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2014-The Extraordinary Leagues of the Northeast (Blue Valley League Schedule)


For those that don't know, typically on the first Monday of the Month the KCFDC League night is at Blue Valley-This aligns with the Cliff Drive League night normally on Mondays as well.

The ace fund between the 2 courses will be shared so, it carries over accordingly.  The schedule for the leagues as of today appears to be as follows:

April 7th Blue Valley-"Inner Course"-playing from the short pads and the course within the course

May 5th-Big Blue Valley

*****Note Change in JUNE to align with the Wide Open*****

June 16th-Wide Open Configuration-Big Blue

July 7th-Mix of use of courses for 18 hole safari style

August 4th-BIG BLUE (Last one of the year for the League Night)

I know you may be asking why is August the last, well, we end League in September due to daylight, and there are not leagues for the Holidays on Monday on the NE side.  THat would make it Memorial Day in May and Labor Day in September.  Unfortunately Labor Day kills the September schedule for the league.  Matt MAY decide he wants to run it on the holidays, but historically I have encouraged people to enjoy the holiday with family and friends.  If you must play in a league, the fine folks in OooooooLAYyyyyyyyTHAaaaaaa  will gladly accept you in their confines on these Mondays.

We look forward to having another great year of Disc Golf in NE.

Peter Bures:
Do we know what the real Wide Open configuration will be yet? It's supposed to be a combo of Little/Big Blue right?

In my mind, a nice way to settle that is to play the longest settings possible except for #17 and #18 on the big course, which you substitute in for cutting holes #9 and #11 in half like in Little Blue. So-

1. Only pad - Long basket
2. Only pad - Only basket
3. Only pad - Long basket
4. Long pad - Only basket
5. Only pad - Only basket
6. Only pad - Long basket
7. Only pad - Short (Regular) basket
8. Only pad - Long basket
9. Long pad - Short basket
10. #9 Short pad - #9 Long basket
11. Short pad - Short basket
12. Only pad - Short basket
13. Alternate short pad - Basket in trees
14. Only pad - #12 Long basket
15. #13 Long Pad - #13 Long basket
16. Only pad - Only basket
17. Only pad - Only basket
18. Only pad - Short Basket

I have read that the Big Blue pads and settings will be played at the Wide Open (no mix). I do know that the pin placement on 1 will be moving about 20 feet closer to the pad, so that it is visible to the players as they tee off. I assume the new pin placement will be permanent.


--- Quote from: Peter Bures on March 21, 2014, 02:01:19 AM ---Do we know what the real Wide Open configuration will be yet? It's supposed to be a combo of Little/Big Blue right?

--- End quote ---

No It is not to be a combo.  It will be regular Blue Valley.


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