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Down Under League 2/8/14


In 8" of snow, Tank and his life partner Knat shot a blistering -14 (40) to cash $60. If conditions were a little worse (no real rolls-dale factor in deep powder) and the track a little longer, this would be one the highest rated rounds in several years. Either way, it's the best factored score this year. We'll move a few tee pads back today, but it's still a pretty short track.

Folks keep asking if we play in these crappy conditions. Si! Always! We build big fire! Unless it's a hard rain or lightning is involved, we always play. Our last league this season will be March 8th.

Abojo Debajo no ha terminado hasta que digamos que ha terminado!

Ace $356 Club $754

-14 1096 Tank'n'Knat
 -7  1030 PeteC/WillyNelson
 -5  1018 ERoc/WizBee
 -4  1009 Yaj/Ryan
 -4  1009 OldMike/Shane
 -1    982 FredF/DKnox

Ken Franks:
robbed of an 1100 rated round!!!! :~(

Winning by 7 strokes, has this ever been done in DU league??? #1107for$500pleaseAlex


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