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Monthly Park Appreciation Day-you know you want it! Saturday Feb 1 @ 11am


Let's get some things moving and shaking on the course this weekend.

--- Quote from: showmeDoug on January 28, 2014, 11:56:05 AM ---Plan of Attack - We will be cutting tree shoots and honeysuckle off of the fairway trees and adding said brush to the large brush pile that are scattered throughout the course. P&R is going to remove the piles once we are done (also remove dead trees/stumps). I would ask anybody who planned on coming out to bring a hand saw, I only have two extra. As an added incentive to the volunteers - we will be hitting Hi-Boys (best burger in town) for lunch afterwards. We will get started @ 11, I will be out there @ 10:30. Hope to see ya'll out there.

--- End quote ---

We need more people to help make this course better and ready by summer for the events that we have planned.  I think that even this spring that the City of Fountains event is moving to earlier in the year, so lets' get this party started, and enjoy more playing time when it is nicer out there!

Come work in the snow, you know it is great excuse to not have to shovel at home tomorrow.  You want to do it, you needs to do it.....You MUST DO IT! ;D

I thought this read "Monty Python Appreciation Day..."


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