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How you know you're a disc golf addict....

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This morning I woke up and the tips of my index and middle finger were numb. I figured I slept on my hand funny, but after 15 or 20 minutes they were still numb. Instead of wondering what was wrong with it, I just worried how it would affect my throwing. Could have been a serious medical issue in need of attention but I just thought "well, there goes my disc golf life."

Proud disc golf addict since August 2013!

You know you are one when almost all of your computer passwords are 'discgolf' or disc related.

You also know you are one, when after throwing your favorite disc in the lake, you have to take a moment of silence for the dearly departed, and try not to cry.

You know you are one, when falling asleep at night, in your mindseye, you do play by play on the round that day.


You know you are an addict when you wake yourself up at night with a great follow through

You know you are when you running a chest cold and still play two rounds at Waterworks

You know you are an addict when you play Angry Birds and right before the birds hit your left side of your torso jerks like you are snapping a disc.

To wake up in the middle of the night, to sit up as if you just lost a breath, realizing your at home, it's 3 am and your not at the course and you didn't make that ace. The first ten seconds you think "Did I just do that?" it hits you. F&^#^&K it was only a dream!!!!!!  Your crushed, can not get back to sleep after tossing and turning for several hours, you get up and go play before you have to work....   Then your an addict.


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