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UDATED W/PICS DD Ranger Bag with extra goodies FOR SALE


Time to sweeten the deal. only got a couple responses on the original posting. problem is this is a like new flawless condition bag and I don't feel comfortable parting with it for less than $125. soooooo for the same price im throwing in an new innova hat, discraft glasses, and a GOLDEN RETRIEVER(for those that don't know it gets your disc out of water hazards easily NOT PICTURED). ALL FOR THE SAME PRICE. 125$ bump!
still have bag and its just taking up space 8165071636 4/6/14

Kevin Montgomery:
Golden Retriever itself sells for $25. Sounds like a pretty good deal. But I don't need a bag. Good luck!

still have bag and its taking up space! 8165071636

Hey I was curious if that bag has been sold yet or not?

yeppers... bought it months ago


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