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Ice Bowl
« on: January 27, 2014, 08:46:48 AM »
I would like to get some opinion about the Ice Bowl.  What needs to be improved and what needs to be continued or added.  You can put anything down.  I don’t want to see anyone getting ridiculed or chastised for what they say and we aren’t going to make excuses or explain away some ones ideas.  If all you have is a complaint about something please add a way to fix the problem.  I will get the ball rolling.

There was nothing to drink for anyone under 21.
The port o potties were disgusting.
People need to listen when an announcement is made.

The support from everyone was great.  If I asked someone for help they made it happen.
Having a chili contest coordinator separate from a golf event coordinator.

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Re: Ice Bowl
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2014, 09:26:53 AM »

There was nothing to drink for anyone under 21.
The port o potties were disgusting.
People need to listen when an announcement is made.

These three are a good start. The club has water jugs, I wanted to fill my water bottle and there was none to be found. So a couple of water jugs or a cooler of bottled water at the very least.

In the past we've had a separate porta-potty in the grass. We can't count on the park supplied on in the parking lot one it seems.

To get people to listen to announcements you need to work on the direction and/or volume of the speakers. I was sitting between the CTP tee and the mini golf course and didn't hear a word coming from the shelter because the speakers were turned away from where I was. There should be sound directed in multiple directions since people are all over the place. 

I felt the CTP was cut off early personally. I know several people that had tickets they didn't get to use. They weren't aware it was being cut off because they didn't hear the announcements or whatever, but some did simply show up too late. Besides, since it took so long to get cards ready for the second round there a was still time to let more people throw. That being said, I realize you have to draw the line somewhere so if the second round card prep had gone quicker the timing was probably about right. So perhaps a more definitive cut off time needs to be posted for people to see rather than expecting them to hear the announcement. That time could be determined the day of or even during the CTP contest and posted so word could spread instead of relying solely on the PA

We got lucky with the weather this year and over-all things were great. Other than the above ideas the only thing I would have changed would have been the direction of the food line. It should have started outside the shelter and hit the chili first then ended with desserts and toppings. That was just clumsy because people that wanted cheese and onions or dessert had to bust through the line to get to that table.

Other than the water and bathrooms these are all minor things in my opinion. So for future events the two main things in my mind are making sure other beverages are available and the bathroom availability is acceptable.

Great job everyone. We got extremely lucky with the weather and got to enjoy each other's company on a beautiful day in the middle of an otherwise roller-coaster of a winter, which is now on a major downswing once again. What a difference a day makes around here....   :o
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Re: Ice Bowl
« Reply #2 on: January 27, 2014, 09:48:03 AM »
In the future we need for the chili contest:

Feedback from a judge: Label the TOP of the crock-pot for easier judging. Also, more spacing (extra tables, etc) the judges had nowhere to put the lids when they were tasting.  Also, agree on the flow for the Chili, need cheese/ onions etc at the end.

What a fantastic year for IB!  Had a ball!!

Mike Hyzer

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Re: Ice Bowl
« Reply #3 on: January 27, 2014, 09:52:43 AM »
I guess the thing about the drinks was the only thing I noticed. If not for having to work in the afternoon, the beer would've been just fine, though. ;D

Great job by all involved, I had a blast! 8)


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Re: Ice Bowl
« Reply #4 on: January 27, 2014, 10:54:08 AM »
ok.....positive post by Keizer.....I have issues that Keizer has no issues.

Here are some of the takeaways for me that I think need help.

Water like yesterday, great, fine, other wise we should be able to put out jugs just like an event, we have them, they just need to be water only, no ice, that would be ideal.

Chili section/tables, that is something that we may need to look at renting an additional "chili section" for the event.  I think that we may have actually outgrown the "shelter" for chili alone.  I think that the additional help/staff may need to be utilizing more of the shelter and allowing less of the participants to be using it.  Sort of a "staff only" in the area for at least about half of.  Then we have people use the perimeter to get drinks, food, check-ins, scoring.

Multiple speakers pointed towards the CTP and the Parking lot would be advisable I think as Kevin indicated.  If possible, even a remote speaker by hole #1 as well would be ideal.

Home Brew Beer contest, to compliment the craft brewers that are coming to the surface.  I think that the notion of having a more organized platform could increase that base for us.

A bigger generator or multiple ones are needed, then we should have 1-2 people that clearly are aligned with setting up enough to handle 30 crockpot as well.  I think that if we had a balance on the power distribution we may have been better at the power consumption.

More Chili prize distribution.  I know that I spend a lot of money on my chili as well as time, and I am assuming that you did as well.  We do this for the love of our sport, and the hopes to make us all happy, but with 30 people bringing in that much chili, I would like to have us look at a way to reward the top 5 at least from the judging standpoint.  Not only disc golf certificates, but eating out at nice places would be idea.  Something along the lines of 100-80-60-50-40 gift cards to places that you want to go and take someone nice to would be ideal.

A bigger scoreport.  We need to unfortunately create 2 18 hole scoreports that can house 7 if not 8 cards apeice.  OR.........get some cards that SPLIT the names on 2 places with Names and Rd 1 Score to be written.  I am uncertain if it would be too small, but it is an idea.  Another idea.......VIDEO MONITORS with the hole assignments on 2 screens facing that outer perimeter as I discussed earlier.  If it were automated initially it may be easier on everyone.  That would require at least 2 if not 3 laptops and video screens ( I would be willing to bring 1 possibly 2 next year, and donate my laptop for use).  I think that would also ease the information that people were seeking, and creating the cluster around the scoreports.  I don't think that we need to print out the information, but having it readily available, and automated would/should/could be easier on the scoring staff as well.  Plus if played out our cards right, we may be able to have people upload videos from the course that could be sent to the monitors to play as well in some cases.  Again food for thought on that.

More people stepping up to help with cleanup/prepping work, and more donations.  This is our chance to shine, and the fact that a few make it happen is great.  But I know personally that I pulled trash with Rob yesterday, and we had a little help, but could use more.  Just as you are out there watching people do some of the cleaning, preparing, jump in and help out.  A few minutes with everyone that was out there makes everyone's day go easier.

Overall, it is best day of disc golf locally we can ask for.  We do a fantastic job of making our city community of disc golf lovers proud, and I am thankful for all the work that has gone on this year to make it happen, and over the years. 

I promise to continue to buy and give away mulligans, because even if my name isn't on the trophy, the biggest winner is the community we live in and support.  The real winners are those that we help.  We are fortunate to be able to give to our community, have a small competition amongst us, and most importantly a great day to get out see people we haven't in awhile, and better yet improve the lives of people that we may not know.

It is a great sport, we are a great community, and I thank all of you for the support of the event.

BTW-it's not too late you can still donate to the cause, so go do so.  Let's beat that $10k goal this year! 
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Re: Ice Bowl
« Reply #5 on: January 27, 2014, 11:01:24 AM »
I had a couple of people ask me about non-alcohol drinks.  I agree that we need to have something.  This needs to be taken over by someone else.

I have mixed feelings about the Free Will Donation for the beer or a fixed price for a wrist band or something similar.  It would be best to take this part of the discussion off line or private.
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Re: Ice Bowl
« Reply #6 on: January 27, 2014, 11:32:23 AM »
What about a change in location?  I like Rosedale and know it's the most played course in town, but what about Blue Valley.  There's a much larger shelter it's not quite as packed in as Rosedale is for parking, etc.  You could easily have plenty of holes out there to satisfy the number of players.  I know several people who didn't play this year, because its so congested.   I agree the 2 biggest things that need to be addressed are cleaner bathrooms and water jugs or non-alcoholic drinks. 


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Re: Ice Bowl
« Reply #7 on: January 27, 2014, 12:04:51 PM »
I brought my kids and that meant no drinking for me. I agree it would have been great to have something for them to drink as well as myself. However, we knew coming in it wasn't likely set up that way so we brought drinks.

The porta-potty thing was for sure an issue. My wife left 3 times to take kids to the gas station. I mean beer and chili for sure makes for multiple trips to the restroom.

I was on the mini golf course when the raffle was held and missed out on grabbing a few extra tickets. I just couldn't hear the announcements when I wasn't right by the shelter.

The rest of the weekend was awesome and my family really enjoyed it. The final round was a bit crazy cause everyone was crowding in to see where to play. Guys were showing up to holes down under saying they were just sent there cause they didn't have a card slotted. I don't see this as a big issue because its a charity event and squeezing in 250 golfers is no easy task I am sure. Once we found our hole assignments it was smooth sailing after that.

I am fairly new to the game but this event will for sure be something I never intend to miss in the future.
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Re: Ice Bowl
« Reply #8 on: January 27, 2014, 12:11:18 PM »
Rosedale is well known, it has been used for years as the target, with 2 courses it makes sense.

That being said, I would agree to work on a layout of equally "sufficiently short" layout for courses to encompass 2 18 hole courses, if not 2 20 hole courses for the Blue Valley course in the future.  It would take some work, but I for one of course would love that.

One thing though on some respect, the advantage of Rosedale as well is the simple fact that it is already our areas busiest course.  Our impact by taking over the park is always something that shows that there is a community that works the disc golf land.  At Blue Valley, we would have only the disc golfers for the most part out there, so it may minimize that impact.  I love it when we can take over a park personally, and one that is busy it attract attention.

Of course I love the Blue Valley idea as well though.....
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Re: Ice Bowl
« Reply #9 on: January 27, 2014, 02:05:07 PM »
I found it funny when people would walk up to play at Rosedale this weekend and had no idea what's going on.  Some of them looked like they play all the time too.


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Re: Ice Bowl
« Reply #10 on: January 27, 2014, 03:09:46 PM »
I found it funny when people would walk up to play at Rosedale this weekend and had no idea what's going on.  Some of them looked like they play all the time too.

And that is why I personally like the notion of Rosedale.  They need (as do most non club members) to realize that though our partnerships with the P&R are great, that a majority of the improvements, the quality locations, are done with the work of the club members.  P&R are great supporting casts in most places, but unless an active member works hard to make it happen, many times it goes neglected.

We are spoiled in KC and the area.  Our work over the years by thousands of people committing millions of dollars of volunteerism have afforded us this luxury.
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Re: Ice Bowl
« Reply #11 on: January 27, 2014, 03:17:23 PM »
I personally thought everything was outstanding for the space/time given.  I will reiterate some of the earlier posts:

Problem: The bathrooms were nasty.  Didn't bother me being a guy, but I saw more than one lady utterly disgusted by the "swamp". 
Suggestion: Since we are taking over the park for two days, maybe schedule a "honey wagon" to come pump out the old swamp water.  I know at Rockfest for instance, they have to bring in the pumper trucks about half way through the day.  Granted that's 50,000 people at a one day concert, but the idea is still sound.

Problem: The pavillion was packed
Resolution: Staff only on the inside of the pavillion.  Set up pop-up tents around the outside for players to interface with registration, chili/beer, etc..  I don't know if the club owns one of the instant shelters, but I'm sure several members do.  I have three, and would be willing to let the club borrow one or more for an event like this.

Problem: Hard to hear what's going on
Resolution: The schedule of events and times were posted.  When it got close to time for something to happen, I would walk closer to the speakers to hear what was being announced.  More speakers, different locations, etc would also help.  I also think clearing the pavillion of everyone but staff would also help.

Problem: Chili contest limited
Resolution: Like Jack, I spent some time/money making the chili, and don't even know who won the Chili contest, where I placed in the contest, etc...  I would like to see a top 10 placement.  I'm not saying prize, because that's not why I make chili.  Maybe some sort of prize for the top 3 or top 5, but just a place for the top 10 or top 1/3 or something like that.

Problem: Beer donations by free will?
Resolution: Not sure I understand the problem if the beer was donated and the donations go to Harvesters.  If you do anything else, that might be pushing the grey area of of selling beer, thus requiring a liquor license and all of the red tape that goes along with it.  I'm no expert, but do we really want Johnny Law hanging around (I know some cities have an ordinance that requires an officer if liquor/beer is being served).  Again, I'm no expert but this just seems like one of those grey areas I would avoid.

Just my thoughts.  I thought everything was mostly smooth with a few hiccups here and there, which are to be expected with an event this size.   
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Re: Ice Bowl
« Reply #12 on: January 27, 2014, 05:20:21 PM »
As our Ice Bowl Champion Ken "Tank" Franks said when accepting his trophy, there is no better community for disc golf than Kansas City. I totally agree with this and thank everyone for making the 2014 KC Ice Bowl a great success. Of course, the weather helped a lot. While we are, indeed, an amazing disc golf community, I'm still realistic enough to think that if we had today's weather yesterday, more than a few would have "wimped" out.

I'll try to join the discussion a little later but thanks to everyone for the suggestions of how we can improve, and also, for the collegial tone of the criticism.

After spending many hours today going through scoreboard cards, scorecards, and entry form, I know, operationally, we can do better with scoring, and related to this, with tracking people who are playing round 2. Next year, there will be a laptop and an Excel spreadsheet that will make things go lots smoother getting round 2 deployed.

The human numbers, so far, include a total of 437 paid entrants, of whom 355 played at least one round of golf. This list usually grows when people who missed Ice Bowl end up supporting the cause. By the way, if you missed Ice Bowl, you can still support the cause by buying a package or donating some cash.

Tomorrow I begin to get into the tournament accounting.  Stay tuned for a preliminary count. The Pledge Sheets, which people used to solicit donations from friends, family, and co-workers, are not due until February 3.

Please let me know where the mistakes are below and if there are some scores to add.

Played Both Rounds  (204)
Ken "Tank" Franks   41   21   62
Arturo   Villarreal   40   24   64
Eric   Eastwood   41   26   67
B.J.   Font   42   26   68
Jack   Lowe   40   29   69
CD   Steiner   46   23   69
Aaron   Jones   42   28   70
Lee   Killian   44   26   70
Jerry   Harvey   46   24   70
Steve   Dresser   41   30   71
Chris   Cardinal   45   26   71
Derek   Trostle   48   24   72
Kevin   Weiss   48   24   72
Bob   Ward   47   26   73
Rob   Zernickow   48   25   73
Caleb   Walker   48   26   74
Andy   Russell   50   24   74
Chris   Timko   51   23   74
Nathan   Fishback   53   21   74
Levi   Malottki   47   28   75
Shaun   Welch   47   28   75
Travis   Daetwiler   49   26   75
Dan   Shepherd   49   26   75
David   Valdiviez   50   25   75
Heath   Kinton   51   24   75
Mike    O'Rourke   53   22   75
Jason   Pennington   48   28   76
Joe   Hammontree   50   26   76
Andy   Portwood   50   26   76
David   Steeby   50   26   76
Brian   Guthrie   51   25   76
Paul   Salierno   51   26   77
Daniel   Starr   52   25   77
Matt   Crowe   53   24   77
Matt   Dixon   53   24   77
Derek   Newman   53   24   77
Harold   Berciunas   48   30   78
Aaron   Shanahan   50   28   78
Peter   Bures   52   26   78
Ian    Stone   52   26   78
Derek   Broockerd   54   24   78
Ed    Gonzales   51   28   79
Frank   Mangiaracina   51   28   79
Ryan   Nibert   51   28   79
Brendan   Eagan   52   27   79
Chris   Lett   52   27   79
Brian   Woodson   52   27   79
Amanda   Jackson   53   26   79
Thomas   Davis   54   25   79
Jeff   Webb   54   25   79
James   Grahovac   55   24   79
Johnny   Harrison   55   24   79
Mike   Petrin   50   30   80
Tony   Todd   51   29   80
Mike   Lockwood   52   28   80
Kelly   Warren   53   27   80
Edwin   Hart   54   26   80
Chris   Scherzer   54   26   80
Matt   Veasman   54   26   80
Scott "Gabby"   Thompson   55   25   80
Chris   Mangiaracina   51   30   81
Justin   Horner   52   29   81
Demian   Vela   55   26   81
Dale   Walters   55   26   81
Thomas   Bach   57   24   81
Eric   Lukowski   52   30   82
Tom   Verstrate   53   29   82
Jim   Ramey   54   28   82
Danny   Rodriguez   54   28   82
Lorenzo   Sauceda   56   26   82
Landon   Quigley   56   26   82
Rob   Hoesly   57   25   82
Tyler   Stevens   57   25   82
Josh   Oothoudt   49   34   83
Andrew   Walters   49   34   83
Lance   Dwyer   50   33   83
Steve   Carnegie   53   30   83
Steve   Keithley   53   30   83
Andrew   Cox   54   29   83
Shawn   Edwards   54   29   83
Kevin   Montgomery   55   28   83
Jerry   Patterson   56   27   83
Timothy   Stark   56   27   83
Jason   Talley   56   27   83
Joe   Thies   56   27   83
John   Davis   51   33   84
Nick   Dye   53   31   84
Quinton   Cantrell   54   30   84
Kurt "House"   Miller   54   30   84
Travis   Roth   54   30   84
Andrew   Stomps   54   30   84
Brian   Albertson   55   29   84
Jason   Dockery   55   29   84
Pat   McCavana   55   29   84
Ashlyn   Rozean   55   29   84
Jayce   Minner   54   31   85
Dane   Borgan   55   30   85
CJ   Hucke   56   29   85
Jordan   Ramey   57   28   85
Chris   McKee   55   31   86
Joe   Mangiaracina   57   29   86
Cecil   Freeze   53   34   87
Josh   Lawson   53   34   87
Nathan   B   56   31   87
James "Happy"   Callicot   56   31   87
Stan   Copple   56   31   87
Brad   Dillon   57   30   87
Travis   Corporan   58   29   87
Dan   Howard   58   29   87
Chris   Newberg   59   28   87
Jeff   Fenton   55   33   88
Ryan   Pate   55   33   88
Steven   Meyer   58   30   88
Matt   Mayfield   60   28   88
Ron   Klein   58   31   89
Jeremy   Sexton   58   31   89
Albert   Boettcher   61   28   89
Jordan   Herrick   62   27   89
Jeff   Waldron   57   33   90
Steve   Glover   58   32   90
Matt   Kane   59   31   90
Kyle   Lander   59   31   90
Mike   Mannering   59   31   90
Bryan   Thomas   60   30   90
Bob   Zimmerer   60   30   90
Doug   Keehler   61   29   90
Marty   Lammers   61   29   90
Alec   Lawson   61   29   90
Michael   Krueger   60   31   91
Joe   Terrell   62   29   91
Phil   Ellis   64   27   91
Benjamin   Gardner   58   34   92
Rick   Gurski   59   33   92
Stephen   Navarro   59   33   92
Shean   Stanton   59   33   92
Michael   Lowderman   60   32   92
Buford   Baker   61   31   92
Mike   Alfaro   63   29   92
Justin   Osborne   64   28   92
William   Mersman   57   36   93
Pat   Worthington   57   36   93
Steve   Channell   58   35   93
Christian   Embrey   60   33   93
Rob   Flaherty   60   33   93
Sean   Wright   64   29   93
Michael   Campbell   60   34   94
Carl   Harris   60   34   94
Sean   Jones   60   34   94
Aaron   Lanley   60   34   94
Brian   Barker   61   33   94
Blake   Ginther   64   30   94
Brennan   Smith   64   30   94
Jacob   Minner   60   35   95
Luke   McCall   62   33   95
Ben   Whitesel   62   33   95
Mary   Walters   63   32   95
Graham   Fox   65   30   95
Eric   Swartz   65   30   95
Thommy   Lukowski   57   40   97
Adam   Richter   60   37   97
MacGuire   Brooks   63   34   97
Tim   Kienzle II   64   33   97
David   Fite   65   32   97
April   Jenkins   65   32   97
Joe   Boeding   66   31   97
Drew   Krol   66   31   97
Don   Lorenz   67   30   97
Jon   Causey   56   42   98
Andrew   Smith   57   41   98
Jerry    Brown Jr   65   33   98
Bobby   Dieztel   65   33   98
Axel   Rose   65   33   98
Coby   Basinger   64   35   99
Rhonda   Crosby   64   35   99
Jason   Compton   66   33   99
Amy   Crowe   68   31   99
Rick   Leal   66   34   100
Rick   Rothstein   67   33   100
Scott   Schrader   69   31   100
Jen   Brockman   57   44   101
Erik   Anderson   61   40   101
Casey   Engelman   69   32   101
Jason   Sherman   70   31   101
John   Lucero   71   31   102
Adam   Goscha   72   30   102
Ron   Clampitt   68   35   103
Caleb   Dowdell   62   42   104
Yanina   Langer   66   38   104
Connie   Winchell   66   39   105
Dylan   Holmes   71   34   105
Toby   Ginger   73   33   106
Timothy   Versch   63   44   107
Ricky   Miles   68   39   107
Cathi   Stark   68   39   107
Mark   Mosely   72   39   111
Ben   Dresser   75   37   112
Jose   Fierios   76   36   112
Rita   Smith   77   35   112
Shawn   Randolf   75   38   113
Josh   Holmes   77   36   113
Amanda   Quinones   75   39   114
Ken   Schumacher   75   39   114
Justin   Carns   77   37   114
Ruthann   Lammers   79   42   121

Played First Round Only (149)
Scott   Reek   44
Joe   Hesting   45
Wayne   Callicot   46
Steve   Drew   46
Matt   Hays   46
Zeke   Henry   46
John   Thompson   46
Derrick   Holt   47
Matt   Eklund   48
Dan   Quinn   48
Adam   Cossette   49
Otto   Spiers   49
Dave    V (owiell?)   50
Dan   Doane   50
Luke   Hannan   50
Mike   Keizer   50
Mark   Mills   50
Josh   Owens   50
Alex   Walter   51
Glenn   Danielson   51
Sean   Fountain   51
Kevin   Krist   51
Bruce   McQueen   51
Vlad   Wunschl   51
Glen   Davis   51
Mark   Mercier   52
Drue   Allison   52
Paul   Eklund   52
David   Richardson   52
Bill   Shinoski   52
Mark   Stiles   52
Matt   Thrasher   52
TJ   ??   52
Brad   Damico   53
Glenn   Lowdermann   53
Nick   Winkelbauer   53
James   Barry   53
Angie   Biondo   53
Zach   Firl   53
Eric   Garberg   53
Anthony   Morris   53
Neil   Porras   53
Doug   Sears   53
Jim   Sherwood   53
Chris   Camacho   54
Jakob   Nelson   54
Mike   Bristow   54
Fred   Netherton   54
Josh    Harvey   54
Jeff   Cowan   55
Alex   Walter   55
Joe   Bristow   55
Thomas   Bristow   55
Dane   Maurer   56
Tom   Gottschalk   56
Mike   Henniger   56
Josh   Holt   56
Rob   Martin   56
Jim   Muzic   56
David   Tate   56
Dave    Walker   56
Brian   Haight   57
Ben   Miller   57
Jeff   Ozorkiewicz   57
David   Brockman   57
Doug   Foust   57
Ben   Taylor   57
Pauly   Cross   58
Mike   Fabulae   58
Jim   Martin   58
Colin   McNulty   58
Ellis   Ruffin   58
Dan   Sanders   58
Jason   Allen   58
Barry   Jongsma   58
Ian   Kloiber   58
Jack   Koontz   58
John   Frecks   58
Jeff   Kelley   58
Brad   Deerr   59
Jace   Edgar   59
Nate   Ticknor   59
Joe   Armin   59
Brian   Kern   59
John   Kuiper   59
Joe   Teater   59
Josh   Witcig   59
John   Wyman   59
EJ   DeYoe   60
Bob   McDaniel   60
David   Vowiell   60
Danny   Hawkins   61
Patrick   Smith   61
Zach   Ufford   61
Joe   Gunn   61
David   Kern   61
Colton   Reynold   61
Tom   Rottinghaus   61
Dylan   Isbell   62
Eric   Owen   62
Jeff   Dyer   62
Warren   Frevert   62
Todd   Henderson   62
Mark   Meyers   62
Brandon   Porras   62
Jake   Tasoulas   62
Suzie   Zell   62
Josh   Ferguson   63
Matthew   Griffin   63
Hunter   Gunther   63
Steve   Pfost   63
Tony   Roush   63
Jeff   Stewart   63
Hunter   Ginther   63
Geoff   Makin   64
Max   Du   64
Christian   Henningsen   64
Jeremy   Kirk   64
Lisa   Soto   64
Susan   Taylor   64
Dustin   Van Houtan   64
Jay   Eichman   65
John   Dormady   65
Mike   Kennedy   65
Jeff   Rasmussen   65
Carl   Ward   65
Becky   Stebbins   66
Caleb   Ehlers   66
Steve   Michnick   67
Elisabeth   Borg-Bowman   67
Uriah   Holcomb   67
Mike   Dresser   67
Rich   Blanchard   68
Kyle   Brady   68
Rick   Cronin   68
Darion   Franklin   68
Kyle   Merv   69
David   Parzella   69
Chris   Portwood   69
Greg   Gutwein   71
Kevin   Hand   72
David   Howe   72
Joe   Dolman   73
Frank   Tecumseh   73
Brandon   Deerr   75
Randy   Merv   75
Nathan   Hale   77
Bill   Brady   78
Scott   Brady   80

Played 2nd Round Only (2) 
Josh         31   (probably belongs to one of the one-round Josh's above. Not Harvey however)
Nate   Phipps   35

Paid But No Scores Found (82)
Jason   Addie
Jacob   Ambrose
Kevin   Ashcraft
Mike   Audley
TJ    Barnes
Tim   Becks
Brad   Berve
Greg   Best
Jake   Bowen
Crazy John   Brooks
Jim   Burcham
Tavish   Carduff
Justin   Carnes
Dan   Cashen
Pete   Cashen
Steve   Clayton
Vince   Como
Sean   Copple
Kevin   Crist
Greg   Curtain
Dusty   Dewitt
Bob   Field
Jeremiah   Fleischer
Randy   Fleischer
David   Franklin
BJ   Gony
Brian   Griffith
Mark    Gromowsky
Rob   Hack
Ben   Hansen
Jennifer   Harris
Jeff   Moesley
Heidi   Hill
Doug   Hosteter
Steve   Hosteter
Derick   Howell
Earl   Johansen Sr
Matt   Kane
Ted   Keith
Hal   Kurz
Bill   Kyle
Aaron   Lamley
Toni   Madkins
George   Martin
Andy   Mathis
Conrad   Medina
Kyle   Meier
Randy   Meier
Tammie   Montgomery
Suzette   Nance
Bill   Neenan
Matt   Neenan
Billy   Nelson
Ryan   Niebert
John   O'Connor
Brian   Pahls
Tyler   Porras
Warren   Pratt
Jay   Rivard
Goerge   Rousis
Chris   Rush
Madigan   Sanders
Marin   Sanders
Justin   Shockey
Mio   Sillings
Ben   Smith
Fred   Smith
Danny   Souders
Mike   Spady
Van   Spratford
Jacob   Tasonlas
David   Tate
Steve   Thimmesch
Mike   Thomas
Reid   Vilbig
Bob   Walker
Lynne   Warren
Dan   Weinert
Troy   Wiegand
Lance   Williams
Peter   Williams
Marcus   Wilmore


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Re: Ice Bowl
« Reply #13 on: January 27, 2014, 07:45:21 PM »
bbjon raises an interesting question. Donations of beer. I am sure there is legalese there that I hope someone recognized. I like the donation. I think maybe that the beer and alcoholic beverages shouldn't be on an honor donation system. I would hope it would be an easy question to ask of our brewery friends that donated. Perhaps we go college party style and sell an armband, then tips as you will. Still I would like to see the event and the organizers bases covered in any situation.

The Oatmeal Stout was outstanding!

One other suggestion I would have is to ask Harvesters to put something about the event on their website. I just visited there and didn't see anything regarding the event. I doubt you would get qualms about asking them to put something on their website since it benefits them.

I had a great time. It was my first experience at an Ice Bowl and I am happy to have been a part of it.
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Mike Hyzer

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Re: Ice Bowl
« Reply #14 on: January 27, 2014, 08:45:16 PM »
ok.....positive post by Keizer.....I have issues that Keizer has no issues.

I only complain about events in which I play poorly.