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Peter Bures:
Hey guys. Frostbreaker is coming up this weekend and we're likely to have some snow during the week. I'm gonna try to get out the day or two after the snow and shovel the pads, presuming that I can even get to the park lol.

I saw a couple of other people comment on doing some shoveling, might be cool to get two or three people and work together. Let me know if you're interested in helping out.

Comment or PM here. Or shoot me a text at 913-231-3781.

I can do thursday and Friday 3pm-5pm.  I have two shovels and two large bags of salt. 

just saw a report for more snow fri into sat?

Thanks to the person who cleared the ice off the pads today!!

Peter Bures:
I have to work in the afternoons, but I'll plan to get out to SMP on Thursday during the day some time.

I'll shovel what I can, but I don't have any salt.


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