bought into the ace fund, sits at $61 now. Jose had the shot of the day on our card with a skip, wind stall drop into the basket on 11. no chains needed. was very neat-o to watch. thanks a ton to all that came out. no league next week, GO SUPPORT THE ICE BOWL!!!!!!! have a good one!


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