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I'm looking for someone who will be able to commit to running the Legacy league for the entire year.  If you've never ran a league and are interested, don't worry, I can help get you started.  Interested parties send me a message.

If we could move it to another night I would be interested, just no way I want to commit to a Friday night league.

What night would you prefer to move it to?

The Board of Directors will have to approve it, but I have no problem taking it to the Board.

I brought this up last year to have a rotating league between blue springs and legacy on Wednesday nights since the turnout at blue springs isn't always that great. But I know there are some strong opinions in lee's summit on what league night is and what format is going to be. If I'm going to run a league night (Wednesday or otherwise) out there, we aren't going to be playing doubles in the summer months.

Does anyone else have thoughts, concerns or opinions on a rotating league or just another night in general for legacy league? I know there are still several people who make it to Friday league every week. If the preference is to keep it on Friday night that is perfectly fine, I just can't commit to that.

A different day sounds good to me. Thursday makes the most sense...but then you commit to no ww..
Im not cray z about rotating..too much thinking. Ouch


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